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High School Hotties – Brianna and Christina

Brianna was the captain of the volleyball and basketball teams. She partied occasionally, but took her sports and education very seriously. Every athletic girl at school wanted to be her and every jock wanted to get with her. Brianna was still very inexperienced sexually though… for one reason in particular.

She was a stunning looking girl. She was 5’9″ with long chocolate brown hair, large brown eyes and long, curly eyelashes. She had a small dimple on either cheek that gave her a very sexy, but innocent look. Brianna was an extremely curvy girl. She had large 36D breasts, which were very rare for an athlete of her caliber. In her tight volleyball top they certainly stood out…especially when she got nipons. Her waist was very slim, about 26 inches, but her hips then curved out to approximately 40 inches.

While most of the athletes Brianna played against were very skinny, Brianna was built like an athletic porn star, with her huge rack, slim waste and extremely wide, feminine hips. She had one of the biggest butts in school and the guys seemed to love it, as they loved to whistle and watch her from behind as she walked down the hall. Brianna was very attracted to guys (as well as girls for that matter), but she was very inexperienced because she didn’t want anyone to see her naked.

While all of Brianna’s friends would go on about how amazing it was to get their pussies eaten and then the feeling when a cock pounded deep inside of them, Brianna had never experienced this…because unlike her friends who had nothing to hide between their legs, Brianna had a 9.5″ long x 7.5″ wide circumcised cock. She was born as a girl, but with a penis instead of a vagina.

Her parents, not wanting to make a life altering decision for her, had decided they would wait until she was older and ask her if she wanted to have some sort of surgery. However, by the time Brianna was 13 and maybe old enough to make a decision, her penis was already over 8 inches long. The doctor informed her that it was too late to have a surgery to remove it. Now, at 18 years of age, Brianna was an extremely popular, athletic high school girl…but one that had a 9.5″ penis that may or may not still be growing. This made any sort of love life nearly impossible. Only Brianna’s parents knew her secret and she was hoping to keep that way. If anyone at school found out it would ruin her life.

Christina was the party girl of the school. She loved drinking, partying and hot guys. She was equally as beautiful as Brianna. Christina had long blonde hair and bright blue eyes. She was about 5’7″ and was also very voluptuous. Her breasts were actually slightly bigger than Brianna’s at 38D. Similar to Brianna, she had a very small, 26″ waist and very wide 40″ hips. She was famous at school for her badonkadonk butt and she certainly loved to use it.

It was well known that no one in school had as much sex as Christina did. She wasn’t a slut, as she didn’t go from guy to guy, but when she did have a guy it was a pretty safe bet that she was taking it in that huge butt of hers multiple times a day. Unlike Brianna, Christina didn’t have anything unexpected between her legs. Instead, she had a very well trimmed, juicy pussy. She was completely hairless, except for a thin landing strip running vertically directly above her pussy lips.

Christina and Brianna didn’t have much interaction, either good or bad. Christina led the party crew and Brianna led the athletic crew, but they didn’t cross paths very often. They did, however, both have plans to attend Matt Duncan’s bash on Saturday night. Matt always threw great parties, and this one was supposed to be the biggest of the year. Anyone who was anyone would be there.

Brianna was meeting up with a couple of friends at 8:00 and walking over to Matt’s party. However, before she went to the party she had some unfinished business to attend to. Before she went to a party she always made sure to clean out the pipes. She couldn’t let herself hook up with a guy, because if she did they would find out about her secret and her life would be ruined. Therefore, she always made sure that she wasn’t horny before she went to a party. This was difficult because like most girls, she had to be in the mood to masturbate…meaning that she needed to set aside some private time.

She ate dinner with her parents and then excused herself and headed to her room. She closed the door behind her and started stripping off her clothes. She pulled off her tank top and then undid her bra, letting her massive 36D breasts fall into view. Next she undid her jeans and pulled them off. Finally she pulled down the waistband of her thong, dropping it to her ankles, immediately her enormous limp prick fell from where it was tucked between her legs. Her massive penis now hung magnificently low between her thick, feminine thighs. It was nearly 7.5″ long when limp and the head hung more than half way between the base of her penis and her knees.

Over the years she had become very skilled at tucking it away inside almost any pair of panties. When she tucked it between her legs you could still see the bulge in the panties, but once she put on a pair of pants, a skirt or a dress, the bulge was no longer noticeable. Unfortunately she couldn’t wear the spandex shorts that a lot of her volleyball teammates wore. The bulge of her massive penis in these shorts would be way too noticeable. It was too bad, because her plump ass and nice thick thighs would have looked spectacular in those shorts. Instead she wore the spandex shorts as underwear and then wore a pair of shorts on top of the spandex. This was what several of the girls who didn’t want their asses being stared at did…and as a result it didn’t cause any suspicion.

Brianna walked over to her dresser to find something sexy to wear, she loved to get dressed up when she masturbated. It made her feel sexy and turned her on greatly. It was tough for her to walk around while naked, however. Not only did she have to put up with her massive breasts bouncing up and down…as many well endowed women have experienced, but her penis hung so limp and so low that it made walking around nearly impossible.

With each step her massive prick swung back and forth violently. This might have been fine for a male with skinny thighs, but Brianna had very thick, feminine thighs. So each time her penis swung to one side the head smacked off the inside of one of her thighs. Then she would take another step and it would swing back and smack off her other thigh. This made walking around naked to be very challenging.

She eventually reached her dresser and opened up the top drawer. A red garter belt and stockings immediately caught her eye. She pulled them out of the drawer and pulled the garter belt over her waist…pausing for a moment as she struggled to fit it over her large ass. Next she sat down on her bed and lifted her left leg, putting her foot into the opening of one of the stockings. She pulled it over her foot and up her calf, over her knee and then stretched it over her left thigh until the top of the stocking was nearly at the top of her leg. She attached the top of the stocking to the garter belt before putting on the right stocking and attaching it as well.

She got off the bed and pulled a matching red bra from her drawer, putting it on over her massive breasts. She turned to look in the mirror. Her long chocolate brown hair hung to just above her breasts, which were being held up by a sexy, lacey red bra. A few inches below the bra, a red garter belt ran horizontally along Brianna’s tight stomach. Two straps were attached to the front of the belt and ran vertically down her stomach, to the top of her thighs where they connected to her red stockings. Between the straps a thin, short strip of neatly trimmed pubic hair ran vertically from her underwear line to the base of her penis. Her penis hung heavily between her legs. It was a magnificent looking penis. Far larger than most of the ones Brianna had seen in the porn she enjoyed watching.

Her balls were also very large, like large tangerines and they currently hung low about half way down the shaft of her massive prick. Even soft her penis was enormous. The shaft was extremely long, thick and smooth, and ran seamlessly into a large mushroom shaped head. The head was extremely heavy and caused her prick to hang very low when limp. It also hung slightly to the right. Her shaft and penis head were both very smooth, lacking any noticeable veins. If it was possible to have a penis that was 9.5″ when hard AND looked feminine, Brianna had it. No matter what though, it was a massive piece of meat that she had between her legs.

Brianna reached into her bottom drawer and pulled a huge dildo and some lube out of the drawer. The dildo was the biggest one she could find at the local sex shop. It was life like and 10.5″ long x 7.5″ wide. Brianna was absolutely obsessed with big cocks. She guessed it was because of the whopper she had between her legs. For whatever reason, the thought of being with a guy that had a huge, huge penis turned her on like nothing else. On the other hand, an average sized penis really did nothing for her. She walked back to her bed with the dildo in one hand and the lube in the other. She was all ready to have some fun before heading to the party.

Brianna sat down on the bed and squirted some lube into her hand. With the lube in her hand she began stroking the entire shaft of the dildo, before lathering the lube all over its enormous heads as well. The dildo was enormous, it was a flesh colour and had a very large vein running the length of the shaft…the mushroom shaped head was close to the size of a tennis ball. As Brianna stroked her hand up and down the shaft she noticed that she couldn’t even fit her whole hand around it due to the incredible girth. Brianna lay down on her bed with her legs spread and the massive dildo in her left hand. When she lay in this position and her penis was still soft, the bottom of her shaft rested on her balls. The rest of her shaft hung over her balls, with the massive head hanging so low that it sat directly in front of her butt hole. This meant that there was no way she could get the dildo into her ass without first moving her penis.

She grabbed the base of her massive prick and held it straight up in the air. The upper shaft and head flopped over her hand, resting parallel to her stomach. This was one of the disadvantages of having such a huge donkey dick. It took a ton of blood to make it hard, and therefore, even when she was turned on it often took a very long time before she became hard. She spread her legs wide, lifting her plump ass off the bed a little. Using her left hand she guided the head of her massive dildo until it touched her butt hole. She rubbed the head of the dildo up and down her butt crack, teasing herself a bit. Meanwhile she was massaging her enormous soft penis up and down with her right hand. After a minute she couldn’t resist any more and she eased the gigantic head of the dildo into her waiting ass. Brianna loved nothing more than being penetrated by her massive dildo. She could only imagine what it would be like to take a real penis inside her ass. As a young woman with a python between her legs, Brianna constantly had the desire to feel as feminine as possible…and nothing made her feel more feminine than having her ass violated by her huge toy. While she did it, she would always imagine that it was some incredibly hung stud that was violating her ass. When she would watch porn she always loved watching the women lying on their backs or down on all fours, getting a huge penis fed deep inside their asses. As a result, there was nothing that made Brianna hotter than the thought of laying back and taking a huge cock. Women were meant to be on the receiving end of sex, which is why Brianna loved taking on that massive dildo so thoroughly.

Once Brianna’s ass had adjusted to the massive head, she began to slide the shaft into her ass, all the while massaging her gigantic penis up and down…the dildo part way up her ass was already getting her semi-hard. She continued to slide the shaft deeper and deeper into her ass until she felt the balls of the dildo resting against her butt cheeks. She could feel her ass being completely filled by the massive dildo, what a feeling she thought! Over the last couple of years she had become a pro at taking the entire length of the 10.5″ dildo in her ass. This skill was going to make some hung guy very happy she thought. She lay there for a second, massaging her penis up and down while she enjoyed the feeling of having her ass completely filled by the massive dildo. With each stroke of her enormous cock, it was becoming harder and harder. It was now standing straight up in the air, pointing towards the ceiling, and was already well over 9″ long. With her left hand she began pulling the dildo out and pushing it back into her ass slowly, getting her ass nice and worked in. Each time she pulled it out, she pulled it so far that only the head remained in her ass. Then each time she pushed it back in she pushed it so far that she could feel the balls against her ass. With her other hand she continued stroking her now rock hard cock. It was finally at full attention and stood proudly with the tip of the head now a full 9.5″ above her stomach. As her ass began to get worked in, Brianna started pounding the dildo more and more quickly in and out of her ass. She also started stroking her prick faster and faster.

It had been a while since she had masturbated and she could feel a large load of cum building up in her enormous balls. Brianna’s ass was now completely worked in and she was pounding the massive dildo in and out of her ass as fast as it would go. The incredibly long, thick shaft felt so amazing sliding in and out of her ass, and she could feel the huge mushroom shaped head pounding deep inside her. Her right hand was now flying up and down her rock hard shaft. With each downstroke her hand smacked against her bursting balls and with each upstroke she could feel her hand rub against her massive cock head. Pre-cum was now flowing rapidly from her massive erection, dripping down the front of her shaft. Brianna’s huge balls not only shot off huge, huge loads of cum, but they also gave off unbelievable amounts of pre-cum. When she was turned on she would often give off more pre-cum than a normal person’s entire cum shot. This made for some sticky situations if she ever got turned on in public. Often her panties would end up completely drenched in pre-cum. She was certainly giving off a lot right now, as the pre-cum was now coating the entire head of her cock and the majority of her shaft. There was so much that with each stroke of her massive prick, pre-cum sprayed everywhere, including her stomach, balls and all over the bed. Brianna continued pumping her massive shaft up and down as she slid the dildo in and out of her juicy ass.

She could feel her balls beginning to tighten and she knew it was only a matter of time until she shot an enormous load all over her stomach and breasts. Her breathing was now quickening to the point that she was nearly gasping for air. If it wasn’t for the fact that her parents were right downstairs, she would have been screaming with ecstasy. Her right hand furiously pumped her massive 9.5″ prick as she waited for the cum to spurt all the way up her thick shaft and out of her swollen cock head. She was now panting, pumping her rock hard cock up and down. She gave out a groan and she knew she was about to cum…suddenly from just outside her room her mom’s voice interrupted her:

“Bri!! Kieva and Jessy are here to pick you up for the party.”

“Be right down!” Brianna cried in panic.

“Is everything okay?” her mom asked.

“Yes mom!” Brianna screamed. “I’ll be right down!”

What the hell??? Brianna thought to herself, they weren’t supposed to be here for another 45 minutes. Brianna pulled the enormous dildo out of her ass and wiped off the lube on a nearby towel. She quickly got up and put the dildo back in her bottom drawer. She looked down and realized that her cock was still hard as a rock and standing straight out, parellel to the floor. Her entire shaft, as well as her head was drenched in pre-cum. Well this is going to be interested she thought…how the hell am I going to hide this? In addition, Brianna had never gone to a party turned on. She was a naturally very horny person and it would be tough to not give into any urges with so many hot guys around. She didn’t have any choice though. She didn’t have time to finish herself off. She quickly pulled off her garter belt and stockings…she had to stretch the garter belt to its limit in order to get it off over her enormous hard on.

She needed to put on a pair of panties, but couldn’t until her erection went down somewhat. She took of her bra and put on a black one instead. Then she pulled a very short black and white silky dress out of her closet, slipping it on over her head. It was a very sexy dress that showed off her enormous breasts. It was also extremely short, great for showing off her nice thick thighs and big juicy ass. Her erection had now subsided and her penis dangled, somewhat swollen between her legs. Her dress was so short and her soft penis hung so low that she could see the head of her penis hanging below the bottom of her dress. Guess this means I need to put on some panties she thought. She pulled a black silky pair from her top drawer, tucked her massive penis between her legs and then slid her panties on. She pulled her panties on tight to make sure everything would stay in place. If her penis did happen to slip out of her panties it would be game over, since everyone would be able to see it hanging below the bottom of her dress. She sprayed on some perfume before looking in the mirror. She looked great, and it would have been impossible to believe that just minutes ago such a beautiful young woman was stroking her massive prick, close to an orgasm. There was now no hint that she could even have a penis. The black and white dress hi-lighted her large breasts, slim waste and voluptuous hips, ass and thights. Her cock was tucked between her legs, hidden well…there was no bulge at all in her dress and no one would have any idea she thought. She gave herself one last look and headed out of her room to meet Kieva and Jessy downstairs.

Downstairs Brianna was greeted by her two best friends, Kieva and Jessy.

Kieva was your typical all-american girl. She was tall, with blonde hair and green eyes. She had nicely sized, perky 36C breasts, with a 28″ waist and wide 38″ hips. She was famous around school for how spectacular her plump ass looked in her volleyball tights.

Jessy was Asian, with long dark hair and beautiful big brown eyes. She was shorter than Kieva, but made up for it in other areas. Her breasts were extremely large for an Asian girl, at 38D. She had a 30″ waist and lovely 40″ hips. Like Kieva, she was famous around school for how amazing her large ass looked in her volleyball tights.

Brianna would have been lying if she had said she had never thought about sliding her huge python inside either of these girls. Even though Brianna loved the thought of being taken in the ass by a stud with a huge prick, she was also turned on by the thought of pounding one of her good friends up the ass as they screamed in delight. She knew she would never be able to follow through on these thoughts, but she still loved the fantasy. She had spent many sleepless nights rubbing her rock hard cock as she pictured Kieva down on all fours, with her ass out, waiting for Brianna to slide her massive prick deep inside Kieva’s tight ass. Likewise, she loved to rub her cock while she pictured Jessy straddling her massive prick, before she sat down, easing the head of Brianna’s gigantic cock into her ass. They both had asses to die for, and even though Brianna knew she would never get to slide her big hard cock into either one of them, she loved to dream about it.

The girls departed for the party which was about 5 blocks away. While walking they talked about volleyball, school and eventually boys. Brianna generally let Kieva and Jessy talk about their experiences while she stayed quiet (for obvious reasons), but tonight Kieva made that difficult:

“So are you going to hook up with Matt tonight?” Kieva asked rather directly.

“What?” Brianna asked in surprise.

“Come on, Bree, everyone knows how much he likes you.” Kieva replied with a smile.

“Ya, but…” Brianna paused.

“But what?” Kieva cut her off. “He’s hot! And from your lack of talk, I’m guessing it’s been a while for you. A girl can only wait so long!” Kieva laughed.

“I don’t know” Brianna said, “I’m not sure he’s my type.”

“Not your type?” Kieva said slightly irritated. “He’s tall, built, captain of the football team. What’s not to like??”

“We’ll see” Brianna muttered.

Kieva shook her head as the three continued walking.

Brianna had to admit, Matt was hot. He was about 6’5”, 210 lbs, with a strong chest and chiseled arms. He was any girls dream. Brianna had actually dreamed of fucking him for a long time, and considering how horny she still was, tonight it was going to be very difficult to resist.

Soon after, they arrived at the party and immediately Brianna was approached by Matt.

“How’s it goin’ sexy?” Matt said with a grin.

“I’m fine Matt, how are you?” Brianna replied.

“Better now!” Matt laughed. “Can I offer you a drink?”

“Sure, a cooler sounds good.” Brianna smiled.

Matt stepped to the fridge and took a raspberry cooler from the shelf. He turned back to Brianna and popped off the cap, which dropped to the floor. Brianna knelt down to pack up the cap. As she began to stand back up, she found her face directly in front of Matt’s crotch. What she saw was a bulge of incredible proportions. Brianna stared for a minute, her jaw half open as she tried to comprehend what she was looking at. From the size of what she had between her legs, she knew what the bulge of a 9.5″ penis looked like if you didn’t tuck it between your legs. Matt’s bulge completely dwarfed any bulge Brianna had ever had. She regrouped herself and stood up, passing the cap back to Matt.

“Thanks!” Matt smiled.

It was at this point Brianna made the decision that would change her life. She was unbelievably horny since she hadn’t been able to finish herself off earlier. Now that she had seen Matt’s bulge, she could already feel her cock beginning to get hard. If she didn’t do something about it soon, it was going to be sticking straight out, pitching a large tent in her dress that everyone would be able to see.

“You want to take me on a tour of the house?” Brianna flirted.

“I’d love to!” Matt replied.

Matt showed her the main floor, which frankly, Brianna didn’t care about. Finally he took her upstairs, to where the bedrooms were. He opened the door to his bedroom and Brianna entered, walking over to sit on his bed. She sat down, crossed her legs and looked up seductively at Matt. He came over, sat down beside her and gave her a nice, long passionate kiss. He started kissing down her neck, rubbing her arm with one hand. He rubbed up her arm, over her shoulder and down her chest until his hand was on her right breast. He began rubbing her breasts as he continued kissing her neck. He slipped the straps of her dress over her shoulders, dropping the dress to her waste.

He quickly undid her bra, letting it fall onto the bed as her enormous 36D breasts sprang into view.

“Wow!” Matt exclaimed.

He wasted no time getting down to business, as he started teasing her right nipple with his tongue. Brianna moaned in pleasure and she could feel her growing penis pressing hard against her panties. Mike sucked on her right breast greedily and Brianna could feel her cock getting harder and harder. As Mike continued sucking her right breast he was massaging her left breast with his right hand. Soon however, his right hand began working its way down her stomach towards her massive prick. Brianna pushed his hand away and stood up, making sure to keep her back to Matt (so he wouldn’t see the growing bulge in her panties). She quickly made her way over to the light switch and flicked it off, making the room nearly pitch dark.

She returned to where Matt was sitting on the bed and sank to her knees. Matt already had his shirt off, as Brianna unbuckled his belt and began to undo his fly. Brianna couldn’t wait to get her lips around Matt’s prick. She pulled his pants to his ankles and put her thumbs in the waistband of his boxers, before pulling them down as well. As she pulled them down, Matt’s enormous moose cock sprang from his boxers, hitting Brianna in the face. Matt laughed excitedly.

Brianna took her left hand and gripped the base of Matt’s rock hard erection. She could barely fit her hand half way around it.

“Wow!” Brianna whispered, as Matt laughed again. Brianna had gone down on a few guys in her short life, but no one anywhere near as big as Matt. Every guy she had gone down on was actually significantly smaller than her own unit. Matt’s penis, on the other hand, made Brianna’s look tiny in comparison.

Brianna gripped the base of Matt’s python with her left hand, and the bottom of the shaft with her right, as she began stroking his colossal penis up and down. She began teasing the underside of Matt’s cock head with her tongue and was once again amazing by the size. His head was probably about the size of a tennis ball, and as she ran her tongue around his enormous head she could already taste pre-cum oozing deliciously out of it.

Brianna was also as hard as a rock at this point, and she could feel her penis pushing at her panties, eager to bust its way out. She opened her mouth as wide as it would go and started sucking greedily on Matt’s massive cock head. It was a delicious piece of meat, and Brianna was going to milk it for every ounce of cum. She bobbed her head forward swallowing more and more of his massive unit. Soon she could feel his enormous head at the back of her throat, gagging her a bit. Amazingly, she was gripping Matt’s penis with two hands, and her lips still hadn’t reached the place where her upper hand gripped his shaft. Brianna began bobbing her head up and down on Matt’s massive dick, sucking greedily on his head and upper shaft. It was everything she could do to keep her mouth open wide enough to make room for his majestic piece of meat. The pre-cum continued to ooze from Matt’s prick, as Brianna continued to suck and slurp on Matt’s enormous dick. She couldn’t see it very well, but her guess was that it was 12″ long and about 9″ in girth.

Unbelievable she thought, but despite how much she was enjoying herself, sucking his beautiful penis dry was not going to solve her problem. He was going to be drained, but she was going to be left with a rock hard 9.5″ penis which wouldn’t allow her to go back downstairs. She had to cum as well or she wouldn’t be able to enjoy the party without someone discovering her secret. Sure, she could wait until her erection went down and then head home, but she wanted to be able to have a good night with her friends, and she knew that if she went back to the party without cumming first, it would only be a matter of time before she got turned on and she was pitching a tent. Suddenly it hit her. She could use the fact that it was pitch black in the room to her advantage.

Brianna removed Matt’s rock hard foot long from her throat and whispered, “Do you have a condom?”

Without a word, Matt reached into a nearby drawer before handing Brianna the biggest condom she could imagine. She felt like she could probably fit her entire arm in it. She stretched it over Matt’s massive cock head, and began rolling it down his shaft. Finally, there was nothing left to roll. Brianna stood up, turning her back to Matt and dropped her panties to the floor. Her rock hard prick sprang out of her panties and pointed straight out, parallel to the floor. Thankfully, in the dark, with her back to Matt, he had no idea that she had anything between her legs. He now lay with his head, back and butt on the bed. His feet were firmly planted on the floor and his foot long penis pointed straight at the ceiling. Brianna, still with her back to Matt, backed up until she had one leg on either side of Matt’s legs. She spit into her hand and reached down, massaging the head and upper shaft of Matt’s cock. Her ass was still somewhat lubed up from the dildo earlier, but considering the massive size of Matt’s prick she thought the saliva might provide a little more lube. She backed up one more step until she was straddling Mike’s cock. She gripped the base with her right hand, and began to sit down on Matt’s enormous member.

“That’s it baby, sit down on my massive cock” Matt encouraged. “I’ve been wanting to fuck that big juicy pussy of yours for a long time. Now be a good girl and sit that huge ass down on top of my foot long”.

Brianna started lowering her ass towards Matt’s enormous piece of meat, until she could feel his massive cock head resting between her butt cheeks. She’d dreamed about this moment for a long time…the moment when she lost her anal virginity (to something other than a toy). She’d always dreamed that she would lose it to a massive cock like the one she was about to sit on…what she hadn’t imagined was that she would have the lights off so that the boy she was with would not find out what she had between her legs.

She took a deep breath and sat down on the head of Matt’s throbbing penis. The head was enormous and felt like an arm going up her ass. She gave out a loud gasp as Matt’s rock hard cock head slid inside her ass.

“Whoa baby, is that your ass I’m fucking?” Matt asked. “I didn’t know you’d be down for that!”

“Yes” Brianna whimpered as her ass continued to throb from the enormous prick that was beginning to enter it.

“Awesome!” Matt exclaimed. “I’ve always wanted to pound that huge ass of yours! It’s tough to find a girl that wants to take a cock this huge up her ass though.”

Brianna squatted down further, as Matt’s thick shaft slid deeper into her plump ass. She groaned as she sat down further on Matt’s massive prick. She had never had something this big up her ass…even though her dildo was enormous it was nothing in comparison to Matt’s huge piece of meat. She squatted lower and lower and she could feel Matt’s thick shaft sliding deeper and deeper into her ass. After what seemed like an eternity, she could feel her large butt cheeks touch Matt’s hips and abdomen, and she knew she was now sitting on his entire 12 inches. She let out a sigh and rested for a minute, sitting on Matt’s hips, letting her ass adjust to the amazing length and girth that was now violating it. She had been waiting to lose her anal virginity for a very long time, and she couldn’t think of a piece of meat she would rather sit on for her first time than Matt’s huge donkey dick.

She reached down better her legs and found her huge 9.5″ prick sticking straight out, already dripping with pre-cum. It wasn’t hard to see that the 12″ in her ass was doing a great job of turning her on. She began massage the head of her massive penis.

“You playing with your pussy, babe?” Matt asked.

“Oooooh, yes” Brianna responded.

“That’s it babe, play with your pussy while you sit on my huge cock. Damn your ass is nice and tight!”

While Brianna continued to massage the head of her aching cock, she started grinding her ass back and forth against Matt’s hips, enjoying his massive 12 inches deep inside her ass.

“Mmmmm that’s good babe.” Matt groaned. “Fuck my cock with that big ass of yours!”

Brianna raised her ass and then slowly sat back down on Matt’s huge cock, getting her ass worked in by his raging hard-on. She continued to ride Matt’s donkey dick slowly, enjoy the feeling of his extremely thick shaft sliding in and out of her big ass. While she rode it she continued massaging her massive erection. She didn’t know if she had ever been this hard before. The feeling of Matt’s 12 inches sliding in and out of her ass was like nothing she had ever felt before.

Brianna moaned in delight and continued riding slowly up and down on Matt’s massive erection.

“You like getting your ass fed by my foot long, don’t you babe?” Matt growled.

“Oooooooh yes!!” Brianna panted as she continued fucking Matt’s huge cock.

Brianna began riding Matt’s massive prick more quickly, sliding up and down on his thick shaft with increasing speed. Each time she sat back down on his enormous cock she could hear her butt cheeks slapping against his hips. At the same time Brianna was stroking the entire length of her massive prick. The pre-cum was flowing rapidly from the head of her cock and her entire shaft was now greased with her own juices. She could feel her balls beginning to tighten and she knew she wouldn’t be able to fuck Matt’s huge cock for much longer before she came.

She began to moan louder and louder, as Matt’s enormous prick pumped quickly in and out of her now loosened ass. She could feel Matt’s cock getting harder and harder each time she sat back down on his cock, and she had a feeling he was close to cumming as well.

Brianna bounced her ass up and down on Matt’s huge rod as she continued stroking her massive prick. Her cock was so hard now that it almost hurt and she knew it was only a matter of time now. Her moans had nearly turned to screams as she moaned, “I’m going to cum!!!”

“Ooooh, me too babe!” Matt groaned.

Brianna pumped her massive erection one last time and she could feel her balls contract and release, pumping a huge load of cum up her thick shaft before it spewed out of her swollen cock head. Brianna continued pumping her shaft with her right hand as she held her left hand over her cock head in an attempt to catch the cum that was erupting from her huge prick (if she didn’t want Matt to find out it probably wasn’t wise to shoot cum all over his floor). Her balls contracted and released again, as Brianna screamed in ecstasy, sending another enormous load of cum spurting into her waiting hand. With each shot of cum her ass was contracting around Matt’s massive cock and after her second contraction it was too much for Matt to take. Matt let out a large groan and Brianna could feel his cock throb violently in her ass as Matt pumped his first load of cum deep inside Brianna’s plump ass. Brianna moaned loudly, letting out a third shot of cum, just before she felt Matt’s huge cock pump another shot deep inside her ass. One more time Brianna’s balls contracted, sending another spurt of cum into her now drenched hand. Matt groaned again as he pumped three more loads of cum deep into Brianna’s big ass. Finally they were both drained and Brianna sighed, sitting down fully on Matt’s now semi-hard whopper. Brianna slowly massage her aching cock, lathering the head and shaft with her own cum. She stroked the entire length of her swollen shaft, lathering her cum all over her large semi-hard prick.

Finally she stood up, and Matt’s swollen donkey dick slid out of her ass, flopping awkwardly onto his stomach.

“That was great!” Matt moaned. “I’ve never seen a chick take my dick up her ass so well. We DEFINITELY have to do this again some time.”

“That was amazing.” Brianna whispered. “That certainly is an absolutely enormous cock. I’m kind of shy to say this, but it felt amazing going up my tight ass.”

“I get that a lot about my size” Matt laughed. “12 inches is pretty rare I guess.”

“I would say so.” Brianna responded.

Matt got off the bed and headed for the light switch by the door.

“Wait!” Brianna shouted. “I’m shy, can you not turn on the lights?”

“Well I need to find my pants.” Matt replied.

“Okay, just hold on one second.” Brianna said.

When she came into the room she thought she had seen a large desk on the right side of the room. She slowly made her way to where she thought the desk should be and stood behind it, hoping it would cover her lower body from view. She was hesitant to touch anything since both her hands were covered in her own cum. She stood behind what she thought was the desk, attempting to cover her massive cock with both her hands, just in case Matt would still be able to see her.

“Okay, you can turn the light on” Brianna said

Matt turned it on and Brianna was relieved to see that she was well hidden behind the desk. Matt peeled the condom off his enormous, swollen member and threw it in the garbage, before grabbing his pants and pulling them on quickly.

“See you downstairs.” he said awkwardly before leaving quickly and closing the door behind him.

Brianna came out from her hiding place and grabbed a bunch of nearby Kleenexes. She started cleaning the cum off her hands with the Kleenexes. That was a huge load she thought as she reached for more Kleenexes. Once she was finished cleaning her hands she turned her attention to her massive penis, which was now dangling limply between her legs, the swollen head hung low between her feminine thighs. The shaft was still red from the stroking she had just given it. The cum she had lathered all over the shaft and head glistened under the light. She grabbed some more Kleenexes and wiped off the entire length of her massive cock. After a couple of minutes work she was finished and ready to head back down to the party. She picked her panties up off the floor and put her right foot through one leg hole. Suddenly she heard the doorknob turn. She looked up in panic and saw the door being pushed open. In the doorway stood Christina Burgess, the most popular party girl in school. Her jaw dropped as she saw Brianna naked in front of her, with her enormous soft cock hanging nearly half way between her waist and her knees. Christina stared as if she couldn’t believe what she was looking at. After a couple of seconds Christina whispered “OH MY GOD!” and slammed the door behind her, leaving the room.

Brianna stood still for a minute in complete shock. What the hell was she going to do? Her like was completely ruined. She had worked her entire life at keeping this a secret and now with one mistake it was completely over. She knew one thing though, she had to get the hell out of there as fast as possible. At home she could evaluate the situation a little more thoroughly.

Brianna quickly pulled her panties on, tucking her large penis between her legs. She pulled her dress on and threw on her high heels before darting for the door. She opened the door and peaked out, it didn’t seem like anyone else was up here. Brianna quickly made her way down the back set of stairs, and rushed through a group of people in the kitchen with her head down, before exiting out the back door. Once outside she hopped over a small fence into a neighbors yard before heading for a nearby side street. She had made it out without any confrontation, but there was no way of knowing what was going to happen at school on Monday.

Brianna spent most of the weekend in her room. None of her friends called and she didn’t dare call any of them. She sat in her room, terrified of what was going to happen on Monday.

Monday finally arrived and it was time for Brianna to face the music. As she walked down the hall to her locker she couldn’t help but think that everyone was looking at her. Am I just being paranoid? she thought…she couldn’t tell for sure. Either way, it was the longest walk of her life. Each step seemed to last for hours until she was finally within 10 feet of her locker. Even at that distance she could tell there was something written on her locker. She took a deep breath and walked closer…written in large letters across the front of her locker was “BRIANNA DONKEY DICK DAVIS”.
Brianna immediately burst into tears and turned, heading for the exit. In her way stood a group of the most popular girls at school, headed by Christina Burgess and one of her best friends, Erica Evans.

“Hey Donkey Dick!” Erica laughed.

Brianna pushed past them heading for the door.

“Brianna, come back!” Christina called. “Don’t tell me you’re tucking your cock…I mean tail between your legs and running away!”

A roar of laughter erupted as Brianna ran, crying through the front doors of the school.

Brianna has plans to never go back to school. Her mother called to tell the principal that Brianna would not be coming back for quite a while. She quit the volleyball team and spent most of her time in her room. The only enjoyment she got out of her life came when she exercised. After about a week she got up the courage to leave the house, and every night around 11pm she would go to the school and work out for about an hour and a half. There was never anyone at the school at this hour and it allowed her to blow off some much needed steam.

After she had been doing her nightly workouts for about a month, the plumbing for the shower broke at her house. After a few nights of working out and not showering Brianna felt filthy. On the 4th such night, she finally got up the courage to shower at the school. She had been doing her late night workouts for well over a month now and had never once seem someone else there, so she figured it was pretty safe to assume she could shower safely there.

I haven’t had a chance to proof-read that last part. I’ll do that tomorrow and possibly edit some of it.

After Brianna’s workout she headed for the change room. Once inside she pulled off her sports bra letting her beautiful large breasts hang in full view. Next she pulled off her spandex shorts, and her massive penis flopped down between her thighs. Recently she had started just wearing spandex for her workouts. There was never anyone around so there was no point in hiding the massive bulge in her spandex with a second pair of shorts. She felt most comfortable wearing just the spandex and so that’s what she had started doing. It was a very free feeling to be able to workout without attempting to hide the large bulge in her spandex.

She walked to the shower as her enormous, soft penis swayed back and forth like a massive pendulum between her thighs. The showers were one large open room with 12 shower heads, 6 on either wall. They were anything but private and as a result, Brianna had never showered there during school hours. Even after school she had always been hesitant to shower there, but considering she hadn’t seen anyone at the school in over a month it seemed safe. She turned on one of the showers before walking back to get her shower kit. She picked up her kit and returned to the shower, testing to make sure she had given it the necessary time to warm up. She stepped under the spray, and stood still for a few minutes, enjoying the feeling of the hot water running over her massive breasts, across her nipples, down her flat, tight stomach and then over her massive, soft, floppy penis before it splashed to the floor.

Since the incident, Brianna had for the most part lost interest in sex. As a result, it had been weeks since she had masturbated. Her huge balls seem to almost be exploding with cum. They hung as large as tangerines below her massive unit. It had been so long since she had cum that they seemed to nearly be bursting out of her ball sack.

Instead of sex, it was revenge that had been occupying Brianna’s mind. Mainly the thought of what she would do if she ever saw Christina again. Initially she felt like she would probably attempt to strangle Christina if she ever saw her again. But in the past month her violent feelings had somewhat faded into mixed feelings. She had always through Christina was one of the sexiest girls in school, and just because she despised Christina now, it didn’t mean she still didn’t think Christina was damn hot. Her long blonde hair, beautiful hour glass figure, complete with large perky breasts and a huge bubble butt were enough to drive someone wild. So even with all the thought she had given the situation, she had no idea what she would do if she ever saw Christina again.

Brianna took out a bar of soap and lathered her entire body, all the way from her shapely calves, over her thick, feminine thighs, across her tight stomach and over her thin shoulders…paying special attention to lathering her plump ass, her aching ball sack, her large floppy dick and her mountainous breasts. She rinsed off and then lathered her legs, balls and pubic area in shaving cream. She shaved her legs quickly. Then with her left hand she lifted her massive unit, while she shaved her balls with her right hand. After that she let go over her massive dick, letting it flop back between her legs before shaving the area directly above the base of her cock. Brianna was similar to most young girls in that way…they shaved their pussies and Brianna made sure to shave her dick and balls several times a week. Despite the massive dick that hung between her legs, she loved feeling feminine, and staying hairless was a great way to do that. Once she was done shaving she rinsed herself off again.

She turned her back to the water and closed her eyes, once again enjoying the feeling of the hot water running over her body. Seconds later she was snapped out of her daydream by a familiar voice:

“OH MY GOD, NOT AGAIN!” someone hissed from the entrance of the shower.

Even before she opened her eyes, Brianna knew who it was. Standing at the entrace to the shower was Christina, wearing only a short towel and the same dropped jaw expression that Brianna had seen a little over a month ago. This time Brianna made no attempt to cover herself up. A strange calm had come over her and she knew exactly what she was going to do.

“Get over here, Christina”, Brianna ordered.

“Umm, I don’t think so, you freak.” Christina retorted.

“NOW!” Brianna said confidently.

Christina scoffed, but did as instructed, taking two steps forward until she was face to face with Brianna.

“Now lose the towel.” Brianna instructed firmly.

“No way!” Christina hissed. “I’m not letting a freak like you see me naked!”

“Christina, don’t push me.” Brianna threatened.

After a second of indecision, Christina tossed her towel to the side, revealing a stunningly beautiful body. She was nearly a mirror of Brianna, her long blonde hair was equally as sexy as Brianna’s dark brown locks. Their breasts were both extremely large D cups, with Christina’s chest being a 38 compared to Brianna’s 36. Both of them had very slim 26″ waists and very wide, feminine 40″ hips. They were nearly identical except for one main area…between Christina’s legs were two pouty, juicy pussy lips, with a thin, well trimmed light brown landing strip running vertically above her lips. Compared to Brianna, she might as well have had nothing between her legs. Because between Brianna’s legs hung a massive, thick, fat circumcised cock. The smooth, extremely thick shaft seemed to go on forever, and the large mushroom shaped head hung only a few inches above her knees.

They stood only a few feet apart, staring at each other before Brianna broke the silence.

“Down on your knees.” she ordered.

This time Christina didn’t object, sinking to her knees quickly, her face now directly in front of Brianna’s massive unit. With her left hand Brianna gripped the base of her shaft, holding out her soft floppy dick so that the massive cock head was within inches of Christina’s face. With her right hand she grabbed Christina by the back of the head. With a handful of Christina’s hair she ordered “Open wide!”.

Christina once again followed instructions, opening her mouth as wide as it would go. Brianna thrust her hips forward, pushing the head of her massive cock into Christina’s waiting mouth.

Christina could barely fit her lips around Brianna’s massive cock head. Brianna continued told hold Christina by the back of the head as she slowly guided her thick shaft into Christina’s mouth. Brianna had fit about half of her enormous limp cock into Christina’s mouth when she felt her massive cock head in the back of Christina’s throat. Nevertheless, with her right hand still holding Christina by the back of the head, she forced more of her shaft into Christina’s mouth, as she felt the head of her cock begin to slide down Christina’s throat. Christina gagged, causing Brianna to pause for a minute until Christina recovered. She looked down and could see tears starting to well up in Christina’s eyes. Brianna fed more and more of her shaft down Christina’s throat. With most of her massive cock already in Christina’s mouth, Christina gagged once again. And once again, Brianna paused for a second, before feeding the rest of her shaft down Christina’s throat. She could feel Christina’s nose pressed against her stomach. Brianna moaned with pleasure at her first blow job. It had been a long time cumming. She looked down proudly. Christina knelt below her, her lips stretched around the base of Brianna’s fat cock, her nose pressed against Brianna’s stomach. Brianna could feel half of her thick shaft lodged in Christina’s mouth, the other half, as well as Brianna’s massive cock head were pushed down Christina’s throat. Christina’s eyes were now watering noticably.

“You like that, don’t you, you little bitch?” Brianna said harshly.

Christina, her mouth completely stuffed full of cock, gave out a whimper that left Brianna with no indication of whether it was a yes or a no.

Brianna could feel her cock started to stir and she knew in a few minutes she was going to be hard. Still holding Christina by the back of the head, Brianna began to move her hips back and forth slowly, pulling the majority of her cock out of Christina’s mouth before forcing it back down her throat. Christina was certainly a very talented cocksucker. Her mouth was warm and wet, and as Brianna crammed her cock down Christina’s throat she could feel Cristina slurping hungrily on her thick shaft. Brianna began to pump her hips more violently as she fucked Christina’s mouth with her massive prick. Brianna could feel her cock beginning to harden as the tears continued streaming down Christina’s cheeks. With each thrust Brianna could hear slurping sounds coming from Christina’s mouth, as well as a large slapping noise when Brianna’s large, cum filled balls slapped against Christina’s chin. Brianna’s moans became louder as she could feel the pre-cum beginning to ooze from her massive prick. She tightened her grip on Christina’s hair as she began to fuck Christina’s face even more violently.

Brianna’s 9.5″ cock was now hard as a rock and with each thrust she forced her cock head deeper into Christina’s throat. She looked down to see Christina looking up at her with big puppy dog eyes as Brianna continued to slam her massive cock in and out of Christina’s mouth. Christina’s stretched lips left a glistening trail of saliva on Brianna’s rock hard shaft. With each thrust forward Brianna could hear her balls slapping against Christina’s chin, just as Christina’s nose pressed against Brianna’s stomach. Brianna could feel an enormous load of cum building up in her balls, but she didn’t want her revenge to be over just yet. She yanked Christina by the hair, pulling her massive prick out of Christina’s mouth. Her huge erection glistened with a mixture of saliva and pre-cum and stood perfectly erect, long and thick, probably close to 10″ in length at this point.

“Stand up!” Brianna ordered.

Christina, her cheeks now drenched with tears, did as instructed. Brianna wasn’t sure if it was out of fear, or because she was really enjoying what was happening. Possibly a mixture of the two she guessed.

“Now turn around and bend over.” Brianna instructed.

“I really don’t think my pussy can handle a cock that huge…” Christina said nervously as she turned around and bent over, as Brianna had instructed.

Brianna spit on her hand and lathered her enormous cock in saliva. She gripped Christina’s wide feminine hips with her left hand and the base of her massive erection with her right hand, positioning herself directly behind Christina’s magnificent ass.

“Don’t worry, that won’t be a problem…” Brianna snarled as she pushed the head of her massive cock into Christina’s tight ass.

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