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He really does know

With the exception of my ex-husband, I have never had sex with any man other than my husband more than two or three times, since Kris and I have been married.

Lately the exception has been our neighbor Joe.
Joe and I had a quickie some months back, which I wrote about in a previous post.
Joe works from home and I am semi-retired, so we both have a good many afternoons off together.
The temptation and opportunity is always there, since Kris works long hours, leaves early and doesn’t come home until late.

A week and a half after our first time, Joe joined me for a skinny dip in my jacuzzi, where it wasn’t long before I was riding him reverse cowgirl.
It went on for three hours that afternoon.
We took it in to the swimming pool and carried over in to my living room, before finally ending on the couch.
That evening when Kris sat on the couch I had to explain it was wet because I had to clean a spilled drink off of it.

We began having sex two or three times a week in the afternoons.
I even went to two business luncheons with Joe and he introduced me as his girlfriend.
All the while, Joe would occasionally get together with Kris and I for some drinks, sometimes with other neighbors and friends, sometimes alone.
Kris and Joe would carry on like nothing out of the ordinary was goin on.

Sometimes I feel a little guilty and tell myself that this has to end, but then I do it, rather I do Joe again.

Lately we have been getting more bold and it has begun to concern me as much as it excites me.
A little over a month ago, Joe expressed his desire for me to shave off all of my pubic hair.
Through our marriage, I have always just kept a well trimmed area as this is what Kris preferred. Despite my husband, I shaved it all off for Joe.
When Kris asked me why, I explained, I wanted to try something new and when he asked me to let it grow back, I explained I like it better this way and wanted to keep it bald for a while.
The truth is that it drives Joe crazy and I love that.

Then there was just about three weeks ago when Joe stopped over unexpectedly for a drink.
Kris got up to grab another drink, with his back turned toward us, I lifted my shirt and flashed my tits to Joe.
I did this several times and I could almost swear that Kris saw me pulling my shirt down real fast the last time. I tried to play it off as if I were adjusting my shirt.
Kris’s phone rang a few minutes later and he excused himself telling us it was a work phone call.
Kris walked in to the study, we could hear him talking.
I leaned over and undid Joe’s pants. He tried to protest by whispering emphatically, What are doing??!!
It was too late, I had his foreskin pulled back and was sucking on the head of his dick. He is extremely sensitive and Joe can’t resist when I do this.
I could hear Kris saying, I’ll see you then as Joe was cumming in my mouth. It was a lot as usual.
I sat up quickly and could see Joe out of the corner of my eye pulling his fly back up as Kris walked back on to the patio.
I don’t let men cum in my mouth usually, as a matter of fact Kris never has, but this was an exception.
I certainly don’t swallow, but by this time, Kris was standing there in front of me.
Kris was giving us a half hearted and unnecessary apology for the 20 minutes he abandoned us.
I was sitting there with a mouthful of Joe’s semen and I was having a hard time swallowing it, with Kris looking me right in the eye. I was about to gag.
I grabbed my glass of wine and tried to wash the cum down, but I could feel it backwashing, so I ended up downing the whole thing.
Despite feeling a little nauseated, I was simultaneously so horny by now.
I apologized to Joe and said I was tired and that we would have to call it a night.
We said our goodbyes to Joe, I went to the bathroom and brushed my teeth, came out and jumped Kris’s bones immediately.
It was some of the best sex we had in a long time.
Kris may not have known it, but both men where glad I gave Joe a blow job that night.

The final straw came two days ago when Kris went out to walk the dog around 8pm.
I texted Joe to be ready for me.
I snuck over to his house wearing nothing but my robe.
I dropped it on his back porch and walked in to his living room completely nude.
I went over and yanked his pants down, he already had a hard-on.
I screwed him fast and hard, I let him cum inside of me.
I went back home and climbed right in to the shower.
Kris must have thought I was on the back porch, even though he got home before me, he never even noticed I was gone.

I decided then that I didn’t want to hurt Kris, by carrying on a relationship with Joe. It has turned in to more than just sex.
I also don’t want to leave Kris, I love him, but I also like having a boyfriend.
I like having Joe. He is really sweet to me and turns me on.
I needed to tell Kris that I have been and will continue to see Joe.

I came out in my pajamas and looked at Kris.
I said we need to talk.

Immediately Kris said Uh-Oh.

I asked, Please hear me out before you say anything.

He sat up quietly on the couch where Joe and I had sex.

Remember that party Joe had, where you left me at his house to go get more liquor?

Kris said, I don’t want to talk about it.
He then said, I already know.

I asked him calmly, What do you know?

Kris took a deep breath, Its over, I’d rather forget about it.

I asked him, What did you see?

You know what I saw! Kris said getting heated.

No, I don’t know what you saw.

I walked in to the living room, the bedroom door was mostly open.
I saw your clothes in a pile on the floor with his!
I saw another man sticking his dick in my wife!
I was about to go kick his ass for taking advantage of my drunk wife, but you started cumming. Loudly.
It made me realize you wanted it, I was so hurt and mad at at you.

Then what? I asked.

Then nothing. Then I went home, Kris said.

Did you watch us any more? I proded further.

I saw him cum! I watched you make another man cum! That’s a hard thing to watch. Kris told me, at first very loudly but then calming down again.

Why did you continue to watch if it was so hard for you?

Listen, I know it’s my fault. You wanted to go home. I talked you in to staying. I promised to be right back but lost track of time and left you alone with another man after we’d been drinking and he saw an opportunity.
Clearly you didn’t mind. Kris started to get a little worked up again.

Why did you continue to watch us? I asked again.

It’s hard for me. You know you’re only the third woman I’ve ever been with and I personally know three other men you’ve had sex with. It’s hard for a man to know his wife has been with more people than he has, especially since she refuses to tell how many.

I’m sure it is hard I replied, but that’s just your ego. You still haven’t answered my question.

Because in some weird way it turned me on! A lot! Satisfied??! I just wish it wasn’t with our neighbor, or anyone I knew!

Why didn’t you ever say anything to me? Why have you continued your friendship with Joe?

Because I don’t want to fight, I’m not going to leave you and I didn’t want you to think I was a weirdo because it turned me on. I didn’t want to admit to myself it turns me on.
I don’t like Joe, I still feel like he took advantage of you. But he’s our neighbor and I have to live next door to him. You obviously weren’t upset by the whole thing.
Kris continued, It’s weird. I see him stare at your ass and it makes me horny knowing he’s seen it, had his hands on it.
A few weeks ago when Joe came to our place for drinks, I don’t think you knew, it was clear you didn’t have a bra on, your nipples were poking through and he was staring. That’s why I was so horny when he left. I kept thinking how he knows exactly what your tits look like.

He didn’t take advantage of me, I wanted him to fuck me, I told Kris.

I can’t. Can we be done? Kris said.

What upsets you? That another man made me cum?I asked him.

Please!! Kris exclaimed, Just stop!

What if I said I love only you but I want a boyfriend?

I don’t want to know about it. I can’t talk about it anymore. Seriously.

I rubbed my hand across Kris’s lap. He had a raging boner.
I pulled his sweat pants down and began to give him head, I planned on letting him cum in my mouth since Joe had.
Kris had different ideas, he took my pajamas off.
I tried to stop him, since Joe had cum inside of me less than three hours before this.
Kris insisted, he began kissing me all over, I stopped him from going down on me though.
By the time he was inside of me I was so turned on I immediately orgasmed.
We made love for hours that night and even Kris came twice! Inside of me both times.

I still have not talked to Kris about My on going affair with Joe, but it does seem like Kris might be open to me having a boyfriend.
I’ll wait a while before I bring this up again.
I guess for now, Joe and I will have to keep it on the DL.
I’m afraid some neighbors are beginning to suspect us.
I don’t want Kris to find out through the grapevine.

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