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Guy at Work Sees Wife’s Photo

I like to look at my wife’s naked pictures on my iphone, and sometimes I will save a zoomed in picture of her as my background and lock screen picture. I like to see her naked when I turn on the phone, and it turns me on that some random person sitting next to me at a restaurant or some other public place might catch a glimpse of my naked wife as I turn on the phone. One day I was at work, and I had a full frontal nude of my wife saved as my wallpaper, and lock screen. The picture was of her laying on a bed in a hotel room in Vegas, and her legs were spread, and her fingers were spreading her labia a little, and you could see into the folds of her wet and glistening vagina, and above her hard nipples were in plain view, as well as her face.  My phone battery was running down, and I was working on a computer next to a machine that a coworker (Sait) and I were working on. I decided to plug my phone in to one of the USB ports on the computer, and at the time, Sait was not nearby, so the naked picture of my wife came on for a minute, and then turned off, as the phone was just sitting there charging. I was working on the machine later with Sait, and he was standing next to me, and my iphone was directly in front of him on top of the computer, it was probably about 18 inches away from his face. Something was going wrong with the software on the computer, and it wasn’t talking to the machine anymore, so I needed to reboot the computer. I hit restart on the computer, not really thinking anything of it when you reboot a computer that your phone is plugged in to and charging, it is just like unplugging and plugging your phone back in, and the computer turned off, and then started to come back on, I was looking at the computer screen. Sait then said oooooooo nice picture!!. I looked at my iphone that was right in front of his face, and there was a picture of my wife totally naked and smiling, her hard nipples sticking out, and her nicely trimmed bush and pussy lips below on display. Sait immediately asked me “is that your wife?”, and I quickly blurted out yes, and asked “do you like her?” He said “yes”, and “you are a lucky man”. Sait is divorced, and is really a nice guy, and I think my wife would really like him as a person. I didn’t plan to show Sait my wife’s naked picture, it just sort of happened. Anyway we really didn’t talk too much more about it, and later on Sait gave me his personal email address in case I need to communicate with him about work or whatever. I took this as a hint that he would like to see more of my wife. I also used to have all of my wife’s naked pics and videos on a sky drive, which is the Microsoft version of the icloud. I sent Sait a link to my skydrive so that he could look at all of the nasty naked pictures of my wife totally naked, legs spread wide close ups of her wet pussy, pics of my cock going in her pussy, everything I have. There were also videos on there of her masturbating, and making herself cum for the camera, and me fucking her in different places in the house. Every time I see Sait he asks me “how’s your wife?” I tell him she is doing fine. I can tell he wants to fuck her. I would love to see that happen, so I invite him to the house to watch a football game, and he comes over, and he is real nice to my wife, and I can tell she likes him. She did notice that he was kind of staring at her, and she said that she caught him looking at her tits more than a few times. I told her that he thought she was sexy, and he is a divorced warm blooded man and he can’t help himself, and I added he probably hasn’t had any pussy for a while. She then surprised me and said “you should show him some of my pictures, if you haven’t already”. I said you wouldn’t mind if he saw your pictures?, and she said no, he is so nice, if you think he would like them, and it seems like he would, it kind of turns me on that he might jack off to my pictures. Well I had to tell her about the story above, and how he had already seen her naked, and she said,  ”no wonder he kept staring at me”. I told her we would have him over again soon, and maybe she could wear something revealing? She said you want him to see me naked, in person ? and I said he has already seen your pictures, and close ups of your pussy and everything, he has them on his computer, he is probably home looking at naked pics of your pussy, and jacking off right now!! This flipped some kind of switch in my wife, because she got up from her chair, and stripped off her clothes, and walked across the living room, and pulled my pants down and started making love to me right there. The front door was wide open to let the fresh air in the house, and our curtains were open so that the windows on the sides of our picture window could be open with air flowing through, the lights were on, and the neighbors were around outside, and cars were driving by, and here is my wife walking around naked, and fucking me right in plain view of all of these people. What really drove me over the edge was what she was saying just before she started having and orgasm. She said would you like your friend to see me walking around naked in front of him? I said oooo yes!! Then she said would you like it if I fucked him? And I said yes, and let him shoot his cum deep inside your pussy!! This drove her crazy, and she had a big orgasm!! She made lots of noise, and I thought I saw the neighbor guy across the street walking around in his yard, and looking our way. This set me off, and I was cumming in her spurt after spurt, it was awesome. Afterward she got dressed quickly, and we went to bed. I invited Sait over the next weekend, and I asked my wife to wear something sexy, and she said like what? And I said how about a big sleeveless t shirt and nothing else? She said what do you mean nothing else? I said no bra, no panties nothing else. She said she didn’t know if she could do that. I said okay, you decide. Well about a half hour before Sait was supposed to get there, she came out of the bedroom, and was wearing a short skimpy silk nightie, with spaghetti straps, you could see lots of cleavage, and most of her legs, but her ass and pussy were covered when standing. She said do you like? And I said oooooo yes. She sat next to me on the couch, and once again the windows and front door were wide open, the lights were on, and anyone around could easily see into our house. I started touching her nipples through the soft silk material of her nightie, and I slipped her spaghetti straps down, and let them fall. I then started playing with her nipples, and this really turns her on. She was moaning, and I started to lick her nipples, by now they were standing out about three quarters of an inch. I reached down with my hand to touch her pussy, and she put her feet up on the couch, and spread her legs to give me wide open access. So there she was sitting on the couch with me licking her nipples and her pussy gaping open for anyone outside to see, and I glanced over to the door, and I saw Sait standing there in the door, not ten feet away, watching me suck my wife’s nipples, and finger her pussy. I spread open her pussy lips to show her inner pussy hole to Sait, her vagina was wet, and she was very horny, then I licked her nipples some more, she was moaning and then I said would you like Sait to touch your nipples? And she said yes! I said would you like Sait to touch your pussy? And she sad yes, and I would like for him to fuck me and cum in my pussy!! Well Sait was still standing in the door listening, so I got up and told her to stay still, that I wanted to look at her from the door, and see her naked body how she was, then I opened screen the door for Sait, and he came in. My wife at first didn’t know what was happening, she was spreading her pussy lips, and playing with her pussy for me, then all of a sudden Sait was about 5 feet in front of her staring at the inside of her vagina, and her hot nipples, she got up quickly, and she was kind of flustered, and she had pulled up one of her spaghetti straps, but the other one she couldn’t get ahold of right away, so she let it hang, her right tit was not covered well at all, and the fabric was just hanging on her nipple, and you could see the top of her areola. She stepped forward and gave Sait a hug, and a little kiss, and when she pulled back, her right tit and nipple were fully exposed, and Sait smiled, and began to touch her nipple, all she did was moan, she was still really horny from our session on the couch as Sait was arriving, and she was fantasizing about fucking him, and here he was standing in front of her. Sait was squeezing her nipple with his left hand, and the he took his right hand and touched her covered tit on her left side, and he slid her spaghetti strap off her shoulder, and her nightie immediately fell to the floor.  So there I was standing in my living room looking at my wife standing in front of me completely naked, with my friend from work touching her nipples with his left hand and beginning to probe her naked pussy with his right hand, then just a few feet away from them was the open door, and the picture window. What a show we were putting on for the neighbors. Sait said I heard what you said, that you want me to fuck you, and to cum in your hot vagina, nothing would make me more happy he said with a smile. Well next thing you know my wife was on her knees getting Sait’s cock out of his pants, and she just stripped them right off, and she started sucking his cock. Sait was already hard, and started to moan. His cock was long maybe around the same size as mine if not slightly longer, but he had this kind of large angry looking head on his cock that looked like a huge mushroom or something. Anyway he was moaning and precum was flowing out of his cock, and my wife kept licking it off. She wanted to go to the bedroom, so we went and all stripped off naked. My wife lay down on the bed on her back, and spread her legs, and Sait glanced at me and crawled up between her legs, and started to lick her pussy. She was starting to moan again and saying ohh yea!! Then he slid up and started licking her nipples, and she was moaning more. Then Sait started rubbing his oversize cock head up and down on her clit and pussy lips, and I could see his precum flowing out a little more, and getting my wife’s pussy wet as well as her own juices. Then he stopped at her pussy lips, and started to force his big cock head into her pussy. He would put it in a little, and pull back, then a little further then pull back, all the while I could see precum oozing out into her pussy. Then he pushed his cock head in all the way, and my wife let out a loud ohh yea!! He then started pumping in and out of her, and he laid down on her and was touching her nipples, and kissing her. My wife was kissing him back, and she used her legs to help push him inside of her. My wife started having an intense orgasm, and was screaming fuck me Sait!! He was giving her all he had, moaning loudly, and fucking her as hard as he could, then all of a sudden, he thrust as deep into her as he possibly could, and started to cum really hard, spraying loads of his sperm inside my wife’s hot pussy. He kept pumping and pumping, and shooting spurts of cum inside of her months maybe years of built up cum he was fulfilling his primal urge to breed with my wife. Then he started kissing her on the mouth again, while he was still inside of her, and pumping slowly kissing her deeply, and feeling her nipples, and kissing, and kissing. He pulled out of her, and there was a sloppy cum mess he had sprayed a lot of cum in her, so I gave her a towel, and she cleaned up. Then I had her ride me, and she fucked me good, and I came in her pussy as well. She then went back to Sait, and started to suck him again, and it didn’t take too long to get him hard again, then he laid her down on the bed again and started kissing her and stuck his cock in her again. This time he fucked her hard for about 20 minutes during which time she had three orgasms, she was loving it. Then Sait like last time shoved his cock all the way in to the hilt, and started filling my wife’s pussy with his cum for the second time this night, this caused her to have another screaming orgasm and she was yelling cum in me Sait!! Fill me with your cum!! In the meantime, he was deeply kissing her while he was still shooting cum in her and pumping his cock in and out of her in short strokes, he laid on top of her with his cock in her pussy kissing her and touching her for at least ten minutes, it was like he didn’t want it to end, and he was trying to prolong the sex as long as he could. Wow what a scene. I told Sait and my wife that next time we need to take pictures and videos, and they both thought that was a hot idea!!

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