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Growth curve

Background noise. I guess that’s what Sam was to most people. He didn’t stand out massively from the crowd. Sure, he was top of the class in, well, almost everything, but he wasn’t nerdy enough for it to make him a target. He liked sports — football, cricket, the usual stuff, but wasn’t good enough at them to get into any teams. He wasn’t really funny, but not really boring. Not a hunk, but not ugly. He was just… Sam. But as his 18th birthday approached, something did finally make him stand out, at least in his eyes.

One by one, he’d noticed his friends growing up, developing. One of them might have a bit of stubble, another would be noticeably taller than before. One way or another, they were all changing. But he wasn’t. Developmentally, he seemed to be crawling along. He hadn’t stopped growing, but he hadn’t reached a growth spurt. And all the other milestones of puberty seemed to be off in the distance. Like any other guy his age, he masturbated all the time, to orgasm, but he’d yet to ejaculate. He didn’t have any pubic hair, and as for his penis, well… If he had to keep his current size for the rest of his life, he could certainly cope, but he wouldn’t be jumping up and down about it. It was about 5.5 inches long, not especially thick, and uncut. Like so much else about him, distinctly average.

As he noticed more and more of his friends developing, he became a little down. His confidence was ebbing away ever so slightly. Of course, he knew that such variations occurred, that everyone developed at different times, and anyway he’d always been the sort to worry unnecessarily about things, so he tried to put it to the back of his mind, aware that his time would come. This was of course made difficult by the fact he’d always been the sort to worry unnecessarily about things…

He cheered up a little when one of those milestones finally arrived. He was masturbating one evening, and after he climaxed a small trickle of fluid seeped out of his cock. Had he just peed a little? It wasn’t white, like semen was supposed to be, and he did need a piss… But he needed to be sure. He nervously touched his finger to the liquid, and withdrew it again. It looked thick. It surely can’t have been pee. A quick taste test couldn’t do any harm, he thought. He’d heard, like everyone else, that semen was salty, so it seemed a reasonable test. He flicked his tongue over his finger, and yes! It was a little salty, but sweet as well. Definitely not pee. The next morning, he masturbated again, and this time there was a little spurt of the same liquid right at the moment of orgasm. Now he was sure. He was on his way.

Time went by, and finally Sam was shooting a good load every time he masturbated. Not long after, he noticed one solitary hair under his left arm. It was a good inch long, but on its own. No comrades. Was it a scout party, or merely an interloper? A rogue element? In the whole of human history, no-one had ever obsessed over a hair as much as Sam did over the next few days. Then finally, during one of his daily inspections, there was another one. Then rapidly, another and another. And pretty soon the same happened in his groin. At least now he was becoming somewhat more manly. His mind wandered to the subject of his own development less and less.

A few days before he turned 18, Sam was in his room masturbating. It had become a habit to do it straight after coming home from school. Just as he settled into his usual rhythm, he looked down as his hand reached the base of his penis. His brow furrowed. It looked different from how it had before. There seemed to be more exposed above his hand than there had been a few weeks, no, even a few days ago. As the thought crossed his mind, he leapt off his bed and across the room to his school bag. Books were flung onto the floor before Sam glimpsed the ruler, and grabbed it. Standing up straight, he gave his cock a few strokes to make sure it was as hard as possible, then lined up the ruler. As his eye moved outwards from the base of the shaft, it passed the 5.5” mark, and then saw that the tip of his cock now lay just beyond the 6.5” mark. Now this was much more like it. OK, he wasn’t Dirk Diggler, but every little helps, right? He knew he’d be keeping a much closer eye on developments down there. His scientifically-inclined mind knew that records would have to be kept. Perhaps he should make a graph…

After just a couple of weeks the graph was looking good to Sam. It was going upwards, and while Sam was just geeky enough to work out the equation of the line, that was the most important thing he took from it. He enjoyed looking at the graph now and then, and whenever he added measurements to it, but not nearly as much as he now enjoyed looking at his cock. Even soft he now felt pretty darn proud of it. It hung down over his tight balls beautifully, noticeably plumper than before, and over 4” long. As it hardened, the fat purple head now slid out of the foreskin, and his cock reached a good 7.5” in length. He loved how it looked, how the skin slid back and forth over that head, and how it twitched and throbbed as he fired a load out of it. He was finally happy with what he had, which was good because he knew that his growth was pretty much over.

Well, he thought he knew, anyway…

A lazy Saturday morning. Sam woke up with a morning wood. Like every other guy, he’d gotten used to these by now. His hand slowly wandered down to it, and he softly started to stroke, that lovely feeling of the foreskin sliding back and forth making him smile just a little. He needed to pee though, so much that it was uncomfortable. He sighed and slowly clambered out of bed, walking to his bathroom rubbing his eyes. He stopped in front of the mirror, and what he saw got his attention. Big time.

He’d stopped taking measurements a week or so ago. It no longer seemed important to him. He was big, and he liked it, so the obsession stopped. But now as he admired his reflection in the mirror, he felt a rush of excitement. It was definitely bigger. It can’t have grown overnight, surely? He must have just not noticed the growth until now. As he firmly gripped the base of the shaft and turned side-on to the mirror, he got another rush of excitement. It wasn’t just big, surely now he was verging on huge. Quick as a flash he ran and got his trusty ruler. As he held it along the top of his dick, he did a double take. It can’t be right, he thought.

But as he looked again, there was no doubting it. The thick, veiny shaft extended past the old measurement, and that beautiful fat head was now past the 9” mark. In fact, it was closer to the 10” mark than the 9” one. A smile of smug satisfaction spread across Sam’s face. He was a stud. He gripped his shaft tight and jerked it hard, and fast. It was only a few seconds until the thought of his massive new size made him cum. He rocked on his heels, his leg muscles tensing up, as he fired several thick wads of thick, white cum onto the carpet. Looking down, he admired his cock. A big drop of cum was just escaping the head, falling quickly onto the floor. As it softened, his cock angled down further and further, the head retracting into the foreskin. Eventually, it dangled down beautifully between his thighs, so fat. He measured it in this state, and the smug grin returned. It was now a 6” long softie. Only a few weeks ago, he’d been smaller than that hard, and thinner too. He knew he had to show it off.

The trouble was, his school wasn’t the sort where showing off happened. People didn’t shower afters sports, or wander round the changing room naked. Everyone was careful to hide everything, even the most confident and, by reputation with the ladies, biggest guys. So Sam couldn’t just wander into the changing rooms, drop his towel, and swing it around. He’d need to be more subtle than that. He still had two years of school left — more than enough time for word to spread around. He was willing to play the long game. And who knows, maybe he wasn’t even done growing yet…

Monday morning, and time for school again. After the weekend’s discoveries, Sam had never looked forward to school more. Of course, he still planned to keep it subtle, but the thought of anyone finding out about his size sent a shiver of excitement up and down his spine. He dressed in his school uniform as usual, this time checking himself out in the mirror. His 6” softie created a bit of a bulge in his black trousers, but not enough that it was glaringly obvious. Perfect, he thought. If anyone bothered to look, they’d be intrigued, which was much more fun than them knowing the truth straight away. He grabbed his bag and headed for the bus.

The morning dragged by slowly, all the while Sam’s head focused on his plan. When the bell rang after first period, it was time for stage one. He headed out of the classroom and down the wide old staircase. Under the staircase was one of the four basement bathrooms. He headed down the stairs, hoping that the five-minute window between periods would mean the bathroom was full of guys who needed to pee.

Turning the corner from the stairs, he was disappointed. He was the only one there. Already the plan had hit a stumbling block. Still, he needed to pee anyway. He strolled up to the urinals, which consisted of a large, old porcelain trough, with the base of the trough a shallow curve below floor level, extending up to about 5 feet in height, with no dividers. He unzipped and pulled out his big softie, and started peeing.

It was as he started peeing that he heard footsteps behind him, approaching the urinal. Whoever it was, they were fairly tall, so it was an older kid. As they stood a couple of feet away along the trough, Sam quickly darted his eyes to see who it was. It was James Michaels, a guy in his year. Not a friend, but an acquaintance, someone he’d played football with in games and lunch breaks, so at least he knew Sam’s name. While he’d been trying to work out who it was, Sam had nearly finished peeing. Now was the time for the not-so-subtle part of the plan.

As the flow stopped completely, Sam very deliberately shook his big, soft cock several times. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw James’s head turn towards him. Sam kept staring straight ahead as he now tucked his cock back into his boxers and zipped up. Suddenly he thought, in for a penny in for a pound, so after tucking it back inside he grabbed his crotch and rearranged his junk, aware that James was still looking, albeit subtly. He now turned and walked out of the bathroom, and as he did, a grin slowly spread across his face. His first attempt at showing off had worked. Beautifully.

The next few minutes were a complete blur in Sam’s mind. The way Amy slowly reached out and grabbed his dick with both hands. Looking down as she gave him a slow, two-handed stroke. The two of them tearing each other’s clothes off as they kissed fiercely. Before Sam knew it, he was spreading Amy’s legs, and pushing them back as he knelt over her, the head of his foot-long cock just inches from her already wet pussy. This was it. This was Sam’s moment to shine.

“Get ready for the fuck of your life,” Sam said with a grin, the arrogance growing by the second.

He grabbed his cock firmly with one hand, and lined up the purple mushroom-head with Amy’s pussy lips, rubbing it up and down her slit a couple of times. Then he pushed, and felt the most satisfying feeling as her lips parted and his massive cock started to slide inside her slowly. As he slowly eased it in, it felt good. Really, really good. Maybe even too good…

Before Sam could even try and distract himself from the thought, the cum was rising up from his balls, and firing out of his twelve incher hard into Amy’s pussy. She just exclaimed “Shit!” as Sam groaned and unloaded inside her, his dick throbbing and pulsing. After a few seconds it was all over, in every sense. Sam withdrew his fast-softening cock and started hurriedly apologising, feeling so embarrassed and ashamed. He’d worked himself into such a state that he was almost in tears as he lay back on the bed, still apologising continuously. Amy put an arm around his shoulder.

“Shhh, come on Sam, it’s ok. I’m guessing it’s your first time, right?” Sam replied with a nod. “Well then,” she continued, “I’m not surprised you came so fast. But at least now the second time will last a lot, lot longer…”

Her sentence trailed off as she reached out and started to slowly stroke Sam’s semi-hard member, still slick with her juices near the top, along with the last couple of drops of Sam’s thick white cum. His cock started to fill up again, getting longer, thicker, firmer.

“God Sam, where have you been hiding this thing all these years?” Amy giggled even as she said it.

“I haven’t, it’s only grown this big in like the last few weeks, I used to be half this size.”

“Really? That’s weird, I didn’t think they grew that fast,” she said with a slightly quizzical look on her face. Just as she did so, they both heard footsteps on the landing outside Sam’s room, and then the closing of the bathroom door. Sam’s sister had clearly woken up, and any minute now she’d come looking for Amy. Amy jumped off the bed and put her clothes on almost as quickly as they’d been pulled off earlier. She said goodbye to Sam and gave him a soft kiss, promising that there would be a Round Two sometime soon.

All very well, Sam thought to himself as she closed the door behind her, but it wouldn’t be soon enough for him. He was still sat on the bed, his twelve-inch erection laying on his chest, the head up beyond his nipples. It had never occurred to him before this moment, but maybe his first blowjob didn’t have to be from someone else. Sitting up straighter, Sam held his cock upright and leaned down. Very comfortably his mouth was right next to the tip of his cock. Nervously, he flicked his tongue out and ran it over the head. Oh boy does that feel good, he thought. Now he softly started to kiss the big, fat head, tasting his own precum as it started to flow out of the long slit. Before long, he was slobbering all over the head, moaning with pleasure, both hands on the shaft stroking his hard, thick monster.

Now Sam took the whole head into his mouth. It was a hell of a stretch, his mouth as wide as it would go just to accommodate his phenomenal girth. He moved his head up and down, giving himself a fantastic blowjob. His precum was now pouring out of the slit, and Sam swallowed it eagerly as he grew closer and closer to orgasm. He felt the cum rising again, and he moaned loudly onto his cock head as it powerfully fired rope after rope of thick cum into his mouth. He swallowed all he could, but some escaped and slid down his cock slowly. He found his cum tasted delicious, so sweet, and warm. After he finished cumming, he licked the head clean and lay back on the bed, delighted at what he could now do to himself.

As he lay back, he thought back to what Amy had said about his growth being weird. He hadn’t really thought about it until now, but it was very strange to grow so much so quickly. Sam cast his mind back a few weeks to see if he could figure out if there’d been something that might have caused it.

The only thing Sam could think of that happened a few weeks ago that was somewhat out of the ordinary was his session with a hypnotherapist. His mum was a New Age type, into anything alternative. She’d become worried that Sam was getting down, and demanded that he go and see someone. He only did it to appease her, and he was glad she’d only suggested hypnotherapy, and not something really far-out.

He went one day after school. He was skeptical, but at least the woman looked like a professional. The practice was in a modern building, and very nicely furnished. The therapist herself was middle-aged, but slim and stylishly but smartly dressed. It seemed more like a typical psychiatrist’s practice to Sam, which was reassuring. He went into the treatment room, and lay down on the couch as instructed. The therapist went through the stereotypical routine to relax Sam, and very quickly he drifted off into a state of total unawareness.

When Sam came to, the hour-long session was up, and he had no memory of what they had talked about at all. He was still somewhat groggy, but now he recalled her telling him to take a pill she handed him, only a tiny one. She said it was herbal, and Sam figured it was just to wake him up, or help him cheer up a bit. She said something about learning to control it, but he wasn’t really listening. Probably something about breathing, a relaxation exercise or some such. He went out and sat in the waiting room for a few minutes while his head cleared up, and once it had he thanked the therapist and she sent him home.

The pill. Could that have been the cause of all the growth? No, surely not, Sam thought, I mean, it was one pill weeks ago. He was a smart cookie, and he knew how hormones worked. One little herbal pill couldn’t contain enough hormones to cause weeks of constant growth. Could it? If it could, and it had caused the growth, then when would it stop? Was it over, or was there more to come? Was he gonna end up with some ridiculous 20-inch cock or something?

As Sam thought about it, the mental image of him with a 20-inch cock appeared, and he laughed, shaking his head as he got up to go to the bathroom. He’d taken a couple of steps when he suddenly felt a severe aching sensation in his now semi-hard cock, all the way from the base to the tip. It was enough to make him wince and look down as it very, very rapidly hardened again. Then a look of utter astonishment crossed his face. His cock was growing. Big time.

Inch by inch the head grew further away from his body, his cock reaching almost ridiculous proportions in just a matter of seconds. The aching was unpleasant, but not unbearable, but that was the least of his worries as his cockhead moved off into the distance. After about a minute it was over, his cock unerringly similar to the 20-incher he’d only just imagined — the same thickness as before, but so long and veiny.

Was this the key? Was the growth down to Sam’s own imagination? After all, he’d fantasised many times about having a twelve-inch dick, and his member had become all he’d ever dreamed of. And now his cock had changed suddenly to exactly fit his mental images. Plus, he recalled the therapist’s words: something about learning to control it. Was this what he had to control? Sam felt the greatest rush of excitement he’d ever experienced as he thought about what might now be possible.

But this is the real world, he thought. Stuff like this doesn’t happen. Still, there was only one way to find out. He’d have to conjure up another mental image. This time, he pictured his cock as it had been a few minutes ago, that gorgeous footlong that so impressed Amy. Almost instantly, the aching returned to his mammoth member, causing another wince. After a few seconds, the head started to slowly retract, the shaft shortening dramatically, but his cock was staying hard. Again, the whole process took about a minute, and by the end his twelve-incher was back to the way it had been. This was all very real. Sam had a power he’d always dreamed of.

The rest of the evening was spent having fun with the new power. First he’d seen how quickly he could alter his cock, and after some practice he could add or remove a foot of length in just a few seconds. Then he’s tried pushing the power to its limits, trying to make the biggest cock he could. He stood in one corner of his fairly large bedroom, his cock erect, and then made it grow right across to the other corner of the room, so he couldn’t even see the head any more. He just laughed out loud at the ludicrousness of the sight before him.

Shrinking his cock back down to what he decided was its “default” 12-inch setting, he then experimented with the girth, making it thicker and thicker until he couldn’t even encircle the shaft with two hands. The weight made no difference to the angle, it stood out straight and level in front of him, the head now about the size of a grapefruit. Again, this made Sam laugh.

Now this was all very fun, but having a cock that was stupidly thick and/or stupidly long was never going to make life fun for Sam. He had to devise what he thought made the perfect cock. He sat down and willed it to change, down to the tiniest detail, until he was happy with it. The vein protrusion, length of the foreskin, shape of the head, everything was tailored to make it Sam’s dream member. Soft it was 9 inches long, and fat, with the foreskin just long enough to cover the whole head. Erect, it was 13 inches long, and 7 inches around — massive for sure, but not reaching into the realms of the utterly ridiculous like Sam’s earlier experiments. The foreskin was retracted to expose a bulbous head, very rounded, that clearly jutted out where it met the shaft, and was a very deep shade of purple. He allowed it to have a few big veins on clear display, but not so many that it looked ugly.

He’d now spent so long experimenting with his new power on his penis that it didn’t occur to him that it might work on all of him. Looking down inquisitively, he pictured how he now wanted his balls to look, and lo and behold, his currently average-sized balls expanded to become huge orbs, and his scrotum loosened from its current tight state to give him the beautiful, huge pair of low-hangers he’d always desired. Now he had the perfect genitalia as a whole. But he was still far from perfect in his eyes.

Sam didn’t feel he needed to improve his body massively, it just needed tweaks here and there to improve it. For a start, he was scrawny, which he kind of liked now he thought about it. It certainly made his cock look even more impressive. But maybe with just a bit of muscle definition he’d look better. The by-now familiar aching feeling soon occupied every muscle below his neck as they grew a little, giving Sam’s slender body some tone, with nice pecs and a six-pack. He also wasn’t the most gorgeous of guys facially, but that could change. A few seconds of aching and Sam now had chiselled features, clear skin, stubble and gorgeous blue eyes you could get lost in.

Sam now, for the first time in his life, felt completely confident about his entire body. He was certainly going to make sure that Round 2 with Amy would be unforgettable for them both.

The next school day went, amazingly pretty normally. Sam was expecting people to look at him weirdly, to notice the changes, but everyone treated him exactly the same as before. He figured that any changes to his body might just register in other people’s minds as having been there all along. I mean, if mind-controlled metamorphosis was possible, why not have the metamorphosis controlling other people’s minds too? Nothing seemed weird to Sam at all now.

Aside from this realisation, everything was as normal as could be until lunchtime. For the first time since the weekend’s disastrous first encounter, he ran into Amy in the corridor. They exchanged glances and nervous smiles, but nothing more. Until, that is, Sam reached into his pocket during final period. There was a handwritten note in there from Amy. She must have slipped it in there without him even noticing. He read it covertly:

“Hey Sammy,

Meet me after school at the back gates. Seconds out, Round 2…

Amy xxx”

Sam grinned as he slipped the note back into his pocket. God, it was a good job he found it before the end of school. The rest of the period went by slower than Sam could ever have imagined. He watched the clock ticking down to 3:45 so intently that a bomb could have gone off and he wouldn’t have flinched. Finally, when Sam thought he was about to go crazy, the bell sounded. He just shoved his books into his bag, and raced to the back gates.

There stood Amy, leaning against the wall. She looked great in her school uniform — the white blouse, pleated skirt, tie etc., just a perfect sexy look on her. She spotted Sam walking towards her, and smiled warmly.

“Glad you found my note Sammyboy.”

“Yeah, me too, I only found it like 10 minutes ago though. That was a risk you took there!”

“Well it worked, didn’t it?”

“Well… true. So, what’s this about Round 2?” Sam grinned.

“My parents are away until tomorrow. I have the house to myself, so I figured I’d see if you wanted some… company…”

As she said this, Amy traced her fingers over Sam’s crotch, very lightly and subtly. Sam’s grin widened further, and Amy didn’t even wait for a reply before taking him by the hand and walking him to the bus stop.

The bus ride to Amy’s place, way out in the country, was long, but Sam didn’t mind at all. Once they were sure there was no-one they knew on the bus, they made out slowly for the whole rest of the journey. Sam made good use of his new powers — he made sure his cock stayed flaccid while they kissed and lightly fondled each other. All too soon the bus stopped and they got off, almost right outside Amy’s front door. She unlocked it, and pulled Sam inside as his grin returned.

As soon as Amy shut the door behind them, they resumed their kissing, only now it was fiery, passionate, intense. Sam pushed Amy against the wall, as their tongues rolled around each other, and he pulled her school jacket off and undid her tie. Feeling ever more confident and forceful, he gripped both sides of her white blouse and ripped it open, buttons bouncing on the wooden floor. Amy responded to this by biting her lip and smiling sexily.

She then took Sam by the hand and led him upstairs to her bedroom. It clearly hadn’t been redecorated since she was much younger, still a largely pink décor, with lots of flowery stencilled designs on the walls and cupboards. It was slightly odd in Sam’s mind, given what they were about to do, but then he realised he had much better things to be thinking about right now, especially as Amy was now out of her shirt and flinging her bra to one side, laying back on the bed, she grabbed Sam’s tie and dragged him down on top of her.

The kissing resumed, but only briefly, as Sam kissed down her neck and chest, and started sucking and nibbling her left nipple. This drew soft moans from her, and Sam was suddenly very glad that this time they were taking it ever so slightly slower, rather than just going straight for the “main event”. Kissing further down, he gently slipped his fingers under the waistline of her skirt, and pulled it down, collecting her panties along the way. She was now laying naked on her bed, save for her short white socks and black trainers.

Sam trailed a few soft kisses down Amy’s stomach, and before he knew it his tongue was softly flicking over her firm clit, again making her moan softly. He applied a little more pressure, and the moans got louder. He slid his tongue further down her slit, tasting her juices. Delicious. How did he let himself miss out on this the first time? Several minutes passed with Sam softly probing her pussy and clit with his tongue, until he could feel that she was extremely wet.

He stood up by the bed. He’d long since abandoned the notion of keeping himself flaccid, and his thick cock had grown to its full 13” length down the leg of his black trousers. He very rapidly ripped off his shirt and tie, kicked off his shoes and socks, and pulled his trousers and boxers down in one movement, allowing his length to spring up. It bobbed and swayed for a few seconds before he climbed back onto the bed, on top of Amy. Lifting her right leg up with his left hand, he grabbed the end of his cock with his right, and held it against her slit, running it up and down just like the first time. Then he pushed his hips towards her.

The head slowly but surely slipped in, as Sam pushed harder. It felt just as wonderful as last time, but now Sam was in control of his body, there was no danger of a repeat performance. He looked down at the wonderful sight of his giant member sliding inside Amy, then up at her face — an expression of pleasure, pain and utter astonishment spread across her face. Pushing firmly, Sam felt inch by inch of his cock slide into her tight pussy, feeling its warmth as it gripped the shaft.

After a minute or so Sam was as far in as he could go, still with a couple of inches to spare. Slowly he began to withdraw, until just his head was still inside her, then he pushed firmly back in. Good god this feels good, he thought to himself. He got into a steady rhythm, which Amy was now matching with her moans, every movement of his cock bringing a louder and longer moan than before. Gradually he picked up the pace, the bed starting to rock and bang slightly against the wall.

Amy was starting to really writhe underneath him, and he was sure she was going to cum soon. He sped up even more, now pounding her almost savagely, with a metronomic rhythm. Sure enough, just a few minutes in and Amy shuddered and gripped the covers, screaming so loudly that her voice cracked completely. As Sam continued pounding away, the sound of his low hangers slapping against Amy’s pussy was added to the mix. The sights, the sounds, and above all the sensations, were driving Sam closer to the edge. He kept the pace up for another couple of minutes before he slammed into Amy one last time and held there, his massive cock firing wad after wad of thick cum deep inside her.

After a good 20 seconds, Sam collapsed on top of Amy, panting and covered in sweat. They kissed passionately, Sam’s softening cock still fully inside her. Amy broke the kiss first.

“That,” she panted, “was the most amazing fuck I’ve ever had!”

Sam slipped his long softening cock out of her. Even soft its length was impressive and both of them were in a trance watching it slide out then flop down.

There was a visible line on Sam’s huge dick on how far Amy was able to get on it. Amy noticed and it dawned on her how much he is stretching out her pussy. “How will she have sex with any other guys now?” She thought to herself as she looked down at her now wide-open lips. Sam’s massive load was pouring out of her gaping hole too, Amy felt like her cheeks with sitting in a puddle. Her train of thought was broken when she saw the big trouser snake begin to rise again.

“Round 3…?” Everyone knows what happens next…

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