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Group head jobs

About 8 years ago there was a family birthday for my wife’s aunt who was turning 60. To save costs and because there were 20 of us, we held the party at the local football clubrooms. Not a bad location. Had a bar so everyone was happy.

I need to point out my wife and I were pretty heavy into the swingers parties so we not only had an open relationship, we attended a lot of gangbangs, doggings etc. She was also a bit of a slut when we met which was what attracted me to her.

Anyway, back to the party. Pretty boring for the first hour or so my wife Jordan had a few drinks. Pretty soon more and more people came in, including a group of 5 young guys. Jordan sat closer to me and said “I fucked 2 of those guys at a party”.

Sure enough one came over and said “Hey, how’s your night? Staying long?” Jordan just smiled and made some small talk and the guy walked away with her mum looking curiously at Jordan and the young guy.

As the night progressed and Jordan drank more she kept looking over at the group of guys and kept smiling at them. Jordan whispered to me “I wish I wasn’t having my periods” because she was feeling horny. Jordan then stood up and said she was going to the toilet then catching up with some friends.

After over an hour, Jordan’s mother asked me where she was. I told her I wasn’t sure but needed to go to the toilet then I would look for her.

The toilet was pretty crowded so there was a bit of a line up. The guy in front of me asked how my night was and I said boring family stuff. He then said “dude, if you want to brighten up your night there’s a slut out back giving head jobs.”

I said “bullshit. What’s her name?”

He said “does it matter? I think she’s Jordan or something.”

After I had a piss I walked out to the rear car park and in the corner, sitting on a wooden bench was my slutty wife surrounded by about 5 guys with a cock in her mouth. Even though it was in the shadows and the guys were standing in a circle around her, you could see what was going on.

I walked up and she took the cock out of her mouth and said “honey, you going to join us?”. I took my hard cock out and the guys said “hey mate. Wait your turn.” So, I did.

Some guys were so excited that they had come in their hands just as they walked up to get a blow job. Talk about premature!

After she took my load along with everyone else’s I told her that her mum was Asking after her. She said “oh shit. Sorry guys have to go” so the new comers missed out.

As soon as we were in the light I could see a fair bit of cum on Jordan’s black satin pants and she had a bit in her hair. I said nothing.

When we got back to the table some people had already left and her mum was fuming Saying “you missed the cutting of the cake!” Jordan apologised and smiled at me.

As the tables were clearing and people were leaving, a lot of the guys were looking at Jordan plus the girls were giving her dagger eyes so we decided to leave.

On the way to the car I mentioned the cum stains and Jordan said “why didn’t you  tell me earlier”. I said “what does it matter?” She said “nope.”

On the way home Jordan asked if any of my ‘contacts’ “fucked chicks on their Periods?”

That night ended with 5 guys urging up and fucking Jordan hard. It was messy but a great end to a great night. If anyone is interested, I have more true stories about my slut wife Jordan.

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