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Girlfriend with my best friend

I’ve known Martin since high school. We didn’t necessarily hang out that much but we were very friendly. He had his group of friends and I had mine but there was always a natural friendship that seemed to develop on its own. Just like everyone’s experience in high school, before you knew it you were sitting in college classes and those juvenile memories were seemed like a different lifetime.

The relationships with my best friends faded as the 90’s progressed but for some reason the friendship I had with Martin grew stronger. I can confidently attribute this to 3 things. First, my parents moved to a new town in 1993 that was somewhat closer to his hometown location. He he was like one of my only solid acquaintance who I’d be able to escape the house and hang out with when I would be pay my parents a visit.

Secondly, I genuinely really liked Martin. Beyond the relationship of common interest of sports, music and girls we built in High school, he is really a great guy with a huge heart. Lastly, and maybe most importantly, for some side cash, I was selling weed up in Boston and every time I came home he would buy some off me. I gave him the “best friend discount”, so why wouldn’t he? Plus, he never really had a lot of friends so seeing me once every few months was refreshing for him. I was definitely the one fueling the friendship by calling him every time I’d be coming back to Jersey for however long be it a Holidays, a family member’s birthday, a concert I couldn’t miss etc.

For a few years in the mid 90’s Martin was working in his father’s supermarket managing one of the departments, saving up money and doing a good job of it. He had a friend or 2 here or there. His cousin, Franky, who he no longer talks and is also married to one of his ex-girlfriends, and Steve, a friend from high school who, like Martin, is also an avid New York Giant fan but he doesn’t really talk with him either. Steve’s now married to an aussie.

Now I started dating Sarah in the spring of 1995. It didn’t take a few weeks before we were pretty exclusively dating and inseparable. It also didn’t take those fews week before I may have originally got sick of her. For whatever reason we kept on keeping on. She was a great girl. She took take of me in every way and that’s what I was looking for. I hadn’t had a serious girlfriend up to that time that lasted more than a a few months. There were definitely girls I cared about and I would’ve welcomed a longer term relationship with, but it I guess it just wasn’t in the cards.

Sarah embraced me and next thing I knew we were living together after 14 months of dating. Our first apartment together was in Kenmore Square. The famous Citgo sign was just about all we could see when we were laying down in bed looking out the one window in the apartment.

—Flashback to High school—

In Spanish class Martin sat two seats behind me. We had common interests for both being huge fans of the NY Yankees and the sitcom, Married With Children. At least once a day in class I would turn around and recite a joke from the last Sunday night’s new episode or talk about the disgusting outcome of one of the games. Back then the Yankees were not anywhere near the powerhouse team they are today.

Martin’s family also had a house on the beach in the Jersey Shore. He loved the warm weather. He eventually went to college in California and lived right by the beach. The first chance he could get to wear shorts he would. But going to school in the northeast meant that weather that was conducive to wearing such articles was linda limited. September had a few days that felt like summer but not until mid May kicked around did we start seeing consistent 70’s and then 80’s+ in June.

I remember the first time I got an eyeful of his unusually large endowment. It was a warm near summer day, and of course Martin wore whatever designer shorts the surfers wore back then. I’m bored as usual in Spanish class and waiting for an opportunity to chat with him about the prior evening’s game. He’s sitting up in his chair, not slouching, leaning forward with his elbows on the desk and his butt pushed to the back of the seat. As soon as I turn my head around my eyes are immediately distracted. Plainly and simply, I notice this kid has a fat cock that snaked halfway down his leg. It’s just about ready to fall over the front part of the chair. This is a vision I’ll never forget. I don’t think I said a thing. I was pretty stunned and found myself just turning back around and sitting there in awe. I later learned that he always new he had a huge cock even as far back as the 3rd grade.

—Current Day—-

Sarah eventually joined me when I took a trip back to Jersey. It may have been in 1997. This is the first time she met Martin. It might have been like a Thursday of Friday evening and I invited him over to meet Sarah and of course to sell him some weed, and he brought, Kim, the girl he was currently dating with him. This is also the first time I met Kim. We hung out for a bit at my place and everyone meet each other while playing with my parent’s little toy poodle. Since my folks were home we decided to move the situation to his place.

Now Martin is tall, dark and handsome with noticeably big hands, long fingers and, when he’s wearing sandals, noticeably big feet and toes as well. Kim was short, tan, long dark hair and bubbly. Very cute with a great round ass and busting DD rack. She had a balcony you could do Shakespeare off of. I had a hard time not staring at those things and was hoping someway somehow I would get a better look of them. For the moment they were purely sensational sweater meat. Luckily Martin’s father is LOADED.

To give you an idea, Jay Z filmed a movie at his Alpine, NJ estate around circa 2001. Massive house with huge backyard consisting a pool with a waterfall, jacuzzi, tennis courts and plenty of lawn. At this point everyone is pretty stoned. For whatever reason, even tho we made the 3 mile trip to his place I knew it wasn’t going to be a long visit. Martin has to work super early each morning.

So for a little bit we hung out of the 2nd floor deck overlooking the entire backyard having a drink and some smokes. There was definitely a sexy ambiance in the air especially after Kim went inside to chance into a bikini. OMG I’m not sure who was drooling at her ridiculous hourglass body more; me or Sarah. It didn’t take long for Martin to give me the signal to head out. To this day I wonder what would’ve transpired if Sarah had her bathing suit as well. But I prefer not to torture myself with the thought.

During the ride back to my house Sarah took no time to hesitate in telling me that if I ever bring another girl back for her make sure she has really big tits. This was a pretty interesting grant and I was sure to cash in on it over the next few years we were together. I followed up her request with something like “And I challenge you or anyone else to find a more well endowed couple than Martin and Kim” ,knowing this would induce a follow up question about his endowment. And right on cue and as expected came her follow up inquiries and how I know. So she learned the same thing you’re reading about right now. I can tell from her facial expressions, body language and continual series of questions that it turned her on a great deal. And her over the top, animalistic, fuck she gave me when we got home I knew I opened up a whole new world.

One night, Sarah and I are getting frisky with each other. Being the creative guy I am I often use objects around the house to fuck her with; hairspray bottle, beer bottle, flashlight, candles, wiffle ball bat, and this time I used a hammer. This has nothing to do with her not liking my cock, she liked it fine, this is more about my fetish of using toys and unusual objects on, or rather, IN girls. This particular time with her brown wooden hammer. With a condom on it of course, I’m holding the steal hammer part and just working her good and deep. I’m plunging away using full thrusts and simply admiring her abilities. I ask her the biggest cock she’s ever been with and she said mine. Now I’m just under 8″ and exactly 6″ around. Now either she was being honest or just telling me what I wanted to hear per advice given in one of her many monthly Conde Nast, Hearst or Hachette magazines.

Given the situation and moment of nakedness I had no reservations in disclosing how hot it would be to watch her getting pleasured by a giant cock. I can still hear her warm soft voice responding “find one and I’ll make your fantasy come true.”

Well duh! I obviously already had someone in mind. And when she heard Martin’s name again it’s like she lit up and was ready for him to come walking in right there and then. She played the whole “oh he doesn’t think I’m attractive… He would never pick me up if he saw me at a bar” blah blah blah. Whatever Sarah! So to assure her I told her she could listen in on the telephone so she could witness his opinion of her for herself.

I don’t think it was that night when I spoke to him but it was definitely within the next day or two. When I did get him on the phone I didn’t waste much time getting right to the point. Sarah agreed how I would bring it up so I started right in with regaling our sexcapades “Man, I was literally hammering her last night. I can’t believe how well she handles it and without ever really being broken in, at least that’s what she tells me. I think she would lose her mind if she hooked up with someone as big as you.” I went on to ask him what her would rate Sarah on a scale of 1-10 and he said 8.5. I’d say that’s about right. maybe an 8, her tits aren’t as big as I prefer. I told him that she thinks he’s a really good looking guy and that I think she would be totally into hooking up if it was cool with him. His “What the hell are you getting at?” response indicated that he wasn’t expecting me to “go there”. I just came out with it and said we should all get together sometime. It’s been a while and who knows, it could be fun. By the end of the conversation I had Sarah convinced as well as a weekend plan to head to his current place in Jersey and party with Marty.

The night of our “date”. Sarah let her beautiful blonde locks flow down over a semi see through white blouse that was unbuttoned and knotted up to expose her belly. Her tight ass and sexy hips sported a tight shiny purple mini skirt. For good measure and just to be sure she didn’t send any false signals her wardrobe was completed with black “fuck me” pumps. Who gives a shit what I was wearing. I don’t even remember anyway. I remember taking the PATH train to his place and she was being ogled at the entire ride. I always liked when guys check out my chick. It’s a total compliment.

The whole train ride over I wasn’t sure what to expect. I was playing a forecast of what’s to unfold in my head. Looking at Sarah, I could only imagine what was going on in her little head. She looked as hot as she’s ever looked before. Was it a coincidence? Did she do something with her hair and makeup that I’ve never seen before??? Or were my senses from what was about to happen just exponentially heightened? Either way I was so excited for her. And I was super excited for me! I’ve always wanted to see my best friend in action. He’s only shared with me a few stories how he and his cousin have double teamed a couple girls. He’s also showed me letters from choice girls, most of them from college, describing how his cock has them in constant heat but also constantly disappointed every time they meet another guy. I was always reserved about asking exactly how big his dick actually is. A part of me wanted to know, but another part of me didn’t.

Martin never showed off in front of me. He wasn’t the type of guy who needed everyone to know that he had such a big dick. Usually the times when we spoke of his ex-girlfriends and other situations were because we were under the influenced of some mind altering substance. And this was just about every time we hung out…which really wasn’t too too often, maybe once a month. I eventually moved in with Martin after Sarah and I broke up. After that, situations became a lot more current to say the least. But this was the 1st time anything like this happened so it is definitely a lot more memorable And this was the 1st of two girlfriends that got to experience his trouser anaconda. The other one had an ass that was insanely out of this world and boy did he tear her apart.

Sarah, was a bit more petite. She was a size 4-6. 5’4 and about 110-15lbs. Soft and fair skin, long natural blonde hair that went halfway to her back. She wore 34C bra, and had a great little caboose. Semi-pouty lips that wore a deep dark red shade of lipstick. She didn’t totally lay on the makeup. She didn’t need to. But being a real blonde, sometimes a bit more blush and mascara is need to accentuate her face in just the right spots. She rarely looked as hot as she did that night.

If Sarah was nervous, it didn’t show. I had all sorts of things going on in my head. From “is this really happening?” to “I wonder if she’s gonna dump me for someone with a huge cock tomorrow”. But I felt secure that she wouldn’t. Just as she told me that if I ever bring a girl home, she better be with big tits…I guess I’ll just have to do the same with guys from now on. But like I said, we did end up breaking up eventually and this, although wouldn’t be the only time we had sex with other people, it would be the one and only time with someone as endowed as Martin. The other few times, the other guys didn’t even come close. That reminds of the time we hooked up with the best-man at a wedding and his stripper girlfriend. OMG The tits on her…UN FUCKING BELIEVABLE! Ok, that’s a whole other story.

Before I know it Sarah and I are walking into his building and in the elevator. My memory of that walk from the train to his apartment door is fuzzy. I think I was just entranced in thoughts and my eyes were open but not really seeing. I was just going wherever my legs were taking me.

We knock on the door and ring the bell. Martin answers. Tall like me and always with a smile on his face. And why shouldn’t there be, right?! Jesus christ. If I had a cock like his, you couldn’t pay me enough not to smile all day long. Typical testosterone filled greetings of “Yo! What up?!” and Sarah’s cute little “Hi Martin”. He always wore Drakkar. I can’t remember for sure but I believe Sarah wore Hanae Mori. I remember the smell and it reminded me of cotton candy. Always made me want to eat her up for hours. Which I did on many occasions.

She and I brought a couple bottles of wine, the hell if I remember the brand. Oh wait! Maybe Bollo! That’s right. She loved that stuff. It was good. One red. One white. And Martin supplied some other party favors and vodka.

His apartment was on the 22nd floor and it overlooked the Hudson River facing the majestic Manhattan skyline. His big screen TV always had ESPN on and I always seemed to be introduced to a new furniture layout. This was the 1st time Sarah was at his place so she looked around a little bit. It was a 802SF side-by-side 1BR with dining area. By now the sun was in it’s final moments of setting and the sky was really pretty. Martin and I have a few meaningless words about who knows what and we both notice Sarah leaning over the HVAC for a closer look overlooking the river. What an irresistible big fat ass!

“You ready for this, man?” I inquire.

We both are kinda laughing trying to hold it in. I nudge him to go talk to her and I head to the kitchen to open up the wine and cut a few lines.

From the kitchen counter, I can’t really see the window where she was standing. I pop a bottle and do the honors. I poke my head around and see them next to each other. I can’t hear what they’re saying but her body language, with her body twisted towards his way and her hand on her hip, is screaming for him to touch her or at least notice that she wants him to at least that. He’s wearing loose fitting, navy blue designer jeans and a lightweight, long-sleeved, green sweater. He has dark shaggy hair. And just a real good looking guy in general. Neither one of us go to the gym at all but we’re still in shape…for the most part. He does smoke quite a bit but never seems to have the odor hang around in his house. Hardwood floors and the cross breeze helps.

I carry out the refreshments and make my way towards them to the couch and glass table. The clanking of the glass caught their attention and they turn for me to pass them each a glass of red. I make a flirtatious toast “Here’s to what’s to… cum“.

We all find a spot to squat around the table and a few cigarettes are lit and the intoxication commences. Conversation didn’t seem to be an issue. Sarah started right in with what happened to the girl that Martin was dating the 1st time they met and why Martin doesn’t have a girlfriend at the moment. The topics bounced around from work, to family, to sports, to celebrities and movies, to traveling etc. We were probably speed chatting for a good hour or so. By now we had moved on to the other bottle and Vodka found its way to the table. The TV ended up on mute and Jane’s Addiction was rockin from the speakers.

Now I don’t know if he realizes it, but Martin has a habit of fondling himself over his clothing, especially sweatpants. To me it’s normal. He always does it. But I don’t think Sarah has noticed anyone flop their cock around so much. I could tell Sarah was very relaxed. Perhaps from the buzz, but she was noticeably comfortable and almost the controller in the conversations and social activities to this point. She comes right out with it. “Why do you do that so much?” pointing to his point hand flicking his junk.

“Sarah, you don’t know what it’s like to have one.”
“Well, YOU don’t do that, Jason.”
“True. I guess I don’t know what it’s like to have one like his either.”
“Ohhh. Yeah, so Jason tells me you have a huge penis, like biggest he’s ever seen Martin. What do you think of that?”
“He’s an honest man.”
“Can I see it?”
“Why don’t you go see for yourself, Sarah?”

Sarah stands up. She wiggles her big plump butt to adjust her skirt and takes a few steps over to where Martin was sitting. I’m just looking at Martin and he’s looking back at my and we’re slightly nodding to each other as to indicate that’s “go time!” After all, this IS what we set the night up for. I’m sure Sarah was aching inside to get to the main event already.

Martin’s legs are spread wide and Sarah lowers to her knees in between them putting her hands on his thighs. Martin’s hands are on the armrests of the chair and I could see him peeking down her blouse. I’m seeing them from a profile view and her knees folded and ass hoisted out looked fucking amazing. I felt movement in my pants and I started to pat my cock around a bit.

Sarah comments on how nice he smells as her hands start sliding to his inner thighs. A grin starts to take shape on her mouth and she asks him why his hands touch himself so low down his leg. It seemed that right at that moment she discovered why and her eyes just bulged. “Oh! My! God! Are you serious?!” Holy shit!” She just cracks up for a quick second and then looks at me. She now sees that I’m totally rubbing myself over my jeans.

“Don’t stop, Sarah. Get back to business over there,” I tell her. She places both hands on his right thigh and like a blind person reading braille she runs her fingers up and down his long thigh.

“I told you, hun!”
“This is unreal! Oh my god.”
“Ask him if he’ll show it to you.”

She just looks up with her puppy dog eyes and as one hand holds his cigarette, his other hand starts to undo his belt. She joins right in to speed up the process but the way he’s sitting wasn’t conducive to slip of his jeans so he stands up. He places his cigarette on the ashtray atop the glass entertainment center.

I don’t think she or even he knew, but I was super anxious and turned on as well. The thought of her about to have such a wonderfully sized cock inches from her faces had me almost full erect.

She raised her body from a totally bent over and folded position to upright on her knees. I can see her biting her lip. God, I wanted to just bend her over right there and fuck her in the ass. So many erotic thoughts frolicked around in my filthy mind.

His belt buckle undone. And one by one, the buttons on his fly popped. His 6’3 stature looked so dominant hovering over her. Her heavy breathing pushed her breasts out a little more than usual. He asked her to undo the knot in her blouse.

“I’ll show you mine you show me yours.”

Before he finished that statement the knot was long undone and her white satin bra was cupping her smooth, firm & perky tits. With her help she lowers his jeans to his knees and then to his ankles. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing and judging by her gaping mouth neither could she.

I knew Martin wasn’t a briefs guy but the way his head popped out below the seams of boxers had me believe that nothing was going to contain this guy.

This time I was the one who commented with a “Holy shit, dude. That thing is absolutely ricockulous! Cheers, bro!” I had to drink to what I saw peaking out.

“Can I?” Sarah asks Martin as she places her freshly purple painted nails at his waist band indicating that she wants to lower them and see it in all its glory.

Just as Sarah starts to lower his boxers, Martin raises his arms to remove his sweater and my eyes are just locked in to her chore at hand. Pulling down his boxers from the top would offer a final moment when his cock would be completely hidden, but just for a second or two as her actions now reveal his supersized manhood from the top down. Inch by inch she takes her time to absorb the sight of his beyond impress limp dangler.

“Jason!” She calls out as she brings is boxers to meet his jeans.

“You’re doin’ fine, baby, don’t get shy on us now.”

She looks up at him with a simply dumfounded look on her face.

Martin lifts his flaccid cock up and even what’s flowing out of his hand would be more than most people are erect.

“Take it.” He demands

All that controlling confidence that Sarah once possessed all night had vanished. She was in a completely submissive state and in unchartered treacherous waters.

Deep down I knew she was still eager and anxious. Just a bit nervous.

She lifted up what was hanging out of his hand and he removed his grip allowing her to use both. Sarah’s hands never looked so small. Her fingertips barely made it around to her palm. Slowly pumping it and admiring it looking at it from different angles.

“How big do you think it is, hun?”

“I have no idea. It’s huge. God! It’s so… huge!”

“It’s almost 10 inches.” Martin blurts out.

“And just wait till he gets hard, babe. I bet you wished I was that big, huh?”

Sarah turned to me but didn’t say anything which made me laugh.

“That’s ok, sweety. If I was a chick I’d probably want one like that too.”

I found myself undressing and in a matter of seconds I too was completely naked. My 8″ cock raging with arousal.

“Suck it Sarah, get that fucker big and hard.”

I notice Martin is standing without a drink so I get up and being the accommodating guy I am(hell I brought my girl over) I mix him another Vodka cocktail.

“Dude, your dick is retarded! That ain’t normal man!”

I’m just cracking up standing next to him as Sarah has suddenly filled her mouth.

“mmm yeah, baby, suck that cock. Suck that huge fucking cock.”

With her head bobbing and fists pumping, his hardening growth is evident.

As it got to that point where it held up on its own she put her hand in his upper thigh. I quickly took the liberty to move that hand to my cock and she obliged by generously jerking my happy hard on.

Both of us, well over 6′ tall and fully erect staring down at Sarah.

“Did you tell her that I’m gonna fuck her till she’s handicapped?”

“Did you hear that Sarah? I think you’re in a bit of a mess here.”

She just continued sucking. That pretty much told us that she was up for anything.

Sarah released her jaw. She had him fully erect at this point. She was salivating and admiring in awe. She looked up at me and gave me a sweet smile and provided a bit of lip service on me almost as to say “thank you for making this happen”. Her hot mouth sucking up half my cock but also with her head turned toward his enormous cock she was jerking off in her left hand. She couldn’t take her eyes off it and I didn’t blame her one bit. It was quite a sight. I LOVED that she was so into it. I couldn’t wait to see her take that monster.

This scene carries on for a few minutes. I’m sure to tell her how hot she looks and how good she feels sucking me off and Martin does the same. She goes back and forth a few times, inhaling our throbbing power tools.

I turn to Martin and tell him to go behind her and take off her bra. With glass in hand he steps away from us. The look on Sarah’s face said a thousand words. Her eyes widened and looked up seemingly upset that he would no longer be in her presence. But before she could say anything he was on the back side of her. I took a final swig from is glass and placed it on the table and proceeded to go down to Sarah’s level.

As much as I loved watching Sarah give me a delightful blow job, I couldn’t help but be distracted from his world class cock. I’m estimating in my head. 12″ maybe 13″? God, what is it like to have such a big cock? I mean, I’m no slouch, but next to this beast, I feel very average at best. Our thickness is very similar tho. I’m 6″ around, 2″ wide and and I’d say he was 6.5″ at most in girth.

Now on his knees, and his cock extending from behind her back to well past her stomach, and like a magnetic force her hand latched right back on to it and pick up here she left off tugging with long moderate strokes. He places her hair on the opposite shoulder and rubs her bare shoulders. I’m guessing she got goosebumps all over her body from this as she was urged to turn and kiss him. Being the decent guy Martin is, he looked at me unsure if he should kiss back. I gave him my absolute and immediate approval. With their tongues locking, he lowers his hands and unsnaps her bra. It falls loose but still on her. His hands then caress their way down her back and to her tight round ass. And just as her bra was falling down, her skirt was hiking up.

I find myself sitting in the chair that Martin had got up from and I offer a request.

“Martin, put your cock between her legs and let her jerk you off like it’s her dick.”

Sarah looked at me but she can’t say anything and she knows it. This is a time where anything goes and I can’t be bitched at for being the slightest bit crude, crass or perverted. I had full on pass to fantasy land however I saw fit.

Her little mini now above her sexy hips exposing her white lace panties. Soaking wet, white lace panties. Martin aims and slides his cock from behind her right passed her asshole, between her thighs and presses his body against hers. This looked so hot. Sarah played her part very well and started to jerk off like it belonged to her. Her pace was faster than she was doing it before. It was also evident that she was pressing her hot N horny pussy against his raging erection. She was totally into it. I wish she could see herself. But there was no mirror and there wasn’t a camera around either. But at least for me, the images from this night are completely tattooed in my mind forever.

From the motions of her jerking off and her pussy in wild frenzy, her body was jiggling. Her bra had slid it’s way down her arm and she kept moving her panties off her slit so she could feel the heat of his hard meat stick. My next reaction to all this was to stand up and stick my cock back in her face. She properly responded and sucked up my thick cock. From my point of view she looked so hot. It totally looked like that massive dick was hers.

Now I’m not into my women wearing strap-ons when no one else is around. I’m not looking to take it up the ass. But something about a girl with a huge cock that is her own is a major turn on.

“Sarah, you have such a big cock. I can’t believe how much bigger you are than me.”

She plays along with perfection.

“Mmm. You like my big hard cock, don’t you, Jason? You only wish you were as big as me.”

“I do baby, I love your beautiful face. I love your juicy tits. I love your perfect ass. And I absolutely love your magnificent cock. You’re the perfect woman, Sarah.”

I lean in to kiss her. She grabs the back on my head and pulls me in and kisses my so hard and passionately. She pulls back. “I love you so much”, she says. “You love me, right?”

“Of course I do, honey.”

“Good, then suck my giant cock.”

Uhmmm. I wasn’t sure exactly what to do. Martin and I never really talked about this.

“Suck it!” she repeats while pretending to show off her many inches of her newly acquired penis.

Without saying a word my eyes alone shift up and look at Martin. He gives me an “positive shrug with a single head nod”. He seemed to be okay with it. Fuck it. I was messed up just enough and we were all in it together.

“I’m waiting…” She chimes

I lean in further to kiss her neck and shoulder. Slowly leading my mouth down her body. Her tits are next. She takes hold of my hand and places it on her big, blood filled boner.

“Oh my god, Sarah, you feel so good.”

Sucking her nipples and looking down a few inches to see my hand fondling this cock that had been a mystery for all these years. My hand was in no rush to let go of it. My god it was was so long. Reaching down as far as I could I feel her juices have completely coated the hidden part of his shaft. I look to see how wet my fingers are and give them a lick. And with her swollen head right by mouth I extend my tongue and flick it a little making it bounce. It’s just the cock and me now. Sarah’s hands had reached around to Martin’s ass. Doing this extended her body. Her breasts heaving out and her ass was pressed firmly into his lower torso. Her head tilted back and his big strong hands rubbed her quivering body.

I’ve never sucked a cock before. But calling this thing a cock is an insult. This thing was a piece of art. I guess it’s only fitting that “art” should be right there in his name, mARTin.

I could feel Martin start to thrust. All the while he was pretty much letting her do all the moving but I think he was getting anxious to take control.

Our 6 hands were everywhere. My hands jerking the circus cock and reaching to his heavy balls. Sarah’s hands rubbing Martin, touching herself, brushing my hair, helping me stroke it. Martin’s hands holding her hips and grinding more pressure against her, would be, aching clit. I think everyone could sense 4th gear approaching.

Sarah’s little delightful moans had become louder and more animalistic. I knew exactly what she was aching for. That hungry little pussy already ate half our apartment! She had definitely earned herself enough practice hours and was as prepared as she was gonna get for Martin’s 3rd leg.

Before my jaw starts to hurt and I really start to like this too much, I stand up and just take in this wonderfully sensual site. Sarah’s clothes were all disheveled. Her panties were drenched, her bra twisted around, her skirt all bunched up, but her heels still buckled on. I went ahead and removed a couple of those articles. Lifting her bar over her arms and sliding up her skirt off her body as well. I rewarded sara with a Vodka/cranberry which she took a couple good gulps of.

With an aggressive expression on my face, I silently mouth the words “fuck her” to Martin. And again “fuck the shit out of her”.

As soon as she put down the glass, Martin takes hold her ass and thighs and forcefully lifts her up. I think she was taken aback but immediately adjusted to his physical demands. With her upper back leaning against his chest and her ass and thighs hoisted up, she again reached behind his back to help balance herself. Her knees folded and her feet dangling. His cock, now as hard as I’ve ever see it, pointing straight up, and with the help of roughly a 25 degree bend where most guys end, his head aimed right for that eager beaver.

I took a fast chug of wine and sat my ass down to enjoy this show. My cock was so hard it was hurting. I couldn’t let it rest though. I was as turned on as I’ve ever been. I’ve known a couple girls who each had 13″ boyfriends and handled them with a smile. Was Sarah about to join those capable ranks?

With each of his hands holding a butt cheek, he whispered to her to grab his cock on lead it to her opening. I recognized the anticipation of her face, I could see the excitement, the fear, the little girl in her, the wild woman…and with a slight release in his cradling, Sarah’s pussy was served with a good 7-8 inches in one shot. She let out a yelp and I’m not sure whose eye popped out more, mine or hers. Fuck, that was sexy. I’ve never seen a girl in this position up close. I’ve never seen a lot of what I’m seeing tonight up close and personal.

Her arms were flexing as a result of the cock shock and kept that way to hold on for the unfamiliar ride. Even with her body in a completely submissive position she still found a way for her pelvic to thrust. I think it’s like a reflex with chicks :: Big cock inside, must thrust pussy ::

He started to cradle her up and down. There was no way I could do this with her without constantly popping. It just wouldn’t work. This is definitely a position better suited for an overgrown willy. Sarah didn’t seem encounter any issues with his extreme length. At the same token, he wasn’t able to work the entire thing in from that angle either. At least a few inches were restricted.

The back of her thighs looked so hot spread wide for her prize. Her vertical lips were yummy and smooth from a very recent waxing. The entire inner area of her lower torso was glistening from her leaking pussy allowing his giraffe neck of a cock to slide through her slippery butt cheeks. And with each insertion came either more yelps of pleasure, a “Yes”, an “Oh my god”, and everyone’s favorite, “Fuck me…Fuck me!…Oh my god fuck me harder!”

By this time I had cum all over myself. I couldn’t believe I actually held out as long as I did for the 1st time. And being as turned on as I was I’m also not surprised that my cock pretty much stayed hard for more abuse. This gives “getting your palm read” a whole new meaning. It takes special occasions for my cock to feel like it’s busting out of the skin. You guys know what I’m talkin about. Sometimes you can cum when it’s 3/4 hard. This was NOT one of those times. I was as hard as I could possibly be.

I found myself staring at Martin’s big fat sack as it was swaying back and forth. He wasn’t that hairy but he also didn’t shave. I don’t think it took more than few minutes before he got a bit exhausted from fucking her like this. He carried her over the the side of the couch and laid her face down over the armrest. His mammoth cock still crammed inside of her.

At this point I think I was way too horny to be jealous or angry at him for ruining my girlfriend’s pussy for my small cock. But I would be lying if I said I wouldn’t love to know what it would be like to be packin’ heat of such dimensions. I would love to be able to treat my woman to such pleasure.

Finally, he had full access to her deep and pretty pussy. Cupping her ass and spreading her buns a bit for perfect access. And off he goes. Picking up where he left off. Long thrusts, deeper and deeper he went but still holding back. His body has yet to make full contact with hers. I think he might be “trained”, if you will, not to go completely in. I’m willing to bet that 9 out of 10 girls would have issues with taking just 2/3’s of his size. Sarah loved it though. Her arms never reached behind her for that indication to not to go so far in. It looked like she wanted it all and from the upbeat momentum of his body, she was gonna get it soon enough.

Sarah builds up her sucking and stroking to an almost violent attack of his piece. This girl is simply owning it! Her vocal expressions are getting so loud you would think she’s already getting filled to the max.

Surprisingly Sarah interrupted this entire event. “Hold on, how about you stand next to Martin. I’m just curious to see the size difference.” It’s not like Sarah to humiliate me, but I think she was turned on by this so I went to go stand next to Martin’s monster cock.

“Wow! Oh my god, babe! I’m sorry but Martin is just so much bigger than you it’s pretty funny. She grabbed both our cocks and was doing some mental measurements to compare them. Her fingertips weren’t touching when gripping Martin’s fat cock, but hers were overlapping on my thin dick.

If that wasn’t humiliating enough then she held up her forearm to both of ours to highlight how Martin was close to the size of her forearm while I was closer to just her hand. She was really rubbing it in now, but I was still horny.

In a somewhat shortness of breath she blurts out, “Ok…I’m ready.” She leaps up and stands over him. Her entire crotch area is drenched and she feels her crying pussy with both hands and tries to get a good look at herself.

Martin has a few words of his own supplying her with positive feedback on how good she tastes and how professional she handles him. The fire in both of their eyes was raging. He wanted in her immediately and she wanted to pounce on it without any further delays. Martin lifts his 1st class cock straight up in the air. Fuck’n hell, I think Boeing named the Dreamliner 787 after him. Check it out…he’s got both hands wrapped around his rod. One above the base the other below the head with STILL plenty of room between the grips.

I would’ve loved to see Sarah put her heals back on for this but I kept my mouth shut and let her board his massive craft. She stood flush over him fingering herself, spreading open her flexible, fervent, flooded, fuck hole. Keeping herself wide open she started to drop. And then, almost like in a position of how she would sit in a small chair, she made first contact with his top inch. She gave a little wiggle and took her hand away. My head tilts to and I lean forward a bit to watch her magical muffin perform her latest trick. All I can think of is when I used a whiffle ball bat on her and how much of that she took without flinching. I had confidence in my sweet baby.

With Martin still holding himself and helping her guide it in, she keeps her big ass in that hot and heavenly hoisted position and works his big bloated head in slowly. Her pussy dancing with her new penis partner…pumping up and down…gyrating all around… circling the very vertex of his superbly flexed steel fuck stick.

God Damn! Pam and Tommy have nothing on these two. Sarah’s plump bottom dropped and claimed a few more inches. Her head resembled a bobble head. Her neck swaying and her eyes barely closed. Her hands on her knees, distributing her weight and securing her balancing. Martin sets his cock free and gives Sarah 100% ownership of it. Apparently Christmas came early for her! Hell, this was Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Thanksgiving and the 4th of July all compressed into 8 hours of an innocent Friday night.

Sarah’s noises picked up where she left off showing no reservations in the volume of her expressions. The neighbors would have no problem guessing what is going on. But who would have the guts or the right mind to knock on the door and to interrupt a girl experiencing such pleasure?

With each deeper thrust came an increased tempo of panting. Oh Christ, I’m about to blow another load and can’t hold back.

I scramble up holding in my explosion just for just a quick second…and rush around to Sarah’s face. My jerking races. “Oh my god…oh my god, Sarah! Oh baby!” She surprises me and grabs my cock and shoves it in her mouth. At the moment I feel my cock bend down as a result of her body falling even further.

“Holy shit, that feels so good.” No longer with her hands on her knees, her eyes nearly fall out of her head and her big butt cheeks make complete contact with Martin’s thighs. My orgasm doesn’t seem to end. My cock head is tingling and cum is still pouring out a bit.

“Ohhhh shhhhit. Sarah, you are sooo fucking amazing.” I give her a huge wet kiss. My fingers slip on her cum painted cheek. I feel her insides trembling as her ass presses harder, rotating on the thickest part of his cock. Jesus Christ, can this girl ever be satisfied?

“Fuck him deep, baby. Fuck him for me. Fuck him for you. Fuck him for the fuck of it. Just keep fuckin.”

She was now grunting. He, too, began grunting and expressing extreme pleasure. All that pressure on him must have done it. I wasn’t expecting it but he suddenly turned his body, and in one big motion threw her to the side. “I’m gonna cum.” as he pulls out, gets to his knees, rolls her on her back and finally hand fucks his huge dong.

Fingering herself with almost her entire hand. “Give it to me!” She demands.

With his head thrown back he lets out a manly roar. And like a water pistol, a full stream of cum shoots out and flies over her head and hits the back of the love seat. Secondary sprays splash all over her face, and the next several bursts find her tits and tummy. One of his hands pump hard at his base, the other one about 7 inches away on his rim. Gobs of of his gooey white cum flew out and mixed with the heavy seeds I left on her. Her free hand took the liberty to swirl around our warm cum on her sultry body.

His hose finally turned off. But before he let it get soft he lifted up both of her legs and in one shot drove all 12″ right in her balls deep. I was like, “DAMN!” Shit. I didn’t see that one comin! And I can totally tell that put her on the verge of a seriously intense orgasm, so I maneuver around to her head and sit on my ass with my legs making a V around her shoulders and dangle my cock on her forehead. And just like that…and just as I expected, the words “I’m cumming!” came screaming out of her throat. Martin did his diligence and provided her with the longest human thrusts she’d ever experience. Her pussy released a pool of juices and her body went into orgasmic convulsions. My cock stirred the cum the was pasted on her face. Her noises were indescribable. But mixed in between the inaudible were the: “It’s so fucking big!”, “oh my god oh my god oh my god” and of course everyone’s favorite, “fuck me!”, over and over and over. And Martin certainly did that and then some. He stretched her out more than I could ever dream of doing myself and gave her the most intense pleasure she admits to ever having. It’s definitely one of my top 3 experiences.

The rest of the evening consisted of all of us getting fucked up and then occasional blow job, finger fuck, clit flick…you know, the usual. We were constantly touching ourselves. Sarah was the only one that put on clothes. If you call “panties” and an unbuttoned button-down shirt clothes. Sarah always seems to get chilly. What a pussy.

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