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Getting into Adultwork

The first time I heard about this site was from a member called David (fuck knows if that’s his real name). I used to work for a premium rate chat line and he used to be one of my many regulars. Unable to shock him the way he needed to be because of the provider’s guidelines, he told me that perhaps if I looked at Adultwork site then I would see why he is more comfortable there.

I often wondered if anyone or anything could satisfy his twisted, warped and depraved fantasies and I guess I will never know because he has vanished from the radar.

He would tell me that once a month he would make the journey up to Manchester where he would meet up with his two favorite escorts. Now he had to give them notice because he required a ”special cocktail blend” from them.

This cocktail would be the contents of the condoms that they used with each and every client they saw. The girls would have to empty the spunk into an airtight container and keep it until he came to see them.

By this time the spunk would be RANCID and that’s exactly how David loved it. He told me that the girls would don gloves, strip him off and apply the RANK MAN-MUCK all over his body, the remainder they would use to SPOON FEED him.

You see David is very eccentric with his oddity. He likes to be treated as a human waste chamber hence the two girls would ensure that their bladders were filled with lots of liquid and their bowels would be just as full (preferably with the hottest curry-MADRAS).

After he’d swallowed the RANCID spunk he would then lie back and have them empty their bowels into his mouth and all over his body. They would then rub it into his chest and use it to wank off his amply sized cock. When he shot his LOVE JUICE they then give him a warm golden shower from their HORNY WET CUNTS.

Disgusting, dirty, shockable you would think? No, I’m not shocked. David is a tiny minority of the thousands of depraved BASTARDS that I’ve encountered on this site. You wana know something, I fucking love it!

Each guy has something different that he would like to explore, endure or roleplay. And as usual this DIRTY BLACK FUCK SLUT will be more than happy to oblige.

I am on the hunt for a real life CUCKOLD SLAVE. I have had several emails in my personal email box regarding this. I would relish the thought of absolutely feminising and dominating A WHITE SISSY MAN. He WILL be OWNED by me. I WILL be his MISTRESS, he will have to WORSHIP ME and whoever I bestow upon him.

As I am typing this last paragraph, I can’t help but to touch between my legs because I can feel the damp in my panties. I must now go and fuck myself extensively with my big 9″ RUBBER COCK. I would love to do it whilst I am typing, but I can’t afford to ruin my computer keyboard with pussy juice.

I’ll tell you all about my orgasm in my next erotica…

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