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Fucked like Never before Part 1

It was hot outside, and my mocha colored skin was covered in sweat. I was sitting outside trying to stay cool, when I noticed a moving truck across the street. “Someone is moving into the Robinson house, ” I said to myself. As I was about to go inside, I saw this beautiful man outside. He appeared to be Italian, and he was fine. Had the golden color skin, like the girls at my job pay to have. He wore his jeans fitted so they hugged his ass so right. His muscle shirt coved his 12 pack abs, and all I could envision was me sitting on his cock, riding it, cuming all over it. I bit my lip, and just stared at him, as he moved into his house.

Before I got myself into trouble, I got up and walked back into my house. Scared that I might just act on my little fantasy I went and turned on the shower. ” A cold shower is just what I need.” I said to myself as I stepped in. The water ran over my 36DD chest and I felt so good. I started rubbing my nipples, fantasizing that it was the beautiful man across the street touching them. As my pussy started to heat up and drip, I ran my hands down my flat stomach, and proceeded to rub my pussy into a frantic state. Trying to cum, imagining that this man had me bent over his dinner table fucking me hard from the back. Driving his hard dick into my tight wet black pussy. Making me explode all over my hand. Just as I had a chance to catch my breath. The bell rang.

Looking as if I was just fucked senseless, I decided to put on my robe and go see who could be ringing my bell. “Hello” I yelled as I tried to see who it was through the peephole. “Hi, my name is Antonio, I just moved across the street. I saw that you was outside earlier, and I would just like to introduce myself.” Shit! I thought to myself. Too late to put on clothes, I looked in the mirror by my front door, slightly let the towel fall off my shoulder a little. Threw my long locks over my shoulder and opened the door.

When I tell you that this man was fine, believe me. He was, and like everyone who I know I did the dick check. Gotta make sure the whole package was there, nothing is worse than lusting after a man who has nothing to give you. “Hi, my name is Angela. Welcome to the neighborhood.” I looked him in his eyes, giving him the sign to know that I wanted him, and I wanted him soon.

He smiled and said “I didn’t know you were busy. I will come back another time. I just wanted to say hello.” Unable to control my lust any longer. Knowing I had to have his white cock in me. I did something that even for me was a risk. I opened the door, opened my towel, and said “mmmmm, do I look like you were disturbing me. Maybe you can help me with a little problem I am having.” I grabbed his hand and lead him straight to my bedroom. (To be continued)

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