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From a Penis Growing Tribe to Toronto – Tribal Matt’s Adventure

Story by BlankZane, edited by me.

This story is about a guy named Matthew Mills. His parents were international aid workers for the UN and brought Matt along with them on many aid missions. When Matt was eight years old he and his family went on an aid mission to Uganda (an African country). During this mission their vehicle was ambushed in the wilderness by an extremist militant group. Matt’s father managed to keep the attackers occupied to let Matt and his mother escape. One attacker saw them fleeing and shot his mother. Matt was able to escape into the bushes of the wild.

He wandered the country for days without any food or water and didn’t see a single human soul. He got weaker and weaker until finally he found a village of a primitive tribe. Walking slowly and dazed by dehydration, Matt came to the centre of the settlement and collapsed. He awoke the next day on a bed of long grass inside one of the crudely fashioned huts of the tribe. He didn’t know it, but this tribe was known as the Karamojong of Northeastern Uganda.

The tribe was unique for many reasons, one being that once a child reaches puberty in the tribe, they hang a stone weight from their penis to grow it. Eventually, they increase the weights until there is up to 20 lbs of stone hanging from their phalluses. Once puberty is done the man would take off his stones and the bigger the penis, the more respect and power they would have in the tribe. Some men grew to an astonishing 18 inches from the long years of constantly hanging weights.

Matt was adopted into the tribe and nursed back to health. He was the only white boy in the tribe, but eventually was able to call it home. He learned their language and culture and just like ever other child in the tribe, when he reached puberty, he hung weights. By the time he was eighteen years old, his penis was nearly hanging as low as his knee cap.

There was one difference between Matt and the rest of the young men that he just couldn’t get over; the fact that he is white. Though he was accepted to the tribe, he felt he didn’t belong. Because he was eighteen, a young adult in the tribe, the elders decided that if he wanted, he could venture to the closest village and try to meet other white people and find a way home.

Matt went through the removal of the stones ceremony and the next day ventured to the closest village. There he met a white bearded man, an aid worker like his parents. Though Matt had the vocabulary of an eight year old, he was able to explain what happened to him and his family and ask for help. The man quickly got on the satellite phone and called the UN, to find that Matt had relatives in Toronto Canada.

He waited with the bearded man (who’s name was Steve Edwards) a few days until his mission was done and drove with him to the nearest airport a few days later. Now at the airport, waiting at the terminal Matt’s story starts…

“Matt, are you excited to see your Aunt Irene?” Mr. Edwards, the bearded man asked. He had a look of genuine interest in his face. He was amazed at how a boy could survive for ten years in the wild of Africa.

“Yes sir, very,” Matt responded nervously. He really didn’t know what to expect and hoped he wouldn’t regret his decision of leaving the tribe.

“I am sure she will be very excited to see you!” Mr. E said only to receive a brief half smile response from Matt. “Matthew, don’t worry, I am sure everything will be ok, I know your tribe will be fine without you and you will be far better off with your family who misses you.”

“Yes sir,” Matt responded. He looked up at the clock and frowned as he saw that he had another 50 minutes to wait for the plane.

“I don’t think I have asked this yet, but what tribe were you living with again?” Mr. E asked trying to invoke a conversation.

“The Karamojong,” Matt responded. Mr. Edwards eyes widened.

“You mean, the tribe that hangs stones from their penises?” he asked.

“Yes, to gain respect and honour,” Matt replied.

Oh no, Mr. Edwards thought to himself. This boy, though he is eighteen, has the mental development of an eight year old. He truly won’t understand the ramifications of having such a large penis at this age in the modern society of Toronto.

“Matthew let me ask you a personal question. Did your parents ever teach you about sex… you know the birds and the bees?” Mr. E asked.

“Yes sir, I know what sex is,” Matt replied. “To us Karamojong, sex is sacred, and only performed after one has become a man, found a wife and removed his stones.”

“Did you find a wife?” Mr. E asked intriguingly.

“No sir, the day after I took off my stones I came and found you. None of the women of the tribe would have wanted to be with me anyway… I was the only white person,” Matt replied. “I have to use the washroom,” he asked Mr. E.

“Go ahead, its right straight ahead, you can’t miss it,” Mr. E replied. Matt briskly walked to the bathroom and came to a urinal. He hadn’t used one since before he was eight, and when he pulled his entire length of soft penis out he had to stand a far distance back from the urinal so his penis didn’t hit the inside of it.

“GOD DAMN MAN!” a man a few urinals away said to him; looking at his huge appendage sticking far from him.

“What?” said Matt turning to the man. He immediately noticed how small the man was. Matt was just as astonished to see the other man’s penis as the man was to see his. The man across the bathroom could hold it with one hand and cover his penis almost entirely, where Matt had to use two hands. One hand behind the head to aim his stream of urine and one hand in the middle of the shaft to keep it from drooping and sagging.

“You are a freak man!” the man said as he zipped up. And walked quickly to the sink and briefly wash his hands.

“No, you are,” Matt said as the man left.

After seeing the man wash his hands, Matt decided he should too. As he approached the sink he noticed the mirror. He hesitantly moved in front of it, to see himself for the first time in years. He had seen himself in his reflection at the watering hole, but its quality was nothing like a mirror. He immediately noticed that he had somewhat of a beard himself, nothing like Mr. Edwards, but it was a noticeable peachy fuzz beard. He long straight blond hair, blue eyes and had a toned but very skinny frame. The clothes he got from Mr. Edwards were far too big, but it helped to conceal his bulge. He was about 5′ 9″ and he liked the way he looked. He finished washing his hands and sat back down beside Mr. Edwards.

“Mr. Edwards… a man in the bathroom acted very strange towards me, he was amazed to see my penis. When I saw his, I noticed it was very small, am I a freak? or is he?” Matt managed to ask embarrassed.

“Umm while you see Matt, your tribe is very unique, and umm well, your tribe and a very select few others around the world are the only tribes to hang the stones like you did. In fact, I don’t think you will ever meet someone else where you are going that compares to your size. Don’t think of yourself as a freak, you are just very special. The only reason anyone will call you a freak is because they are jealous of you, don’t let it bother you. If you don’t like the attention you get, if you want, we can try to find you some underwear that will hide your penis from people seeing it. We will have to wait until we get to Canada though, our flight leaves in 5 minutes,” Mr. Edwards said.

“TERMINAL 7 READY FOR BOARDING” the speaker box above us said.

The plane ride was pretty uneventful. Matt had ridden on countless planes when he was young so he found no trouble this time. When the plane landed and Matt and Mr. Edwards walked into the terminal to see two women holding a sign.

“Welcome home Matthew!” the sign read. The two ladies obviously didn’t know what to expect, since they hadn’t seen Matt for ten years. One lady was obviously older than the other. She looked to be late thirties, light brown medium length hair, thick framed glasses, a petite frame and looked like a typical bookworm. The other lady looked about Matt’s age, highlighted blonde hair, about 5’5″, maybe 115 lbs, brilliantly blue eyes, nice toned slender frame, a full and perky C cup and very nice legs and ass. She was so shockingly beautiful that Matt just starred in amazement. He felt as though he was looking upon a goddess. She smiled as she saw him approach.

“Are you Mr. Edwards?” the older women said to Mr. E.

“Yes, I am. And this strapping young man here is Matthew Mills, your nephew,” he replied. She looked over to Matt and smiled. As she looked at him, her eyes couldn’t help but notice his massive member running down the leg of his pants. She noticed she was staring and quickly jolted her head up.

“Hi Matt, remember me? Aunt Irene?” she asked hesitatingly, expecting him to forget his own aunt.

“Of course I remember you!” Matt said as he gave her a bear hug.

“Remember your cousin Sara?” She said, moving aside so Matt could see her fully.

“This is Sara?!” Matt thought. He remembered Sara from when they were children; they were best friends right before he left to Uganda with his parents. She was not actually related to Matt; she was adopted since Irene couldn’t have kids. Sara too looked at Matt and immediately noticed his huge penis hanging down his pant leg.

“Sara!” Matt said as he grabbed her and pulled her close for a tight hug. She immediately smiled a huge grin and hugged him back just as hard. He could feel her huge tits pressing against his chest and he liked it.

“Matt I missed you so much!” Sara said excitedly. They all walked down the terminal together and when they got outside Mr. E had a cab waiting for him.

“Matt I will call you sometime this week so we can talk, I am staying just across town. See yeah later,” he said as he closed the door.

“Come on Matt I can’t wait to show you where we live now!” Sara said.

Irene drove them in her minivan for about a ten minute ride and finally they came to a small little bungalow. It looked old and run down but it was likely all they could afford. They all got out of the van and went into the house. Inside, it was clean, but small.

“Well Matt, there are only two bedrooms, so I guess you can have the basement,” Aunt Irene told him. “There is a bed and anything else you will need down there,” she added. She looked down at her watch, “Shit! I am going to be late, Sara can you come here for a minute?” Sara walked over to Irene. “I am sorry I have to work the night shift tonight, take care of Matt, you two probably have a lot to talk about. Get to bed at a good time.”

“Okay mom, see yeah,” Sara said as Irene walked out the door. “Well, its getting late and these jeans are killing me! I will be right back, I just need to get into something more comfortable,” Sara explained as she left the room.

Matt looked around the house at all the old pictures of his family from different family reunions and he noticed a good four or five of them didn’t have his mom, dad or himself in them.

“I’m back…” Matt’s jaw dropped. There she was, the beautiful angel of a cousin of his standing there in a pair of very small short shorts, the kind where the bottom of the ass hangs out, and a tight white tank top. The tank top was pretty much see through and she wasn’t wearing a bra. He could see the outline of her nipples and he could feel his cock start to harden. Embarrassed he sat down on the couch.

“Sorry, I just had to get comfortable. So anyway… how do you like Toronto so far?” She asked grinning from ear to ear.

“Well, I am glad to see you! and umm speaking of comfort, do you have anything I could wear that’s more comfortable than these Jeans?” Matt asked.

“Umm, well what did you wear in Uganda? maybe I could find something like that.” She replied.

Matt scratched his head hesitant to respond. “Well, I didn’t wear anything in Uganda… to be honest,” he said and then blushed.

“Well, if you don’t want to wear clothes I don’t mind, I don’t really like clothes either,” she said smiling. Ever since she saw a glimpse of his penis in his pant leg she wanted to see if it was really true. She had planned this all along.

“I don’t know… I am nervous… are you sure you wont laugh at me?” Matt responded hesitantly.

“Yes of course!” Sara said excited.

Matt removed his shirt and slowly removed his pants, revealing his penis which hung down to almost his knee cap.

Sara’s eyes shot open and her mouth dropped. She was completely spellbound by Matt’s massive cock.

“Wow! that’s amazing!” she said, staring at his dick, “I mean oh my God! How big is that thing? It’s sooo massive!” She obviously loved to see Matt’s penis, he didn’t really understand why. “Let me measure it! I will be right back!” Sara said as she ran to the kitchen to get a measuring tape.

“Okay, lets see,” She said as she placed the ‘0’ side of the tape at the base of his dick and let the tape fall to the floor. “Oh my God! Matt! It’s fuckin’ 13 inches long! Oh my God!” There was a wide and excited smile on her face. It was an even bigger smile than when she greeted Matt at the airport.

“Is that good?” Matt asked unsure, even though her response was obvious.

“YES! Average is only like 6 inches or something, you are more than double!” Sara was now very close to him and kept giving glances at the manhood while talking. “If I can make it hard can I see how big it gets?”

“Uhh, sure, I guess?” Matt had never been in any situation like this before, he was very confused.

Sara smiled as she walked over to the stereo system and put on some upbeat music. She then started to move her body to the music magically while feeling her breasts over her shirt with no bra on. She made her body sway and move smoothly like a snake while she continued to squeeze and rub her breasts together. Matt could feel tingly feeling in his dick and felt it start to get harder. Sara then rotated so her back was to Matt and bent low, showing her amazing bubble ass and humped at the air. She rotated back again to her original spot, dancing majestically. She stared back and forth between Matt and his huge cock and slowly began to raise her shirt. She stared right into Matt’s eyes, bit her lip a little and removed her shirt completely.

Now standing topless she continued to sway to the beat of the music. Still biting her lip she began squeezing her amazing C cup breasts and pulling on the nipples every once and awhile.

Matt was completely spell bound, he had no idea what was going on, but he could definitely feel himself getting more and more turned on. He found himself breathing heavier and mesmerized by her movements.

Sara then proceeded to rub her breasts with one hand and put the other down her shorts. She started to make these faces of pure pleasure as she closed her eyes and moaned softly. She shimmied closer to Matt, keeping her hand down her shorts. She grabbed Matt’s hand and placed it on her breast and squeezed it tight. Her moaning intensified and Matt couldn’t help but rub and squeeze. He loved the feeling of her warm soft breast in his hand. She then moved away out of his reach and smiled as she slowly lowered her shorts revealing her perfectly shaven light pink pussy.

“Do you like my body?” Sara teased, while rubbing her pussy and tits simultaneously.

“Very much Sara!” Matt responded.

“Then how come it isn’t fully hard yet?” Sara pouted.

“I don’t know, its almost there, keep going!”

Sara then, while swaying to the music, pushed Matt back into the couch, turned to face the other way and started to grind her ass and pussy against Matt’s legs. She continued to moan and kept her thrusts over his legs to the beat of the music. Then she got off, turned around and grabbed Matt’s cock.

“Almost there!” she said as she brought the head close to her pussy. She then started rubbing the head against her pussy. Matt could feel the warmth and wetness radiating off of her pussy as it dripped its sweat warm juices all over his penis head. She began moaning loudly as she quickened the rubbing.

“Is… oh… oh… it… ahhhh… hard?” She managed to get out.

“Oh yeah!” Matt replied.

“I want it in me Matt! I want you!” Sara moaned as she continued to massage Matt’s cock head on her pussy.

“I’m, errr… a virgin Sara… are you?” He was new with all of this.

“No, I have done it twice before. They were barely half as big as yours though… Even though your nearly as big as my wrist it’ll fit. Trust me.” It almost sounded like she was trying to convince herself that.

“Okay, I guess. I want to try,” Matt responded.

Sara grabbed Matt’s shaft and had to stand up in order to lower herself down on him properly. She slowly and carefully lowered herself down, inch by inch. Already the girth stretched her tight lips causing her to groan. She was so wet though she didn’t have much trouble taking the fat head.

Sara had to pause for a moment though at the intense pleasure mixed with pain. Even though she wanted it badly, her cousin’s extreme length could most likely kill her or at least put her in the hospital. She had to be very careful. Quickly though that thought was put out her mind as the dick explored deeper and deeper.

“Ohhh, you are spoiling me with this cock, Matty!” Sara cooed as her tits began to wobble with each thrust. She shocked herself how quickly her pussy was gobbling up this monster and she was expecting more resistance. “I’m such a whore,” the horny girl thought to herself but she only found it turned her on more.

Matt was enjoying every second. He didn’t know that his cousin was taking a lot of his appendage and managing well. He could clearly tell she was enjoying herself, almost a little too much! He’d never seen her or any woman this happy or in a state like this. Nice guy Matt felt happy he could provide that feeling of happiness.

“It’s sooo big! Oh my God!” She screamed as she got about 9 inches into her. “I can’t go any deeper Matt,” she said as she started to thrust up and down on the top 9 inches of Matt’s massive 13 inch cock. He was amazed at how tight, warm and slippery she felt. He had never felt anything like it and enjoyed it a lot.

Sara quickened her thrusts fastly frantically flying up and down on Matt’s massive cock.

“OH YEAHHHH! MMMM!” She screamed as her pussy tightened on his cock. Matt could feel her squeezing for a few seconds, then she would stop, only to squeeze again for a few seconds. The whole time screaming at the top of her lungs and moaning as she had orgasm after orgasm.

She must have had 10 massive orgasms until suddenly she collapsed motionless. Matt picked her off of him and lay her down on the couch.

“Sara? Sara? Are you okay?” He got no response. “Sara!” he shouted, yet again with no response. “Oh God! I have killed her!” Matt thought. He got up and paced around the room, thinking of what he should do.

“What? Matt?” Sara said with a whisper as she awoke from her unconscious state. “God you are amazing,” She managed to whisper before she fell back asleep.

Matt was relieved and decided to dress her and bring her to her bed so Aunt Irene doesn’t think anything when she comes home in the morning. Matt then proceeded to the basement where he lay down for bed. Was that sex? Matt thought. Whatever it was, I want some more! he thought as he fell asleep.

Matt awoke the next morning at around 9 o’clock. Had hadn’t had a real shower since he was eight, so he decided that now is as good a time as any to have one. He walked up the old creaky basement steps and down the hallway. He stopped for a moment at Sara’s room to look at her a few moments while she slept. She is so beautiful, he thought with a smile. She was lying there, completely asleep, with her hand cupping one of her big beautiful breasts. She was amazing, and Matt really did miss her when he was in Uganda.

In the bathroom Matt started the shower and got the water to the temperature he wanted. The shower was old and surprisingly very loud. It hissed as water streamed un-uniformly out of the old shower nozzle. He took all his clothes of and looked at himself in the mirror. He could see his thin frame, complete with showing ribs and boney everything else. He also noticed his massive cock hanging down to his knees. It looked as though he was the result of some crazy horse cock transplant experiment. He was uncut, and his cock was beautifully toned with the rest of his tanned body. Walking around naked in Uganda for ten years would nicely tan anyone and it was nice not to have any tan lines. Matt stepped in the shower and it was even louder inside the shower than outside. The shower wasn’t a stand alone shower; you had to stand in the bathtub in order to use it.

Matt couldn’t hear a thing, other than the hiss of the shower nozzle, while he was in the shower. He didn’t hear the door open and with the shower curtain, he couldn’t see Sara stripping down to nothing. Sara stripped off her clothes and she to checked how she looked in the mirror. Damn! she thought as she studied her beautifully naked body. She brushed her nice highlighted hair over her shoulder and tilted her head from side to side as she studied her body. She then grabbed her tits and squeezed them together so she could see her cleavage. Then she filled the sink with water, brought out some shaving cream and shaved her pussy. After she was done, she turned around, stuck her bubble butt in the air and peered through her legs to inspect her shave job on the wall length bathroom mirror.

Now that she was done her prep work, Sara opened the shower curtain slightly so Matt didn’t notice. She had a full view of Matt’s little boney ass and the sight of it turned her on. She then noticed Matt’s huge cock swaying back and forth as he scrubbed away at his chest. Sara took the opportunity to get in. Once inside the shower she cupped Matt’s ass with her hand and squeezed. He flung himself around to see who it was and hit Sara’s thigh with his swinging cock.

Sara tilted her head, looked down at Matt’s dick and said, “Want me to help you wash?”

“Sure!” Matt said with a smile.

Sara bent down onto her knees and grabbed the head of Matt’s cock. She licked her lips then looked up at Matt. He loved the way he could see the water bead and stream down Sara’s perky C cup breasts and how sexy her hair looked when wet. She pulled his cock closer and began to lick it softly. His dick looked huge compared to her small hands and little tongue and it grew harder and harder by the second. Sara licked down the shaft and came to his balls where she stopped licking and started to suck. She sucked his balls nice and soft, every once and a while she would suck harder and tug on them. She used her hands to jerk him off slowly.

She stood up, turned around and raised her ass to the air revealing her newly shaven pussy like an animal in heat presenting herself for her mate. Matt used his cock to rub the entrance of her pussy. He slowly moved it up and down, entering her only slightly each time. He then quickened his pace and she started to moan with pleasure. He was hitting her clit perfectly and he didn’t even know what a clit was.

“Oh God, enough teasing! Put it in! please!”

Matt didn’t listen, he kept at his rubbing. She waited for the perfect time and thrust herself backwards onto his dick, 6 inches of it instantly tore its way inside her. “Ooh God! Oooh God! Oooh God! Oooh God!” Sara was now an animal as she rocked back and forth on his cock. Matt could feel her warm, moist pussy stretch as he entered her further and further.

“I’m going to cum! Ohhh! Ahhhh!” Sara’s pussy muscles clenched tight like a vice around his dick. She screamed so loud that Matt was sure that it would awake his sleeping Aunt Irene. She continued to thrust herself upon his massive cock clenching and releasing every 10 or 15 seconds. She screamed as though she was being killed by pleasure.

She continued to thrust herself doggy style on Matt’s hard cock. Every once and a while she would slow her pace and look up at Matt smiling. She took his cock out of her and stood up on the bathtub with one foot on each side. Matt grabbed her thighs and slide his dick inside her. He loved the warm tight and wet feeling of her pussy on his cock.

“This is soo good” Sara said as she rolled her eyes in pleasure. Matt slowed his thrusts, throwing in a fast one here or there. This made Sara go insane with pleasure. They continued to fuck this way for a few more minutes and then returned back to doggy style. She pushed Matt back so he was resting on the wall as she thrust herself back and forth on his huge dick. He could feel her clenching on his dick again and he knew she was having an orgasm.

“Cum inside me, its ok, I’m on the pill,” Sara said to Matt as she slowed her pace.

“What do you mean?” Matt asked.

“Ahhh Oooo, when you are ready to cum, just shoot your load inside me, I want to feel it inside,” Sara moaned softly.

“I don’t understand…” Matt said confused.

“You have never had an orgasm?!” Sara asked shocked, still humping away with nine inches of Matt inside her and yelping every few thrusts.

“No…?” Matt said baffled.

“Well..” Sara giggled at the thought of him never having an orgasm and realized she didn’t finish him off last night. “Today is… Oohhh God! Fuuckk! …Your lucky day” she struggled to get out. She pulled Matt out of her pussy, took his hand and pulled him out of the shower.

“Lets go to my room, don’t worry about my mom, she is a very deep sleeper.” They dried off and teased each other a bit more then proceeded out the door and into her room. Matt was still raging hard even with that small break. Sara pushed him down onto the bed so his cock stood like a tower in the middle of the mattress. She slowly lowered herself on top of him so she could feel every single fraction of an inch entering her.

She relished in feeling the head spread her lips again and Matt sliding in. She was surprised how quickly her pussy grew accustomed to the monster cock with how little resistance he had going in now.

“God! You are huuuge!” she said as she got back to around 9 fat inches into her. “You ready?” she said with a smile. Matt nodded, not knowing what to expect. At his nod she started to fly up and down, grinding his fully hard cock deep inside her and ripping it out just as fast. She humped as fast as she could the whole time screaming, closing her eyes, breathing heavily and shaking her head from side to side.

“OHHHH GODDDD!” She screamed as her pussy tightened like a vice again around Matt’s cock, this time it tightened for a good 30 seconds to a minute. Sara started to shake violently as waves of pleasure shot through her. She picked up the pace and started to go even faster. A minute later it happened again. She clenched down on Matt’s penis for another minute or so the whole time shaking and screaming.

Finally, Matt felt a feeling of sudden immense pleasure and he could feel himself involuntarily tighten up down by his dick and ass. He could feel the muscles contract and he felt the immense pleasure that his first orgasm brought him. He could feel something working its way up his shaft.

“Oh God!” This time it was Matt’s turn to be loud as he shot his first load into Sara’s tight pussy. It felt as though it would never end, it had to have been the size of a glass of milk.

“Aaarrrgghh! There’s so much cum! It’s sooo hot! I can feeeeel it all!” Sara screamed as she could feel Matt’s love juices fill her up. A second round of cum shots burst into her, this one bigger than the first if that even seemed possible. She could feel the thick seed fill her to the brim and spill out the sides of her pussy.

“Oh God!” Sara screamed as she clenched for another orgasm. A third round rocketed its way into her, again even more copious than the previous batch. The cum seemed to be an endless supply as Matt shook and quivered. His hips continued pump into a shrieking climaxing Sara, he nuzzled the big cock head deeper inside her gripping tunnel.

Matt was in pure ecstasy. Cum was continually flowing out of the sides of Sara’s cum filled pussy dripping gobs all over her bed. Matt contracted a forth time as another massive load filled her up. Cum was squishing its way all around Matt’s dick trying to get out of the full vagina. Matt pulled out to shot one last smaller load which hit Sara in the face. Sara stood above Matt as cum flowed like a uniform stream out of her cunt.

“This is so amazing!” she said excitedly as cum flowed out of her. Matt’s mid section was now covered with his man juices that dripped out of Sara like a faucet. Eventually the stream turned to huge gobs, which turned into little drips. Sara collapsed in Matt’s arms.

“How did you like your first orgasm, Matt?” Sara whispered.

“Oh my God! you have no idea!” Matt said as he starred at the ceiling.

“Ring-ring” the phone rang. Matt and Sara had just finished cleaning up and he still stood nude. His flaccid penis was swinging like a pendulum of an old grandfather clock clapping his kneecaps.

Sara, wearing a camisole, which nicely showed off her round and perky breasts, and pj pants, answered the phone exhausted from the morning’s activities. “Hello? Haha! What’s up Tina?” She sounded excited as she walked out of the room leaving Matt standing naked.

He was really starting to like living in Canada, and all he had experienced so far was sex. He glanced out the window to see the sun shining and a man walking his dog. He started to wonder what other things Canada had to offer. Hmm he thought there are so many places to see and things to try! I don’t know where to start. He picked up the phone book and turned to the Yellow pages for some ideas. That’s when a great one hit him. Cool, I should go to the mall! He didn’t really remember what malls were like, all he did remember about them was the fact that they were always packed with teenagers. He figured since he was a teenager, maybe he could find some friends there.

He exited Sara’s room and walked nude down the hallway; every so often his soft penis with slap against his leg making a clapping sound. He made his way to his room in the basement to find his large oversized pants and shirt. He put them on and proceeded upstairs. Sara was no longer on the phone so Matt decided to ask how to get to the mall.

* * *

“Hey Sara, I was thinking I might go to the mall, how do I get there?” he asked.

“Actually, now that you say that, mom gave me some money and a list for us to shop for. It’s a list of clothes you need to buy for school tomorrow.”

School? Matt thought excited. This is going to be so fun! he thought.

“But, I really don’t want to go to the mall… here’s the list and the cash, I’m going to hang out with Tina today so don’t be too long and maybe you could meet her.” Sara explained as she handed Matt the list and the cash. “Just take the ST53 bus at the bottom of this street, it will take you to one of the malls we have here, its only $1.25, I think.”

“Okay…” he responded, confused. He took his money and left the house. He walked down the street, admiring the mailboxes and cars in everyone’s driveways. He passed several people walking their dogs and smiled the whole way. Wow, this is so different than Africa, he thought as he walked. Finally, he reached the bus stop. As he waited he tried to read the list.

His parents taught him how to read before he went to Africa with him, but he still took much much longer to read and comprehend the letter than it would a normal person.

The letter read:

School clothes:
1 pair of nylon red shorts (for gym class)
2 pairs of jeans
1 pair of track pants
5 pairs of underwear (Mr. Edwards recommends tighty whities).
a few shirts

Just as he almost finished the list, the bus pulled up. He got on and inserted his $1.25 into the coin slot and sat down right behind the driver. Surprisingly he was the only one on the bus. He anxiously sat, staring out the window for a good 10 minutes, when he could see the mall approaching, he didn’t know what to do.

“Uhh, uhh, STOP!” he screamed confused.

“Damnit! What the hell kid?” the bus driver yelled as he stopped at the stop in front of the mall. “Ring the bell next time, its that cord right above your head their.”

“Oh, sorry… no one told me that’s what I had to do,” he responded, embarrassed as he hurried off the bus.

He stood in front of the mall, taking in its vastness. “Wow,” he sighed as he took a deep breath in. Letter and cash at hand, he entered the mall. He was amazed at the immenseness of the place. There were people everywhere and all these different store signs all lit up.

Where to start? hmm he thought to himself confused. He had managed to find one of those information booths with the location of all the stores in it. Under the “Clothing” heading he found a few stores. Upon reading the listing, he decided that he would try “Wal-Mart” because he liked the name for some reason. He managed to find it after wandering the mall for a few minutes.

“How can I help you?” the lady behind the Customer information desk asked. Her name tag read “Linda” and she looked a little older than Matt, maybe 22 or 23 with a brown pony tail and pale complexion. She was probably about 5’3″ around 120 lbs and maybe a B cup. She looked like one of those people who act bitchy all the time. She had chewing gum in her mouth and she chewed really loudly.

“Hi, can you help me find these things?” Matt asked, placing the letter on the table in front of Linda. She raised her eyebrows, like he was asking her to take a bullet for him.

“Sure…” She replied hesitantly. “How do you not know where this stuff is? Have you not been in a Wal-Mart before?” she asked.

“No mam, I grew up in Africa,” Matt answered. He watched as she walked around the counter and he began to follow her when she walked towards the first section.

“Well, we may as well start out with the underwear… who the hell is Mr. Edwards and why does he recommend tighty whities?” She asked suspiciously.

“Oh, well he is a UN worker that brought me here… it’s a long story,” he replied, not knowing the tighty whities were intended to try to make his giant package a little less noticeable.

“Right… well here, you can’t try them on because they are underwear… that’s gross, umm here’s 5 pairs. You look like you could be a small, so that’s what I gave you.” She told him as she handed him the small tighty whities. “Now the shorts, here’s a small, go into that booth, put them on and come out. I will tell you if they fit.”

Matt entered the change room which had mirrors on three walls and was heavily lit with florescent light. He removed his big baggy pants, revealing his 13 inch softy. Looking in the full length mirror, he noticed for the first time how incredibly huge it looked compared to his skeletal frame. He could hear Linda tapping her fingers on the wall and he could tell she was getting impatient. He threw the shorts on, took a quick glance in the mirror, opened the door and walked out to be critiqued by Linda.

“I think they fit,” Matt said looking up at Linda. She didn’t respond. She stood silent with her mouth drooped open. She was utterly and undeniably staring at Matt’s crotch and that’s when he noticed. He must not have taken a good enough glance in the mirror because looking down he could clearly see a good 2 or more inches of his soft dick hanging out of his right leg of the shorts. “Uhh… sorry about that,” he said as he slowly bent down to cover his exposed cock.

“Uhhh ahh don’t worry, Umm its ok… you may need to just get a longer pair… maybe one that goes past your knee caps. I’ll get it in a sex .. I mean sexond.. I mean second!” Linda mumbled mesmerized by the cock before her. Her cheeks then turned quite rosy; it was very noticeable with her pale complexion. “First let me… measure… your waist, for, uhh for the jeans you will get,” she asked looking up at Matt, wide-eyed. She grabbed a measuring tape from a nearby counter and knelt down mere inches away from Matt’s hands, which were still covering his penis. “You will have to move your hands and arms for me to get a good measurement,” she asked, and Matt complied. Her hands were shaking as she was reaching around Matt, trying not to make it so obvious that she wanted a closer look at his gigantic soft cock. She struggled to reach around him and that’s when she fell. Face first right into Matt’s penis. She let out a soft sigh as a shiver rocketed through her body. “Oh my, sorry about that,” she said looking up and smiling.

“It’s ok… you didn’t mean too,” he was starting to get a little creaped out by the oddness of her demeanor. She took an extra few seconds to get the measurement and in the process of standing up she accidentallybrushed into his crotch again; face first.

“Sorry again.. heh, you need a 28 waist, let me go find one for you. Wait in the change room for me I will be one sex… sec,” she stuttered.

Matt went back to the change room and closed the door. Man, Linda is one weird lady! he thought, why does she keep touching me all the time… I mean sure Sara said I am big and all, but I think she was lying about the average size, I can’t be that much bigger than normal. Oh well, I just can’t wait to get away from Linda!

“I’m back… could you let me in?” Linda asked. Matt opened the door and Linda immediately got in the change stall and closed the door behind her. She handed him a pair of jeans.

“These ones are meant to fit nice and tight… girls like them that way,” she said excitedly.

Ok… can I change in privacy…” Matt asked. Linda looked disappointed into Matt’s eyes, like denying a kid a trip to Disney land.

“Yeah okay,” she replied hanging her head down a little as she left. The pants she gave Matt were a good fit everywhere, except for his package, it wouldn’t even begin to fit into the tiny jeans.

“Uhh Linda, I don’t think these ones fit.”

“What why?” she asked.

“Well honestly… I can’t get all of ‘myself’ in them,” he replied.

“I bet they fit, let me see,” she asked.

“Are you sure?” Matt hesitantly asked.

“Yes!” replied Linda quickly. Matt opened the door, Linda entered and closed it behind her again. “Oh wow!” she exclaimed as her mouth dropped in awe again of the sight of the full 13 inches completely exposed hanging by Matt’s knees. “I bet I could get it in, can I touch it?” she asked wide-eyed with excitement.

“Ahh jeeze, umm I guess…” Matt replied, though he didn’t really want her to touch it. She immediately grabbed it and just held it in awe. Her head even shook in disbelief. She then proceeded with ‘trying’ to put it in his pants, in reality she ended up giving it more of a jerking off type motion than stuffing it in. Crap! he thought as it started to fill with blood and lift.

“Umm, maybe I should slicken it up a bit with some moisture to help it slide in,” she said licking her lips as a gob of drool hit the floor. At this point Matt was the most uncomfortable he has ever been.

“No, this has gone too far. I will take the underwear and the shorts, I will find the rest of the stuff on my list alone. Sorry, but no!” Matt said sternly, tired of this molestation.

“But wait, no! … please don’t tell anyone about this… I got carried away,” Linda said frantically as she stood up. Matt noticed that her crotch of her blue jeans was utterly saturated with wet pussy juice hinting that she was turned on beyond belief. “I am really, sorry!”

“I won’t tell anyone… just leave please, I can finish the rest,” Matt asked politely. She nodded and walked away with red rosy cheeks and wet stained crotch.

He was able to finish his shopping and return home for dinner.

Matt returned to a dimly lit house with only one bedroom light on, Sara’s, shining into the night. He opened the door to the sound of girls talking loudly and giggling from Sara’s room. He was tired and stressed from the day’s earlier activities and the last thing he wanted to deal with was a bunch of loud girls having a party.

He tried to shut the door quietly so no one would know he was home, but to his avail the door gave a loud creek as it closed.

“Damn!” he said under his breath.

“Matty? That you! haha! come up here bud, ya gotta meet everyone!” he heard Sara shout from her room. She sounded weird to Matt, almost like she had been hit hard in the head and was groggy or maybe she was drossy from staying up to late. “Ya commin? Matty? haha” she yelled again. She never called him Matty, he knew something was up.

“Yeah, one minute, I’m coming,” he said with a sigh. He left his new clothes by the basement door so he could take them down later. Slowly he walked through the hall so he could listen to what the girls were saying and maybe get a feel of how inviting they may be to him. After all, he is very scrawny, tanned and self conscious a little about how he looks and he has never had a girlfriend.

“Who the hell is Matty?” he heard one girl say.

“Irene’s nephew, he was my best bud from like way back, he went like missing in Africa or some other shitty place and like came here after being gone for like ten years haha,” she managed to say, somewhat audibly. When Matt reached her room he could smell a strange smell coming from her room, almost like really strong mints or cologne or something mixed with that stuff that stings when you put it on wounds.

“Is he hot?” he heard another girl say.

“Well… haha once you get to know him, HAHA! He’s probably the hottest guy you’ll ever meet! Haha,” Sara responded. That comment made Matt smile.

Wow, that’s pretty cool that she thinks of me that way, I never would have know that she likes my personality that much he thought. Because of that comment, he had the courage to open the door and enter the room.

“Heya Matt!” Sara said with a smile. He looked around the room and saw bottles of different types of alcohol scattered around the floor. “Let me introduce these bitches haha!” she shouted.

“This one’s Vicky,” she pointed at the girl next to her.

Vicky was stunning. She had white porcelain skin and long wavy dark red hair. She was wearing a baby blue tank top with no bra underneath showing her nipples poke through protruding from her generously perky D cup breasts. She was quite small at maybe 4’10” and 110 or so pounds. It was surprising to see such massive breasts on such a little girl. She smiled brilliantly as she looked at Matt.

“Hi, I’m Matt,” he said as he shook her hand. He blushed.

“This bitch is Carlye,” Sara said as she pointed at the girl beside Vicky.

Carlye wasn’t bad herself. She had straight long black hair and looked as though she had a slight Asian Caucasian mix about her. She was a slim 5’7″ or so, a very light brown skin tone and brown eyes. She had the best very full B cup and a nice ass, bigger in proportion to her body, but tight and perky.

“Hey Carlye,” Matt said as he shook her hand.

“Kay, last but not least is this bitch. Her name is Mary, we call her virgin Mary because she is such a fucking square… She wants to save it till marriage… haha she don’t know what she is missin!”

Mary was beautiful. She was about 5’3″ with straight brunette coloured hair which was streaked with lighter browns in a pony tail and some stylish black framed glasses. She had a nice glow about her that just radiated off of her face. He couldn’t tell how big her breasts were because they were hidden under a baggy hoodie. Matt shook her hand and she smiled and said hi.

“Well bitches, there is something about Matt that he isn’t telling you, haha! Tell them Matt!” Sara demanded devilishly.

“Tell them what?” he said confused.

“You know…” she said as she gave him a big wink of the eye.

“I really don’t know!” Matt was getting tired of all this.

“Oh fuck, you dumb shit!” She yelled as she crawled across the bed over to Matt. “Ladies, get ready for the hottest thing you will ever see…” she said, starring at Matt.

“Sara, your scaring me…” Matt said, still confused. She didn’t even look up at him as she grabbed for his belt. She had it removed in about two point two seconds as she fiddled with the button on his jeans.

“Shit, buttons are so hard when you are wasted! Fuck! let him out! let it out!” Sara screamed in a drunken furry.

“What the hell is she doing?” Carlye said to Vicky.

“A kid that skinny probably has a tiny needle dick, I don’t know what she is doing, she’s so fucked haha,” Vicky laughed.

“Got it!” Sara screamed as she ripped Matt’s pants down to the floor, exposing his 13″ flaccid penis.

“OH MY GOD!” Vicky managed to release while giving a look of astonishment, her mouth open wide.

“You gotta be fucking kidding me! Sara, how in the hell?” Carlye managed to escape, her eyes were open as wide as they could go, and then some, were glued to Matt’s cock.

“The hottest thing you will ever see right ladies?” She said with a devilish tone. Matt blushed.

“Well… uhh… what’s so amazing… it’s just a penis…” Matt said awkwardly, confused by their astonishment. He blushed very red at all the attention they were giving him. Even Mary he could see trying to turn her head away, but not, because the site of such a massive dick no one can ignore.

“Just a penis? You have to be kidding me! Your penis is by far the biggest I have ever seen! You make all of my last boyfriends look like ants compared to you!” Vicky exclaimed. Her mouth still hung open after her comment.

“Oh Matty… I am sure the girls would like to see what you can do with it.” Sara said as she removed her shirt, revealing her bare breasts, the amazing soft and perky C-cups Matt had grown to love. “Come on ladies, don’t you want to see what he can do with it?” She said looking at the girls.

Without saying a word Vicky removed her blue tank top revealing her porcelain white huge and perky D cup breasts. She cupped one in one of her hands and started to lick her lips while playing with her nipple. Gazing into the sheer lust in her eye’s Matt could feel the need for passion burning through his body.

Matt understood that they were drunk, but he couldn’t help himself. He removed the pants completely, took off his shirt and sat down beside Vicky. Carlye too began removing her cloths, while starring passionately at Matt’s cock.

Vicky grabbed Matt behind the head and began furiously making out with him. Her tongue dodged in and out of Matt’s mouth and swirled around his tongue, sending waves of blood through his cock. She grabbed Matt’s hand and thrust it upon her massive breast, as he rubbed she began to moan, the sound could be heard distinctly among her kisses.

“Carlye, don’t just sit there half naked and watch, don’t you want in on this?” Sara giggled to Carlye.

Carlye hesitated and knelt down in front of Matt on the bed. She reached out and grabbed Matt’s cock in her hand. Upon feeling his huge half hard cock in her hand a tingle shot through her spine and she shivered. She slowly began to lick his cock and stroke it with her hand at the same time. He licking quickened and soon Matt’s cock was rock hard.

“Oh my God Sara, it’s so big!” Carlye got out between licks.

Sara knelt beside Carlye and began to lick Matt’s balls. Never in his life had Matt even dreamed of such immense pleasures and passion. Here he had 3 beautiful girls all over him and he couldn’t help but sit back and enjoy the fun.

Vicky stopped kissing him and got off of the bed. Starring right into his eyes with furious red headed passion she slowly removed her short shorts and stepped out of them. “Let me suck him!” Vicky shouted as she pushed Sara and Carlye away. She kneeled in front of Matt, completely naked, showing her body for all its entirety. Matt sighed with relief as this beautiful white, petite framed D cup princess sucked on his cock head with a firry passion. She was a very talented blowjob artist, every suck felt absolutely amazing, and Matt had to try hard not to cum.

Sara, the blond bombshell that she was, helped Carlye out of her pajamas and Carlye did the same for her. Now, Matt had three naked beautiful girls surrounding him.

Carlye got up and sat where Vicky was originally. She quickly thrust Matt’s hand to her dripping wet pussy and she moaned softly as he caressed the folds of her amazingly soaking pussy. She moaned softly as Matt began to lick her neck. Occupying himself with Carlye helped him abstain from cumming in Vicky’s mouth. He slid a finger inside her warm gushing pussy. It had no problem gliding in, but he could feel she was very tight.

Sara looked over at Mary as if to ask her to join, but stopped herself from asking.

Mary was sitting on the floor with her back against the wall just watching in amazement; she never said a word.

There was no room for Sara because Matt was so occupied, but she felt as though she had to join in some way. She stepped behind Vicky and hesitantly reached her hand out to her pussy. She could feel the warm wetness on her hand and even the slightest bit of pressure caused Vicky’s pussy to drip wet gobs of juices. Feeling Vicky’s warm pussy juices excited Sara more than she had ever been and soon she had two fingers thrusting deep inside of Vicky’s pussy.
Vicky moaned wildly and the waves of pleasure Sara was giving her made her blowjob quicken on Matt’s cock.

You could imagine the scene Mary was witnessing. Carlye was naked, in her full half Asian beauty, being fingered and licked by Matt. Vicky was sucking off Matt and being finger banged by Sara. Matt was being sucked off by Vicky. It truly was either the most exciting or most traumatizing thing that Mary had ever seen. Suddenly her hoodie felt hot, unbearably hot, so hot that she had to take it off. She bit her lip and slowly raised the thick shirt over her head.

Matt stopped licking Carlye’s neck long enough to notice the movement by Mary. The small 5’3″ tall, streaked brunette haired virgin removed her shirt and placed it beside her. Her black framed glasses almost looked steamed over as she watched the action. Her face blushed a little and Matt could tell that something was going on in her body. Maybe she wasn’t thinking about joining, but it was obvious that this was turning her on, even if she didn’t want it to.

After placing her shirt beside her she turned back to watch the action. Matt was amazed to see the outline of her body for the first time. She still had on a very thin silky white tank top but her breasts were literally exploding out of it. It looked as though the shirt could barely contain them. It wasn’t so much that her breasts were gigantic, they were probably a C cup, but on her small frame they looked huge. He could see the outline of her erect nipple poking through the fabric a good half inch at least! The fabric was a little bit see through and it was the most amazing sight Matt had ever seen. Even though he had three naked girls sucking him off and playing around with him, no one compared to Mary clothed.

“Please can I try to fuck you? Please ahhhh Sara that’s so good! Please Matt, you have the biggest hottest cock I have ever seen in my life and I want to feel it inside me! Please! Ahhh” Vicky asked frantically.

Matt turned his gaze away from Mary, “Ah yes please!” Matt said happily with a smile.

“Can I go next?” Sara begged.

“No me!” Carlye shouted.

“Okay, but first…” Sara said as she grabbed Carlye’s B cup breasts and began making out with her. The sight of the two hot girls making out made Matt’s cock ache because it was already so engorged.

“Vicky you are pretty small, are you sure it will work?” Matt asked. She was petite and was only around five feet tall.

“Trust me!” was all she said as she pushed Matt down and stood, legs spread, hovering over Matt’s massive 14″ rock hard erection. She lowered herself slowly so the tip of Matt’s cock head was resting at the opening of her pussy. Little warm bursts of pussy wetness dripped down over his cock.

“It’s thicker than my wrist, I really hope this works!” Vicky said biting her lip as she slowly inched the head into her small pussy opening. Matt could feel every wet warm fold of skin slowly allow his massive cock into her. She was a tight fit but he was slowly inching in little bit little. After the head was fully in Vicky really began to moan.

“Ohhhh GODDDDD, IT’S STRETCHING ME SOO GOOOOD!” She wheezed out as she got down to about the five inch mark or so. She slowly raised herself back up and then back down again even further. Matt could feel the walls of her warm, moist, vagina tightly hugging his cock. She began to quicken the pace and got down a good eight or nine inches into her, the same as Sara. Which is very impressive because of how much shorter she was than Sara.

“Ohhh!!! MMmmmm! I… I… I’m cumming!” She screamed as she shoved as much in as she could and trembled. The clenching of her pussy actually hurt Matt a little bit. Again, she clenched and let out an amazing shriek in pleasure.

He was amazed at how quickly she climaxed. She got off of him and lay herself down onto the bed spreading herself wide in the missionary position.

“Just a little while longer!” She screamed as she obviously wanted more.

“No way! You came already! I need some!” Carlye shouted as she bent over putting her face down into the bed and sticking her butt out into the air like a wild animal signaling she was ready to mate.

Matt obliged and stood behind her resting his cock at the opening of her tight half-Asian hole.

“Hey Vicky, since you ain’t doing anything lie down!” Sara said mischievously. Vicky was too glazed with the remnants of Matt’s pleasureful cock to even question her friend. Sara climbed over Vicky standing above her. “I think we are both going to like this,” she said as she lowered her pussy down onto Vicky’s face. Instinctively Vicky began to lick and Sara did the same for her.

“Come on Matt, stop teasing me, put it in!” Carlye yelled. Just as he did with Vicky he slowly pushed himself in. She was incredibly tight, much tighter than Vicky. “Ouch! Ouch! Oooohhhh yeah slower…” she managed to release. Matt slowed his already snail’s pace.

He could feel and see his massive cock stretch the skin of her pussy tight. It was like nothing he has ever seen before.

“AAhhh! AAhhhh! Ahhh!” Sara was yelling to the thrusts of Vicky’s tongue. Sara came, very loudly and shook the bed that the four of them shared in their fuckfest.

Matt could feel Carlye’s pussy loosen as it got used to such a massive size. She went from screaming “ouch” to screaming “oh God faster!” She looked to even have more than Sara took.

“Such a big cock!” Carlye screamed as she thrust herself upon his cock. Matt quickened still, the sensation of the slick tight pussy, tight around his cock head and feeling every inch of Carlye’s tight pussy was amazing, but oddly he didn’t feel like cumming. He moved her into a missionary position and quickly inched his amazing dick in and out of her pussy.

She was screaming in pleasure, tightening her pussy around his dick like a clamp as she climaxed. He continued to thrust. He could feel his cock go deep into her pussy and he could see the outline of it on her stomach as he pushed the sight was so amazing.

“Oh God! Oh God! I have to pee! I have to pee!” Matt didn’t hear her, it was to late. The muscles in her pussy ferociously pushed Matt’s dick out and she shot a thick stream of fluid out of her pussy and across the room.

“MMMMMMMM! OOHHH!” She shook widely as another squirt shot out of her pussy. One thing is for sure, it wasn’t pee!

“Ahhhh, Matt, I have never in my life… *glups* felt something so amazing,” Carlye sighed as a tears rolled out of her eyes. Matt couldn’t believe what he had just saw did I just make a girl squirt out of her pussy? He thought.

“Matt you are a God!” Vicky screamed as she pushed Sara off of her. “Never in my life have I seen anything like that!”

“Can I finish you off?” Sara said to him with a glare in her eyes. He could see a mixture of Vicky’s saliva and her own pussy juices running down her legs.

“Yeah!” Matt wanted more than anything to be finished off, his balls felt like they would explode at any minute.

She pushed him down onto the bed and climbed on top of him, putting the head in she said: “Come on girls, I need some help!”

Carlye and Vicky got behind them as Sara bobbed up and down on his cock. Carlye licked the 4 or 5 inches that wouldn’t fit inside Sara, while Vicky licked Matt’s balls.

The three different sensations felt like heaven for Matt. This was Sara’s third time fucking Matt, so she had no trouble accommodating his size, it felt nice for a change. What was shocking to the lovers was now she took all but one inch of the monster. Realizing that fact Sara quickly climaxed, feeling like a big cock slut. The sloppy moistness of her pussy combined with the licking of the two girls was enough to make any man cum, but for some reason, Matt couldn’t.

That’s when he remembered Mary, cute, shy and the most amazing body in the world. He managed to peer around the girls trying to get him off to catch a glimps of Mary.

He was shocked to see the same blank look on her face; however her nipples looked pointy and hard as rocks and he could clearly see that her sky blue pajama pants were absolutely soaked in the crotch. Her breast seemed more than ever like they were going to fall out of the shirt and that combined with her erect nipples and innocent cute face was enough for him.

This site is what set him off. He grabbed the edges of the bed beside him and held on for dear life as he came.

“Sara… here… it… goes!” Matt clenched the muscles around his balls. Sara got off and allowed Matt to shoot his cum on Carlye and Vicky. The first shot was a long thick shot which smashed hard into Vicky’s chest. It alone was enough to cover her beautiful massive breasts. He clenched again as another thick stream hit Carlye’s face. It to drenched nearly her whole face. He had already shot off about a cup of semen in his first two shots alone. Sara pushed the girls out of the way to reactive the third deep in her throat. She gagged as it filled her esophagus.

He shot another massive load onto Sara’s tits and collapsed onto the bed. The cum now flowed out like a faucet streaming down over his legs and onto Sara’s bed.

“How was it girls?” Matt asked.

“Do you really have to ask?” Sara smiled as she lied down beside Matt. Vicky lay beside Sara and Carlye picked up Matt’s heavy, now flaccid dick. “I can’t believe that was in me,” she smiled and shook her head.

Mary stood up, her pants were sobbing wet and nipples still peeping through her shirt, clear as ever. “I need to go to the bathroom,” she said as she turned and left the room.

“Wow, even Miss Prude was turned on!” Vicky said smiling.

Tonight’s little get together got Matt thinking. For the first time he was starting to realize the effect his dick had on people and he liked it.

Matt awoke to the sound of morning birds singing. He was slow to get up and out of bed; the three naked girls curled up beside him made it nearly impossible for him to maneuver off of the bed. He rubbed the sleepiness off his eyes to see Mary asleep, curled up in a chair. Seeing her fast asleep truly was an amazing sight; she seemed so peaceful and serene to him.

Suddenly he remembered about his Aunt Irene.

Ah oh, what time is it? She better not be home! Or worse! She better not have seen me naked with these girls! He thought.

He searched the room for a clock and finally found one resting on Sara’s night stand. The numbers flashed 6:32 am. Phew he thought, I still have half an hour. He was lucky that she worked nightly shift work, from 7 to 7.

He took one last look at the scene of such passion which he previously enjoyed. He smiled as he saw Sara, Vicky and Carlye sleeping contently as if they had ran a marathon before bed. He still didn’t really understand why Mary didn’t join in the fun, he wished that she had. But, there was no time to think of that, he needed to shower and mess up his bed before Aunt Irene came home.

He walked very nonchalantly down the hall, buck naked, without a care in the world. His long soft penis slapped back and forth as he walked, it felt much lighter without the twenty pounds of stone hanging off of it, like he had in Africa. Carefully he got a towel ready for a shower. He always picked the thick dark green towel for some reason.

Someone tapped his shoulder and he nearly jumped out of his skin. He turned around to see who it was and he was relieved.

“Hey Mary… Umm, crazy night last night,” Matt said with a nervous grin. He was still butt naked with a towel in hand. He was too distracted by Mary’s gorgeous face to remember to cover up. He was still used to being naked a lot in Africa.”

“Yeah… you can say that again! It was by far the most crazy and erotic thing I have ever seen… sorry I acted so weird… I don’t know why I didn’t want to join,” Mary said hesitantly looking down at Matt’s cock. “Umm, sorry if this sounds weird, but can I just like… you know… hold it… just for a second or two… after seeing you guys last night I just want to see what it feels like.” Mary couldn’t even look Matt in the eyes, her face was now turning plumb red.

“Umm Sure! I would LOVE that,” Matt was eager of course. He really didn’t care if she wanted to feel it, he trusted her and he really liked all the attention everyone seems to give him for it. Especially someone as pretty as her.

Mary very slowly reached out her hand and it shook as it neared closer and closer to Matt’s long flaccid dick. She slowly gripped around the shaft and raised it up to get a better look. The site of Mary holding his cock made him drop his towel to the floor.

“Wow! This really is amazing Matt,” She said excited yet still timid. She got down on her knees to get a better look.

“Haha! We caught you Mary! We knew you couldn’t resist!” Sara shouted from her doorway where the other three girls were standing, laughing and pointing at Mary.

“What? No! It’s not what it looks like!” Mary shouted frantically. She was extremely embarrassed; she withdrew her hand and got up. “Sorry Matt, I didn’t mean anything by it,” She managed to get out all teary eyed.

He didn’t understand why she was upset but he told her it was ok, just to cheer her up.

“Well, girls, I am going to have a shower. You better get cleaned up before Aunt Irene comes home,” Matt announced as he went into the bathroom and locked the door.

“Wow Sara, you were so right about him being the hottest thing ever!” Vicky said as soon as Matt had closed the door. Just by looking at the girls you could tell by their glow that they had the best fucking that they had ever imagined in the previous night.

Matt’s shower was relatively long, he loved the feeling of the warm water hugging and sliding down his body. The night before still gnawed at his mind and he wondered why his penis had such an effect on people. He loved the idea that he could get whatever he wanted from a girl, all it takes is for him to pull out his penis.

He didn’t realize how long he was in the shower and before he knew it Aunt Irene was home. He could hear the crash of the front door through the shrills of the shower head. Realizing now that she was home, he thought about his bed and how it was obviously not slept in. Then he remembered that he could just tell her that he made it when he got up.

Content with that answer and the shower complete it was time to get out and get changed. He stepped out of the shower and reached for his towel. Damn, he remembered now that he had dropped it earlier. He then looked around for his cloths. Damn! He remembered now that he left them in Sara’s room. He was so confused on what to do. He is pretty comfortable walking around naked, but knowing the effect his penis has on people, he didn’t want his Aunt Irene to see it.

He creeped open the door just a little to hopefully grab the towel. Damn! Someone must have picked it up. He decided that his best bet was to quietly cross the hall, turn right in the kitchen and run downstairs to his room.

Slowly he opened the door, to see no sign of Irene down the hall. Quietly he sneaked through the hall and stopped at the entrance to the kitchen. Peaking his head around the corner it was clear to him that Irene wasn’t in the kitchen. He made it to the basement steps and closed the door behind him. “Thank God!” he thought.

He happily ran down the stairs, his cock swung like a pendulum.

“Oh hey Matt, just putting in a load of laundry before I go to be- OH MY GOD!” Irene shrieked dropping the clothes hamper on the floor. She stood in shock of the sight of Matt’s massive 13″ softy. “Umm Umm pu- pu – put these on…” she said, throwing him a pair of pants.

She closed her eyes and regrouped herself.

“This isn’t like where you are from Matt, you can’t walk around naked like that here,” She now acted as though the 13″ monster in front of her was as average as any penis she had seen.

“Oh, sorry,” Matt said blushing. He was glad that his penis didn’t have the same effect on her as it did on the other girls who have seen it.

“Umm, get your clothes on and find something to do for a few hours. Today I am bringing you in for an orientation for your new school. Be ready for two, just let me get some sleep first,” Irene said trying as hard as she could not to look at his penis.

“Ok, sorry about me walking down naked and all,” Matt said embarrassed.

“It’s alright, but just remember to keep that thing to yourself, don’t go walking around naked so people can see it… they wont like it and you wont like the attention they give you,” she warned.

Matt wondered what the heck she was talking about, he loves the attention people give him.

* * *

The high school orientation went well for Matt. He was excited to meet people his age and develop the friendships that he had missed out on. The Principal was a nice lady. She was about average height for a woman and had silver colored hair. Her face was slightly weathered with wrinkles, but Matt could tell that she had many years left in her.

Mrs. Canning took Matt for a tour through the school and every once and a while she stopped to brag about a certain program or activity that the school offered that was somehow better than the others.

“Did you know that our track team is the best in the province! And our arts and drama programs are unmatched in the district.” She said these things with such pride, but Matt hadn’t developed a sense of school spirit yet. The tour meandered through the halls and various labs and library. He began to think that there was no way that he could find his way around the school and he is surely to get lost tomorrow.

Mrs. Canning stopped for a while to show Matt the gymnasium. It was huge! Complete with basketball courts, workout rooms and an indoor track around the perimeter. The change rooms were nice also, but he noticed that they were just a big open room with absolutely no privacy. The showers were the same. A big open room with around 14 shower heads to be shared with everyone.

“Great…” Matt thought, thinking of his predicament with his aunt a few hours earlier.

Mrs. Canning brought Matt back to her office and sat him down.

“Well, I hope you are looking forward to starting tomorrow! I took the liberty of making a course schedule for you. It shows you what class you have, what time it is at, where it is and the teacher who teaches it. I know you have limited education, so I signed you up for grade 9 math, English, and science. I do understand however that you must want to meet some people your own age so I also signed you up for grade 12 physical education, art, and drama.” Mrs Canning explained joyously. She looked so enthusiastic that it nearly made Matt sick.

“Ummm yeah, I guess that’s all good…” Matt said, not really knowing what to think of it all. He was excited to start school; however, he was equally nervous.

“Okay, good! You also may want to think about trying out some sports or clubs in the school. Extra-curriculars will definitely help you gain some friends.” She said with a smile. She reached out and shook Matt’s hand firmly. “See you tomorrow at 8:30!”

The car ride home was uneventful. It was merely an episode in which he preached Mrs. Canning’s tour back to his aunt. She made no mention of the day’s earlier events. He was glad that she didn’t because he was tired. All the sex he has had in the last few days has really taken its toll on him.

He didn’t really understand the full emotional part of sex yet, only that it was tiring but felt great. He began to wonder why, out of all the civilizations on earth, was his tribe in Uganda a penis stretching tribe. It was hard for him to even fathom that the average male penis is only around 6″ erect.

So much was happening for him in the last few days, his head hurt. He decided to go to bed right after dinner so he could be nice and fresh for school…

Matt awoke to the drone of his alarm clock; 7:30am flashing on the screen as it screamed out Matt’s tiredness. For a few moments he refused to move, as if to delay the day that was to come. His morning wood pitched a giant tent protruding above him. To anyone else this scene would have been comical. The sheer size of the tent was ridiculous. It was surprising that there were even any bed sheets left to cover his body. Slowly he arose and yawned. He had showered the night before, so there was no need to have one now. The only thoughts on his mind were to get dressed, eat, and walk to school.

He stood up and grabbed a pair of the small tightie-whities that he got at the mall from that weird Walmart girl. He struggled to put them on.

“Dammit!” he shouted under his breath, realizing that the small undies didn’t even come close to fitting in his giant 13″ flaccid penis. The 5 pairs of small tighty whities were the only underpants he had, so he would have to go commando. Thankfully the track pants he picked out were extra large. They were simply huge on his small frame, but they seemed to hide his giant penis a little bit. He had to tie the drawstring tight, to make sure they wouldn’t fall off. He put on a t-shirt and went upstairs for breakfast.

His walk to school was good for him. He was nervous but the walk seemed to help him clear his mind. A few steps out the door he realized that going commando in such baggy pants allowed for his dick to swing like a pendulum as he walked. Every few steps he could hear and feel it slap against his legs, making lots of noise. For a few steps he looked down and watched it under his pants to see if it was noticeable. Sure enough, it was ridiculous. The swinging of his dick back and forth moved the pants along with the motion.

He sighed and decided that there was nothing he could do.

He saw the front steps of the school approaching. The school got bigger with every step nearer to it. He stopped at the front door, put his hand on the handle and hesitated. With another sigh he opened the door and stepped in, expecting everyone to stop and stare at him.

He was wrong. No one even gave him a second look. Seeing this made him feel a little bit better. He reached for his schedule and read the first class.

“8:30: Gr. 12 Co-ed phys-ed, room G100, Mr. Mackle.” The gym was easy to find, he remembered his tour surprisingly well.

“Well, you must be Matthew!” A strong deep voice said to him as he walked in the door.

“Oh hi Mr. Mackle,” Matt hesitantly said. Mr. Mackle was tall and was very strong looking with very broad shoulders. He was completely bald and had a goatee and he was wearing a sport windsuit.

“I trust the principal showed you where the changeroom is,” he exclaimed.

“Yep, Mrs. Canning showed me,” Matt replied as he headed for the door.

When he entered he was very surprised. There were around 11 other guys getting changed for gym. Half were already changed and the others were standing around naked and talking. He couldn’t help but stare. They all seemed so small to him. One tall kid with a buzz cut and very athletic physique looked only to be around 3 inches. The thin guy beside him with long black hair was also only around 2.5 inches soft. He couldn’t believe how tiny they looked, he didn’t notice how obvious his starring was.

“What the fuck buddy! Getting a good look?” the buzz cut guy said sternly.

“Oh sorry… I guess it’s true that average is really small,” Matt replied thinking nothing of what he was saying.

“Fuck kid… Did you just call me small?” Buzz asked clenching his fists and shook his head.

“No, just your penis is small… otherwise you are a pretty big guy.” Matt didn’t know how bad that sounded. He couldn’t understand why Buzz was getting so upset.

“Haha whatever dipshit, you are so thin I could crush you. I bet you are smaller than all of us!” Buzz replied with a sense of ego.

“Alright…” Matt replied as he dropped his track pants.

His massive 13 inch soft dick dangled between his legs finally free of the track pant dungeon. He rotated his hips a little to make it swing and slap the side of his leg. Buzz and the other guys just stared in amazement. Buzz’s mouth was now wide open and his fists no longer clenched.

“Shit son! You are a fucking horse! Just a little tip though… don’t go around callin guys small. There are two reasons. One, every dick in comparison to yours is small and two, that’s just asking for an ass kickin,” Buzz explained. “Put some fucking shorts on Horse, haha” Buzz laughed as he pulled up his gym shorts.

Obediently, Matt put on the shorts that he got from the crazy Wal-mart girl. His dick hung a good 3 or 4 inches out of the bottom of the left short leg.

“Shit Horse! Even your shorts won’t cover it…. I’ll be right back,” Buzz laughed as he left the room. He returned quickly with a pair of small fitting boxers from the lost and found. “These might help… they ain’t mine, they are from the lost and found. Hopefully you don’t get an STD or some shit,” Buzz said as he passed Matt the boxers.

The boxers did contain his dick quite well, but tightly and uncomfortably. They did the job.

BEEP BEEP Mr. Mackle blew his whistle.

“WARM UP!” he yelled.

Matt entered the gym close behind Buzz.

“Alright, 10 laps and then stretch,” Mr. Mackle shouted.

Matt easily ran the laps close with Buzz, who was in amazing shape.

“Wow Horse, you are a good runner, you should come out for the track team after school,” Buzz asked.

“Sure!” Matt replied, happy that someone was showing him some friendship.

After the warm-up and stretching the class played a game of indoor soccer for around 30 minutes, concluded by Mr. Mackle yelling “Hit the showers.”

Matt couldn’t wait to get the uncomfortable boxers off. Ahh he sighed as he peeled them down to the floor, releasing the boxer’s death grip on his cock. He immediately got hard from the relief. Matt just shrugged it off as he walked hard and naked to the showers.

When the other guys who were already in the showers saw him enter, they all left trying not to look at him in jealous embarrassment.

His second class was grade 9 math. It was boring and uneventful. He spent the whole time watching the clock slowly tick to lunch time. He felt uncomfortable being the oldest kid in the class.

After what seemed like an eternity the lunch bell rang.

Matt ended up eating alone outside in the shade of an elm tree. It was lonely but he was used to it. All he could think about was how glad he was to make a friend and that it will be fun to run track for the school team. He didn’t meet any ladies yet, but he was sure he would.

Grade 9 english was a blur, he pretty much slept through it.

His final class of the day was grade 12 art. He really enjoyed art and the emotion it allows him to portray. He sat at the back of the class because that is where he felt most comfortable.

Today’s art class they worked with clay. Two girls sat in front of him. One of them was short, maybe 5′ tall maximum. She had dyed black hair, pale complexion and dark eyeliner around her eyes. She was a goth through and through, complete with studded bracelets, a studded dog collar, black finger nails, and a lip piercing. Matt couldn’t make out her figure due to her black baggy clothes.

The other girl was a thin emo girl. With her hair perfectly layered and straightened and bangs pushed to one side. She wore those tight black pants that are meant to go under skirts, only she wasn’t wearing a skirt. She would often reach for the other end of the table allowing Matt to clearly see the outline of her amazing ass and pussy. She was fairly tall and thin at about 5’6″ and she wore a black and white stripped tank top. Her tits looked to be fairly large for a thin girl, she was at least a solid B cup.

The teacher left the room for a few minutes and that is when Matt noticed just what they were moulding out of clay.

“Imagine if there really were guys this big!” the goth said to the thin emo girl, while grasping her hand around the big clay penis. It looked to be about 10 inches long and maybe 6 inches circumference (thick).

“Yeah, I would LOVE to try one like that!” the emo replied putting her hand around the cock.

“Does this intimidate you?” The goth girl turned and said to Matt. She was grinning from ear to ear, she obviously loved to play with people’s heads and intimidate guys.

“Nope, not at all. Mine’s bigger actually,” Matt said with an innocent smile. He still didn’t understand the sexuality of the world around him.

“Haha! Yeah right!” She rolled her eyes.

“No, really, it’s true,” he replied, just as innocent and honest as before.

“Whatever dude,” she said still doubting him, she turned back to her clay cock.

“No… really, see for yourself!” Matt reached into his pants and pulled out his monster dick. The emo girl was about to turn around to tell him off until she got a glimpse of what he was packing.

“FUCK!” Her scream caused Matt to quickly shoved his dick back into his pants before anyone else could see.

“Shut up you emo bitch!” a guy yelled across the room at the girl. She stood up and hissed at him. Making the group of guys laugh in response and she just gave them the middle finger. Matt wasn’t used to this kind of communication at all.

“What’s your name?” She asked starring intensely into Matt’s eyes.

“Matt, what’s yours?”

“Ashley,” She replied blushing. He could tell that she was the type of girl that rarely blushed like that, so he took it in stride.

RING RING – the bell rang signalling the end of school.

“See-ya later!” Matt said as he darted out of the class eager to start track practice.

The track coach, Mr. Jeffreys, was standing outside the gym.

“Hey, I’m the new kid. I am a pretty good runner and I was wondering if I could try out for the team,” Matt asked nervously.

“Oh, there’s no tryouts, you just come and you’re on the team. Here is our track uniform, we use it for pretty much all of our summer sports, put it on and meet us inside the gym.” He explained as he handed Matt a red and white singlet (skin tight suit that wrestlers and athletes use).

SHIT! Matt thought as he looked at the singlet. “How in the hell can I hide it now?” he thought to himself. He went into the changreoom which was quite more full than gym class. Again he noticed how small everyone was. The biggest soft dick he saw was probably around 6 inches.

“Hey Horse! You came!” Buzz shouted, “You little freak haha” he laughed as Matt walked nearer. Matt’s face went red because now everyone was looking at him. He decided his best option was to turn away from everyone and face the wall to get changed. He removed his pants releasing his obese monster cock. It swung happily between his legs.

“What the Fuuuuccckkk,” one of the guys said, seeing Matt’s long thick whale penis hanging between his legs. He tried to ignore it and get dressed.

Just as he thought, it was absolutely impossible to hide his immensely massive dick. He tried stuffing it down one leg, but the shorts were far too short. To the side just looked ridiculous, as if he was wearing a boa constrictor around his waist, so he decided it was best to have it pointing up. The suit was long enough for that. It still looked ridiculous with his dick coming up between his nipples. He sighed and left the changeroom, hoping and praying that no one would notice.

He peeked his head around the corner. There were at least 60 people in the gym. They were arranged in a big circle stretching. The team looked fairly evenly split with nearly the same number of boys as girls. He had to admit, the school unitard looked amazing on the fit track girls.

While scanning the circle for a place to stretch he spotted Buzz. By this time, pretty much everyone was seated and stretching, so he was able to sneak in beside him pretty unnoticed.

“Hey Horse!” He said quietly. Matt was thankful that he wasn’t loud, as not to direct everyone’s attention. “Pff Matt, you look ridiculous! Haha you are so thin and boney… your dick really is noticeable… haha” Buzz laughed.

“Shh man, just don’t say anything,” Matt replied, embarrassed.

“Alright other side,” The girl in the center of the circle directing the stretches said.

That is when Matt noticed her. She was doing that stretch where you stand with your legs really far apart and you reach to one side. She was on somewhat of an angle to him. He could see pretty much a side profile of her. From what he could tell, she was maybe 5’3″ tall but magnificently shaped. She was by far the most amazingly stunning girl he had ever seen. She had wonderfully soft looking layered brunette colored hair. It was shoulder length and it just swayed and flowed like perfection itself. Her skin was a beautiful tanned colour, much like Matt’s, only she definitely didn’t get the tan in Africa. It was simply the perfect tone of skin, it looked soft as silk. Her big brown eyes just screamed for attention, perfectly accentuated by her mascara and eyeliner. She had the most amazing little nose and her lips were glossy and moist. He could only dream of kissing those terrific lips. Traveling further down her body Matt could see her tits. They were simply astonishing. They looked to be at least a C cup and masterfully perky. She obviously wasn’t wearing anything under her singlet, yet you would swear she was, since they were so perky and simply exquisite cleavage. Her tan was completely everywhere on her body, Matt new she must tan nude. The thought of her nude was utter heaven. He could see her perfect nipples popping through her singlet as she reached hard for her stretch.

The sight of this girl was simply heaven and Matt was as hard as a baseball bat. Luckily his dick was pointing up, so it didn’t feel too uncomfortable to be hard.

She then turned her back to Matt and, with her legs wide apart, she reached for the floor. Matt’s heart skipped a beat. Her ass was absolutely unbelievable. She obviously trains hard for track, because it was the fittest firmest finest round ass he had ever seen. Her round, smooth ass cheeks, combined with the tight material of the singlet called for Matt’s eyes, coaxing him, taunting him. The material hugged her ass cheeks tight, dipping in the middle as if she had a wedgie. She reached further, placing her arms on the floor, adjusting her ass into what can only be described as a prime mating position. Matt could see the entire outline of her pussy. Her small pussy lips looked incredible and he could even make out the faint outline of her clit. She may as well have not been wearing anything, because Matt could see it all.

She was simply heaven.

She then turned back in Matt’s direction and sat on the floor with her feet together infront of her forming a butterfly stretch. He could see her pussy even better in this position. She is so fit, all Matt could think about was how tight her pussy must be. The thought of her pussy on his dick sent shivers down his spine. She reached up to brush her hair to the side, and that’s when she noticed Matt. Her eyes opened wide, stuck on Matt’s cock. His dick was still pointed up, but because of the position of the stretch and the fact that he was erect made it point up to the very edge of his singlet. He literally only had about a quarter inch of fabric above his dick. It stood erect in the middle of his chest, basically at the same height as his nipples. The tightness of the fabric outlined his entire shaft and balls, and the girl in the middle of the circle was in the perfect spot to see it all. Her face went a rosey color and he could see her legs starting to jiggle a little bit. She forced herself to look away and moved into a different stretch looking off elsewhere in the room.

“Hey, who is she?” Matt asked Buzz.

“Oh, I knew you would notice her, haha! Her name is Hailey. She’s smokin’, eh?” Buzz laughed.

“Hailey, the name of an angel,” Matt thought. He looked around the circle and immediately his face went a blazing red color. Everyone he looked at was either looking at him, pointing at him and talking to the person beside them, or simply starring wide eyed at his dick.

The whispers grew louder and Matt could hear things like: “That has to be fake,” “that kid is a freak,” or “no way that’s real.” He could feel a fever rising and his heart was pounding. His face was tomato red, his breathing began to get heavy. Matt could hear all their whispers judging and taunting him, and he heard laughter. He didn’t know what to do about it, he hadn’t experienced this before in Africa. The young man began hyperventilating in panic.

*THUD* Matt fainted.

Immediately the coach went to him and assessed what had happened. He took Matt into the health room beside the gym and lay him down on a pad they had set up. Hailey immediately grabbed a towel and soaked it in the cold drinking fountain water.

“Just put that on his face and try to get him to relax, I will be right back, I have to call the principle over,” the coach said to Hailey. She knelt behind Matt and propped his head up on to her lap. She put the cold wet towel on Matt’s forehead and began lightly caressing his arms with her soft hands.

Matt strained to open his eyes and when he did, all he could see was Hailey’s perfect singlet covered tits hovering over him.

“What? Who?” Matt managed to mumble.

“Oh haha, I’m Hailey, I was just trying to wake you up… are you okay?” Hailey bubbly replied.

“Uhh, now I am!” Matt smiled.

“Oh good, you got him to wake up! How are you Matt?” Coach asked.

“Oh, I’m fine,” He replied, smiling at Hailey.

“Well, Mrs. Canning thinks you better go home and rest. Hailey, according to Mrs. Canning’s records Matt lives close to you, can you walk him home?” Coach asked her.

“Yep, no problem, I can do some of today’s training at home anyway,” Hailey replied.

“Ok, well Matt, it’s a nice day so I will just wear this home, I just have to get my clothes from the change room, how about we meet outside the gym, ” Hailey suggested.

“Yeah sure,” he replied as she left to get her clothes. He couldn’t believe how lucky he was, he has the most beautiful and gorgeous girl he had ever seen walking him home.

She was waiting in the hall when he got out of the change room. Her backpack straps squeezed her tits together making them look as if they were in a push-up bra. Her tits were nearly busting out of her top as the backpack pulled down on her singlet. She got up and started walking, Matt quickly followed.

She walked just enough ahead that Matt had a perfect view of her ass. Her tight round cheeks were so perfect and squeezable. Matt could tell that she knew she was gorgeous and that she liked to show it off.

“Hey, the weather is so awesome right now, and the sun is totally perfect for some tanning… I notice you have quite the tan… wanna come over to my house for a bit Matt?” Hailey asked. “I have a sweet set-up for tanning you should at least come over and see it.”

“Yeah, sure, I haven’t really been in the sun much since I got here,” Matt replied nervously.

“So, why did you faint?” Hailey asked with a sense of interest.

“Haha… well to tell the truth… I noticed everyone starring at me… and talking about me… and laughing at me… I was so nervous… and it just happened,” Matt said scratching his head. “All I could hear were everyone’s whispers… like ‘that has to be fake’ and so on,” he added.

“Oh yeah, I noticed… I thought you were playing a joke or something… is it real?” Hailey asked with excitement .

“Yep!” Matt replied with a smile.

“Nice,” was her reply. Matt didn’t understand. She seemed interested one moment, then not interested the next. He was getting confused.

“Well, here is my house, we can just go around back,” She said as she led Matt around the corner of her nice two storey brick house. Her backyard was beautiful. There were huge trees all along the perimeter so it was completely private from any neighbours and her bean shaped pool looked very inviting.

“Alright, well, I will be right back, just a sec,” Hailey said with a smile as she went in the back door of the house. There were two lounge style tanning chairs sitting on the porch so Matt just sat in one and waited for Hailey to come back. He hoped she was going to get a bikini on or something, his cock twitched just thinking about it.

“Hey I’m back,” Hailey said as the door flung open. Matt’s jaw dropped. Out she walked, a naked goddess of the sun. Her beautiful tanned body nude and naked for Matt to see. Her tanned tits bounced as she walked over to him and her pussy was shaved as bald as a baby. The sight of her naked body was the most amazing sight he had ever seen. Her hips were the most gorgeous shape and she had an amazing flat stomach. She seemed to like teasing Matt and showing off.

“You have to tan naked silly, no tan lines hehe” she giggled. She walked around nude so naturally and comfortably. “I think I have some tanning oil somewhere,” she said with her back to Matt and her right hand resting on her hip. Her naked ass was to die for, it looked so soft, yet firm and the tanned tone of the skin made it so beautiful. She bent over, in full view of Matt, to pick up the bottle. He could see her glistening pussy and her asshole pucker as she bent down far to pick up the bottle.

“Well, you better get naked if you don’t want tan lines!” she said to Matt. He immediately obeyed and took off his singlet, releasing his monster cock. Hailey looked, briefly, but turned away as if the sight of it was an everyday occurrence.

“Ok, I find to get a really good tan, you have to use tanning oil, let me help you put it on…” she said as she turned Matt around and pushed him down face first on the tanning recliner. She threw her leg over him and straddled him like a horse. Her pussy was rubbing against his ass and it was turning him on.

“See you just need a little bit like this,” she said squeezing some of the oil out onto Matt’s back. ” Then you just rub it in, making sure to cover everywhere,” she explained as she rubbed the oil into Matt’s skin. She shuffled down a little lower onto Matt’s upper legs. Her pussy rubbed down his ass and leg as she moved. This was so erotic to him, he was so ready for sex, yet he couldn’t tell really what Hailey wanted. She squirted some oil on his ass and began rubbing it in. “You have a cute ass,” she said in a sexy tone.

“Uhh, thanks…” Matt replied nervously.

She then rubbed down onto the bottom of his balls, but only for enough time to get them covered by the oil. All this teasing was really getting to him, and he could feel his dick precumming all over the place. She finished up the back of his legs and got off of him.

“Alright, I’ll do your front now,” She said with a smile as Matt turned over on the recliner. His huge dick pointed straight up to the sky, hard as bone. She smiled and threw her legs over Matt just behind his cock. Slowly she moved forward, his cock pushed down to his chest has she slide her pussy over it. She let her pussy glide along perpendicular to the shaft, it was placed perfectly between her pussy lips. She then persisted to oil his neck and chest. Her tit’s were simply awe inspiring almost hypnotizing. Matt felt as though he was in a dream. He could feel her warm pussy drip warm pussy juices all over his cock as she slide down the shaft to massage and oil lower. She never let the cock enter her, she just slide along the bottom of it with her pussy perpendicular to it. It was driving Matt insane. She then got to his cock. She preceded to squirt oil all over it and began stroking it softly with both hands. The sexy erotic look on her face as she oiled his dick was simply terrific his cock was as hard as it has ever been. She bit her lip as she stroked gently up and down his massive dick.

“How do you like that honey?” she said pouting her lips.

“Amazing!” he said as she stroked.

“You know, I have never seen such a big dick… so long and so thick… it is a lot thicker than my wrist even… a lot of girls would die to be with you,” Hailey said as she began oiling the base and balls.

“I would die to be with you…” Matt said in return, hoping to coax her into it.

“Oh would you?” she said with a smile.

She then turned around on top of him, in somewhat of a 69 position, only she continued oiling his legs. His dick pressed against her tits as she oiled and massaged. Because it was well oiled, it slide easily between her two perky love pillows. Her pussy was in easy view of Matt. He could see every little part of it. Her lips were absolutely perfect, the inner lips were small and smooth and the hood over her clit just looked so ready for pleasure. Her pussy was dripping wet and looked as tight as hell.

“Okay, You’re oiled up, now you have to do me,” she said as she lay down on her front on the recliner next to Matt.

He straddled on top of her. Only he straddled her lower legs such that his cock head was touching the outer lips of her pussy. The oil combined with her pussy juice made her pussy incredibly slick and as he leaned forward to oil her back, the tip of his head slide a little bit into her pussy.

“Mmm,” Hailey moaned feeling the tip of the dick enter her.

It took all of Matt’s might not to just enter her now, but he knew that he had to tease her the way she teased him. She was so tight looking anyway, Matt wasn’t even sure if it would fit. He worked his way down her shoulders to her lower back and the top of her ass. The sight of her shiny glimmering body was magnificent. Every curve was accentuated by the sun, her skin like silk. He pulled his dick away and massaged her ass and pussy with his oily hands. Again Hailey moaned and he heard her starting to breathe heavily. He worked his way down her inner thighs with the oil. He finished off her lower legs and she immediately spun around to face him.

“Kay, I’m ready for the front now,” she said with a grin. She lay on the recliner with her legs spread open inviting Matt in. Her pussy was soaking wet and dripping down her thighs. He moved in and placed his dick at the entrance. Again as he leaned forward to apply the oil it slid in slightly.

“Mmmm,” Hailey moaned as she felt the cock head slightly poke her again.

He began with her shoulders and slowly caressed lower and lower to her unbelievable C cup perky breasts. Her eyes were shut and she was biting her lip as Matt massaged the oil all over her soft amazing tits. He didn’t stay too long because he wanted to tease her. He moved down to her naval and hips. When it was time to oil her pussy, he did so, softly and gently with his hands. Hailey again began to breathe heavily and moan. He slowly finished her thighs and lower legs and gave her a brief foot massage. He had never felt skin so soft and silky.

“Oh Matt… you missed a spot… here on my shoulder,” She said mischievously. Matt followed her instruction and leaned in to get the spot. His cock head rested again at the entrance of her pussy.

“Is this it?” He rubbed a spot on her shoulder. His hard dick still perched at the entrance of her quivering pussy lips. He was precumming all over the entrance of her tight slit. Her nipples were hard and erect, he could tell that she was responding to his teasing.

“No, it’s a little higher… come closer,” Hailey was whispering now and she slowly closed her eyes and bit her lower lip.

Matt reached higher, and in doing so the head of his cock half entered her, already stretching her. It was so moist, hot, and clenched down on him so perfectly. It was the pussy of a goddess.

“Mmmm… Ohh! God! Matt!” Hailey groaned as she bit her lip and grabbed her wonderful breasts. He took that as an invitation to keep delving deeper. He slowly pushed the rest of his head in her fit little tanned pussy.

“Oh yes! It’s so big!” Hailey moaned as she arced her back with pleasure.

The sight on his big head entering her tiny tight pussy was astonishing. It was so surreal, there was no way you could look at his dick and her pussy and think that it would fit.

He slowly pulled it out and slowly back in again a little further. He could feel every tiny bit of her amazing hot pussy.

“Oh Matt, you feel so amazing!” Hailey whimpered as Matt thrust another inch into her pussy. The moist warmth of her pussy was unimaginable as she clamped down on Matt’s massive cock. Looking down he saw how much her pussy was stretching to accommodate him, it looked so tight and stretched around Matt’s cock that you would swear he was fisting her. She thrust herself upwards inserting another inch of his dick.

“Ohhhhh Godddd!! You are so huge! Mmmm!” She shouted, her eyes glazed over with passionate lust. Now he had the head of his cock and around 3 inches inside her. He looked down and slowly pulled it out. Her pussy lips glided to conform to the vieny thick shape of Matt’s cock as it slipped out and retracted back to normal size once the massive head slipped out. Before he slid it in he grabbed hard around the base of his dick, making his head rock hard and at least half an inch thicker. He slowly glided his wet monster dick back into her, her pussy spread wide to fit it all in.

Her mouth shot open and her eyes opened wide. “Oh my God!! Oh my God! It’s soo biggggg! Ooooh!” Hailey whimpered like a hurt puppy. “Matt this is sooo amazing! I can’t believe how big you feel inside me! Mmmm!” She bit her lip as Matt thrust it deeper into her tight strong pussy.

He reached forward and grabbed her left tit as he thrust his gigantic dick in and out of her. She shook and whimpered the whole time screaming for more. He still only had about five inches into her. He grabbed her other tit and began squeezing her nipples as he thrust more of it in her.

“Oh FUCK!” She screamed as two more inches entered her tight fit pussy. “Ssoooo DEEP! Yess! OHH!” Then Matt shoved another inch into her. “AHHHH! AHHHHH! MMMMM!” She was acting wild now, screaming at the top of her lungs. She was climaxing hard with over eight inches of Matt’s long, thick, homegrown cock. Pussy juices streamed out of her as she clenched hard during her orgasm.

He started to thrust harder and faster. He bottomed out on her everytime he went in. She was breathing so heavily that he swore she was going to faint. He reached down and rubbed her slick oiled clit as he thrust into her still in the missionary position.

“OHHHH GODDDDD!!!” She screamed in ecstasy as her tight little pussy clenched hard on his dick.

He leaned over her and kissed those lips he so dearly desired to kiss. She responded by giving him the most passionate embrace imaginable.

She reached her arms up and pushed Matt off of her. She lay him down on his tanning recliner and stood above his gigantic oiled cock.

“Matt this is absolutely incredible! I have never felt anything like your dick before… It’s so huge, I feel so tight around it…” She was feeling a lot more open now with the young stud. She couldn’t imagine doing this with any other guy.

“Trust me, I am just as amazed as you are!” Matt grinned.

She slowly lowered herself down onto him, with her eyes shut and her mouth open. Matt watched as his head and the first eight or so inches of his cock slowly slid deep into her pussy. Hailey sighed in delight. Her warm wet pussy clenched his dick contracting and squeezing with pleasure. The tightness and warmth of her pussy was incredible and the feeling of the head of his cock sliding in and out of her fit little pussy was like heaven.

“Oh God Matt!!” Hailey screamed as she bounced up and down on his cock, which was slick and glistening with the wetness from her pussy.

Faster and faster she quickened her pace bouncing eagerly up and down thrusting Matt’s cock deep into her.

“Oh God, oh God, OH GOD!” She screamed like a rabid animal desperate for more. “Mmmm! Mmmm! Mmmm! Matt!” She screamed bouncing wildly on his cock. He could feel his balls ache and dick swell as he was nearing eruption. The feeling of her pussy like a jackhammer flying up and down on him felt so amazing he was so close to cumming.

“AH! Ahh! Ahhhhh!” Hailey screamed as she came, clenching her pussy tightly around Matt’s monster dick. Wetness dripped down his cock from her pussy trickling over his stomach and down his thighs. She slowed down nearly to a halt panting for air.

“That was the most amazing orgasm I have ever had!” she said between breathes. “You are seriously a God! Are you even close to cumming yet?” she asked.

“Very close!” Matt said as he stood up and positioned Hailey into the doggystyle position. The view of her ass and tight pussy from above was astonishing. She glistened with oil and pussy juices and everything just seemed so inviting.

Slowly he pushed the head of his big monster dick into her. She moaned as he pushed further and further into her cave of pleasure. He was easily bottoming her out.

“Oh God! Matt I still can’t believe how big you are!” Hailey said with pleasure. She felt like he could pop out her throat at any moment. She had never experienced such long strokes before, she was now spoiled by Matt’s length. Hailey was also obsessed with the girth of his cock and the amount it was stretching her lips, almost to the point of splitting.

“I can’t believe how tight you are!” Matt replied, amazed at how he was banging the most beautiful chick at school.

He could feel his balls ache again and he knew he was close to cumming so he began pounding her hard and deep. Faster and faster he thrust his big dick into her. She was screaming inaudible sounds, intoxicated with pleasure. A few more thrusts and he was sure to erupt everywhere shooting his giant load that had built up. Just a few more thrusts and he would have it.

“Tell me when you are going to cum! I want to drink it!” Hailey shouted with lustful pleasure.

“Soon!” Matt quickly replied pounding her as hard and fast as he could. He was so close, he could feel his load seemingly at the tip of his dick, just waiting for the signal to fire.

“THUD” a car door slammed shut in Hailey’s driveway.

“Shit! Shit! My mom’s home!….” Hailey shouted in a panic.

“Get off! Ummm… just lie down… make it look like we were just tanning!” She shouted in a panic. Matt quickly sat down on the recliner and made it look like he was sleeping.

“Tap tap tap,” they could hear Hailey’s mom’s footsteps coming closer.

“Hey Hailey, what do you want for dinner?” her mom asked loudly as she rounded the corner. “I was thinking ham and-OH MY GOD! Hailey! What is going on?!” She screamed at the sight of Matt “sleeping.” luckily he only had a semi now, though it still hung at around 13 inches.

“Don’t worry mom!” Hailey hesitantly said, “He… is a new guy at school and… he is gay… we were just tanning and talking that’s all,” Hailey said innocently smiling at her lie. Matt didn’t even know what being gay meant.

“Is this true?!” Her mom asked looking at Matt sternly.

“Uh, yeah, totally, we were just tanning and talking that’s all,” Matt responded nervously.

Hailey’s mom looked at him with one eye half shut, as if to say that she suspects something is up.

Matt stood up and walked over to where she was standing, his massive oiled up dick swung and shone in the light as he approached her. She was now starring at his dick wide eyed, as if she had never seen something so giant.

“Nice to meet you Mrs. …?” Matt asked holding out his hand for a shake. Matt still didn’t understand that in this part of the world being naked is a fairly private thing and not everyone can casually be naked like him and Hailey. She shook her head and removed her eyes from his cock.

“Miss Downie,” She replied with a smile as she shook his hand, “I’m just a Miss not Mrs., Hailey’s father left us some time ago when her and her sister were born… Your name is?”

“Matthew,” He responded with a smile, “I can see where Hailey got her good looks from!” Matt said and smiled.

He was telling the truth. Miss Downie was maybe 5’1″ tall and around 100 pounds with a very petite frame. She had very large breasts, at least a D cup, and she looked to be only around mid-thirties. She had dark brown hair that was worn up in a fancy style and she wore some very stylish black framed glasses that suited her petite face perfectly. She wasn’t tanned like Hailey, but she did have very nice soft looking skin.

“Well Matthew, I think it would be best for you to shower that oil off and head home, Hailey and I have a busy night,” Miss Downie said while looking down at his cock every few seconds.

“I’ll stay out here and tan until dinner, I am really tired mom you might have to call me when it’s ready, see ya later Matt!” Hailey said while winking at him.

“See ya Hailey,” Matt responded smiling but nervous about the whole situation.

“Okay, well, grab your cloths, I will show you where the shower is,” Miss Downie said to Matt. He did so and followed her into the house.

The house was very well kept. It had nice neutral tan colours on the walls, white trim and stone tile pretty much everywhere.

“Sorry I’m in such a mood, you can understand why I would be so shocked right?” Miss Downie explained, ” I mean, it’s not every day that you come home to your naked daughter and a naked boy sitting out soaking in the sun… and especially a boy of your size… I bet your boyfriends love you!” Miss Downie laughed.

“What?!” Matt was confused, “Boyfriends?”

“Yeah… I thought Hailey said you were gay…” Miss Downie replied.

“OH! Yeah, I am, haha,” Matt now understood what gay meant, he smiled now understanding the lie that Hailey had told her mom.

Miss Downie took him into the master bedroom and then into the ensuite bathroom.

“This is the only shower that works properly,” she said looking down at her watch. “Shit, I have to hurry, Hailey has a soccer game tonight!” She proclaimed. “Umm… this may sound strange, but since you were pretty comfortable being naked with my daughter I think this would be ok…” She hesitantly said.

“Yeah what is it?” Matt asked.

“I am in a really big hurry; would it be okay if we showered together? It’s a big shower I wouldn’t normally ask, but since you are gay and all, I think it would be fine,” She blushed.

“Yeah sure I guess,” Matt replied, still not fully understanding any taboo or sexuality involved in her request.

“Awesome, thanks, you are a real timesaver!” Miss Downie replied removing her glasses and letting her hair down. She was quite stunning. She unbuttoned her blouse and removed it, revealing her big D breasts being barely contained by her bra. Matt could feel his hard on coming back.

“Uhh… I will go get in the shower…” He said, trying not to get a hard on.

“Yeah sure, I’ll meet you in there,” she replied while she removed her skirt.

Oh man, what I am going to do??? Matt thought as he turned on the shower. The shower was tiny, much smaller than she had indicated it would be. I won’t be able to stop myself from getting hard, ahh what am I going to do??? He thought frantically. He slowly got into the shower.

The bathroom door flung open and a naked Miss Downie entered. She had an amazing body. She had a much more softer and womanly figure than her daughter. The curve of her hips, the softness of her skin, everything about her was very sexy. She had a little patch of pubic hair, very well kept and trimmed and she had a flat stomach with no stretch marks or anything near, she must work out. Her tits weren’t quite as perky as her daughters but that was to be expected, and they were still gorgeous and very full and wonderful shaped.

Matt looked up into the jets of water, hoping to temporarily blind himself or something as not to get hard.

She entered the shower slowly got in front of Matt, facing away from him. The sight of the water running down her back and grazing along her perfect curvy hips and down her ass nearly made him rock hard. He couldn’t stop it anymore, he simply had to get hard. Hailey almost made him cum and his monster dick was ready for more. He struggled trying to keep his hard dick from touching Miss Downie.

“Could you soap my back? It would really save time,” Miss Downie asked giving Matt a bar of soap. His hands shook as he lathered her shoulders, back, lower back and finally ass. As soon as he touched her nice soft ass his dick sprung up right between her legs.

“Oopsy! Someone is excited!” She said smiling. She turned around to face him, water was dripping down her body and over her amazing tits, his dick immediately shot back up to her crotch once she was facing him.

“You are gay right?” She asked.

“Yeah, it’s we are really close together and the water and your ass… I couldn’t help it sorry,” Matt replied nervous as to what was going to happen next.

“Well… have you ever had sex with a woman?” She inquired.

“Uhh, no, never!” Matt nervously replied.

“Well… you are hard and I haven’t been with anyone for years… would you like to try?” She hesitantly asked, blushing. “You don’t have to, I understand, I mean you are gay… right?” It was almost like she didn’t believe the lie now and was egging him on.

Matt reached out and cupped her left breast. In turn she looked at Matt in the eyes and began stroking his dick.

“Your cock is by far the biggest dick I have ever seen!” She said as she grasped it. “It’s unbelievable!”

Matt just smiled and began rubbing her moist pussy with his other hand.

“Ummm! It’s been so long!” Miss Downie said biting her lip like Hailey did. Matt entered her pussy with his fingers and was surprised at how tight it was. It was very warm and slippery with wetness and felt surreal.

“Oh my! I can’t wait to have you inside me!” The MILF said as she fit both her hands around Matt’s massive dick. She definitely knew how to jerk a guy off, she knew just where to put her hands and how hard to stroke. Obviously she never dealt with one Matt’s size though.

She knelt down and lifted his dick and began licking his balls. Her soft little tongue felt incredible. Soon she started sucking his balls, sucking them into her mouth and massaging them with her tongue. She stroked his massive dick with her hand at the same time as she pampered his balls with her mouth.

“Oh Miss Downie, this feels so good!” Matt sighed as she sucked his balls.

“Follow me…” She said as she stood up and opened the shower door. She led Matt to her bed pushed him down on it. She then proceeded to get into the 69 position. She used one hand to support herself and the other to jack him off. She struggled to fit the head of his dick in her mouth. Her pussy was stunning. It was perfectly trimmed and moist. Matt licked vigorously darting his tongue in and out of her slick crevice. Every once and a while he would flicker his tongue on her clit, she responded with passionate moans and groans.

More and more sweet wetness was leaking out of her pussy which was happily licked clean by Matt. She was loving it.

“Ahhh! Mmm! Yes!” Miss Downie screamed, shoving her pussy down on Matt’s face. He could feel his dick swelling again, getting close to his grand finale. “No don’t cum yet! I need you inside me!” Miss Downie shouted getting off of him. She must have somehow sensed he was getting close.

She turned around and stepped over him. Her pussy was hovering directly above his dick screaming for it. Matt wanted to cum so bad, all of this was torture.

“Okay, I’m going for it! I haven’t been with anyone for a while, I hope it doesn’t hurt!”

Slowly the older woman lowered herself on top of him. He could see her warm dripping pussy stretch as she glided down onto him. Her tight pussy hugged his massively thick and long dick. This was his first time experiencing an older woman’s pussy and he loved it just as much as teen pussy. It felt looser than her daughters, but still incredibly tight. He knew he would be to get even deeper in side of her than he did Hailey, God willing.

“IT’S SOOO HUGE!” The MILF screamed as she slid him in and out of her. “I can’t believe it! Never in my life have I experienced something like this!”

He reached up and grabbed her huge soft tits and played with her nipples as she continued to drive his cock in and out of her slick warm pussy.

“It’s going so deep inside me! Oohhh! It’s filling me up so good! Ahhh! Ahhh!” Miss Dowie panted and screamed. Matt could feel his dick nearing explosion. It was so hard not to just let go of his load.

“Miss Downie, you’re so warm and tight!” Matt exclaimed as her tight pussy bounced up and down on his cock.

“See, Ah! Ah! Women are good too! Ah! Aren’t they!” Miss Downie shouted between screams of pleasure.

“Yeah! You feel so good!” Matt said again, smiling.

She slowed down her thrusting and lowered herself down on him hard trying to get as much of his cock in her as she could.

“You have so much dick! I can’t even come close to fitting it all in!” She said excitedly. Miss Downie spoke too soon though, because within a few minutes she had all but one fat inch inside of her stretched hole. She was clawing Matt’s back and going insane.

“Let’s try some with you on top honey,” she sounded like she needed a rest. She slowly got off his dick with wobbling legs. He slid out of her with care and it made almost a popping sound when his head finally slid out of her tight wet pussy. She lay down on the bed with her legs spread open. Her pussy was bright pink from being stretched so much from Matt’s monster cock.

He slowly nudged the head into her and began with nice slow strokes. His massive cock slid deep in and out of her wonderful pussy. He got back to shoving around 13 inches inside her before bottoming out. Hailey’s mom responded by having yet another loud climax.

“Oh God! I can feel every inch! Mmmm!” Miss Downie whined. Matt’s cock was rock solid, twitching on the edge of eruption. First Hailey and now her mom, he couldn’t take much more.

“I’m going to cum soon Miss Downie,” he said as his dick twitched inside her as he slowly thrust himself in and out of her succulent pussy.

“Cum in my mouth! I want to drink it all up!” She shouted. Matt almost laughed, that’s exactly what Hailey said. “Like mother, like daughter,” he thought.

He pulled out of her and positioned his head at the entrance of her pussy. He then quickly thrust it in deep and back out again. Faster and faster he picked up the pace. He rocked in and out of her as fast as he could go.

“AH! AH! AAAH! AH! OH! OOOH!” She screamed as she came, clenching hard on his dick making her pussy tighter around him. “OHHH! GAHHH!” She screamed again.

His dick was so hard and ready to exploded, every stroke pushed him closer to the edge. Faster he pounded her hard and deep. She took a lot more of him than Hailey did.

It was time. His whole midsection and ass clenched in orgasm. He pulled out and pushed it into her mouth. He tightly clenched every muscle in his body it was the most incredible orgasm he had ever felt. His cock then erupted like Mount St. Helens, rocketing a shot of cum down her throat. Shot after shot sent massive amounts of cum into her mouth.

She began choking spiting it up down her chin. His muscles clenched over and over, shooting massive loads into her mouth. She choked again, letting massive amounts of cum drip out of her over filled mouth.

“Ohhh!” Miss Downie’s scream was muffled by all the cum.

Again he shot another load into her mouth which spewed out onto her chest. By the time he was down there must have been a litre of pure white cum all over her face, chest and bed, not including the cum she was able to swallow.

Miss Downie started coughing, spitting up cum. Finally Matt was able to evacuate all that built up tension.

“That… was… incredible!” Miss Downie whispered in between breathes. “That was the best sex I have ever had in my life!” She had to stop for a breath, she was still winded. “I’ll have to have you over again,” she smiled and winked. “You can stay longer next time too” She grinned. Matt felt like saying, something like “well your daughter might want me over sometimes just for her,” but he thought that might not have been a good idea.

“Christ… What a big piece of meat you have between your legs, Matty.” Miss Downie whispered while gawking at it. It was covered in saliva, pussy juice, precum, and cum. The older woman couldn’t believe such a young man could possess such a mighty cock. Not only that, but how much fit in her poor little pussy.

Miss Downie looked at her watch. “Damn! Hailey’s soccer is soon! How about I give you a ride home?” She began using a towel to wipe off the big mess of cum off her face and chest. “Haha, I might need another shower!”

* * *

It has been two years since Matthew Mills made his voyage from Uganda to Toronto. His story began with him traveling with his parents to Africa when he was only 8 years old for an aid mission. They were ransacked by an African militant group and this was when Matt lost his parents.

Alone and afraid he wandered the countryside until he collapsed in a small tribal village. He grew up with this tribe until the age of 18. The one unique feature of this tribe was that they hung large stones from their penises as they grew up as children. Matt also partook in this tradition growing his penis to great lengths.

Matt’s story of his travels, and his sexual exploits from them, can be found in the story precluding this one.

It is now two years later. Matt was accelerated through high school so he could graduate amongst his peers. He has matured a lot since he first came back to Canada and he was accepted to university for a degree in indigenous studies at the University of McGill in Montreal. He leaves today with his Aunt Irene for move in and orientation day.

Not much has changed with Matt physically. He is still a tanned, five foot eight inch tall, thin framed man. Now he is twenty years old. He wears his brilliant blond hair shorter than he did before and he likes the messy bed-head look. His oceanic blue eyes are now complemented by Dolche and Gabanna stylish framed glasses and his wardrobe has improved as well. He has virtually mastered the ability to show off or hide his gigantic genitalia whenever he sees fit.

Speaking of genitalia, Matt now realizes the blessing he truly has. Though he technically grew his penis to this size through years of hanging stones, to him it just feels natural as he did not have any sexual or perverted intentions in doing so; in growing up with his tribe, conforming to the social norms. He has become very well acquainted with his penis, which measures at 13 inches soft and around 14 inches hard. In combination with that his girth ranges from 6.5″ to 7″ inches thickness depending on where he measures and how turned on he is. As one could probably guess, his penis is absolutely massive when in comparison to his small framed body.

“MATTY! Get your luggage you are going to be late!” His Aunt Irene yelled down the basement stairs where Matt has lived for the last two years.

“Yeah yeah yeah…” Matt responds as he gets out of bed tired and droggy. He removed his comforter and sat up at the edge of his bed rubbing his sleepy eyes. His penis dangled over the edge inches from the floor. He reached his hand to the left and picked up a letter on his nightstand. It was an itinerary for the next week… also known as “frosh week”. Today was move in day and he couldn’t believe it… he was going to university and living on his own in residence.

He was so nervous. Nervous to meet his roommates, nervous to learn new things in a new place; but also excited. He knew that there were to be plenty of women to be with. Matt had no desire for a relationship. No one has really caught his attention in that way; so why not have fun in the meantime?

Because it was September, the weather was still fairly warm and this allowed Matt to wear shorts. He had to be careful about the tightness and length of the shorts because his penis was so big. He wanted it to be evident that he was packing something huge, but at the same time, he didn’t want it to fall out on him in-front of all his new friends. Now that would be embarrassing. He chose a nice pair of athletic type shorts and some loose boxers. This allowed his dick to flow and flop freely and would likely be the most comfortable “move-in” clothes for the long car ride and process of moving boxes from the car to his dorm room.

The car ride was long and horrible. He had to suffer hours and hours of lectures from Irene about everything from staying up late, to drinking, to sexual diseases. She obviously knew the size of Matt’s appendage, from seeing it multiple times before, and she actually orders custom condoms for Matt from a local condom shack store. This place actually makes condoms to the right dimensions for you, big or small. But Matt absolutely dreaded using condoms; who doesn’t?

The campus was beautiful. Most of the buildings are right in the city of Montreal, seemingly close to all the action of the bustling bilingual city. Matt was really embarrassed by Irene for some awkward young adult hormone related reason. So with some effort, after they moved his things into his room, he convinced her to leave him be and allow him to get ready for the rest of the day.

Here he sat alone on his bed, surrounded by his boxes caught in the moment not knowing what to do. His room was surprisingly small. It was a double room, meaning there was another bed in it for a roommate, who had yet to arrive.

Because the car ride was long, and it was beginning to get cold out, he decided it would be best to change into some track pants. He scavenged through his boxes looking for them and a different pair of underwear and placed them on his bed. Casually he dropped his shorts and boxers to the floor allowing his massive dick to breathe the free open air of the dorm room. Looking up he saw a full length mirror on the door. He stepped back to take a look and assessed the lighting in the room. He loved the way his dick looked hanging free between his legs. It reminded him of the years he spent in Africa hanging stones. Sometimes he would look into the mirror and sway back and forth imagining the weight on his cock.

Dazed from the travel and caught in the moment he began getting hard, swinging his dick back and forth. Slowly he closed his eyes and reached down between his legs to hold onto it. He grasped it by the base with his hand, squeezing it to engorge it fully. This made his dick and his penis head rock hard. With his other hand he would just slowly and gently move up and down the shaft. He wasn’t masturbating, just playing with himself because it felt good.

He continued with his eyes closed rubbing up and down his shaft and head; alone in his room, away from home for the first time since he left Africa.

“Helloooo neighbor!” he heard a petite female’s voice chant as his door flew open. Matt just opened his eyes and stood there dumbfounded letting his hard dick fall under the weight of gravity.

“AHHHH!” She slammed the door and ran away. Matt didn’t even get a good look at her, he was so embarrassed. All he knew was that she was very short and Asian looking.

“Shit… shit… shit!” Matt muffled under his breath as he scrambled to get some clothes on. It’s the first day and he has already made a fool of himself. Now he was a prisoner of his own mind. “What if she tells security on me?… Fuck, what if I get kicked out of school? FUCK! What will Aunt Irene say?!” He sat down on his bed almost crying.

For a few minutes he lied down on his bed and pondered what to do. He decided that, since she said she was his neighbor, it would be best to go next door and apologize. How could he be so stupid? To jack off with his door unlocked, on the first day of school! He was so frustrated with himself.

He walked out into the hall looking for the mystery girl’s room. The door to his left said “Welcome to McGill Mike and Liam!” so obviously she had to live in the room to his right. “Fuck!” he thought as he read the door. It didn’t say “Welcome to McGill” anywhere, what it did say was “Second Floor Don, Lindsay.” This sent a chill down his spine, he thought for sure that she was probably writing him up for some sort of assault or exposure or something.

He put his hand up in a fist in front of the door and hesitated. He was so nervous; he didn’t want to interrupt her. What if she wasn’t even there? Shaking profusely he decided to just go for it and knock.


“… Hello?…” he heard an almost tired or exhausted type of voice say.

“Uhhh…. Ummm hi… This is your neighbor… Matt… I uhh just wanted to like… apologize for a few minutes ago… I really didn’t expect anyone to like come in like that…” Matt muttered at the door, hoping she would just say thanks and to go away. He didn’t want to have to go in and re-live the awkwardness.

“Oh… uhhh come in… I’m just having a nap. It’s no problem,” Lindsay said.

Matt opened the door and looked in nervously. Her room was just as big as his, only her bed was the only one in it. She was lying in her bed under the covers. Only her head was showing; which featured a very cute petite Asian’s face. Her make-up was really nice as well. She was definitely a pretty girl.

“Close the door, come on in,” she said to him with a smile. Matt entered and sat on a chair beside the bed. “I’m sorry I just barged in like that… but I am your Don you know, and you should really lock your door if you are going to jack off… Do you realize the kind of trouble you can get in?” She said as she tucked the sheets under her armpits and sat up in her bed. She was either topless or wearing a tube top, because there were no straps on her shoulders.

“Uhhm, yeah… I don’t know what I was thinking… I am really, really, really, sorry. I really don’t want any trouble, I’ll never do it again… I promise I have learned my lesson.” Matt pleaded, red-faced and embarrassed.

“Oh really? Never again? You know I could have you kicked out of here…” She said scrunching her cute little nose and squinting at him.

“Oh please, please, please, don’t! I will do anything to avoid trouble… I mean it! I will wash the toilets all year if I have to! I don’t want to get kicked out!” Matt begged.

“Hmmm… anything?” Lindsay said with a smile biting her lip. “Let… Let me see it again.” She asked with an evil little grin with her comforter tucked under her armpits sitting up against her headboard.

“Ummmm… you sure? You’re not going to like catch me with my pants down just so you can get me out for good are you? You know… like, say I was in your room and everything?” Matt said with worry, but also excitement.

“Haha! No, seriously! I want to see it again! I can’t believe what I saw before… I want to see it again… like, I can’t even tell what I saw… It couldn’t have been real. I need to see it again!” Lindsay seemed eager. “Now… come on… pants down, or I will report you!”

Reluctantly Matt pulls his pants and boxers down revealing his half hard hammer hanging 13 or 14 inches down to his knees. He stood about a foot away from her bed, and his dick hung at face level to her.

“Oh… my… God! Oh my God! Yeah fucking right?! That can’t be real… but it is!” Lindsay said in awe confusingly, her eyes wide and her jaw dropped. “Come closer…” She demanded.

Now Matt’s knees touched the side of her bed and his massive dick hung just inches from her face. She wrapped one arm around her front along the top of her comforter, her other hand ventured under the sheets somewhere. He could see her eyes widen and she sighed. He moved closer still to her face, almost touching it with his dick.

“Oh my God! Mmm… grab it with your hand… play with it… I want to see it all the way hard!” Lindsay panted, obviously fingering herself under her sheets. Matt reached down and began to stroke it gently and slowly allowing it to rise and engorge itself. Slowly it got harder and harder, and Lindsay’s face grew more and more with excitement.

Matt directed his massive penis closer and closer to her face and gently rubbed his head against her cheek. His dick head dwarfed her cheek. It was nearly the same size as her tiny asian cheek.

“Uhhhh, oh my God…” Lindsay whispered as she reached up with her free hand around his shaft, allowing her comforter to fall revealing a pair of perfectly shaped breasts. Her nipples were rock hard and her breasts were a perfect perky B-cup. She began stroking Matt’s massive cock, her hand couldn’t even fit around it.

“I can’t believe I am doing this,” Lindsay said. “You can’t tell anyone… if you do I will tell them you forced me!” She said savagely, blackmailing her way into some big dick action.

“I promise I won’t say anything… just don’t get me in trouble!” Matt responded.

Her breasts shook as she stroked up and down Matt’s cock with both of her tiny hands. She was no more than 5 feet tall and very thin. Her stroking became more enthusiastic as she was clearly more and more turned on by the experience.

“This is seriously unreal… I don’t think it will fit! But I want to try!” She moaned as she removed the comforter and guided Matt’s hand down to her tiny dripping Asian pussy. The sheets on the mattress were soaked underneath her tiny little ass. She was obviously masturbating when Matt had came to apologize.

Matt inserted two fingers into her pussy, she moaned as her tiny pussy squeezed his fingers in return for their presence.

“Hhhhh” she breathed out as she pulled Matt’s penis closer to her mouth. She began to furiously suck the head of his penis. She couldn’t fit any more than the head into her tiny mouth, but that didn’t stop her from sucking and stroking furiously.

She continued sucking as Matt pulsated his fingers up and down in her pussy making her moan and groan in pleasure.

“Mmmm, I want to try it… Please fuck me! I need to try it!” Lindsay begged and moaned in between sucking his hard cock.

Of course Matt obliged as he shoved her covers away and positioned himself in front of her spread legs. He rested his balls on her pussy as she continued to suck wetting the tip of his dick, surely sloping extra saliva on it to prepare it for insertion. Her warm pussy was noticeably dripping in moist pussy juices, ready to try and fit Matt’s massive appendage.

Carefully Matt positioned his penis in between her two lovely warm wet pussy lips and rubbed the head of his penis ever so gently in her crevice.

“Oh Godddd!” Her mouth opened wide. “Just put it in!”

Matt edged forward just a little bit only inserting about half of his head. Her pussy was like a vice clamping down hard in all directions. He pulled out and inserted just a little more. Again he was stopped by her pussy, as if saying “I want you, but not yet.”

He inserted more this time, his head was almost in. Lindsay noticeably squirmed.

“Ouch!… Mmmm, you feel like you are ripping me apart! But I love it!” Lindsay yelped pulling on Matt’s ass trying to force more dick into her dripping cunt.

Matt slides more in, and more and finally a “pop” happens as his head is all the way in.

“Ohhhhh MMMmmm! Errrr waaa” she screams in a mixture of intense pain and pleasure. “It hurts! I can’t! UGGH!” She screams.

Matt pulls out, with much resistance from her throbbing pussy.

“NO! keep going,” she demands.

Again Matt thrusts deeper into her pleasure cavern, this time his head and the first inch of his cock went in. Her back violently arched as she screamed in pleasure. Matt was sure someone heard.

The site of her pussy lips spreading over his massive penis was a sight to see. Even though he still had a good eleven or so inches not inside her, he could tell he was pushing her pussy to the absolute limit.

He began thrusting quicker, Lindsay’s eyes rolled into the back of her head. She was screaming gibberish with every thrust. She was in a zone of pleasure, separated from reality, a state of pure bliss. The site of this only excited Matt further as he pounded as deep as he could go into her (about 6 inches).

“AH! AAAAH! Ooohhmmm” She clamped down hard on his dick in climax. The force of her pussy muscles was so strong that it pushed Matt’s dick out. A nice spurt of female ejaculation followed soaking the bed and Matt’s dick. She convulsed even after her orgasm, still in her alternate reality.

“Lie down, I want to ride it!” she smiled as she whipped the sweat off her face. Matt lay on her bed, his penis a strong monument standing at attention awaiting its tiny Asian rider. He couldn’t believe he was getting action so early after arriving at university.

Slowly she lowered her tiny pussy onto Matt’s giant cock. Her face displayed an emotion which can’t be described as anything other than extreme pleasure. Her eyes were wide, her forehead scrunched her mouth was wide and her chest moved greatly with deep gasping breathes.

Her tiny frame looked so out of place, it looked as though she was lowering her pussy down onto something that shouldn’t fit… but it did.

“I can feel every inch of you… I want you to cum!” she screamed as she rotated her body into the reverse cowgirl position and bobbed her tiny ass up and down on Matt’s massive dick.

“Oh God yes! Yesss!” she screamed as she pounded harder and harder, nearing another orgasm. “Yes, yess, yessss!” Lindsay screamed frantically pounding him. With every stroke she would raise herself completely off his dick, revealing his head, only to pound back down deeper into her tiny body. “YES!!” she screamed even louder as she started spurting clear fluid ejaculate in between humps when his dick was out of her sloppy wet pussy.

“MMM! MMM! Godddd!” she screamed slamming hard down as far as she could take it, holding it there, gripping Matt’s legs tightly with hers.

Matt could feel his balls tense and his shaft harden as he came violently and furiously.

“OH FUCK!!! I am cumming!” he shouted as he gripped Lindsay’s hips, holding her down on his massive and pulsing cock. He held her onto him, his cock was as deep as it could go as it shot stream after stream of hot cum into her tiny pussy.

“It’s amazing! I can feel everything! There is so much! It’s so warm! Mmmm!” she moaned as Matt filled her body with cum. His orgasm seemed to last a full minute, continuously pulsing stream after stream of cum into her.

Slowly she raised herself off of him. A loud ‘pop’ occurred, followed by a massive amount of cum spilling out of her raw pink tight pussy. It pooled on Matt’s cock and balls as it poured out of her.

“So amazing!” she whispered as she collapsed beside Matt, cum still streaming out of her down her thigh. “I am going to have to have you come over often,” She smiled and winked at him.

“What time is it?” she asked in a daze.

Matt checks his watch.

“3pm… Why?” He responded.

“Shit! I have a Don’s meeting!!! Fuck! I have to get cleaned up and go! Sorry but you have to go!” She scrambled looking for a towel.

“Okay… uhhh see you later, I guess?” Matt asked as he stood up.

“Oh fuck yes!” Lindsay responded.

Matt grabbed his cloths and returned to his room…

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