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Friends, Part 1

I had just entered high school. I had nothing to worry about due to the fact that I was apart of one of the most prestigious families in the town. I already had to relatives who graduated there and in the school currently.

As I walked down the halls upperclassmen passed me without even noticing we freshmen had no clue where to go. The 5 mins that they gave us was not helping me. I remember thinking this would be the first time I was late for anything in my life! As I walked on the west wing I ran into an old friend and his brother Mike-Mike. They were able to help me to my first class.

A couple school days went by and I was getting the nag of everything. My 5th hour class was Math. “Oh God, I hate math,” I thought to myself.

As I walked in class four sexy boys were just looking at me. For the longest I had been straight, so why did I have lust for men all of the sudden?

Anyway later on in the year Justin and Donald began to bully me. Everyday I would go home wondering why was the family name not working, as if it held magic powers. It was time I made a name for myself. That next day justice started and all the anger came pouring out. I chased him around the room, it was funny to see the 6’1″, 190lbs guy run from little old me. He backed off and everybody was shocked that I had the guts to stand up to someone like him. That’s when I felt and crush come on, it was on the guy I knew I would never have.

Chuck. nothing much happened until 11th grade. Chuck and I had SCC (trade school in high school) together. He when for graphic arts, I went for culinary arts. As girly as it sounded my class was the best at the whole school. My crush turned to love. I would do anything for him. his brown eyes seemed to look past the bad boy act I was putting on and look into my heart an find the kind, shy boy was trapped under the chaos.

I remember that summer I wished to see him just to see if he was ok. Aug 7th came his birthday. That day was hell for me as I try to send him a message saying happy b-day. I was so nervous!

The 4 days later came mine. The half of 12th grade I was stunned. The first year me and him had not classes together. After exam I had English. The school jock was hot, but not way hotter than Chuck. Later in the year I found out he would not walk across the stage into the real world like I would.

This year had to be the most hardest of them all. Ebony my close friend was now Chuck’s girlfriend. I was not sure she would walk also so I helped them the best I could. I knew it was to late for Chuck, at that point I began to dumb myself down as an excuse to talk to him more by asking dumb questions. By this time we became friends.

One day Chuck bumped into by leg on purpose letting me feel his well hung dick. it had to be at least 6″ soft. we looked into each others eyes for an second. Suddenly in my mind we began to kiss. his soft lips moved from my lips to my neck. I felt his fire down under growing into an inferno. I removed his black t-shirt and undid his belt. He removed my jacket. he slow lifted my shirt. he got to see my flat tone mid-section. “Damn. I would never.” Before he could finish I kissed him and undid his zipper.

The class had seem to shape shift into an classroom with plants growing everywhere. He lifted me on the desk and pushed his rock hard cock onto my jogging suit,where my cock was. “Heh, you like that? Yea, I know you do. I know what you feel and I did the same for all four years. If you want me to keep that bitch Mike (not Mike-Mike) off you tell him you got a man.” He said before he removed my pants, then my boxers.

He climbed up on the seat and put his monster sized cock in my face. I opened my mouth and took half of him down, which I’m guessing was at least 5″.

“Damn you have done this before, right?”
“No, I still got my v-card.”
“I can solve that…”

Before I knew it he placed a condom on and went inside of me slowly. It hurt like hell! He was just so huge that I had to constantly beg him to not shove too much in too quick. He picked up the pace when I started moaning more and bucking back. I began jacking off as well.

After about 30 minutes, and 2 orgasms on my end, Chuck finally came inside of me. “You’re better than any girl I had!”

I looked at him, “probably because you can get any girl in the school.” He just smiled and then I snapped back to class.

“Bro you ok? Looked like you were in the zone.”

I turned to him “Yea.” *that moment of time opened my eyes. Chuck was not the best man in the school. I was becuase I I’d use my looks to run over people and I didn’t use my cock head to think. to this day chuck, me, ebony and Darra remained friends then this was only about two months ago.

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