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First Time Meet

Sitting on the black leather couch, glass of wine in hand and a film on the tv, I relax and take in my surroundings. I can’t believe that I’m here. Martin is in the bath and I can hear him singing while getting washed.
We got chatting on a website for ‘liaisons’. It only took 2 or 3 days of message ping-pong before he got me to agree to come and see him. And am I glad I took the plunge. After meeting me in his car and driving back to his flat, constantly laughing and talking, my nerves vanished. He is a god. Tall, black, muscular and drop dead gorgeous.
“Comfy?” he asked as he walked past me wrapped at the waist in a white fluffy towel. “oh yes” I smiled. “Just going to cream myself up and then I’m all yours”.
” All mine”… I couldn’t believe it. Daydreaming, I suddenly realize he’s calling me to come and help put some lotion on his back, I was standing there behind him in seconds.
Rubbing the lotion onto his back, my hands felt nervous and fumbling but soon enough they started to comfortable, massaging his shoulders, down his spine, across his ribcage. Feeling suddenly confident I leant forward and kissed his back. Light kisses moving across his skin. He didn’t move but I could see him smile. I carried on alternating my fingers and lips against his skin. I felt brave and put my hands on his hips and slowly turned him round to face me. He is taller than me, looking down and still smiling, I grin back. I slowly kiss his chest, moving across from one side to the other. The wine has turned me into someone I am not normally. As I move my mouth lightly my tongue catches a nipple, I work my way across and flick the other one. He moves against me and I can feel the effect as the towel drops to the floor. Looking up at him and both of us grinning he grabs my hair and we kiss. Its tender at first but then builds up, frantic and hard. Hard… my hand moves down and takes hold of his cock. Huge and hard… He groans and moves back. ” I want to see what you’ve got” he says.
He takes my top over my head and unclips my bra. I let my jeans fall to my ankles and stand there in nothing but black fishnet stockings.
“I like” he says and pushes me back onto the bed. He throws himself down on top of me and we kiss, hard, deep, forceful. I push him to one side, gazing at the sight before me. His cock stiff and so big in front of me.
I lean forward and take him in my mouth. Teasing him with my tongue, licking, sucking, swallowing as much as I can. He groans and thrusts his hips upwards.
suddenly I am on my back and he is on top of me. he takes my legs and pushes them up and opens them wide. I am so exposed to him but I don’t care. He grins again and moves in. He enters me with ease, I am so wet and willing, wanting his black cock inside me. He pushes and I can feel him filling me. He is huge but it feels like heaven. More… I feel his balls against me with each stroke. He leans forward and sucks on my nipples… I am gushing.
In one quick movement he is standing and I am sat on the edge of the bed, his cock hot and wet in my face…”take it”. Not to be told twice I take him in my mouth, sucking deep and holding his swollen balls. He comes on my tongue…
Without a word he grabs me and twists me round onto my knees, telling me to bend over. I don’t argue and put my face onto the pillow. I feel him enter me, easily. He pounds at my pussy grabbing my hips. Deep, hard and full of force. Never before have I been filled with a cock like this. I move a hand down and rub at my clit, feeling his cock at the same time. He groans and I can feel myself coming and coming over his cock.
He lays down next to me and pulls me close. My head resting on his chest as we both get our breath back. The dim glow of the lamp is relaxing and he slowly and gently rubs my back. My lips find his nipple and I flick my tongue over it. This is all it needs for his cock to come back to life!
He throws me on my back and enters me again… deep and hard, I play with my nipples and can feel him pound away. My ankles resting on his broad shoulders. He stops and can feel his fingers work their magic. My swollen clit being abused. I love it and it responds to his every touch. He slides two fingers in and I arch my back. Another… and another… 4 fingers inside me and his thumb on my clit. I can feel myself building up as I push against him… he smiles and then I feel a finger teasing my ass… and it slides in… “oh my god”… ” shush” he says and goes deeper… My pussy is filled and my ass fingered… I cum on his hand as he brings me off. I have never felt anything like it.
“Quick” he says… standing up again. He grabs my hair and pushes my face down onto his throbbing cock and within minutes of me using my tongue skills, I feel him cum… endless hot spunk on my tongue, running down my chin, dripping on to the floor.
We rest for a while and then dress, sadly I have to go… but we know it will happen again.
The next day my phone bleeps. “When can I see you again?”…

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