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First Time Cuckold Couple

Prior to our first meeting, I will send you both a mail with instructions about preparing for our time together. For example, I might tell your husband:

To shave you for me, as a token of surrender to me, and because I want to taste your pussy once you are smooth.

Second, you are to go to a hotel before me and pay for the room.

Third, I want you both to take a shower no more than one hour before my arrival, because I want both of you clean for me, and that is when Cuck will shave your pussy.

Fourth, and this one is very important, you are not to have sex together for three days before our meeting, and you are not to have french kissed within the last day. Finally, I wanted both of you to be fully clothed when I arrived, and You, Kerry are to wear a short, black dress with a red thong for underwear, and no bra.

I will arrive at the hotel and knock on the door of the room number that you give me by text. You will then meet me at the door where I will shake Cuck’s hand and gave you a hug. I will look Cuck straight in the eyes and asked, “Are you here to willingly present me your wife to fuck, and will you do as I say? Did you follow all of my instructions?”

Cuck will nod his head and (quietly, probably) say, “Yes.”

I will then ask Kerry, “Do you agree to do as I say, and do you understand that I will be fucking your pussy multiple times?”
You will probably reply quietly too, “Yes”

I then ask Cuck to take your clothes off for me. He begins begins by unzipping your black dress, sliding the straps down your arms, and letting the dress fall to the floor. From your pictures, I can tell that you will look amazing with your breasts exposed and her nipples were large and firm. I will note the colour of your skin, also well-toned and smooth. The red thong is pulled into the lips of your pussy and the material running down your bottom crack perfectly framing your beautiful ass.

Cuck stands quietly as I step forward and place my arms around your back to hold and caress her ass, and our lips meet in a hungry kiss. You push your tongue into my mouth and we kiss for what seems like several minutes. Your mouth tastes sweet and clean, and I am sure that you have followed my instructions about not kissing Cuck that day.
I step back after a few minutes and tell Cuck, “Get on your knees beside Kerry and me, and unbuckle my trousers and remove them and my underwear.”

I resume kissing you as Cuck starts to undress me, and it doesn’t take long for Cuck to let out an audible sigh. He has removed my underwear and is now looking at my hard cock and shave balls, which are hanging heavily in my scrotum. I stop kissing you at this point and tell her and Cuck “I want both of you to suck my cock and balls, taking turns servicing one and then the other. I bet Cuck begins … by licking the pre-cum from the head of my cock, and then starts to engulf my shaft. You will be watching Cuck and I want you to say “Oh Cuck, Dunc’s cock is so much bigger than yours.” Let’s start the psychological play early! These kinds of comparisons are of no interest to me, but the humiliation will begin to build.

This situation, where a man is giving his wife to me to fuck, is the only time when a man will be allowed to suck my cock. It is only at the time that he is providing service to prepare me to take his wife that it is okay. It is not the sucking that is important, because the woman could do all of the sucking herself. Rather, it is the act of Cuck totally submitting himself to me, and actually helping me to seduce his wife, that makes it acceptable for his mouth to suck my cock and balls and many couples also enjoy sucking them when they are doing it together.

Since you have both sucked my cock and balls, I know that you will be submissive to me for the rest of the evening, and I am ready to begin fucking that beautiful pussy. I pull your red thong underwear down your legs, revealing a beautiful shaved pussy with full lips, and I can see that you are very wet from the excitement of sucking my dick with Cuck.

I instruct you to sit on the corner of the bed and to shimmy forwards. I tell Cuck to sit behind you so that you can lean back against Cuck. I tell him also to pull your legs back and expose your pussy to me. This not only presents me with wide-open access to your pussy, but it is another act of Cuck’s submission to me to actually spread his wife for me to take her. I kneel down before you and catch the first aroma of your clean, wet pussy, and then lean forward to get my first taste of you. Your shaved pussy is smooth to my lips and tongue, and I spend some time licking you, making sure that you are well-lubricated for what is to come. Cuck will feel your every small tremor as well as your orgasms as you cum on my tongue.

It is almost time for your first fucking, and I instruct Cuck to lower your legs so that you could relax, and then to come and kneel at my feet. I remind him that it is his duty to suck my cock to full hardness, for the purpose of fucking his wife. With my cock now fully hard, I get on my knees in front of you and get you to slide forward again and place your legs over my shoulders. I also instruct Cuck to lie on his back and slide his head between my legs, so he can continue sucking my cock and balls as I suck your pussy one last time.

I stand up with my hard shaft swaying before you, and tell Cuck to resume his position behind you. You then give him a condom, tell him to open it and to roll it down the length of my cock. Once he has done this, I tell him to help again by holding your legs up and spreading them for me. I then place the head of my cock at the entrance to your pussy and ask you if you are ready. I bet you are anxious to feel my thick cock in you by now. I move the head of my cock around in your wetness, and then enter you in one hard thrust. You make a guttural sound in reaction to the feeling of having your pussy filled so quickly. Cuck feels your body arch back partly in response to my sudden thrust and partly because you are involuntarily trying to arch your pussy towards me, to get me deeper into you.

I look over your shoulder, the look on Cuck’s face is one of submissiveness, dejection, and excitement, all at the same time, and he holds his head down, not looking into my eyes. I am now doing what I like to do best, fucking the pussy of a married woman whose husband has freely surrendered her to me. This is the feeling of dominance that I enjoy, but an even better moment was close at hand. I feel the beginnings of my ejaculation. As I am on the verge of cumming, I pushed my cock fully into your cunt and as my cock began to jump and release a forceful stream of cum, I tell you and Cuck to open your eyes and for you both to look into my eyes. It is a little hard to control my words in the midst of ejaculating, but after you are both focused on my face, I tell you, “Look, I am fucking Kerry and shooting into her married pussy. You have given yourselves to me for the first time tonight.”

I hold myself fully in you for several minutes, and as my cock began to deflate, I tell Cuck to get ready for the treat he knew was coming. He has recovered somewhat from the emotional onslaught of having his wife taken by me, and when my cock slips out of you, I stand to one side and tell him to kneel at the end of the bed. Your just-fucked pussy is right in front of him. I tell him to suck at your swollen pussy, to taste your juices mingled with the taste of condom.

You have another idea; “Peel off Dunc’s condom and lick Dunc clean. Suck so he is hard to fuck me again.” My dominance and yours is now complete. Cuck had freely offered you to me, sucked my cock to prepare me to fuck yoiu, held you in place as I fucked you and then felt the impact of my ejaculating deep within you. Now, there was no denying his submissiveness. Cuck was sucking my cock again, eating my cum, combined with the juices of his wife, and the look on his face is one of complete joy and surrender. It will take us a while to recover from this fucking, but the next one will be just as intense, if not more so…

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