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First Black Client

My first black client’s cock was 10inches and 5inches round.
To say I was nervous was a understatement but I was also crurius on how I would like it.
He booked a car meet with me and my partner but just wanted him to watch and take some pics aswel.
We turned up at the place we arranged to meet and waited he turned up 10 mins late but was not a problem, He asked me to strip naked which I did then he got to work with his tongue and boy what a tongue, He licked my pussy then sucked my nipples and then he pushed my legs wide open then pulled my fanny open with his big fingers then stuck his tongue a good 2inches in which made me cum on the spot.
He then got out what I could only discibe as monster I slowly took it in my hand then wanked him for a couple of mins then I tryed to fit it in my mouth needless to say I got jaw ache lol.
I then put a condom on him I layed on my back and watched his monster cock start penertrating my tiny pussy I thought he was going to split me in half he slowly fucked my pussy untill I got abit used to him then he started fucking me like a rabbit god I cum 3 or 4 times everything was a blur, Then he flipped me over and fucked me doggy style his monster cock was pounding my pussy and his balls were smacking my clit I was in heaven.
He then asked if I could step out of the car so he can fuck me over the bonnet not thinking I said yes not until after we had finished did realize how cold it was lol.
Anyway we went to the front of car layed a blanket on the bonnet he layed me on my back and entered my pussy again and started fucking me again god his cock felt so big I was screaming with pleasure and dint notice this other car pull up and another person got out and start wanking.
He then bent me over the bonnet and started fucking me from behind it was then I noticed the other male wanking but by then I dint care I was too busy cuming and being fucked by the monster.
He was speeding up getting faster and faster then he let out a slow long moan and pushed all of his cock right in and cummed in the condom.
I was still cumming hard and dint notice my partner give the other person a condom and when the first one pulled out the other male came up behind and pushed his cock in needless to say not quite the same feeling so he used his finger and used my juices to lube my asre I dint notice this I was still on a high.
Then I felt his cock pushing at my ass the head poped in I let out a scream but he dint stop he just started fucking my tight ass it was then I started to get the feeling I was going to cum my legs went weak he was fucking me hard then he shoot his loads in the condom up my ass.
He pulled his cock out and I just fell on the floor and crawlled back into the car it took me a couple of days to recover but can’t wait until next time.
Any offers lol xxxx.

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