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Fiona surprises her husband and his boss at the office

Taken from My Husband’s Boss by Kellie Mason.

Standing outside, I was struck with a sudden idea. I slid my hands up my back, unzipping my dress and dropping it onto the floor beside the secretary dress. I slid my fingers around the base of the butt plug, pulling it out and dropping it beside my desk. Running my fingers through my curls, I shook my hair from my face and grasped the handles of Davis’s office doors, and swung them wide.

My husband and Davis were sitting at the couch directly in front of the doors. Their jaws dropped when I strode into the room, naked except for my black heels. I closed the doors behind me, leaning back against them, pressing my tits out as I gave them a sly grin.

“I heard you two were having a late night with the books and thought you might prefer a late night with me instead,” I said, grinning at the two of them. I pushed off from the door, dropping the drug store bag on the ground, and striding into the office.

Davis stood first, walking towards me. I looked at Andrew, his eyes hardening and focusing on my body, his hand already sliding between his legs and over his bulge.

Davis slid his arms around my waist, wrapping my naked body and pulling it against his. He too was hard – his thick cock pressing out at me from under his linen trousers. I pressed a hand between us, grasping his cock as I kept my eyes on Andrew, folding Davis as I watched my husband fondle himself.

I rolled my head back as Davis slid his hands up my neck, fingers knotting in my hair as he kissed me full on the mouth. He sucked my lower lip between his, biting at it as I felt more than heard a moan crawl up his throat.

“You’re a naughty one, coming here like this,” he said, nipping at me.

“It’s simple,” I said, gripping his shaft harder. “I’ve heard this thing about attorney–client privilege and wanted to see just how privileged it was.”

He groaned, biting my neck and sliding a hand over my breast, roughly groping me and pulling at my nipples. I felt him thrust a thigh between my legs and ground down onto him, feeling my smooth lips against the rough material of his trousers.

“You’ve no idea how privileged it can be,” he said, sinking to his knees.

I let out a groan as Davis sank his lips into my slit, roughly sending his tongue over my clit. His touch was nothing like Andrew’s – and that turned me on more than I believed. His fingers dug into my ass, bringing me closer to his face as he sucked hard on my clit.

Knotting my fingers in his hair, I looked again at Andrew. His trousers were again around his thighs and he was stroking his shaft, watching as his boss went down on me. I cried out again, my body twitching as Davis sent one of his fingers sliding into my ass.

“Oh fuck,” I cried out as he slid his finger in and out of me, flicking his tongue along my slit.

“A little bird told me you liked having your ass played with,” he said, biting along my lips. “Looks like he was right.”

I moaned, unable to formulate any kind of a response. He gripped me tighter then, sliding his finger in and out of my tight ass. I was still lubed up from the butt plug, and he slid easily into me.

Davis pulled his other hand away and slapped me hard on the ass. I yelped, my hips bucking forward into his mouth.

“How do you feel about riding my cock for your husband?” asked Davis. I panted, nodding furiously as he lapped again at my clit before sitting back on the ground.

I dropped to a squat, pulling open his shirt as he leaned back on his hands. My fingers traveled down over his chest, grasping his belt and whipping it open. Davis sat up, gripping my face in both hands and pressing his mouth to mine, hungry for my lips. I fumbled with his zipper, reaching inside to grab his thick, pulsing cock. I slid my body down his, kneeling over his thighs as I ran my tongue over his shaft.

We both let out a guttural moan as he filled me, his throbbing shaft stretching my pussy with every inch.

I dug my nails into his shoulders, sinking my hips lower to accommodate him. I felt my own wetness sliding around us both, making his entrance into me all the easier.

Sitting straight up, I began to roll my hips, thrusting them forward and back as I gyrated on top of Davis’s lap. He dug his fingers into my thighs, gripping me tightly as I thrust myself over his cock. I looked up to find Andrew standing a few feet away, stroking his cock as he watched me ride his boss. He bit his lips as he stared at me, taking in the sight before him.

“God baby,” I moaned. “Mr. Howell has a fantastic cock.”

I watched Andrew grit his teeth, still stroking himself.

“Tell me about that cock, darling.”

“It’s thick,” I moaned, moving more quickly now atop Davis. “It’s thick and it’s veiny. It fills me up to the brim, and I love it when he fucks me with his big hard cock.”

On cue, Davis began thrusting his hips upwards to meet me, ramming his cock even deeper into my dripping slit. I cried out, gripping his chest as he fucked me, my voice cracking as I felt an immense heat building up inside me.

“Fuck me, oh God – fuck me,” I moaned, rubbing myself harder against Davis. The thick tangle of his pubic hair pressed hard against my clit, sending spasms all up and down my body.

“You wanna get fucked?” Davis panted. He sat up, rolling us both over on the carpet. I raised my hips up, leveraging myself against him with my feet. Davis roughly grabbed my hips, yanking me towards him.

“I’ll fuck you alright,” he said, and he thrust himself back into me.


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