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“Fill ‘er up”

Back in high school I worked part time at a gas station. Back then you could fill up your car for only a couple of bucks and get your air and oil checked free. Jake, the owner liked me and frequently left me alone to run the station after supper until closing time.

One night after he left I saw a car pull up so I put down my Playboy and walked outside to the pumps. Driving was a teenage boy about my age with a girl sitting next to him. He wanted me to fill the tank with Ethel and asked me where the bathroom was. I told him it was around the side but the door was locked and if he would wait until I started the pump, I’d bring him the key. I took the key off the hook just inside the door and headed around the side. He was standing at the bathroom door, holding his crotch. “Hey man, hurry please…I’m about to piss in my pants!” I unlocked the door and told him I needed to turn the inside light on. I went in and he just about pushed me down entering behind me. I got the light on and he unzipped his pants and stood over the urinal . Letting out a stream of piss, “boy, I just did make it!”. ” My girl and I have been drinking beer and I had to let some of it out.”

He continued to piss as he talked and from where I was standing, I could see he was nicely endowed. “The bitch is on the rag and as soon as the car is filled up, I’m taking her ass home!” Just then I remember I had left the gas flowing so I rushed out just in time to stop the pump before it ran over. He came out shortly and asked me how much. I told him the total and said that I hadn’t checked under the hood yet. He said he was in a hurry to take her home but he would come back a little later, if that would be OK. “Besides, I’ve got some beer left in the cooler…if you care to join me then.” I told him sure and as they drove off, I could hear him yelling “next time you are having your period, find some other sucker to take you out…I’m horney as hell!”

I went back inside, put the money in the register and sat down resuming my imaginary date with the Playmate Of The Month. It had been a slow afternoon and I thought how good a cool one would taste. Sure enough, about thirty minutes later, he pulls in and parks on the side of the building. Coming in with an ice chest, he sits it on the floor and tells me to help myself, while opening him one. I don’t ordinarily drink on the job but Jake wasn’t coming back and it was only about 30 minutes til closing time.

“My names Corey”, he said and stuck out his hand. “Glad to meet you Corey, I’m Bill” I told him. He spotted the magazine I had laid back down when I saw his car pull up…”mind if I see that?” “No, help yourself…Jake’s got some better ones under the counter.” I fumbled under the the shelf and brought out a few well-worn copies of adult action magazines showing couples fucking. I pitched one over to him and as he moved his hand away to catch it, I couldn’t help but notice he was sporting a hard. “Looks like you enjoyed the centerfold photo”, I told him. Laughing, he replied “yeah, my girl…Katie, and I have been parking along the river bank smooching and drinking, and she wouldn’t let me get to first base since this is her time of the month”. About that time, another customer pulled in and I told Corey to make himself at home while I waited on her. As I was going out to the car, I noticed he was popping the top on another brew.

I thought the woman would never leave…after paying for the gas, she asked directions to a place I never heard of. Anyway, as she drove off, I could see Corey looking around for the bathroom key. “Oh, I forgot and left it in my shirt pocket when I unlocked the door for you a little while ago…here it is and I’ve to drain my lizard too, but unless you locked it behind you, it should be open.” I followed him outside and around the side and inside. There was a toilet and a urinal so he positioned himself there while I let a stream flow next to him. The light from a 60-watt hanging light bulb wasn’t too bright but I could still see his cock though not as good as from the daylight coming through the glass panel door before. It seems like we both pissed a gallon before he finished, but he didn’t put it away or zip-up. I could swear he was playing with himself. “If you shake it over three times, you’re jerking off”, I jokingly told him. “Hey man…don’t think I’m queer or something but I need to get my rocks off and now!” “Go ahead”, I told him…”I may join you too but let me lock the station’s door and turn out the office lights first and I’ll be right back!”

Want more? Just let me know. I’ve got to get MY rocks off too.

After turning out the lights and locking the front door behind me, I hurried back to the bathroom where I found Corey now sitting on the toilet, his pants down around his ankles and wacking away. “Hey dude, wait for me” I hollered. I made sure the bathroom door was secure and as my eyes adjusted to the dim interior light, I could see he was well above average and with a large clipped mushroom head. The bathroom wasn’t that big so I stood facing him and took out my cock and started stroking. I could see he was paying more attention to mine that watching his. “Hey”, he whispered,

if you got a quarter, put it in that rubber machine on the wall and hand me one.” Rather than fumble for change, I removed the key from my pocket and opened it up, removing several of the little gold-color foil packs resembling coins. Before Jake had left I had refilled the machine with the Gold Dollar brand. A little confused at why Corey wanted a rubber, I handed him one. The beer was beginning to affect his speech a little but hell, I didn’t care.

“Now”, he paused…”I’m not queer but I’d like to see what it is like to suck on a dick” and with that, he unrolled it on my hard, throbbing cock and begin to suck.

God…for a beginner (if he really was), he could suck. I was in Heaven and told him to slow down…I didn’t want to shoot my load just yet. His sucking slowed down to a pace and he held my balls with his left hand and beat on his own cock with his right. Taking it out of his mouth, he asked for reassurance that I wouldn’t tell anyone. “Hell, no,” I told him…”in fact, let me put on on you and I’ll suck you!” We changed places and after I got it rolled down over the huge head, I began sucking him. I didn’t tell him but this was not my first time. I had not been in town long and before I moved there, I use to frequent a homo bar in the larger city I lived in. I had wondered a few times about Jake – the way he stared at me sometimes but he was married to a woman, had a couple of kids plus his untrimmed beard and beer gut turned me off.

Corey was a living hunk. I found out later he was a Captain on the local football squad and came from a rather wealthy family. I should have know it when he drove up in that shiny red convertible. As for me…it was all I could do to own a beat -up Chevy truck.

My thoughts went back to Corey and the way he was hunching, I figured he was about to shoot a load.

“Hey man…you ’bout ready?” “Hell yes”, he muttered…”stand up and let’s come together and see who has the biggest wad of jism.”

We stood almost pressing our bodies together as his hand handled mine and I jerked on his. “Oh God…sweet Jesus”, he screamed…”I’m coming!” The rubber filled like air in a baloon with his hot load and he stopped playing with me. I finished myself until I shot my load. Both exhausted and sweaty, we stood there with our limp dicks still encased in the rubbers. Nothing was said for a moment until he told me he had to get home but to please not say anything about what had happened. I assured him our secret was safe with me. He fumbled for the lock on the door and stepped out in the night air. As he made his way to his car, I told him he had left his empty cooler in the office.

“You keep it and fill ‘er up…I may be back in a night or two”, I heard him say as he drove away.

And oh…the next day Jake asked me about the used rubbers on the bathroom floor. I said with a sheepish grin that a customer must have emptied his pockets after a night on the town.

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