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Feisty and the Cage Fighter

It’s been a few days since I met my cage fighter and I’m still in awe of him and our session together.

It’s the second time of meeting, and I still can’t get over the sheer size and bulk of the guy. I’ve been with a body builder before, but this guy not only has the stature but also a really cool, intelligent and sweet guy too.

On this occasion I received a message, to ask if I were around on Sunday night. I said that I had no plans, but obviously if I got a client, then they would have to come first. He was cool with that, and got turned on by the thought that I’d been fucked immediately before him and perhaps he could watch. I said yes if I thought the client would be up for it, but he’d probably shit himself at the sight of him.

Anyway, I didn’t get a client, but I left the key out in any case and he let himself in, whilst I was in the bath. I got out and we had a lovely chat on the sofa, but then things started getting horny, as we started kissing and I could feel his pecs under his t-shirt. The conversation turned to bi-sexuality and he said he was, a bottom, and that he had a big thing for black guys. I said I’d love to fuck him sometime and adore a mmf. We started watching porn and he could tell by the bi 3somes I was watching I was getting very wet and he was getting very hard.

We both couldn’t take it, so we rushed to the bed room, where he went down on me and I was cumming on his tongue and his lovely fingers. I felt his lovely hard cock enter my tight cunt, and feel the pussy muscles tighten around him. We’d spoken about my favorite sexual act, which is double vaginal, which he’d never done, so we got out one of my strap on dildos, and he pushed it inside me. Then pressed his lovely cock beside it. Fuck it was tight, pleasure pain thing going on. He alternated between fucking me single, or fucking me with the dildo and then again with both him and the dildo. His lovely fit body, fucking me hard, yet being so gentle and tender to me. I was loving all of it and submitted to him and the pleasure he was giving me. I could tell he was getting turned on by the thought of me fucking him, and one day a 3some with him sucking a black cock. He’d take the dildo in his mouth deep, he can do a better deep throat than I can. So fucking horny and he had me in several positions whilst double fucking me before cumming over my clit.

I simply can’t wait for the next session, as I will fuck his ass and hopefully at some point find him a lovely black top to fuck the pair of us.

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