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Family love

My sister is two years older than me and sadly has a very spotty face so boys not attracted to her despite her nice personality. She has nice big boobs and I love to play with them. Until we were 12 we slept together and she would always seek out my cock and make it hard and then I would feel nice. I would play with her “Cunny” and make her cum and it was simply great. Even after we had to sleep apart when our parents were out we found time to have sex fun together and this goes on to this day.  I got married but it was a disaster, my wife thought having sex was a duty and no pleasure came from us being together so we divorced.  After I got a flat I asked my sister to move in with me and she did and my sex life is heaven now.

You have to teach your partner what you expect from sex and we used each other. We always start with  me watching her masturbate and after that she is all worked up and ready for me and it is no holds barred. She takes the pill so it is safe and although I know this is incest, it is only man made laws that say’s so, thousands of years ago . We love to fantasise and play games and I am not interesting in any other women. She is not allowed most night to have panties on although I insist on either Black or Red  Suspender Belt and Stockings and I will look at her and say “Spread” and she will open her legs wide so  can see her cunny and then I say “Wank” and she masturbates. After she has wanked I say “Crawl over here and suck my cock bitch” and she does and needless to say we end up fucking.

It took me a long time to get her to suck me off and swallow my “love Juice” as she calls it, but it can be sweet if you eat lots of fruit liked tinned pineapple and she is happy to swallow now and that gives a man a real feeling of power.

So family sex is good and incest not a problem.  I was about 10 when I first experienced sex. My parents had a Grocers Store and Mother used to go to work early, Dad later went t shop and finished the night selling. One day I was lying in my bed in the front room and Dad called out “Do you want to come and have a  cuddle” so I did. After a spell Dad said “Are you awake and I did not answer so he slowly took my hand and put it on his HUGE cock and slowly started to rub my hand up and down until he cum and I felt the sticky warmth of it on my hand. Dad cleaned this up.  Couple of days later he said same thing about a cuddle and after we had been laying there about 5 minutes I said “Daddy would you like me to rub your willy like I did the last time”. Dad was a bit surprised but said “Yes, but it is my cock, only little boys have willies”. I wanked him again and then Dad asked me if my Cock ever got hard and I said it sort of did. Dad then took my cock in his hand and squeezed my balls and then rubbed my cock  and it got fully hard and some wet came out then end. After that Dad gradually taught me how to wank properly and showed me books with men and women fucking or cock sucking or wanking and it was lovely.  When I went away to Sea I bought a 9mm Porno Film and Dad managed to buy a 9mm projector and we watched it together. I remember there were five work man in this house who had come in from the rain and the maid was up a ladder cleaning a hanging light fitting. They crept up behind her and she had no panties on so one guy reached up and started playing with her cunt and in the end she had a cock up her cunt, one up her butt another in her mouth and she was wanking the two other guys until they all one by one spunked all over her face and tits. We rigged it up in the bedroom and both Dad and I were naked watching it and my Dad’s Cock nearly hit the ceiling when he cum, his spunk shot everywhere. We had some fun and looked at the film several times and that night when I was in bed I could hear my Mum and Dad and he was clearly fucking my Mum because I heard her say “What have you been eating today dear, your Cock is so hard”! and then I heard her yelling out as he rammed it up her.

My Aunt loved with us upstairs and I came home one day when Mum and Dad were both out and caught her stealing money from a big biscuit Barrel Dad kept the takings in until he went and banked them once a week. She cried and said she was sorry and please not tell anyone or they would chuck her out.  I said I would think about it and then said “You have two choices either I tell Dad or you teach me all about sex and how to fuck a women properly. At first she protested until I said I would not back down. She agreed to teach me about sex. After Mum and Dad had gone to bed I stripped naked and with a massive hard on crept quietly upstairs and knocked on Aunties bedroom door. She called out “Come in” and was surprised to see me stood with a hard on. I got into bed with her, cradled her massive big its and fucked her. I fucked her often after that and then  one day whilst Dad and I were having fun she came home early. I had told my Dad what she had done and that I had made her let me fuck her. That day Dad told me that he had confronted her and she pleaded with him and in the finish he ended up fucking her. He then said “Let’s have some fun” . He called up the stairs and told her to get herself down. She came to the room and of course we were both naked with big hard cocks and Dad ordered her to strip off which she did and we then had a couple of hours of sex fun with her. As she sucked one cock the other was fucking her and then vice versa. I think between my Dad and me she was fucked about 6 times that day and made to swallow loads of hot cum. Great fun with Aunt only problem she had bad breath she could not get cured so no kissing involved just straight fucking.


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