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Extra Class

Aargh. I had been called for summer classes by the chemistry teacher. SUMMER! I was supposed to be enjoying myself! As I walked to the class, I was aware of the empty corridors, so different from usual. However, I told myself that it could’ve been worse. It was the chemistry teacher, after all. Well-endowed and voluptuous, she was the subject of many fantasies for the class boys.

I entered the class and found the teacher waiting. As I looked at her, I felt a twitch down below. She wore a low-cut top, and her skin was tantalizingly exposed. However, this soon died down and was replaced by the tedium of writing equations. At some point, she came over to my desk and stood behind me. She was inspecting my work, I assumed. It took all of my willpower not to turn around and gaze up at the large orbs hovering above me.

Suddenly, the power went out, and we were left with no cooling devices switched on. I soon began to sweat, and I was waiting to leave, at this point. The teacher then walked towards my desk, once again to inspect, I supposed. She stood in front of my desk and looked down. I noticed that she was sweating too. She squinted a bit at the book (she hadn’t worn her glasses). Then, she bent over, and I was not prepared. I watched in slow motion, as I looked down her top at her ample cleavage, her breasts smooth and round, glistening with beads of perspiration, just about restrained by her tight bra squeezing them. She shifted a bit, and her breasts were pressed together. My now rock hard cock threatened to tear through my pants, and I stared at her tits for what seemed like an eternity. When she finally rose, I felt my precum flowing freely out of my dick.

As she told me where I had gone wrong and where to improve, my mind was elsewhere, and all that was in my mind was a frozen image. It was nearly time to leave now, and as she walked past me to her table, I looked hungrily at her ass swaying from side to side. Before leaving, she turned around and looked towards my nether regions, whether on purpose or not I didn’t know. But then she gave me a knowing smile and walked off.

Sitting at home later, all I could think about was what I had seen as I clutched my throbbing cock, furiously pumping it up and down. Finally, as I visualised her breasts squeezed together, my cum sprayed out as a fountain, the warm, white globules splattered on my chemistry book. My mind was at ease.

The next day, I walked to school with far more eagerness than the previous day. This time, she wore a long top and what seemed like tight fitting pants, and I sat down to start writing again. At some point during class, the teacher’s phone started to ring. Generally, teachers don’t answer their phones in class, but I guess she made an exception since she wasn’t exactly doing much. She paced around the class for a bit, talking, but then decided to stop to my right. She leaned forward against the desk to my right, and stuck out her backside. She continued to talk, but I paid no heed to what she was saying, because my attention was entirely on the round ass that was just centimetres from my desk.

At this stage, my heart was pounding, and my cock was solid, my excitement reaching new levels. I could not hold myself back. I decided to try something out. I dropped my pen on the floor, and moved to pick it up. As I did so, I ‘accidentally’ brushed my hand against her butt. I grinned as I watched it twitch a bit. But then, what I had done hit me like a bag of rocks. I thought that I was done for. However, I had an excuse.
To my immense surprise, she continued to talk without even a pause, as if nothing had happened. Not even a glance back at the pervert sitting next to her. Impulse took over me, then. I moved my hand slowly over her butt cheeks, and watched with glee as they tightened and loosened like the mouth of a fish. My fingers moved over the soft flesh, and I squeezed and tugged at her beautiful ass. My dick throbbed as her ass cheeks jiggling when released. As I caressed her soft butt, I felt the valley between the two hillocks. That was when I was struck by a sudden realisation – she was wearing no panties! I moved my finger down her butt crack like I was swiping with a credit card, and I watched with amazement as she leaned forward into the desk to my right, grinding herself into the corner of the desk. I heard her pause for a second, and I heard a small grunt escape!

She hung up then, and turned around. Oh, god. I was done for! However, as if nothing out of the ordinary had happened, she came over to my place and checked on my equations. I held my breath, waiting for the outburst.
“You haven’t completed these equations? What were you wasting time on?”
“Ma’am.. y-you know what I was doing.”
“I was on the phone. How should I know?”
I decided to play along. “Y-yes, of course.”
As she stood next to me, I could sense a faint smell.. a salty scent tinged with the smell of sweat. I looked sideways, and found that the smell emanated from my teacher, specifically from her lower regions. I inhaled it, and it made my mind go wild. I was taking in the scent of her pussy! The very idea made me want to ravage her wet pussy. She then leaned down against my desk to make corrections in my work. I looked once again, with no shame, and I stared with pleasure as I noticed that she wore no bra. Her shapely tits were pressed against the desk, the nipples flattened, and sweat sliding down.

As she got up, I saw that her entire bosom region was soaked in a patch of perspiration, and as her top clung to her breasts, I could see her erect nipples poking through the cloth. She chose this moment to stretch out, and as she did so, her top lifted up a bit. Just enough to stop covering her womanly parts. And I saw what I had smelled. Through her tight fitting pants, I saw the clear outline of her wet pussy…. I saw the sticky fluid coating her womanhood,

By this time, she had to leave.. This time, before leaving, she looked straight towards my pulsing cock, and bit her lip, looking at me..

After she left, I noticed a sticky fluid on the corner of the desk next to mine.

I knew that something was up and that someone had to make a move. I stroked my cock to orgasm once again, and as I came, I filled my mind with thoughts of coming all over her beautiful boobs.

The next day, I decided that I would do something about this.. I would surprise her, I decided.. I prepared myself that morning. I thought multiple times about how very strange this entire experience was, and questioned my choices. But ultimately, I decided that I would make the most of this opportunity, something so surreal it seemed like a distant fantasy..

I edged for about an hour before leaving for school that day. My precum was in a state of perpetual free flow.

I went to school with a purpose. I made sure to walk especially close by the teacher so that she would be able to catch a whiff of my sticky, hard cock.

Then, I sat down. This time, however, I finished writing the equations early, and I myself walked up to her table.

As she stood up to see, I dropped all of my things on the floor. As I expected, she bent down to collect everything. She had to crouch to pick it all up, and I made my move.

Through her top, I could once again see her massive titties, her nipples erect. Swiftly, silently, I whipped out my erect, throbbing cock. I held my dick out over her exposed cleavage and pushed my foreskin forward until all of my gathered precum flowed and dribbled over her shiny breasts.

This time, she couldn’t ignore what happened. She looked up to find a rock hard dick waiting to deal with her. As she looked, slack-jawed, some more of the slimy fluid slipped into her mouth.

I grew even more aroused as she licked her lips.

“Well,” she said, standing up, “I guess I can’t wear this shirt anymore.”

Her shirt was now stained with patches of precum as well as sweat. She took it off, and I saw clearly her toned torso. As she removed it completely, I saw her gazongas in their full glory.

Her breasts were perfect. She moved towards me, and I gazed upon them as they bounced up and down, glistening in the light. She traced her finger along her tits, and whispered in my ears.

“You want to fuck these, don’t you?”

The sound of the words put me into hyper drive. I moved forward, and grabbed her boobs roughly. I clutched them hard, squeezing the soft tit flesh, twisting the nipple. I felt her vibrating under my touch, and she began to moan..

“More! Yes… More!”

I let my body take over.

I went down, and started to lick her juicy, soft orbs. I lapped her nipple, while massaging the other with my free hand. She moaned in pleasure.

I then pulled off the pants that she wore. Here, she gained energy all of a sudden. She grabbed hold of my cock and forced me to the ground. She looked hard at me, then went down.. The minutes that followed were the best of my life. She got hold of my dick, and as she pumped it up and down, she swirled her tongue around it, and I groaned in intense pleasure as my cock disappeared into her mouth. She then took out my wet, messy cock, and wrapped her tits around it. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I felt my slippery cock moving, and I could see it fucking her sticky tits.

Finally, I felt it coming.. the ejaculation of a lifetime.

“I’m coming!”

I pulled out my cock as it throbbed and pulsated.. each pulse shooting out a fountain of creamy white cum on her tits, her neck, her face. I couldn’t believe my eyes as I saw my cum splattered on her face.

As I lay there, with my dick having done its job, I watched as the teacher wiped the semen off her face, and licked it off her hands. She squeezed her dirty breasts, and gathered more cum from it.

She then started to finger her wet pussy with my cum on her fingers. I felt my penis growing as I saw her hairy pussy smeared with my white cream. She continued to finger-fuck her pussy, and she began to moan softly. I too started to stroke my hard dick, aroused by the scene before me. I saw my semen leaking out of her pussy, as she arched her back, and moaned loudly, and leaked her pussy juices mixed with my cum.

At the same time, I shot into the air, my cum landing on her clothes nearby.

As the teacher stood up, her pussy juices dribbles onto the floor below.

“So, how was your extra class?”

My cock answered with a burst of milky cum.

This was going to be fun.

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