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Eddie’s Transformation

I woke up the next morning with a raging boner. It felt like I had a steel pipe between my legs. A few rapid pumps up and down and the cum spewed out of my cock head and onto the dried cum already on my belly.

I ran my finger through the puddle of spooge and tasted it. It tasted salty and warm and I lapped it up and jumped out of bed to get into the shower.

I looked myself over and didn’t see any changes, certainly I didn’t possess “enlarged genitalia” yet. My skimpy little dick was the same as it always was.

After the shower I called Petey and decided to try another workout and see if the cream was helping. Although I was not supposed to use the cream again for a few days, I applied another 3-4” blob of cream on my other thigh.

Petey was surprised I wanted to work out again so soon. I put on my workout shorts and tee and ran across the street to his back door.

We went downstairs and he set up the light weights for me. I got on the bench and instead of struggling, was able to knock out 20 reps without any trouble. Petey was shocked. I told him I had Wheaties for breakfast and that made the difference. I don’t think he bought it. He added 30 pounds to the bar and started his bench presses. The bar and weights came to 90 pounds. He got the first five out without much trouble and then struggled to get the next five pumped out. He almost didn’t make the last one.

I suggested that I try it and he looked at me like I was insane. I had never really gotten more than 60 pounds off the bench before, but he said “what the hell”.

He spotted me as I attempted to get the 90 lbs. off the bench rack. I concentrated and pushed up against the weight and the bar moved up. I locked my arms in place and then started to bring the bar down. I brought it down and then up and down and up until I had done 20 reps. I probably could have done 25. I put the bar back and sat up. I felt the blood rushing through my veins. I felt like a new power was running through my body. Petey was amazed.

“I can’t even do 20 reps with 90 lb. in one go. What the fuck, man?” I grinned my goofy grin and went to feel my tightened bicep. Normally I can get my fingers to almost touch each other around my skinny bicep. Now, I could feel a baseball under the skin. I was shocked. I had real biceps and triceps. They were clearly visible. I was loving this.

“Let me try another set”, I said and pushed Petey out of the way. I got back under the bar and this time pumped out 30 reps without stopping. I was on fire. I sat up and pulled off my shirt and did a sitting double bicep pose. I looked into the mirror and the guy on the bench in the mirror could not have been me. He had pumped up tight pecs and real biceps. You could see a baseball on each arm.

“Eddie man, what the hell is going on? You look like you’ve been working out for 2 years solid. You look hot.”

I needed to do more. I grabbed the 25lb dumbells that I couldn’t even lift off the ground last week and cranked out 20 reps with each arm. I pumped up my arms again and the biceps were thicker than before and I could see some of the veins in my forearm and biceps stand up.

“Man, Petey, how hot is this?” as I did another double bicep pose.

“Eddie, you are on fire, let’s see what you can pump out”. With that I started doing bicep curls with the 25 lb dumbbells. It seemed easier this time and when I got to 100 reps I stopped and switched arms. After the second 100 reps I was sweating and felt my biceps and chest again. They were solid muscle and pumped to a level I never experienced. I was also realizing that I was totally boned.

I knew Petey could see my boner tenting my shorts and not only didn’t I care, but it only made me hornier. “Look at these fuckin’ muscles Petey, where did they come from?”.

I flexed my chest and I had real pecs and the baby fat on my stomach was melting away and forming a tight 6-pack. My nipples were standing up and I never remember being so hot and horny in my life. A wet spot started to form at the end of the tent pole in my shorts.

I didn’t care that Petey was standing there, I needed to see what was going on down below. I yanked my shorts and undershorts to the floor and I had a real adult boner with pubes. I don’t know where it came from or when I got it, but it was throbbing.

“Look at it Petey, it’s huge. Get the ruler from your bedroom.” We used to fool around a little and compare cocks from time to time. He would take out his ruler and show me that his cock was 5.5” long and make me feel bad about my puny 4” pencil dick.

Petey ran upstairs for a minute and I stared at my crotch. It was like a steel rod, thick and veiny and the head was wider and more flared than I had ever seen. Hell, it was even thicker and probably longer than Petey’s. It was oozing pre-cum. I put the two or three glistening drops onto my finger and then brought it up to my tongue. It was sweet and sticky and only made me want to squeeze more out of my cock. Yes, I now had a real cock, not some puny little dick. I squeezed the shaft and out came another huge glob of pre-cum. I put it on my finger and savored the taste and feel of it on my tongue.

Petey came down the basement steps completely out of breath from running up to his room and back in record time. I could tell from the look on his face and the lump in his shorts that this was turning him on as well.

sheesh… I just finished the last chapter. obviously there are a few people who are enjoying it. new one cumming soon!

OK… for those of you who want it in one thread…

He was holding the ruler in one hand, hopping on one foot and pulling off his sneaker in the other. He handed me the ruler and I looked up and he had become completely naked in a split second and was standing over me staring at my cock. I grasped the shaft and squeezed hard. The head became bright reddish purple and another slippery glob of pre-cum leaked out.

“Holy shit, Eddie, holy shit, what the fuck is going on with you?” Petey asked. I pumped my cock up and down and held the ruler close. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I put the base of the ruler into a small but thick bush of pubic hair. The ruler read a solid 7.5”; now a full two inches bigger than Petey. And it was thick, really thick, I only wished I had a tape measure at that point just to see how thick it was. Pre-cum was dripping down the shaft.

“Man, that cream really works” I thought to myself…at this rate, who knows how huge I build my fucking muscles and my “enlarged” cock. Soon, I’ll have the whole school begging to get into my pants. I was overwhelmed with my powerful monster cock and my newly pumped muscled body.

I stood up with my boned cock in hand dripping pre-cum and I pushed Petey down to his knees. “My cock is bigger than yours, my muscles are bigger than yours and I am stronger than you. I am horny as shit and I need some relief. Lick my cock” I commanded.

I didn’t know who really said that, although I heard the words come out of my mouth. That was not me, I really liked Petey, he was my best friend, why would I treat him that way?

Mesmerized, he stayed on his knees and opened his mouth and took the head of my throbbing cock inside his mouth. He licked the pre-cum off the shaft and slid most of what he could down his throat. He sucked and sucked like it was the most important thing in his life.

“Good cocksucker, lick my hot dick. You love that don’t you. You are my bitch, when I want you to suck on it you will do as I want whenever I want. Tell me you want my cock more than anything”. Where did that arrogance come from? Who do I think I am?

He pulled his mouth off my cock for a second, looked up at me with puppy eyes and said “I will suck your cock whenever you want. Your huge cock and your hot body is everything to me.”

He crawled up my body and started to lick my powerful 6 pack abs, and made his way up to the erect nipples on top of my newly thickened pecs. “You are sooooo fuckin’ hot, you are making me crazy.” He started nibbling hard on my nipples which drove me insane. I did a double bicep pose and he started feeling and licking my biceps and burying his face in my pits. I could feel his throbbing cock press against my balls.

I grabbed his face and locked my lips on his and drove my tongue deep into his mouth feeling the heat inside.

Our hard cocks bumped into each other as we kissed. I ground my hips into his, pumping our cocks together between our bodies. I was on fire like I have never been. I grabbed his ass with my powerful hands and pulled him close, so tight our chests, our cocks mashed together as one. I could feel him taking each breath. I felt his asshole jump when I put my finger by his warm, damp, musty, entrance.

“I need to fuck you, bitch” I growled. (I did? Who was this motherfucker of a person I had become?) “Turn over and get ready to take all of me.”

“OK, but please be careful, I’ve never done this and you’re SO big now” he pleaded.

I had this huge struggle inside. I was going to plow him hard and show him no mercy, but he was still my sweet friend Petey, that up till today I thought was completely straight. He had sucked my cock, licked and kissed me like he meant it and now I was threatening to split him in two.

On the shelf by the weight bench was a bottle of hand lotion. I pushed him face down onto the bench and spread his ass wide open. I never thought twice about this kind of sex before. Where was this all coming from? Why was I pushing this sweet friend of mine around like a dog? But I couldn’t stop myself.

I smacked his ass hard right on the split and he jumped. I saw the handprint that I left on his butt. He squirmed a little. Then I put the lotion on two fingers and ran them across his virgin butthole. It was warm and inviting and I was hornier than I have ever been.

One finger slipped in, then two. I added a little more lotion on my fingers and pushed in deeper. Petey moaned like this was what he was waiting for his whole life. As I pumped my fingers in he met them with his ass and pushed hard to get them in deeper.

I had him flip over onto his back, lubed up my cock nice and slick and put the dripping, throbbing wide helmet up against the entrance to his hole.

He looked at me and moaned “Fuck me Eddie, fuck me hard”. That was all I needed to hear. His ass seemed to open up and suck me in. In a matter of three or four strokes I was in up to my hard slapping balls.

Petey moaned, “harder Eddie, fuck me harder”. At the same time he was reaching up, playing with my pecs and twisting my nipples.

I banged him without mercy for a solid ten minutes. Without any warning he pulled me down on top of him, kissing me deeply and I could feel a pulsing from the hard cock trapped between us. Seconds later, his warm cum spread out between our two bodies.

That sent me over the top and I blew a load deep, deep into his body that sent shivers up from my toes. I collapsed on top of him with my hard dick still buried deep inside his ass.

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