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Early Teen Wanking Stories Part Two

Every holiday back home from the all boys’ boarding school was another adventure in my wanking career. It never took long to get together with a wanking mate and get up into the hay loft. The pre wank thoughts that would run through our young minds: Has D’s cock got any longer or thicker since we last wanked; do you think he will notice if mine has grown at all; will he lose interest in wanking my small cock when he may have other wanking buddies with bigger cocks that are more challenging and exciting.

Has N’s cock got longer? How much longer than mine now? Will he tell me about putting his cock up a friends arse, did it hurt and did they use a lube. Was N also arse fucked? It didn’t appeal to me. I bet M’s cock has thickened up and even if he is 4 years younger than me is his cock now longer than mine. The last time we mutually wanked we were both about the same length and thickness, with me being 14. I had another friend in our rural village “R” the doctor’s son. We were not wanking mates then but he asked me to stay over a weekend. They lived in a grand double storey house with a huge garden to play and hide in. R was a year younger than me, but we were great friends. I also fancied his sister who was a year older than me with long blonde hair done in two plaits. She was very sexy and we all knew that she had boyfriends, kissed boys and there was even talk that she had wanked H’s cock.

We played as young boys that Saturday afternoon, building tree houses, getting very muddy and dirty. When it was time to come in we were told to bath before supper and leave our dirty clothes in the bathroom. I had never seen R naked before and he had never seen me naked. We undressed and bathed together in the same large tub. Although we both checked out each other’s penises like all boys would there was no arousal that took place as we were so busy scrubbing and cleaning up and splashing each other and the bathroom floor.

“Hurry up and get out.” R’s mother shouted “Dinner is almost ready. If you two are not out soon I will send your sister in to get you out!” she threatened. By now we were both standing up in the bath. At the thought of R’s sister coming in and seeing us naked gave me an instant youthful erection. R saw this and whether it was the site of my erect cock or his sister seeing us both naked he too got an erection. He was circumcised, I was uncut. The head of his cock seemed mush redder than mine. He started to wank his erect cock standing up in the bath next to me.

“Have you ever done this?” he asked between strokes. “It feels great, give a try, after a while it feels as if something wants to burst out”

I played along and we both stood wanking in the bath. As I had a small cock for my age I was very conscience of cock size. R was a year younger than me but his cock was about the same size in length and thickness. Maybe being circumcised it just looked bigger. To his surprise I ejaculated my cum into the bath water and he just got orgasm stomach cramps but no ejaculation. Again we were re shouted at and asked what we were doing taking so long. I’m sure parents knew when their boys were wanking.

With towels around our waists we scampered up the stairs with R well ahead of me. To get to R’s room we had to go past his sister’s bedroom. R was already in his room as I came past C’s room. She was standing in the doorway her plaits undone and long blonde hair hanging loose to her budding breasts. Again my cock started to rise under my towel. Here was my heart throb standing looking at me with just a towel around and a small hard on under. She beckoned me into her room with her bent finger signal. As an obedient guest I entered. She hooked he fingers into the top of my towel and using both hands opened it to reveal my erection. I was both turned on and embarrassed but proud to be showing off my stiff cock to this pretty girl.

“Not very big for a boy your age” she said “I have seen bigger in the village” With that she closed the towel turned me around and gave me a slap on the arse telling me to get out.

“What took you so long?” R asked “I bet my sister wanted you to show her your cock” he laughed. He confirmed his statement when I took off my towel and still had a hard on.

After supper we were sent off to bed. I only wore a tee shirt to bed, R slept with no clothes on. There were two beds in his room. No sooner were we in bed, the door shut and the lights off when he took his cock and started to wank. Of course this got me going watching him and I started pleasantly stroking my cock to erection.

“You have to teach me how to wank my cock so that I can cum like you. Come over here and wank my cock. Be as cruel as you want but I want to squirt spunk like you did in the bathroom.” I crossed to his bed, my 4 inch erection sticking out from under my tee shirt. R lay naked on his back, fully erect, like a patient awaiting a doctor to operate. I was the doctor and I was going to operate on his stiff cock with my hands. While I wanked his cock which was very much the same length and thickness as mine I started to ask R questions. I deliberately wanked very slowly accentuating the up and down strokes as if I was a professional.

“Do you have any other wanking partners? I asked.

“Yes, P from next door.” he said

“Is his cock bigger or smaller than yoursand does he let you wank him? “

“Bigger and yes I wank his big cock and he wanks mine.”

“Where do you get together for these wanking sessions and are there other wanking buddies that join you?” I asked still pulling slowly at his cock.

“We normally do it in the old abandoned horse stables next door, and yes J and Dave and Rick normally come along. Rick has the biggest cock twice as thick and twice as long as our small cocks.” he said.

“Does Rick let you wank his big cock and does he come?”

“Yes sometimes he gets two of us to wank him and he just lies there. He never wanks our small cocks. He makes a big mess when he comes.” I had heard about this wanking group and wanted a few more juicy details.

“Are there any other members of the group?”

“Arh……” He was sort of reluctant to answer. I stopped my hand action on his cock at a critical time.

“Are there any other members of the group?” I asked again, my hand wrapped around his throbbing cock but not masturbating it. He got the message.

“Yes. You promise not to tell.” he said “There are two girls in the group”

“I had heard that” I said “can you tell me who?” I slowly stroked him up and down

Again he hesitated, I froze the action.

“Well if you must know and you promise to keep it a secret the girls are G the hairdresser’s daughter and C my sister.” This was exactly as I had heard from my wanking mate D.

“What do the girls do when the boys wank their cocks? I asked

“They watch and get aroused and slowly pull their pants down and start fingering their cunts.” He said “At first they would just finger themselves, then G fingered my sister and she fingered G. It was fun to watch the two girls getting themselves off”

“So your sister watched you and all the other boys wanking their cocks and then you watched her wanking herself off?”

“Yes it was very sexy. All the other guys with their big cocks came but I have the smallest cock in the group and didn’t cum. Are you going to make me cum now or are you just playing with my cock?”

I tightened my grip and pace on his cock and a few jerks later I could feel him stiffen and then his back arched and he squirted his first load of cum onto my hand. He grabbed my hand and smelt his first cum then tasted it and insisted that I taste it to, to remember the occasion. He then insisted on wanking my cock to say thank you. My cock was dripping with pre cum and it did not take him long to get me to cum as well. This he smeared all over his stomach and my stomach, like blood brothers he said. Before he fell asleep I asked what the chances of me joining there old stable wanking group. He said he knew why his sister had looked at my cock and if she thought it was big enough she would have asked me to come along. He said he can just imagine the sign on the stable door that said “Big Cocks Only”

The next morning I was awoken by a large Boxer dog standing over me growling slightly. I realised it was the family dog but why such an unfriendly welcome?

“He’s cross because he normally sleeps in that bed.” R said “The best way to make him like you is to wank his cock until he comes.”

“Has your sister ever wanked the dog off?”I asked.

“I’m sure she has because it likes going into her room.” He replied.

I had never wanked a dog before so reaching under the dog’s tummy I found his penis and slowly and gently started sliding my hand along it. The dog’s pink penis slide out of the sheath slowly exposing more and more of the long shaft. It was long and hot, the dog was panting and I increased my tempo. The dogs cock got thicker. It must have been about 8 inches out of the sheath now and was thicker than my cock. With a jerk and a soft growl the dog came squirting his cum all over me. R had been watching and wanking his cock with its new found abilities and he came squirting his cum onto his bare stomach. He called the dog over and made it lick his cum from his tummy, then he got some of the dog’s cum and smeared it on my erect dog. Then turning the dogs head he got the dog to lick the cum from my cock.

“Can I wank your cock now? R asked. What a silly question I thought.

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