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Dreams Can Cum True

I have always dreamed of sucking a big black dick where we might get caught by a stranger, an alleyway, countryside, public bar anywhere where someone could see my mouth full of black cock.

I had been watching porn all day and was so hungry for some dick, so I was cruising various websites looking for that elusive cock. I had been working my different anal toys, butt plugs and dildos into my ass all day, it was stretched, horny, clean and ready but no dick to put in it – then ‘PING’ – I have mail.

I read the email and saw it was from a black guy with a photo attached of a massive cock, I nearly cum there and then knowing this was my chance. He was asking if I was available now to pick him up and suck him – is this guy what dreams are made of?!

I got his address and phone number and jumped straight in my car still with my butt plug wedged up my ass, I couldn’t not wait to get this dick in my mouth. I pulled up and rang him, there he was walking down the road to me, he opened the door and jumped in – I could not believe my luck. As we drove to a quiet spot I was playing, rubbing and feeling his dick thru his trousers and could feel it getting bigger and harder as we were driving. By the time we pulled up I couldn’t wait any longer to taste it.

I positioned myself on my knees on the seat and bent over and released that huge black dick – it was unbelievable. I was drawn to it and wrapped my lips around this throbbing member, my hands working the shaft, my tongue flicking the head and all the time the excitement growing.

While I was working on his man meat, he had slipped his hand down the back of my trousers and found that butt plug, which he decided to work in and out of my asshole. Fuck me, I had this massive black dick in my mouth and my asshole was getting split by this butt plug being worked in and out.

I couldn’t take this any longer and made him get out the car, and just lean against the car while I dropped to my knees in front of him sucking that cock, meanwhile he could see how hard I was and enjoying this so much. I felt him tense up, so pulled his dick out of my mouth and let him cover my face with his juicy warm cum, it tasted so good as I was shovelling into my mouth.

There I was, my knees covered in mud with this big black semi hard dick bouncing on my face dribbling the last bits of cum into my mouth, fuck me my dreams had just cum true!

Was this the last I was going to see of this big black cock? Read on to find out

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