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Dream Man (Chapter 1)

The dream had been so real, for Kay it was like nothing she had ever experienced before. Kay had dreamed that she had made love to a man in a car. That she had acted like a slut with this man. Stranger still, the man had been black. Kay had a slight headache and no recollection of how she had gotten home. She had been out with her friend Jolene and made a note to call her later. Lying there Kay tried to gather her thoughts.

Wow, what a dream, the man had really excited her, in fact she still felt excited. The man in her dream had been black, that was a first. Sure Kay had wondered what it would have been like to have sex with a black man. This dream had been so real, her pussy seemed to ache. Undoubtedly it was the fact that her friend Jolene had shown up with a new man, who happened to be black.

Kay slipped her hand between her legs and felt her slit. Kay’s vulva was tender to the touch and the dried sperm was evidence of sex. Probing further she found the interior of her vagina wet and sticky. Bringing her fingers she sniffed, sure enough cum. Kay’s fingers were soaked with cum, almost dripping with stringy sperm.

In the dream she and the man had fucked like animals, it was the only way to describe it. Thinking about it made Kay flush with heat. The man’s cock had been big, very big, and it had gone in so deep. Kay wished she could fall asleep again so she could finish the dream.

Curt, Kay’s husband was still asleep. Kay had a headache so she slipped out of bed realizing she had slept in the nude. She and Curt must have had some time of it last night. Unusual, but not extraordinary. Walking into the bathroom, Kay could feel the sperm oozing out of her. There was so much cum and Kay couldn’t remember Curt ever cumming like that.

Jesus, Kay thought, as she turned on the hot water in the shower, Curt had been exceptional last night. To bad Kay couldn’t remember what happened. The water warmed and Kay let it pour over her body. Kay found herself going back over the dream, dam it felt so real. In the dream she was in the front seat of her car and it was parked in the driveway. Dark, it had been hard to see the man’s cock. Kay had been the aggressor, she had climbed on top of him and guided his big cock into her wet slit.

Kay closed her eyes and let her mind drift back to the dream. Then soaping her pussy she noted the exquisite soreness. The man in the dream was average height and very handsome, Kay eye’s still closed, gently rubbed her clit. Kay could almost feel that big black cock stretching her pussy. What had the man in the dream told her, something about her being made for black cock. Yes, her dream man used the word cock didn’t he. Kay felt the first wave of a very strong orgasm course through her body and in response pinched her left nipple hard.

“Dam Kay you didn’t get enough last night.”

“Dam you Curt, you scared the living daylights out of me.”

“Hey don’t stop, I’ve never seen you do that before.”

Curt had been quietly admiring his wife’s body. Kay at 5’5″ was a goddess, Curt’s goddess. The first time he laid eye’s on Kay Campbell it had been love. Kay, a German girl, was a dirty blonde with striking blue eyes and a perfect body. Kay’s breasts weren’t large, B-cups, but they were perfectly proportioned, with large brown areolas and thick dark nipples. Curt was admiring those nipples and how they stood at attention with the least provocation. Curt didn’t know what time it was when Kay ravished him last night, nor did he care. Kay had been horny last night, very horny. Maybe it had been booze or just some other guy’s flirting with her, what ever it was he was grateful. Sex the night before had been fantastic.

Curt had been asleep when Kay had had slipped into bed and climbed on top of him last night. Demanding, Kay had been incredible and oh so wet. Kay’s pussy was dripping with excitement. In fact she had been so loose and wet that sex lasted a lot longer than usual.

“Sorry, but seriously, didn’t you get enough baby,” Curt said, as he slipped behind Kay in the shower and pressed his swollen dick against the crease of Kay’s ass.

“Yes I got enough, in fact you made me sore down there Mister.”

“Baby you were fantastic last night, god what ever you drank make sure you have some more of that. You were such a slut. ”

“Curt, slut, your wife is a slut! You get a little sex and I’m a slut.” Kay laughed at her husbands remarks.

“Kay do you remember last night.” Curt let his hand drift down between Kay’s legs. The small trimmed patch of golden hair dripped with water.

“Yes, of course I do.” Kay shuddered as Curt rubbed his finger over her wet slit. Her nipples getting hard instantly.

“You remember what you had me do to you.”

“Sure. ” Kay lied, she really didn’t have any recollection, but decided to bluff.

“Sitting on my face like that, what a way to wake up. That was a first and god were you wet. ” Curt had spun Kay around and was pressing his swollen dick up against his wife.

“I thought you’d like that, you like eating me out.” Kay was probing, trying to get bits and peaces of the previous night events. Slowly it was coming back to her. Yes she remembered now, she was holding on to the head board while straddling her husbands head and she had felt so naughty, why, suddenly she was thinking of her dream man. Curt distracted her when he took her thick hard nipple into his mouth.

Curt eased her back against the seat in the shower, then kneeling down Curt parted Kay’s legs and began licking her clit.

“Oh that’s nice, you can do that when ever you want sweetie,” cried Kay, as Curt worked his tongue deep into her slit.

Kay loved the fact that Curt loved to eat pussy and he was good at it. Kay first lover a Jewish guy from her home town in New Jersey, had been very gifted in the cock department, six or seven inches, in any case bigger than Curt. Kay met Robert and they dated their freshman and sophomore years in college. Robert had unfortunately been more inexperienced with sex than Curt.

Funny she thought, as Curt brought her near orgasm, how men compensated for their shortcomings. Kay truly and deeply loved Curt. At 5’8″ Curt wasn’t the tallest man, but he kept himself in excellent shape and was an ardent lover. On the other hand Kay realized she wasn’t the most experienced lover either. Sure Kay had a number of suitors in high school and college, but only two lovers.

While Kay wished Curt was as well endowed as Robert, Kay realized that a woman couldn’t have everything. Kay promised to keep that thought to herself, as her husband buried his tongue deep in her pussy.

“Oh Curt that feels so good baby, god I love you.” Kay truly and deeply loved Curt.

Curt kept himself in excellent shape. Curt knew he wasn’t the biggest guy in the penis department, average size, but he’d never had a complaint. The way he figured it, once he got his mouth on a woman they would forget all about the big dick thing. Feeling Kay’s trembling body only confirmed his way of thinking.

Curt felt Kay’s orgasm and her gentle tug on his shoulders was her sign that she wanted him to fuck her now. Curt couldn’t believe how horny Kay was acting. Last night had been wild. Curt had never seen Kay like that and it wasn’t just the way she was acting last night. The truth be know, if it had been any other woman besides Kay, Curt would have suspected infidelity. Kay’s pussy was literally dripping, she was so wet. As for the smell, Curt had attributed the musky sex smell to Kay dancing. Now as he inserted his dick into his wife’s well lubricated pussy, he forgot all about last night.

“Cum, cum, cum baby, give me your cum. Fuck me Curt, give me your baby honey.” Kay loved her husband as he rapidly pumped his dick in and out of her cunt. Kay felt him tense and shoot his sperm into her womb. Nothing excited Kay more than the feeling of a man’s dick expanding and contracting in orgasm The feeling never failed to cause an orgasm in Kay. The couple had been trying to get pregnant for three months. Kay hugged Curt and squeezed his penis with her cunt muscles hard. Kay wanted every drop of his sperm.

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