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Doug’s Comeuppance: Part 2

I pulled myself out of the room as quickly as I could. Though Mark saw me, it didn’t seem to stop his onslaught in Charlotte. The rhythm of the bedsprings was uninterrupted. “Forget him,” she begged. “Don’t stop.”

I closed the door and got out of there. I moved into the living room as quietly as I could. I went to Julie who was watching the snow. She had turned on the radio to the local station and was listening. “Roads are closed,” she said. “At least until morning.”

“Julie,” I said. “I think Mark saw me.”

“Well, good for him. I felt horrible watching them. I wouldn’t blame him if he got really upset.”

“But they’re doing something immoral,” I said.

“Voyeurism is moral?” asked Julie. “I don’t think you’re one to talk.”

“You watched them too.”

“At least I’m sorry about it,” she said.

I pulled my cell phone from my pocket. “I’m closing down this vacation,” I said. “I didn’t want to be here anyway.” It occurred to me that I could be the good guy here. I would let the boy have Charlotte, step out of the way. If she was such a whore for wanting an under-aged lover instead of a full-grown man, who was I to step in the way of her perversion? I could be the nice one.

“I told you, the roads are closed.” Julie said it with a tone that didn’t just correct me, to provide me with new information. She was defying me, grateful to be giving me the news, wishing she could have caused the road closures herself.

With a reflex borne from so many years of marriage, I raised my right hand that was carrying the cell phone, looking for a place to strike her that wouldn’t be obvious to our houseguests. Suddenly, I decided I didn’t care about that anymore. I brought my hand down across her head. Still, she defied me. She made a stone of her face, kept her eyes on me, didn’t even blink.

It was a nice blow, right across her left cheek, just under her eye. By the time I finished my swing, I could already tell that cheek and eye were going to black and blue in no time. The force of the blow moved her head back but once I’d finished, she resumed her position, looking at me, telling me again that the road is closed.

“Bitch,” I said. My right hand was still in the follow-through. Bringing it back for another swing would put a bruise on her right cheek and eye. “Just for symmetry,” I said to her. This time, her face did change to a look of shock. I thought it was funny that she didn’t mind purple on one side of her face, but both sides seemed to fill her with horror. At least, that’s what I thought.

It turned out she wasn’t looking at me at all. She was looking beyond me, behind me. She didn’t say a word as the back of my hand came down toward her, and was stopped by another hand. She didn’t say a word when another hand threw me against the wall. My cell phone was gone now, all I could feel was the oak paneling as my face was pushed against it. “Who’s a bitch, Bitch?” asked Mark, loudly and an inch from my ear.

I fought it but he would let me go. I tried to push against the wall to free myself but he was too strong. Only when I stopped struggling, when it was clear that he was the one in control, did he release his grip. I stayed at the wall for a second, long enough to shape my face to not show fear, and then turned around.

Mark stood in my living room. He had hastily put on his boxer shorts but his dick was not contained by it. It hung like a hose out the left leg of the shorts. Charlotte was still naked, sitting on the couch with Julie, looking at her wound. “I’ll get some ice,” she told Julie. Charlotte stood up, her breasts and thighs still dripping with Mark’s goo.

Mark took Charlotte’s place, next to Julie, looking at her wounds. “I’m OK,” she told the boy. “Really, I am.”

“Why did he hurt you?” Mark asked.

“Jealous of you,” said Julie.

I made a noise. Julie was talking such nonsense.

“Shut up,” said Mark.

“I’m not jealous of you,” I insisted.

Mark stood up. This time, his cock hung more limp than before, still out the shorts, but it only emphasized how powerful it was in its flaccid state. Mark’s chest swelled, his huge muscular arms tensed as one raised at me. Reflexively, I backed away, fearful of his strength though we were already several feet apart. “Shut up,” he repeated.

Mark sat back down and Charlotte joined him on the other side of Julie. Charlotte gave Mark the ice and he applied to the side of Julie cheek. “Thanks,” Julie said to Mark. Charlotte rubbed Julie’s shoulder but it didn’t take her attention away from the boy. As he held the ice to her cheek, Julie reached up to Mark’s hand, stroked his finger. “You make me feel so much better.”

“Why did Doug do this?” asked Charlotte. “What could he be jealous of?” She seemed to be asking everyone on the couch. I felt like a ghost.

“Cock,” said Julie.

“But Doug has a nice big cock,” Charlotte said. Then quickly added, “you said.” Charlotte and I had never fucked, she’d never seen my cock, so I guessed I was a legend in their social circle.

“Not like Mark’s,” said Julie. “Nothing like yours,” she said into Mark’s eyes.

Mark’s other hand glided slowly to Julie’s breasts. They looked swollen to me. Julie’s hands were moving southward, toward the thick hose outside Mark’s shorts. Both seemed to be trying to keep their activity from Charlotte’s view. No one seemed to care what I saw. When Julie’s hand reached the plump pink head of Mark’s cock, she cradled it in her hand like it was an apple. “So heavy,” she said to him, almost with a whisper.

Mark leaned over and kissed her. Julie returned the kiss, easing her tongue into his mouth.

“Hey,” said Charlotte. “Hey, stop that.”

“Yeah,” I said.

Mark did stop it, pulling away from Julie. He looked at me first, pointed a finger at me, and said, “I’ll get to you.” To Charlotte, he said, “Baby, I know this upsets you but you know this is always going to be a problem for us. I’ve never had just one woman and you knew when you asked me to marry you that I couldn’t be faithful. I will always love you but every now and then, I need to have sex with another woman. No woman, no matter how athletic and horny, is going to keep up with my needs. You understand that?”

Charlotte nodded. “You love me?”

“Of course I do Baby,” he replied. “I am going to fuck your friend but I’ll still love only you.”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I expected Julie to jump off the couch and yell something like she would never fuck a teenage boy. Instead, she sat there calmly listening, holding Mark’s hand with the ice to her cheek. With her other hand, she softly massaged the head and the four inches of thick cock dangling down from his thigh.

“As for you,” said Mark. “Your wife is hurt. You will not touch her again, unless she wants you to. And you certainly won’t touch her until I’m done with her, you understand?”

Julie smiled at Mark. “You’ll protect me, won’t you?” she asked him.

Mark kept his eyes on me. “Yes or fucking no,” he said. “Do you fucking understand me?”

“Yes,” I said.

Mark kept his gaze on me. The muscles in his body tensed. He was getting ready to stand up.

“I understand,” I said. “I understand.”

Mark turned his attention back to Julie. “It’s OK,” he told her. “Believe it or not, this has happened to me before.”

“Really?” Julie asked. Her hand was now stroking Mark’s lengthening cock. Charlotte was getting almost as irritated with this as I was.

“Sure,” Mark said. “When I was a kid, I had a lot of this kind of trouble. I didn’t understand it then. When I was in junior high school, I got three teachers pregnant, almost at the same time. The three women knew each other, each knew I was the father of all three babies.”

“You have three kids?” said Julie.

“I have twelve that I know about,” said Mark. “Seven girls, five boys. All of the moms were married.”

“Husbands found out?” Julie asked.

“I’ve been caught now and then,” said Mark. “A few years ago, I was fucking this mom, a neighbor. She was like, my third girlfriend. Her husband was working late. Her kids were at a babysitter. She took me up to the master bedroom. It was a little weird because it was where she and her husband fucked. She throws me on the bed. At the time, I was barely five feet tall, she was a few inches taller. In seconds, we’re fucking hard.”

For the first time, Mark seemed to notice Julie’s stroking of his cock. He looked down at her and smiled. “Anyway, she liked it from behind because she thought she could get pregnant easier that way. I mean, she wanted to have my baby.”

“I told you he was popular,” said Charlotte to Julie. She wasn’t smiling. She said ‘popular’ like it was an infliction.

Mark ignored the tone if not the comment entirely. “I was humping back there pretty hard. I was just a kid so I thought this was just fun, like playing football. I knew a husband wouldn’t like it but I didn’t expect anyone to react violently. After all, it’s like football to me, except everyone gets a chance to be quarterback.

“She wanted me to come when she did, she thought it would increase her chances of fertilization. I mean she had this figured out. So, we’re both concentrating. My hands and eyes were glued to her ass as it moved back and forth over my cock. Suddenly, the bedroom door opens and guess what’s there?”

“Her husband?” said Julie. Charlotte and I both rolled our eyes.
“Yup,” said Mark. “He attacked me, swinging his suitcase. I didn’t expect that. I pushed him down and tried to get out. The woman is trying to get me to stay, yelling at her husband to leave us alone for a few minutes. I kept telling the husband that I was leaving and that he could start fucking her now. I was so naïve.”

Julie was laughing. Charlotte had heard the story before. “I was trying to get the husband to take his turn,” Mark added, making Julie laugh more.

“What happened?”

“This husband kept swinging at me. Finally, I belted him. He didn’t expect the punch. It didn’t knock him out but he fell back into a chair. I think that was when he noticed my cock for the first time. He looked stunned. I was still about half erect, nine inches long at the time, if you can believe some girls.”

“You were always big?” asked Julie.

Charlotte got up and said, “I’ve heard this all before.” She stretched out her naked body. Mark’s goo now formed crusts on her otherwise flawless skin. I’m going to bed. You coming too, Baby?”

“In a little while,” said Mark. “I want to talk to Julie some more.”
Charlotte stomped her foot in a tantrum but marched herself to bed.
“I’m leaving,” I said. “The three of you can have each other.”

“You can’t go anywhere, Honey,” said Julie. “The roads are closed, remember?”

“I’ll walk,” I said.

“It’s a blizzard out there,” said Julie. “It’s a mile to the next cabin, another mile to the main road, and three miles from there to the highway. Not even the highway is going to get plowed until morning. You’ll have to stay here.”

“You planned this vacation real good,” I said.

I thought Mark would react angrily to my sarcasm so I prepared for him to strike. Instead, he stood up, letting the ice pack fall from her bruise cheek. He faced her and let her hold his giant log of a penis with both her hands. “I think so too,” he said to her.

I just wanted to get away from them so I started going to our bedroom, the last place I had fucked Julie. But instead, I found myself going over to Charlotte’s bedroom. Mark and Julie seemed not the least bit interested in where I was going anyway. Also, I thought maybe I had a chance with Charlotte, maybe she would see the error of her ways, and go for me. She would have to shower off the boy cum from her tits but I might be fucking her real soon, I thought.

When I stepped into the bedroom, things couldn’t have been better for me. Charlotte lay on the bed face down, crying her heart out. Her firm ass cheeks formed perfect domes, the crevice in the middle looked like Shangri-la to me.

I undressed from the waist down, massaging my own cock to full erection. No woman had ever resisted the smell and taste of my monster cock. I came up to the bed; her eyes were closed, tears leaking through her long dark lashes. I moved the head of my cock to her lips. As a reflex, her mouth wrapped around the head and she started to gently suck.

I ran my fingers through her hair as I rocked my hips back and forth. She was doing this like a pro, with lips born to be violated by a big cock. Her cheeks were full as her mouth took the head and some of the shaft. Her lips gently stroked my cock, making it swell even thicker. It was an E-ticket blow job, one of the best of my life.

“That’s right, baby,” I said. “You’re doing fine.”

Charlotte opened her eyes suddenly. Her mouth opened just wide enough to pull off my cock with a minimum amount of teeth damage. Still, the head of my cock stung a little bit from the scraping action. Charlotte backed away from the bed. “You pervert,” she said. “You tried to rape my mouth.”

“Hey,” I countered. “You were sucking on it.”

“I thought you were Mark,” she said. “He sometimes does that when I’m upset.” She turned her head to the ceiling. “I should have known. I knew it was too small to be Mark’s cock.”

“Too small?” I was aghast. The insults just kept on coming tonight. I put back on my pants.

Charlotte bounded off the bed. She headed straight for the door to the living room. Her crying had slowed now to just sniffles but she was interested in getting all the drama she could. I followed her out and we both saw Mark and Julie at the same time. “Your husband stuck his tiny dick in my mouth,” Charlotte said to Julie.

At that very moment, Julie had her lips wrapped around two-thirds of the head of Mark’s cock. It was all she could cram in there. She turned her head to look at Charlotte but Mark’s cock stayed in her mouth. Only some very powerful suction on the part of Julie could have kept the heavy wedge of Mark’s cock still pressed to her lips.

“Do you mind?” asked Mark. “We’re a little busy as you can see.” To emphasize his point, Julie turned her attention to Mark’s veiny thick cock, stroking its length with two hands as she kept her mouth busy.

“It’s not tiny, you fuck,” I said to Charlotte.

That stopped everything. Mark gently pushed Julie’s cock-sucking lips back off his cock. He then hoisted his meat from her face. “What did you call her?” Mark asked.

“It’s not tiny,” I said, hoping Mark wouldn’t press the issue of what I just called his bride. Also, I had put my cock in Charlotte’s mouth though she seemed to be enjoying it at the time. “I have a big cock,” I said, trying to sound confident but unsure I was succeeding.

“He think his cock his bigger than yours,” said Julie. “Really, My Love. He told me so.”

My Love? She called him that.

“Let’s see,” said Mark.

“See what?” I asked.

“Your ‘big cock’”, Mark said.

“No, I’m not going to show it to you.”

“Now, you little fuck.” Mark said this with such calm; it was creepy.

I pulled down my pants. All six flaccid inches fell out.

“Respectable,” he said, nodding. “OK, let the ladies be the judge.”

He came up along side of me. “Julie, come over here and kneel in front of my cock. Charlotte, kneel in front of Doug’s.”

“Why do I get Doug?” asked Charlotte as she knelt down.

“It’s just a test, Baby,” said Mark. “Be over in a minute.” He put his hands to his hips. “OK, ladies. Let’s do this. Hoist our dicks straight out, no stretching.”

I did stretch it. Charlotte held my cock with a firm grip and I backed up best I could, just to grab a pitiful eighth of an inch. I estimated my dick at a shameful six flaccid inches. Mark, sixteen years old and the father of twelve, had at least an inch on that. “Mark’s bigger,” Julie and Charlotte agreed.

“Soft cock isn’t important though,” said Mark. “Everyone knows that you can’t fuck a beautiful lady with a soft cock no matter how big.” He smiled down at Julie and she smiled back, tenderly stroking the boy’s penis like a pet hamster.

“Let’s get hard,” said Mark. “Ladies, suck that cock.”

Julie immediately threw herself into the cock sucking. Her lips parted as wide as she could to take in Mark’s massive swollen purple head. Charlotte was less enthusiastic.

“It may take you a little longer to get fully hard,” said Mark, smiling broadly. “In fairness, we’ll wait.”

Charlotte managed to get the whole head of my cock in her mouth and was working on the shaft. Her hands were working furiously, not out of enthusiasm, just to get it over with.

Mark’s cock, on the other hand, was already bigger than mine ever would be. I could admit that to myself. But soon everyone would be saying it, saying it aloud. Julie was furiously sucking Mark’s cock, all the while her hands were busy stroking the thick tube of flesh, a penis so superior to my own, I wished it were my own.

“You ready there, Doug?” asked Mark.

I gulped. He took that for a ‘yes.’

“Okay then,” Mark said. “Ladies, what’s the verdict?”

“Well,” said Charlotte. “Mark’s cock is a lot thicker, but just ittle bigger bit longer than Doug’s. I think so just a little bit.” She laughed as she said it. The reason is that Mark’s cock did appear only a little bit longer. That was only because Julie had managed to cram the head of Mark’s cock in her mouth. Even without that, just the shaft of his cock was clearly an inch or more longer than my entire cock, from pubes to tip. His superior thickness, I tried not to think about.

“Julie, you want to, oh never mind.” Mark put his hands around Julie’s face as he started moving his hips gently in time to her cock sucking rhythm. “I think the contest is over. Is the verdict unanimous?”

Charlotte said “yes.” Julie made a gurgle sound and nodded her head, making Mark’s still lengthening cock nod also. After another second or two, Julie popped Mark’s cock from her mouth and started licking and kissing the shaft. “It’s still growing,” she said. “It got too big for my mouth.”

Julie stood up, leaving her hands on Mark’s firm cock. She kissed Mark a lover’s kiss. Their passions rose and Mark’s cock pointed ever upward between Julie’s legs. With ease, Mark lifted Julie and put her back onto the couch.

“You guys can stay and watch this if you want,” Mark said.

I said nothing. “I’m not going anywhere where I might be alone with him,” Charlotte said, pointing at me. My cock went to limp in record time.

“Fine with me,” he said. He sat down on the couch and Julie straddled his legs, his engorged cock between them. It was going to be a long night.

Julie leaned in and kissed Mark. His huge dick (now I could admit it) plunged upward between her breasts. Her hands were caressing its thickness with a lovingness that she never exhibited with mine. It reminded me that no woman had ever treated my dick with the reverence my wife did toward Mark’s. Meanwhile her lips and tongue were moving across Mark’s, letting him know that she would do anything for him.

Her mouth went down to the tip of his cock. For a moment, it looked like she was going to try to stuff the tip into her mouth, like trying to swallow a baseball. She gave up quickly and ran her tongue over the head. Mark took a few deep breaths, the muscles in the chest stretching, his own hands running through my wife’s hair. The boy was loving all the things my wife was willing to do for him.

“I want to put you inside me,” she said, as she kissed his neck. “I want you so bad.”

Charlotte watched as her teenage lover’s penis shook with every beat of his heart. His pleasure was her pain. I could see a tear run down her cheek. “Oh, Baby,” she said. “Go inside me instead,” she begged. Charlotte sat herself down on the couch next to them. “I’m ready for you, Baby,” she breathed as she lifted her knees.

Mark lifted himself off the couch. My wife held on to him and was easily lifted along with him. I had never realized until this moment how extraordinary my wife’s body was. She was, I think, the sexiest woman in the world, maybe with the single exception of Charlotte. No other woman I had been with could compare with her large DD breasts that still fought gravity and won. She leaned away from Mark slightly and still her tit flesh was pressed against Mark’s chest. Her shapely legs were wrapped around Mark’s trim waist, the muscles holding tight to his body. Mark’s penis jutted out along the crack between the firm globes of Julie’s ass.

Mark turned and put Julie down next to Charlotte. Charlotte had her legs hiked up, her hands held her knees to give Mark’s huge log the easiest path to her dripping pussy. But Mark’s attention was on the woman in front of him, the one who hesitated giving up her embrace of him. Mark pulled Julie’s legs apart and she cooperated. Her hands went to Mark’s cock, working the shaft like a butter churn. Meanwhile, she kept her eyes on Mark’s face, maybe afraid to look down at the powerful intruder she wanted so desperately to enter her.

He kissed her on the lips as his right hand massaged her vagina gently. Though my dick had ruined her for most men, this boy had so much more to offer. After a while, he looked at her in the eyes, brought his right hand up to her face, his fingers dripping with her juices, and asked, “Are you ready?”

Julie nodded, though still unsure. Mark seemed unsure himself. He studied her vagina the way her obstetrician did when he was measuring her readiness for giving birth. Mark was making similar measurements, getting her ready to shove something almost the size of a baby’s head, but make it feel good.

He pressed his cock at her entrance. He smacked his cock up and down a few times, her pussy’s wetness sending droplets flying like boiling water. Julie’s took deep breaths, anxious, fearful, anticipating the pleasure to come. Her hands came down to his cock to guide it, gauging its thickness.

Mark pressed the head of his cock against her entrance. He pushed a little bit. Charlotte and I both watched the epic struggle of something hungered for yet too big makings its way into a space that was eager yet too small. Mark’s shaft was stretched tight and the cock looked like it could punch its way through a wall. But my dear wife Julie’s body resisted Mark’s battering ram, though she herself grasped his buttocks and pressed him toward her, each penetration made her whimper.

Julie started to cry. Mark stopped, pulling away, betraying his frustration.

“Here, Baby,” said Charlotte. “I can take you right now.”

“After her,” Mark said. “You want me to fuck you,” he bargained with Charlotte, “you help me get into Julie.”

Charlotte dropped her legs to the ground. She gave it a second’s thought, then seemed to study the problem. “OK, Baby,” she said. “I’ll work on it.”

She got off the couch and moved her face between Julie’s legs. “Help me,” said Julie to Charlotte. “I know you love him but I need him.”

Charlotte nodded. “I’m going to help. I’ve been right where you are,” she said. “Gazing at the most magnificent cock in the world and unable to take it. But I can help you,” she added before gently kissing Julie between the legs.

Julie was already aroused when Charlotte went to work. Julie’s head went back and she was already cumming after only a few seconds. Charlotte continued her work, sucking on Julie’s engorged clit, licking her walls, all the while holding her legs so Julie could relax. Julie was anything but relaxed, her breathing was rapid and she convulsed, screaming all the while.

For Mark, his cock got even bigger, if that were possible. Julie managed to grab a hold of it and stroke it with the rhythm Charlotte was setting at Julie’s warm wet pussy. It was difficult to tell who was in control now : Charlotte setting the pace, Julie making herself ready, or Mark, the prize for both girls.

Charlotte continued her work on preparing Julie. Her saliva mixed with Julie’s own pussy juices dripped from her lips and puddled onto the carpet. Charlotte was in a slurping moaning festival of cunt licking. She was on all fours, her pussy on display at her rear, red and engorged, betraying her enjoyment in preparing my Julie for the teenager’s cock that was bigger than mine. “I think you’re as ready as you ever will be,” Charlotte told Julie. Charlotte pulled herself off her, then fell backward. Her hand went between her legs and started to stimulate herself.

“Cmon Baby,” Charlotte begged Mark. “Finish me off. Take you a minute.”
Mark went down on the floor with her. Her knees rose up to meet him. They were practiced lovers, as familiar with each other’s body as any married couple. They were already naked, aroused, and ready. Mark pushed his cock into her easily and Charlotte took a deep breath. He fucked her wildly for only a minute but it was the most energetic fucking I’d ever seen. His ass rose and fell like a jackhammer but he never broke a sweat, never went out of breath. Charlotte came quickly, fiercely, holding Mark’s ass and pulling him in deeper. She kissed him hard. “I’m coming so hard, Baby.” Their lips mashed together, giving Mark a taste of Julie’s pussy juices still shiny on Charlotte’s mouth.

I was aroused as well. My cock was back out and I reflexively stroked it.
Julie paid no attention. Her attention was only on Mark. “Please Baby,” she breathed. “I need you bad.”

Mark nodded. “Sure, Julie,” he said. He pulled himself off of Charlotte, his cock now like a bar of iron; its huge head moved in slow motion, the bow of the ship turning. “I don’t want to hurt you though.”

“He can hurt you,” said Charlotte, between deep breaths. “Trust me. He hurt me when we first did it and,” she inhaled deeply, “I practically raped him.”

Mark sat himself on the couch next to Julie. His cock towered, its shadow now fell on Julie’s thighs. “Mount me,” he told her. “It’s easier that way.”
Julie hesitated. I thought she was having second thoughts about betraying our marriage. Maybe she rethought the morality of having sex with someone old enough to be her son or even grandson. That was just wishful thinking. Her eyes were glued to the cock, the source of her current fear and future pleasure.

“Oh Baby,” she said. She straddled his naked body. His cock was behind her, running straight up the crack of her ass and up her back. It’s placement right there made me realized how impossible it would be for any woman to take a cock that size all the way inside her, how far up it go into her internal organs, all the right through to her lungs. Half his cock would be enough for any woman.

She leaned forward and kissed him gently, then passionately, guiding his hands toward her big heaving breasts and swollen nipples. Charlotte wasn’t just hanging around. Still on her knees, she wrapped both her hands around Mark’s cock and stroked it. I thought she might be trying to get him to cum early, so he would not be able to penetrate Julie, or maybe just to postpone him a little. Mark wasn’t sitting passive either. He was giving Julie a ride, lifting her up and down by his hips like she was riding a bronco.

If I was right about Charlotte trying to get her teen fiancé to premature ejaculate all over my wife’s back and hair, it was doomed to failure. My wife was starting to move her ass up and down along his cock, as ready as ever to take him. Her hand reached behind her and pulled Mark’s cock from Charlotte’s grasp.

She lifted her ass up. There was not enough room to clear his cock so she had to get her feet up onto the couch to lift her pussy high enough. Once the cock was between her legs, she moved down until her pussy sat on the head. “I love you, Baby,” she told him. Then she moved her body down onto the cock.

The head of Mark’s cock pried open Julie’s engorged pussy. “It’s too big,” said Julie to Mark. “But my love will give me the power to take it.’
Charlotte rolled her eyes. “Oh Brother.” She stood up and watched as Julie took Mark for the first time. She was torn between helping her best friend fuck the boy she loved and storming out. She could never do the later any more than I could. She was doomed to watch the entire show, no matter how humiliating.

“Hmmmmm,” Julie moaned. “Oh God, Baby, you have the best body of any man I know.” Her pussy had successfully engulfed the head of his cock and was moving slowly down its shaft. She was further inspired by Mark’s muscular chest and shoulder as he worked his lips over her hot nipples.

“You’ll never get her back,” Charlotte said to me. “No man can compare to what Mark is giving her now. And forget about what he’s going to give her. That cock will make her a slave to him. You’ll see.”

“Oh God…Oh God…” Julie chanted. An inch or two of shaft disappeared inside her. She started moving up and down on the shiny cock.

“Uh…uh….uh” she said with each breath. She was fucking him now with only a fraction of his cock. His hands and moved to her firm round ass, helping her to lift from his cock before letting her come back down. His pace was gentle but Julie writhed like she was being furiously fucked.

Mark started to pull himself off the couch. Julie squealed as Mark lifted her up. In an instant, he was standing up, tossing my wife up a few inches, her pussy gliding up his cock, before letting it drop slowly down its shaft. Her hands were wrapped around his shoulder. “Oh God, Baby” she said. “I’m gonna cum hard,” she said. “Owww owww owww…oh…I’m gonna come Baby…I love you Baby…Oh God…I’m coming, I’m really fucking coming…Oh God …ah ah ah …coming Baby.”

Fortunately Mark was extremely strong because my wife instantly became dead weight. She was exhausted and her head fell onto his shoulder. He didn’t stop fucking her though she looked barely conscious. The only clue she was awake was the wide smile on her face and her fingers as they traced the muscles on his back. “Don’t stop,” she whispered to him. Apparently, he had no intention of stopping.

“He’s amazing,” said Charlotte. Though she was only watching, she was clearly being turned on more than any woman had ever been turned on by me. My cock was hard too and I found myself stroking it. I had not masturbated since I was twelve because I’d always been able to find a girl or woman to stroke it. But those days were over. I was watching the better man, the bigger man who was only a boy, but in years only. What he was doing to my wife, no other man could accomplish.

Mark continued the fucking, both their weights supported by his muscular legs. Her body was supported only by hands grasping her firm ass, lifting it up and down easily over his glistening cock. She clearly liked his strength, his control of the action, and the intense pleasure he gave her. He was a more considerate lover; I could see that. He had let my wife finish off her orgasm before letting himself go. It wasn’t much maybe, I’ll admit. It was just more than I ever did.
“I…want…you…to…cum,” she said to him, each word uttered between breaths.

“Where?” he asked.

“On…the…floor?” She pulled her face from his shoulder so she could look him in the eyes. She smiled and said, “Anywhere you want, Baby.”

“No,” said Mark. “Like in your mouth, on your tits, in your hair.”

“Oh, silly,” she said and kissed him. “You can cum in my mouth if you want.”

“What do you want?” Mark asked.

Julie gave it no thought at all. “I want you to cum in my mouth.”
Mark lifted her ass a few more inches. There was an audible pop sound as his huge cock extricated itself from Julie’s hungry exhausted pussy. Like she was a delicate porcelain vase that was precious but weighed almost nothing, he placed her down onto the carpet. Julie went to her knees, grasped his giant log of cock, and pushed the head into her mouth. Although it wouldn’t fit, she had made a seal on it with her lips. Her hands took either side of his massive organ and started stroking him to orgasm.

Mark only combed her hair with his fingers, looking down at the woman who was servicing him, his lover who was old enough to be his mother. I don’t know what he was thinking. As for me, I was watching my wife’s breathing, her huge breasts swaying with the pumping action on his horse cock.

“I’m gonna blow, Baby,” he told her. “Seven … six… five…” I couldn’t believe it. The son of a bitch was doing a countdown. “Here goes. Three … two … one … ah …a hhhh … ooo yeah.”

Julie began frantically swallowing, her throat working overtime. Then, as her swallowing fell behind, her cheeks puffed out. Finally, the seal of her lips against the purple head of his swollen cock broke and white jism squirted from the spaces. Julie finally flew back and Mark’s cock began shooting sperm over Julie’s head. For the first time, Mark seemed to tire, the muscles in his leg finally seemed to weaken ask his cock still flung gobs of sperm like cannon grapeshot.

“Oh Baby,” said Mark to my wife. She was lying on the floor, his sperm covering her face and dripping down her cheeks. She was still swallowing his juices in her mouth, still trying to catch her breath. “You were great.”

Julie smiled a big broad smile. She looked at me, then back at her lover. “You are a special guy,” she said to him.

“Was she good?” asked Charlotte of Mark, barely containing her anger. “Are you done now?”

“I don’t know,”Mark said. He looked at Julie who still smiled brightly, even as she leaned over on her knees and tipped over. Her cum-covered face went to the carpet and she just stayed there, happy, in some kind of pleasant delerium. “I guess so,” he said. “Give me a minute and I’ll have a go with you again.”

“I’m going to bed”, said Charlotte, taking steps toward Mark.

“OK, I’ll…” Mark was startled as Charlotte grasped Mark and hoisted him up on her shoulder in a fireman’s carry. She was a woman in good shape and lifting the naked sixteen-year-old boy wasn’t much of a problem for her. She walked around me with her burden. “I guess I’m going to bed too,” said Mark.

I looked at Julie thinking I should do something. “You want to go to bed?” I asked her.

“Not right now,” she said. “Mark’s busy with Charlotte. I’ll wait until he’s done.”

I took the hint and went to bed. A few minutes later, I heard Charlotte going to orgasm again and later that night, I heard Julie and Mark back on the couch. My bedroom door was open and by laying at the foot of the bed with the light out, I could seem them perfectly.

“You OK, Baby,” asked Mark.

“I’m fine,” Julie said. “Now, I am, anyway.”

“Everything’s going to be better now,” he told her, and kissed her.

“Really?” she said.


“Your dick ever get tired?”

“I don’t know,” he said. “It gets sore sometimes, especially if I do it with the same woman all day.”

“All day.”

Mark nodded, shyly. “Yeah. It’s why I like to do different girls. That way no one gets tired. And I never liked girls my age. They get tired fast and usually can’t handle my size anyway.”

“You poor boy. You must have had a lot of trouble early on.”

When you’re a little kid with a big hard dick and no place to put it, it’s not much fun. I had great babysitters though.”

“Your dick…” said Julie has she started to massage it. “Is it sore now?”

“A little. But I think you’ll be wet enough that it won’t be a problem.”

Julie giggled. “I’ll try,” she said. “I’ll get it nice and wet first.” She leaned her head over and starting to lick Mark’s flaccid length. ‘Hmmmm,” she said as her tongue flicked over his cock’s head. “I taste some of Charlotte too.”

“Sorry about that.”

“It’s OK,” said Julie. “We’re best friends anyway.”

In a few minutes, Mark changed Julie’s position. He hoisted her ankles up onto his shoulders and maneuvered his cock into position. “Don’t hurt me,” she said.

Mark shoved forward slightly and Julie’s head fell back. “You stretch out all the girls,” she said.

“I’m told. I was always big so I learned early to be careful. Mrs. Hunter, my English teacher, used to tell me to use long slow strokes at first. She said her husband liked to fuck her fast and it wasn’t how she liked it. She said if her husband had a cock like mine, he still wouldn’t know how to fuck as good as me. I don’t know about that but I do try to learn with every girl.”

“You’re a master now,” she said. Both of her hands were between her legs, stroking the exposed part of Mark’s cock, the part that might never fit inside a woman. She kissed him and then put a hand on his ass to encourage him to use faster strokes. Mark leaned forward for more leverage and began putting it to Julie much faster.

“That feels so good,” she said. “Your cock is amazing.”

Mark began to suck on Julie’s tits, alternating between the two engorged nipples. As he did so, she kissed his hair. Her legs wrapped tight around his muscular shoulders. “I love you,” she said.

“I know,” he said.

“I want you to fuck me from behind, like a dog, Baby.”

“Whatever,” said Mark. I think it surprised Julie when Mark gently put her on the floor and then flipped her over. Mark put his cock in her right away.

“Oooo, Baby. I swear you’re cock is all the way up into my guts.”

“I’ll back off,” he told her. “I don’t want to hurt you.”

Mark was fucking her hard. Instinctively, he grabbed her hair the way he would hold a horse’s reigns. She seemed to like it, groaning in pleasure. He pushed his cock into her as Julie’s face dug into front of the couch, her fingernails pulling up carpet. Her orgasm came fast and sudden but lasted through tens of strokes of Mark’s prodigious cock.

When she was done, her body fell limp though Mark continued his fucking her. One hand was still holding her hair as his hands guided her ass. “I want you to cum, Baby.”

“I don’t think anyone can do anything about that,” Mark said. “I’m going to cum.”

“No, I mean I want you to cum in me. Really cum in me deep.” Her words cut me deep. She was very careful about having more children with me. Now she was begging this teen age boy to give her a child.

“I don’t know,” Mark said.

“You’re giving Charlotte a baby,” she said. “Give me one too.”

“I have a lot of kids already” he said. Clearly, he wasn’t sure how many.

“What’s one more then?” she asked.

“OK,” Mark said. “Here you go.” His pace quickened, pumping his cock into her, preparing her birth canal for the baby that would be coming out in a few months. He stopped suddenly, pushing his cock deep into my wife. He gave a groan as massive amounts of jism poured down Julie’s inner thighs. He collapsed onto her and for a few minutes, he just laid there on top of her back. In a few minutes, I saw his hips lift and fall again over Julie’s ass. His cock had not left her. He was giving her another dose of his baby making juice.

Sooner or later, someone was going to have to sleep in this cabin. In the end, I guess that was me.

I awoke in the morning. I heard the sound of sizzling bacon and made my way to the kitchen. Charlotte was sitting at the table, eating one of Julie’s excellent omelets. Julie was at the counter next to the stove, minding the bacon and eggs frying. Mark was behind her, thrusting his cock between her legs, his ass cheeks pounding, a wet slushy sound from Julie’s stuffed vagina.

Charlotte saw me first. “Hey asshole,” she said.

“Hey Doug,” said Julie. My presence didn’t interrupt the fucking one bit. Apparently, Julie had learned to take Mark more easily and wouldn’t deny him sexual satisfaction even as she made his breakfast. “You want some eggs?” she asked me. I could see some of Mark’s cum still crusted in her hair.

“No thanks,” I said.

“The road are clear,” she said. Her mouth formed an “O” as Mark’s thrust must have hit a particularly nice spot. “They said on the radio you can leave by this afternoon. Mark, Charlotte, and I are staying.”

“Of course,” I said.

That was the worst day of my life though a couple of other days came close. There was the day Julie left me, moving in with Mark and Charlotte. Charlotte’s concerns about Mark’s infidelity was to be kept in check if he had two women. When that didn’t’ seem enough, Julie offered up our own daughter as Mark’s third wife.

Another really bad day was at the hospital, nine months later. Charlotte and Julie were both giving birth to Mark’s babies. The school nurse at his high school had given birth a day earlier and was being discharged. Mark’s attentions were split three ways. My daughter, Glenda, was six month’s pregnant and remained at Mark’s side.

And today’s a pretty bad day too. Some co-workers offered to take me fishing and I thought I needed it to take my mind off my problems. Others on the boat turned out to be husbands and fathers of some of my co-workers. Once we were out in the open ocean, I felt a push at my lower back, a loss of balance, the shock of cold water, and the taste of salt.

“Hey,” I yell up at the boat.

“Enjoy your swim,” one of the men say. They are throwing bait into the water, chumming, they call it.

I try to swim toward the boat but some wiseass steers the boat away, even as they toss fish tidbits at me that land in the water around me. “This isn’t funny,” I say.

“We’re laughing,” someone says from the boat.

I point at some vertical fins coming toward me. “What are those?” I ask.

“Dolphins,” they all say, laughing. “They’re going to play with you.”

“Yeah, this is a bad day. But still not quite as bad as that night in the cabin.


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