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Doctor’s Orders

I had been suffering with a nagging eye problem for a couple of weeks. For some reason it just kept being sore. Not enough to be a problem but enough to be annoying.

It hadn’t stopped me from driving around for instance. But it did make sitting in front of a TV or computer an issue. At the same time my wife and I had been trying to have a child over the last few years. I’ll be honest despite trying to have a child the romance had died out in many respects mainly because my wife’s libido had dropped out completely. We found it was linked mild depression which was brought on by her not being able to conceive naturally. She was blaming herself but eventually we found out that we would need to go via IVF for kids. This news made my wife’s libido, what was left of it had hit full stop for about 6 months. It was because of all the treatments my sex life dried up completely. Which after 2 years of “only for kids” sex thinking by my wife a drop off from a couple of times a month to none at all wasn’t too much of a loss or so I thought.

But now with my eye giving me problems I couldn’t turn to my usual outlets for tension that of the internet stories and videos we all know and in many cases enjoy solo. Without realising it, it was really causing me stress. Particularly as I’d remained faithful to my wife despite her lack of sex drive.

Eventually I decided that it was time to go and see my doctor and get the eye sorted out. My appointment was for early morning so I could then go on to work. I called the practice to confirm everything was okay before I headed out and was told that my regular doctor was off today and instead I’d be getting a stand in. A locum they call them. Well that news didn’t bother me but for some reason the thought of a new doctor made me want to appear a little more presentable.

I arrived on time as I usual managed so I wouldn’t have to wait long in the reception room. The receptionists were the usual women so they didn’t worry about me arriving just on time and expected to slot me in directly. Dr Ambersun, I was told would be my locum.

Within minutes of sitting down I was called by Dr Ambersun, as I got up I was stunned at her looks. Normally I was a brunette man, but this Ambersun, Lily as she told me to call her, was an amazing blonde. She had her hair in a full ponytail and had black rimmed glasses around a slightly freckled smiling face. She didn’t bother with a lab coat so her tight blue silk blouse was apparent. I could tell she was well endowed which as a tit man was very stimulating. She was tall with a slim but not skinny body and had a tight navy skirt and what looked to be tan stockings and red high heels.

She was frankly the best looking female I’d seen in over a month – but then considering I’d not seen the buxom beauties on TV, I’d not many choices to compare her to. Regardless she was still very attractive and had a sparkle in her eyes I’d not seen in my wife’s eyes for a couple of years.

As she turned and walked to her room, as I followed all I could think have was my growing manhood, that and her wiggling butt.

Once in the room she motioned for me to sit down opposite her at the corner of her desk. She crossed her legs giving me a better look at them, I was entranced.

“Hello, I’m Lily, Dr Ambersun if you prefer, but I prefer Lily. What seems to be the problem” As she talked to me she locked eye contact – I wondered if it was to avoid me looking at her bust.

“Well I’ve been having a problem with my eye it’s been painful or more accurately discomforting for a while now”

“Okay then let’s have a look.”

By now the bulge in my pants was showing I was certain of it. But she didn’t seem to notice. She got up switched off the main light in the room and put on the light on the chart for me to read. I breathed a sigh of relief as it meant she couldn’t see my bulge.

“Just look straight ahead while I shine this light into your eyes”

I did as I was told but I’d forgotten that when you get your eyes checked the doctor gets in real close to you, close enough to smell and close enough to be in that strange zone were you feel you could just turn your head and in this case kiss them. As she started to look I could feel her breath and it wasn’t helping matters with my pants problem. Then she started to talk me through things.

“I read in your notes that you and your wife are undergoing IVF. How’s that working out?”

“Well it’s stressful I’ll tell you that”

“How you coping with the stress?”

“To be honest not very well.”

She adjusted her angle now so if the lights were on I’d have been able to see down her blouse – as it was I could make out a shape of a bust line.

“Really? I suppose it must be tough. Having to look after your wife as she goes through the injections and the mood swings. Not being able to enjoy the intimate moments for a month or so”

“Try 2 years” I blurted that out without thinking. Perhaps it was because she was a stranger, sexy stranger but still someone I’d probably never see again, my guard was down.

“2 years? Really?”

“Well not exactly I mean we tired a lot for a while and then there was the diagnosis and my wife had to have the operations and the recovery etc but it’s about that. It’s been difficult for both us. A lot of the time it wasn’t enjoyment if you catch my drift it was ‘work’. Then after maybe once or twice a month it dropped to zero.”

She leaned in closer and I could feel the hairs on the back of my neck stiffen.

“It’s always harder on the man. The woman’s sex drive will vary but for the man, he doesn’t see anything wrong so he always wants sex. That sum it up?”

I simply nodded. Which wasn’t the right thing to do as she had to stop.

“Try and not move your head I’ll have to re-adjust.”

With that she came in even closer than before for some reason I didn’t even think she was looking through the eyepiece thing she had.

“Sorry. I didn’t mean to move”

“No problem. Just try and not move while I’m looking at the eye. I can’t see anything from this side however.”

She moved across my body and leaned in again this time from the other side. As she leaned forward I felt her brush her other hand against my dick. I almost jumped out of the chair. But I managed to only give a little twitch.

“You moved again”


“Just don’t move until I’ve checked this out okay? I can’t see what is wrong with the eye at all. Have you been watching any TV or using a computer recently?”

“I stopped that when it became painful.”

“Well I suppose that’s made things worse not being able to watch TV or videos on the net to relieve stress”

She put emphasis on the stress to make is sound like strex.

Then she almost whispered the next part

“Bet you wish you could let off some steam today don’t ya?”

It wasn’t even 8:50 in the morning and already I knew I’d be stiff all day thinking about this moment. I didn’t dare nod my head or say anything. I looked ahead and wished the damn light would be out of my eye and I could run and jack off.

Suddenly she stood up and headed to put the main light on again.

“Well I can’t see anything wrong with the eye itself. So that’s good news.”

With the light on I was blinking a lot when she sat down opposite me again I was convinced her blouse was more open than before.

“Now this could be something else. Have you had any fever recently any colds?”

“Well I had a cold a while back maybe 6 or 7 weeks ago.”

“Let me check your glands”

Without warning she had her hands feeling my face and neck. Her eyes were locked to mine.

“Well if you had a cold this could be a problem with your sinuses putting pressure on the eye. Your glands give a good indication of any illness. And my, you are swollen aren’t you?”

I started to squirm in my seat but didn’t break eye contact. Then she looked downwards.

“And very swollen down there as well.”

I almost came on the spot. Here I was with a beautiful doctor with her hands on my face telling me I was sporting a stuffy.

“Don’t worry” she whispered “I’m swollen too”.

At that she juggled her breasts and I looked down her blouse lo and behold despite her bra her nipples were showing.

I didn’t know what to say but she said it for me.

“Look this cold, the eye problem and everything else is related to stress. When the body is stressed your immune response is lowered a little. So the quickest cure we have is to de-stress. I can see how tense you are. So just get on the table and pull your pants down. You don’t have to say a word -doctor’s orders.”

I wasn’t sure if she was joking or playing me. I just sat there. To jack off in a doctor’s surgery wasn’t completely unknown to me. I’d had to do that at the clinic back when we were being tested for infertility. But normally I had the room to myself and had been given some ‘reading material’.

“Look IVF needs good sperm samples right. So you need to freshen up the sperm. So let’s take a sample. It’s all right I’ll be clinical. But I can tell you need this. ”

She took me by the hand and got me up on the table. Then she pulled the curtain closed leaving me alone on the table and I just automatically pulled down my pants. My dick was raging and by now was actually painful.

“Are you okay?”

“I guess so. Should I use a tub to collect it?”

“Oh you aren’t to do anything”

With that she pulled back the curtain, She still had the glasses on and her hair was in a ponytail, but her blouse was open. The best set of tits I’d ever seen was before me held back by a black bra. I was stunned to silence.

“I’ve seen patients like you before. High sex drive, frustrated by the wife or girlfriend. Have to take care of themselves until suddenly it’s not enough. You need to make it a two person or maybe more than two person job. But you are faithful, so you just suffer. Trust me it’s a phase right now you’ll get out of it once your wife gives birth and gets her drive back.

“But right now…”

She pulled away the pony tail and removed the glasses. She was a wet dream come true.

“I’m going to take a sample. Don’t worry I saw your blood tests from last time I know you are clean of disease and you wouldn’t be here now if you were sleeping around.”

She straightened her back and threw her shoulders and arms back as her blouse fell off her. I just sat there unable to move. But I knew I had pre -cum rising. She’d left her skirt on and approached me.

Then as she leaned in to kiss me fully she grabbed my dick and started to jack me off. All though the next few minutes she kept whispering

“It’s okay, it’s doctor’s orders, come on my hands you want it you need it.”

But I just couldn’t come, not right there. Oh I wanted too but I couldn’t relax enough to let it flow.

“Are you a tit man or an ass man” she whispered. I instinctively reached out for her breasts.

She then suddenly backed away and I thought it was all over. But instead she reached into her bra and pulled out her magnificent DD tits without taking her bra off. They were perfectly suspended. Without saying a word she pulled me closer to the end of the bed and then as my legs dangled over she put her tits around my dick and started to jack me off again. As she got closer with her mouth she started to kiss and then lick me.

“Oh god” I finally said something

“Good let it all out. Dr Lily needs her tits showered in sperm. You need this I need this so just let it go… it feels good doesn’t it…”

Suddenly I felt the familiar boiling and within seconds I was straining to hold it in.

“Cum on me. Cum on my tits. I want you to. Doctor’s orders. You need it.”

I couldn’t hold back any more and just erupted. Covering her tits and chin.

She just held everything in place until I started to shrink.

“There you feel better now don’t you? Pain in the eye will be better right now as well.”

She was right – I knew it was just the endorphins but right there I felt great.

“It won’t last. And this is a temporary fix. You’ll soon be full size and be needing to jump someone. This will just have woken you up, taken some stress away but you need to deal with it better.”

She started to kiss and lick me clean as she spoke I knew I’d be full size soon enough.

“So I’m going to send you to a special clinic to help with this stress. Don’t tell them about what we did. Don’t tell anyone.”

“I won’t Dr Ambersun.”

“Lily. It’s Dr Lily if you want.”

“Sorry Dr Lilly”

After cleaning me up she stood up and stood behind the curtain and closed it again.

“Get dressed now and I’ll give you your referral. And you’ll need to come back to see me for a check up some time. I’ll be here for a couple of weeks I suspect.”

As I composed myself and got dressed she pulled open the curtain again. She’d dressed herself quickly and I was right her blouse did button up higher than she’d shown me. She handed me a card with an address and a name of a clinic on it

“H.H.N.P.S. what is that?” I asked

“It’s the name of the clinic they’ll explain when you get there. Phone the number to book in advance and tell them I sent you after an appointment this morning. When you get there they’ll have a form and a few psychometric tests. But I think they can help you.”

She leaned in again and gave me a giant kiss.

“Now I’ve got another appointment so you book in to see me late next week Friday afternoon perhaps. Reception will sort you out. IN the meantime take a decongestant for the eye pain and stay away from TV and video for a week. Try and book an appointment with the clinic today for tomorrow. Good luck and I hope to see you soon. Remember this was doctor’s orders you didn’t do anything wrong.”

With that she opened the door and as I walked out she patted my butt and whispered “Next time maybe I’ll prescribe more than a sperm sample I might need a full work up”.

As I left the building I looked down at the card and decided to call the number before I left for work. But it was direct to voicemail and I was told to call back later. As I got into my car all I could think about was Dr Lily’s breasts… but I convinced myself it was a fluke and a once in a lifetime experience. Little did I know.

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