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He walked into the empty classroom with more than a small amount of confusion. When his homeroom teacher had asked him to come and help her with a project after school he had of course jumped at the opportunity. Mrs. Davis was easily the hottest teacher in the school and more than a few of the seniors wanted to fuck her. Although he had no delusions that he had any chance of this occurring he still enjoyed just being around her.

“Ah, Billy. Thank you for coming to help me with this, please take a seat.” Mrs. Davis said.

“Always happy to help ma’am” Billy responded. His heart jumped at the sight of her.

Although she always dressed so formally the expensive silk clothing that she seemed to prefer did little to hide her form, the luxurious material clung to her slender frame and betrayed the gentle swells of her breasts. Although she was not as well endowed as some of the other teachers, or students for that matter, she quite obviously took care of her body and what she lacked in size she made up for in quality.

“What exactly are we doing here?” He asked perplexed.

“Well another student is coming for detention and I need your help. Although she shows a lot of promise in school she just cannot seem to find the motivation to work hard and I am afraid that she is going to fail without our help” Mrs. Davis responded

“Soooo… you want me to what? Tutor her?” Billy asked

“Something like that…” Mrs. Davis responded. She trailed off mysteriously and as the silence dragged on she appeared to not have any intention of saying more on the subject.

They waited in silence, the ticking of the clock on the wall being the only sound to intrude on them, until at last the clicking of high heeled shoes down the hallway outside announced another presence.

A female student in an absurdly short skirt walked into the classroom and Billie almost hit the desk with his chin when his mouth dropped open in a comically cartoonist fashion. Cassandra, probably the hottest girl in school, walked into the room and glanced at him with about as much evident confusion as he felt. Cassandra was one of the popular elite, her father wealthy enough to buy her just about anything, and she never paid attention to a guy like him. On the other hand rumor had it that she was in danger of not being able to graduate, her grades being so low from her constant partying that even her father’s money might not be enough to get her out of the hole she was in.

“Ah, Cassandra, nice of you to show up.” Mrs. Davis said with a frown. “Billy I assume you know Cassandra?” she said in a way that made it clear that he was not actually being addressed.

“Well… it is not as if you gave me much of a choice now did you?” Cassandra said with a childish pout.

The two women scowled at each other in the momentarily break in conversation and Billy shifted uncomfortably in his seat, a move which instantly attracted the attention of both women.

“And what is he doing here?” she said.

“Billy is here to help with your detention, to help convey how important it is that you shape up if you want to graduate at the end of the year. You will do everything I tell you or I will fail you, do I make myself clear?” Mrs. Davis said firmly.

“Hey now! You never said anything about a boy, I have a boyfriend…” Cassandra said angrily.

Billy was confused by her statement. What exactly did she expect to happen that would make her feel the need to inform them that she was dating someone?

“I’m sorry, did you say you wanted to fail my class?” Mrs. Davis interjected matching the other girls anger and indignation.

Cassandra shut her mouth angrily, biting back a retort that would likely have only made her situation worse than it already was.

“Now lets get started. Take your panties, if you are wearing any, off and sit on my desk now.” Mrs. Davis commanded.

Billies heart stopped in his chest. It was impossible that he had just heard what he thought he had heard. His shock was redoubled when Cassandra bent over and pulled down a pair of white cotton panties and dropped them onto the floor giving Billy an up close and personal look at the smooth hairless lips of her pussy. Billy pinched himself, positive that he must be dreaming.

Although he was by no means ugly Billy was somewhat of a nerd, a label attached to him because he aced all of his classes and liked to play some dungeons and dragons with his friends on weekends. Although the question of whether or not he deserved his label may be up for debate it was there never the less and as a consequence he had never fucked a girl, let alone seen one as hot as Cassandra up close like this. The closest he had ever gotten was some underage heavy petting with a girl at a summer camp as a kid.

Cassandra walked over to the desk at the head of the room and sat down on the edge, glaring balefully around the room, unwilling to make eye contact with anyone in what was an evident moment of shame.

“Pull your skirt up and spread your legs” Mrs. Davis instructed

Cassandra’s glare shot towards the teacher, and if looks could kill Mrs. Davis would be dead a hundred times over, but she complied with the directive, hiking up her skirt and revealing her perfectly shaven cunt.

“Now Billy, this is where I need your help.” Mrs. Davis said.

Billy jerked in his chair, he had been so engrossed in what was occurring in front of him, and the incredibly erotic view he had from his front row seat, that he had almost forgotten that they could see him.

“Umm… uh yes… what do you want me to do ma’am?” Billy asked. His nerves made him stutter nervously and he blushed a vivid red

Cassandra snickered at his embarrassment, but was silenced by a quick glare from Mrs. Davis.

“I want you to eat her pussy.” Mrs. Davis said calmly.

“What?!” Both students said in unison.

“I said I want you to eat her pussy, you do know what that means do you not?” Mrs. Davis said continuing as though they had not just both objected to her order.

“Yes of course I do…” Billy mumbled embarrassed.

“Then what are you waiting for?” Mrs. Davis asked, arcing a brow at him in impatience.

Billy approached the desk were Cassandra waited, legs spread. She made a point of looking anywhere but at him, scanning the room to avoid looking at him. For Billy the walk stretched in front of him, what was in actuality only a few feet seeming like an endless expanse. Billy felt an odd conflict of emotions inside of him. On the one hand this was a dream come true, the chance to not only eat pussy for the first time, but to eat the pussy of the hottest girl in school. On the other hand though he felt like he was walking towards the electric chair.

He arrived at last, standing in front of her spread legs. Up close he could see the stubble of her pubic hair and some blemishes of her skin, no doubt from shaving. The lips of her cunt pulled his eyes in like a black hole and he realized he was staring when he noticed her blushing from his inspection.

“I’m sorry…” He whispered to Cassandra as he knelt down between her legs.

“Just hurry up and get on with it.” Cassandra muttered back to him.

Obediently his head dropped between her legs. The musky smell of her pussy flooded his nose and mouth. Had he known what he was looking for he would have realized that despite her act at being angry or unwilling, her pussy betrayed her arousal. The moisture of her desire flooded her cunt, unknown to everyone else in the room was that Cassandra had always harbored a secret fantasy of being put on display and used like this, however she felt she had to act unwilling least the teacher realize that this was hardly a punishment at all.

Billy slipped his tongue between the lips of her cunt, caressing her clit with the tip. The salty taste of her pussy filled his mouth and the experience of eating pussy for the first time overwhelmed all of his senses.

“Don’t be a sissy, really get in there and eat that pussy!” Mrs Davis instructed. She shoved Billy’s head firmly between Cassandras legs forcing his nose between the lips of her cunt.

Obediently Billy lapped at her pussy mostly unsure what he was doing. His ineptitude however appeared to be sufficient as he was rewarded by a throaty moan of pleasure as Cassandra leaned back on the desk.

“That’s right slut, feels good doesn’t it?” Mrs. Davis said. Neither student was paying attention to her at the moment, each wrapped up in their shared experience. Had they kept an eye on her they would have noticed the signs of her growing arousal as she watched the tableau in front of her. Her hand rubbed forcefully through the silk blouse she was wearing, pawing at her breasts.

Billy continued his inept efforts, more than making up for his lack of experience with his enthusiasm. First one finger, and then two joined his tongue in her cunt, one finger joining the other when neither woman raised any protest. Cassandra writhed and squirmed on the desk as her body reacted to the stimulation of the passionate assault on her pussy.

Although she could tell that he really had no idea what he was doing Billy clearly possessed some degree of natural skill, or a healthy dose of luck. In a short time he was able to give her a screaming orgasm, something that her boyfriend had never managed to due with his clumsy, fumbling touches.

“That’s enough.” Mrs. Davis interrupted.

“Finely… Can I go now?” Cassandra said huffily. She tried to pretend that her breathing was not rapid, that she had not just cum all over the teachers desk. After all she had to keep some sort of dignity, even if it was all an act.

“Go? No, of course not! We are, after all, only getting started.” Mrs. Davis said. She smiled a predatory smile that might have been more at home on the face of a lion about to pounce on a meal.

Cassandra stifled a sigh of relief that the session was not done yet.

“Billy, bend her over my desk and fuck her!” Mrs. Davis commanded

Wordlessly he obeyed, taking confidence from Cassandra’s lack of protest at the order. He pulled her over the desk, the surface made slick from her earlier orgasm. She obediently flipped over, one knee still on the desk. With only a moment of hesitation, a silent moment of remembrance for his soon to be departed virginity, he thrust his cock into Cassandra’s waiting hole.

“Fuck! Your cock is so thick!” Cassandra moaned loudly

Billy said nothing, his body thrilled at the wet heat that radiated from her cunt, the tight muscles of her pussy grasping his cock with each thrust. He grabbed onto her hips, thrusting forcefully as he lost himself in the instinctual motion of the act. Although this was his very first time a million years of evolution, not to mention plenty of time watching porn, had prepared him for this moment and he was determined to make a good showing of himself. Secretly he was a little amazed that he didn’t cum instantly, as he had heard that this was a common problem on a guys first time.

“Fuck that tight little hole!” Mrs. Davis said in unnecessary encouragement. Her lust was so inflamed at seeing the two students fucking on her desk that she could resist it no longer. She hiked up her skirt and pushed her black lace thong out of the way. Two fingers slipped into her all ready swollen cunt and she moaned loudly. With rapid movement she thrust her fingers in and out as she watched the scene in front of her.

The wet impact of cock in cunt filled the classroom and the unmistakable smell of sex enveloped all three of the participants. Cassandra shivered and cried out as she came again, Billy’s thick cock thrusting into her without respite

“Fuck! It’s my turn!” Mrs. Davis commanded.

The two students turned back to her in surprise at her statement and discovered that she was already naked in front of them. Billy was pleased to see that every rumor about her body was true. Although sleek and willowy of frame her body was tight and toned from long hours of careful exercise. Her small but firm breasts sat proudly on her chest, unbowed by her age. She reached Cassandra and ripped her shirt off of her in one forceful gesture, sending buttons scattering across the classroom. Cassandra made a cry of protest, although the spirit of it was lost as she secretly thrilled at the rough treatment.

“Strip!” Mrs. Davis instructed “I want to see your body!”

Cassandra obediently removed what was left of her clothing, her skirt and bra and tattered remains of her shirt joining her panties on the classroom floor. Mrs. Davis sat on the edge of the desk and spread her legs widely. Her pussy, unlike Cassandra’s, had a full spread of hair, although the lips of her cunt themselves were smooth.

Billy obediently knelt again between her legs, his tongue darting inside of her. Mrs. Davis placed her hand on the back of his head and encouraged him firmly, pressing his face deeper into her cunt. Billy started lapping at her cunt but was surprised when a warm wetness enveloped the head of his cock. He paused and looked down, seeing that Cassandra had dropped down beside him and started to suck his cock unasked and untold. Billy resumed his task, like before slipping two of his fingers inside the pussy.

It turned out that when it came to fingering and eating pussy Billy was a natural, Mrs. Davis quickly succumbed to his natural skill and moaned that she was cumming, her body convulsing as though she were having a seizure. Billy discovered that her cum was so much sweeter than Cassandra’s had been, which came as something of a surprise as he had assumed that it all tasted pretty much the same.

“You taste good ma’am.” Billy said. He leaned back and licked his lips while Mrs. Davis tried to catch her breath.

“Thank you Billy.” She said with a bemused expression on her face.

Billy glanced down at Cassandra, who was still obediently sucking on his cock, her head sliding back and forth as she struggled to take his full length into her mouth at one time. He pressed on the back of her head, shoving his cock deeper down her throat. Although he was able to at last fit all of his cock into her mouth at one time she gagged violently as his cock hit the back of her throat. She smacked his hand away from the back of her head and freed his cock, however she made no noise of protest and after a moments lapse to catch her breath she resumed sucking his cock.
“Fuck me, please?” Mrs. Davis moaned

Billy was a little shocked to hear her utter the word “please” as she had previously been doing a passable impersonation of a drill Sargent. However, never one to pass up a woman in need, Billy obliged her, forcing his cock between the lips of her cunt. She moaned and looked back at him with a look of surprise, not having sucked his cock herself she had not realized how big it actually was until it was nearly splitting her in half.

“You are so fucking big!” Mrs. Davis moaned.

Cassandra sat back and spread her legs, leaning against the side of the desk as she started to finger herself as she waited for it to be her turn again. Billy thrust into the older woman, delighting in the differences between the two women’s cunts. In one afternoon he had gone from being a virgin to having two notches on his proverbial belt. Not only that but he had now fucked the two hottest women in the school.

“Fuck, I am going to cum!” Mrs. Davis yelled. Her body quickly fulfilled the promise of her words, her hips bucked violently and her eyes rolled up into the back of her head in a fair impersonation of the scene from the exorcist.

Billy, as he had been every other time so far, was indifferent to her announcement. He continued on with near mechanical precision, his cock slamming into her with rhythmic force.

“Make the slut clean your cock off.” Mrs. Davis instructed when she was again able to speak coherently.

Billy freed his cock from inside his teacher’s pussy and Cassandra moved over to take it into her mouth without having to be told. She worked diligently to remove every speck of their teachers cum from his cock, using her tongue with more force and vigor than she had shown the last time she was sucking his cock. Billy moaned as her skilled mouth worked its magic on his cock, her tongue slipping around and around the head of his cock before sliding down the shaft before returning to the top and repeating the pattern again.

“Fuck! You are so goddamn good at that!” Billy said. He had to resist the urge to force his cock deeper into her mouth, recalling the way she had reacted last time.

“Well I have had plenty of practice.” She said smiling up at him.

There was something about the way she smiled up at him that almost made him cum on the spot. Something about the combination of her beautiful smile, her lush full tits, and his teachers cunt in his peripheral vision was simply exquisitely erotic.

“Get off the ground, slut.” Mrs. Davis commanded suddenly.

Cassandra rose to her feet, standing confused as she waited for more orders. Mrs. Davis pushed her back against the desk, knocking her flat on her back. She promptly climbed on top of the younger woman, pinning her against the desk her her body.

“Fuck her. I want to look her in the eye when she cums.” Mrs. Davis said firmly.

Billy obediently slipped his cock back inside his classmate who responded with a low moan of pleasure at the return of his swollen cock.

Billy fucked her, his cock pounding into her young cunt with unrestrained force while on top of her Mrs. Davis ground her hips against the helpless teen while fondling her nipples. Cassandra writhed on the desk, but made no effort to escape the position she was in.

The two women were nose to nose, the teacher staring intently into the eyes of her student, determined to catch the moment she orgasmed in her eyes. She was caught completely by surprise when Cassandra leaned forward and kissed her firmly on the lips. Mrs. Davis’s eyes widened in shock as the younger woman’s tongue forced its way between her surprised lips.

She looked for a moment as though she would kiss her back. Then the moment passed and she reared back in furry and slapped the younger woman square in the face.

“How dare you kiss me, you slut!” Mrs. Davis exploded in fury.

The rest of her reaction was cut short as Billy grabbed her from behind. He forced his thumb into her mouth while gripping her throat forcefully.

“Listen! You are being a real bitch! Cassandra has done nothing but be obedient the entire time she has been here, you have no cause to hit her!” Billy snarled.

She tried to mumble something in response but his thumb in her mouth and grip on her throat made intelligible conversation impossible. He ignored her and freed his cock from Cassandra before shoving it forcefully back into his teacher’s tight, wet cunt. She made no effort to resist him, acting a docile as a mare that had been broken. She pumped into her with increasing force as he felt his own orgasm start to build within him.

“Now, I am going to pump your tight little cunt full of cum, and I expect you to thank me for it!” He snarled in her ear.

Both women looked as confused as he felt as this sudden change in her personality from submissive and obedient helper to fierce dom. Seeing Mrs. Davis hit Cassandra had awoken something within him, and he thrilled at the fire that burned within him.

“Ugh! I’m cumming!” He announced.

Mrs. Davis moaned, a mixture of pleasure and concern as his molten cum exploded deep within her unprotected cunt. He continued thrusting into her for as long as he could, forcing wave after wave of cum deep inside of her, until, at last, it flowed out of her, dripping down onto the desk beneath them.

“Fuck! That was great!” Billy sighed

“How dare you…” Mrs. Davis started.

“No! You listen to me, you are mine now! I will fuck you whenever and however I want!” Billy said firmly.

“I am no such thing!” Mrs. Davis said

“You are, unless you want me to go to the principle and report what just happened.” He said smugly. “And you will not only pass Cassandra, you will give her an A.”

“What!?” Mrs. Davis exclaimed

“Your heard me fuck toy.” Billy said. He starred her directly in the eyes, daring her to disagree with him.

She broke eye contact first, hanging her head in an admission of defeat.

“Wow! Thank you!” Cassandra said. Her face was lit by admiration and shock at her sudden twist of fortune.

“Least I could do.” Billy said embarrassed.

“Your cock felt soooo good.” Cassandra said “Do you think we could… fuck again sometime?” she finished in a rush.

“What about your boyfriend?” Billy asked confused.

“He is an asshole anyways…” She said smiling at him. “Here, take my number. Call me sometime?” She said

“Yea, of course!” he said excitedly.

He watched as she gathered up her clothing, she frowned momentarily as she glanced at the tattered remains of her shirt before reaching into her backpack and pulling out a sweatshirt to cover her exposed bra.

“I will see you around!” she said with a laugh. She spared one last look of contempt for Mrs. Davis, who sat still on the edge of her desk, her pussy slowly leaking cum, before she headed out the door.

“Now, fuck toy, lets take some pictures…” Billy said whipping out his phone…

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