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Dark Horse

Hi, I’m Matty.

I’m kinda a loner, stay in most days, I have friends but…I dunno. I just never feel like going out, I hang around with them at school though. Let me describe myself anyway, I’m a teenager in school. Kind of a rocker, long-ish hair, tall, kinda thin.

I walk to school most days with a girl called Aoife, she is a punk. Dyed Blue hair, black eye-liner, a tattoo of a star on her neck. Today she was wearing a mini skirt, boots and a black t-shirt.

“So, whats up? What you do over the weekend?” I asked her. “Oh, my god. You know your friend Tommy? I was gonna give him head on Friday night, and I took his dick out… IT WAS SOOOO FREAKING SMALL!” She giggled.”Oooooh, sooo, whats yours like? Hmmmm?”

To be honest, I didn’t really know. I only ever use it for pissing and on the odd time have a wank.

“Emmm, how big do you like them?”

“At least six inches, but I’d prefer seven,” she stated in a matter of fact way. “Hey, my friend Mel is having a costume party on Friday, why don’t you come and we can find out if you fit the description. Hehe!”

“Sure…” I gasped.

So I made it through the week in school and was looking forward to the party, it turned out it was a fancy dress party. I decided to dress up like “Scream” cause I love them films. I showed up to the party at around 9:00pm, it was already started and all the kids were drunk. Most of the girls were wearing at least clothes as possible. Many were dressed as angels and cats, but then I ran into Aoife who was dressed as the devil. I stopped and stared for a second, she was wearing a red thong, red tights, red heels, and a very skimpy red top. Her outfit was complete with devil ears on her head. I never realized how nice her ass was, or big her tits were.

“So you made it. What do you think?” She was loud and drunk.

“Yeah cool party!” I shouted over the music.

“No stupid, what do you think of me?” She teased as she spun and shook her ass.

“You look, wow… a lot different” I breathed.

“Why don’t we take this upstairs like I promised…” she said with a wink.

We walked upstairs to her room and sat down on her king sized bed, we started making out and I started feeling her tits and pussy after we broke off.

“You like them?”

“Hell yeah!” and I started to unhook her bra. Then her tits bounced out. Oh my God, they were amazing, huge but firm and the nipples sticking out.

I did what my friends had told me, I started kissing and licking her nipples and rubbing her pussy. She moaned and pulled me in closer, after 20 or so minutes and tweaking, sucking and kissing her tits I went down her legs and ripped her thong and tights off and stared at her pussy. I started to softly rub her smooth, swollen lips with the tips of my finger. Which sent shakes through her body.

“I thought you have never done anything with a girl?” She gasped.

“I haven’t, but my friends have given me a lot of advice over the past week,” I said grinning. I poked one of my fingers in, those lips opened up slightly. She was very tight, put she was soaking wet so I chanced another finger. I started finger fucking her.

“AW AW AW OOOOOOOOOOH, keep going… I’m gonna cum!” Aoife screamed. My friends were telling me how tasty girls’ cum was so I started eating her out, I started fucking her with my tongue when she flooded my mouth with her cum.

“OH… MY… GOD!” She breathed, “That was… FUN!!” she giggled with a huge smile across her face. Now it’s your turn, I stood up off the bed. She unbuckled my belt and slid my pants and boxers down.

“OH… MY… GOD!” She gasped again.

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