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Dakota’s Salvation Pt 4

An original story by David Flint. Copyright by David Flint.

A few days later,Luke is walking out of the house shortly after sunrise. It’s not uncommon for Dakota to be up and about before anyone else. Luke is usually the second one getting active. Stepping out the front door,Luke is approached by Dakota.

Dakota-“Luke,I want you to go to town with me. I have a bit of livestock I’m looking to sell along with supplies I need to pick up.”

Luke-“Sure,you want me to work with the supplies or the livestock. ”

Dakota-“I’m going to drop you off at the store to collect the supplies while I handle the stock.”

Luke-“I’ll get my jacket.” A few minutes later,Luke joined Dakota in the truck and they headed to town.Delilah would just have to entertain herself for the day. When they arrived in town,Dakota dropped Luke off at Linda’s. Luke walked into the store with the list given him by Dakota. Linda came into the main sales floor from a back room as Luke was looking at the layout checking for the items Dakota wanted to get. Linda busied herself with business affairs as Luke stacked the items Dakota wanted in a corner so it could be easily loaded when she showed up. After a while,Linda came close to where Luke was working.

Linda-“Say Luke, How has things been at Dakota’s ranch?”

Luke-“Good,I’ve been able to get a lot of the things that Dakota wanted done and the place is looking so much better. You know,fences in good repair,buildings painted,all the plumbing working as you would want. ”

Linda-“Is that all?”

Luke(looking a bit surprised)-“Yeah.” Linda kept looking at him quizzically.

Linda-“I’ve seen Dakota a few times since you were here last.”

Luke-“Yeah,she comes in when she needs something.”

Linda-“uh-huh. She does. And I’ve been able to tell something.”


Linda-“I’ve seen a difference in Dakota. She doesn’t look the same these last few months.”

Luke-“I guess. I don’t know anything about that.”

Linda-“I bet you do and just don’t know it.” Luke stops his work to look at her with a baffled expression .

Linda-“We women take on a certain appearance depending on what’s going on in our lives.” Luke kept looking at her,not knowing what Linda is referring to.

Linda-“Think about a woman being pregnant. (Luke got worried suddenly) When a woman is pregnant,she takes on a certain appearance because she knows she has a life inside.” Luke is starting to look really nervous. Linda sees this and laughs.

Linda-“Don’t worry. I don’t know if there is anything going on like that,OK bad example, but say a woman in love. A woman takes on a special glow when she is in love.” Now Luke is trading worried for wondering.

Linda-“Again,I don’t know if Dakota is in love,but I DEFINITELY see that she is glowing. SOMETHING is going on in her life that is agreeing with her.” Luke is just starting to understand a little bit.

Linda-“So I’m guessing that you must be doing a bit more than mending fences and painting buildings over at the ranch.”

Luke-“No,just that. Keeping the place running,that’s all.”

Linda-“MM-HMM,I believe that like I believe you’re a millionaire.”

Luke-“So you are SURE that I’m lying,because you know I’m not a millionaire. What makes you so sure that I’m doing something besides maintaining the ranch. ”

Linda-“Like I said,a woman can tell when another has something going on.”

Luke-“What are you going to do about your suspicions?”

Linda-“Luke,what makes you think I’m going to do anything? What makes you think anything would NEED to be done?”

Luke-“Well,you’re talking like you have some kind of secret that can be hung on someone.” Linda came closer and traced her finger along Luke’s arm. He recoiled a bit,not sure what he should do.

Linda-“Relax Luke. I’m not trying to hurt you. I’m not trying to wreck anything you may have going. Besides,I like Dakota. She’s good people. ”

Luke-(quietly)”I think so. I appreciate the place to sleep,the meals..and”

Linda-“Yeah,the and…” Luke looked at Linda still unsure how he should react to her questions,her touching his arm.

Luke-“What do you want?”

Linda-“Not much.”

Luke-“Not much,but something?”

Linda-“As I said,not much. Maybe I could get what Dakota is getting.”

Luke-“I don’t understand. What Dakota is getting?” Now Linda is getting a bit annoyed with Luke’s ‘dumb’ act.

Linda-“Yes Luke,what Dakota is getting. I can tell by her glow that she’s getting fucked. REGULAR!.And she’s enjoying it. You can fuck me too,I don’t cock like I used to. I remember it. And it’s not like there is a selection of men here in this town. Most every one here is older than dirt. So yes,I’d like to get an orgasm like Dakota is getting.” Luke looks at Linda with his mouth slightly open.

Luke-“You want me to..?”

Linda-“To fuck me.”

Luke-“I suppose I could ,but I wouldn’t want to hurt Dakota’s feelings.”

Linda-“She’s in town to sell some livestock,isn’t she?’

Luke-“Yes,she’s coming here after she’s done to pick up her supplies.”

Linda-“Hold on while I make a call.” Linda walked to her counter and picked the phone. Luke could hear muffled part of a conversation. Linda hung up after a minute and came back to Luke.

Linda-“I called the yard. There are several ranchers selling their stock. Dakota isn’t even close to being done. My friend over there said she will be hours still. So you don’t have to worry about Dakota catching us and getting mad. She never needs to know anything at all…. But just between you and me,I don’t think she mind sharing.” Linda put one arm around Luke’s head to pull him close so she could kiss him,her other hand went to Luke’s cock. Luke was taken by the sweetness of Linda’s lips and the sensations she was giving his cock. Luke had been getting used to the taste of Dakota’s mouth and pussy,and as far as Luke knew,Dakota was unaware that he was getting used to the taste of Delilah’s mouth and pussy also. Linda’s mouth was sweet as Luke would have expected from a woman and her hands seemed to be expert at working a cock.Luke felt his cock getting VERY uncomfortable and in desperate need of release.Linda was sucking his tongue and mashing her very ample bosom into his chest. Linda was completely different from Dakota. While Dakota was a slender dark skinned beauty with smaller tits,Linda was as white as they come with big beautiful tits. Both women were breathtakingly beautiful in their own way and right now,if Luke himself was having any problems with Linda coming on to him,he cock certainly wasn’t.While Dakota did make an effort to look and smell ALL woman,Linda worked in a hot, sweaty store daily and contented herself with daily bathing. No men in the town until now that interested Linda so Luke was getting his nostrils full of Linda’s basic female musk. And she was intoxicating! Luke actually found himself getting lost in her womanly bouquet,her bigger tits,the softness of her skin. And Linda herself was getting lost in the act of being with a man for the first time in so many months,she had lost count. She knew in the back of her mind was the faint memory of feeling a cock. Perhaps today would be different. Luke’s cock was protesting mightily about being cooped up in his jeans and Linda could feel it. She had been feeling its size,shape. She had been squeezing Luke’s balls.Not enough to hurt,just hard enough to make Luke take notice of her actions. Without breaking her kiss,Linda managed to get Luke’s jeans unfastened and down to his knees. Once the denim was gone,Luke’s cock stuck straight out like a tent pole in his briefs. Linda removed the briefs just as expertly as she had removed the jeans. Now free of the cotton,Luke’s cock stood straight up at attention for er enjoyment. Luke could only moan his approval as Linda wrapped her fingers around his shaft and started gentle stroking of his flesh. Luke was so caught up in the action,he couldn’t give any thought to the fact that Linda had merely come over to him and started the foreplay without bothering to lock the door to the store. But Linda was VERY familiar with her day. It was quiet enough without the stockyards doing business. Today her store would be as quiet as a cemetery until the ranchers were done selling their stock. And she knew that when they concluded their business,they didn’t just leave the yards,they hung around to talk to their rancher neighbors,check on the prices others were getting,the condition of the other stock being sold. So Linda was alone with the first man she had any interest in for the last several months.A man whose daily work kept the fat off him,the muscles bulging and owning a cock that excited her. She couldn’t help relishing the feel of Luke’s cock in her hand. She would HAVE to put it elsewhere soon. VERY soon. A cock like this demanded both a hungry mouth to satisfy is as well as a hungry pussy to make it discharge it creamy contents .And Linda intended on tasting Luke’s creamy load as well as feeling it unload inside her tight lonely pussy. Linda finally broke her kiss and lowered herself down to Luke’s man meat. She examined it lovingly. Luke could only lean his head back,his mouth hanging open as Linda smelled his cock. She turned it back and forth in her hand and rubbed it under her nose,along her cheeks.She took the head and brushed it across her tender lips. Luke only made little sounds that could be described as some kind of purring. Satisfied with her visual inspection,Linda then opened her mouth and fed Luke’s shaft deep into her mouth. It was hard to tell who moaned louder. It seemed like forever since Linda had last tasted cock. She swirled her tongue around the head before licking Luke up one side and down the other. She popped each of Luke’s balls in her mouth one at a time and rolled them from side to side with Luke just making husky gurgling sounds with each action from her. Linda allowed his balls to pop from her mouth and started using her mouth as a pussy . As Linda’s mouth formed a circle for Luke to put his cock through,he got into the idea of things and started thrusting in and out of her mouth. Linda felt like she had left her body as she tasted Luke’s flesh and savored the feel inside her mouth! And for his part,Luke was enjoying Linda’s actions so much that he placed his hands on the back of her head and held her in place as he fucked her face in earnest. With each thrust,Luke tried to get deeper and deeper into Linda’s mouth. He seemed to have a goal of entering her throat and going further. Linda was enjoying the feel of man-flesh in her mouth so much that she relinquished control and allowed Luke to do as he wished with his hands and his cock. Her only regret was that Luke was starting to move too fast for her to lick and therefore taste his flesh. Linda could only moan with the sensation of being mouth fucked and Luke could only moan with the sensation of warm,moist hole in which to thrust his cock. But then the back and forth movements,the thrusting into a warm willing opening proved to much and Linda received what she had been looking for after too months of doing without. Luke shot his warm creamy load fully into her hungry mouth. With each spurt,Linda moaned loudly and swallowed greedily. She couldn’t remember the last time she had been able to enjoy the taste and feel of man juice on her parched tongue. And she was still so good at sucking cock(and at being fucked in her mouth)that when Luke pulled out,he was still hard and seemingly ready for more. Linda licked her lips and briefly chewed lightly on her lower lip as she relinquished the hard cock that she had just enjoyed. But the day was still young and the fucking was not yet over,not by ANY means. Linda looked Luke in the eyes as she removed her work clothes and revealed a body that was actually breath-taking. Luke had been used to the beauty that Dakota possessed and when he saw Linda’s ample curves,he let out a little whimper. Not that he didn’t thoroughly fucking Dakota and find her amazingly beautiful in her own way,but LINDA! She was ALL woman and Luke found himself caressing her beautiful full tits,squeezing her beautiful ass cheeks. While he was busy accepting the beauty standing before him,Luke was unaware that Linda was watching his eyes take all of her in. She was taking pleasure from the way Luke fucked her slowly at first and then more aggressively in his mind. But the time for fucking in the mind was not now. Linda laid down on some stacks of merchandise and spread her legs so Luke could taste the pussy she intended him to fuck in short order. As Linda offered,Luke moved in for the taste,the fragrant treat was Linda’s woman-hood. He put one arm around her hips and used his other hand to spread her pussy lips apart slightly to get his tongue inside so he could taste and enjoy all of her ambrosia. Linda threw her head back as Luke inserted tongue and moved it all around inside her folds. Again,it was hard to tell who moaned louder.The one doing the ‘dining’,or the one providing the heavenly meal. Luke was enjoying the taste of Linda’s pussy so much that he took his hand that had parted her lips and moved it to her hips and moved his face as close to her nectar as he could get it. Linda, on the other hand, felt his face could get closer and it was her turn to put hands behind someone’s head and pull it into her pussy. Luke started sounding almost alien as he licked as much and as deep into Linda’s warm,sweet pussy as he could reach and as he settled on her clit,Linda jerked with the pleasure sensations with each stab of Luke’s tongue on her sensitive button. Linda started letting out a little squeak of delight with each touch of Luke’s tongue on her clit. OHHH,Linda had gone FAR too long in between times when a man ate her pussy. With the shortage of men she was interested in living in the small ranching town,she had resigned herself on too many nights to use either her hand or her vibrator(sometimes BOTH) to summon forth an orgasm from her pussy. And here,now,Luke was about the bring forth a HARD orgasm for her the right way. With a man’s talented tongue unleashing her passions. The way it should be. Linda secreting the sweet sexual juices for Luke’s hunger and enjoyment and the outburst of her orgasm being shot down a willing throat. Linda let out an almost gutteral groan as orgasm exited her body and found a new home sliding down Luke’s throat. If Luke was satisfied,he didn’t show it. There was no letting up in his licking,his sucking of Linda’s clit. Now she was wrapping her legs around Luke’s head as she held his face so close to her pussy that it was hard to tell if Luke was able to breathe but he kept his licking,so he was getting air from SOMEWHERE! And Linda was getting her second orgasm coaxed out of her in short order as Luke maintained his talented dining in between Linda’s legs. Linda had gone so long in between orgasms brought on by a man that her eyes started to roll up in her head. But Luke’s fevered sucking of her clit brought forth a third HARD orgasm that made Linda double over as it exited her along with a shriek that she had no control over. She finally eased her grip on Luke’s head as she laid back down on the boxes and opened her legs wider. Luke lifted up from his place and spied the wet,inviting pussy glistening before him. Luke pulled Linda towards the end of the stack of boxes and she obligingly lifted and helped him move her.Once her pussy was at the edge of the stack,Luke placed her legs on his shoulders and positioned his cock at the entrance of her pussy. He moved his cock-head a little up and down between her lips.Once he had his cock-head inside Linda’s hot slippery pussy,he pushed forward and filled her. Linda’s eyes opened wide with the feel of man flesh filling her female cavity and let out a gasp as her pussy felt it’s first man in several months. She groaned each time that Luke pulled out nearly completely and then re-inserted fully. Linda started her own glowing as she relished the feel of a hard,warm cock filling her again and again and again. She had almost forgotten the ecstasy of feeling hard cock completely inside her and causing her endorphins to explode with each thrust of Luke’s hard cock. He pulled out and then pushed back in,again and again and again. His own sensations were heightened by the different kind of beauty that Linda possessed. She was every bit as beautiful as Dakota but in a different way. Luke didn’t have any presently to think of any differences between the two women. He was FAR too busy just enjoying the feel of his cock inside a warm tight pussy and hearing Linda groan each time she felt the inward thrust. Luke started his own groaning,seemingly getting louder with EACH inward thrust and though Linda was experiencing a higher level of ecstasy ,she did have JUST enough of her female instincts about her to realize that Luke was close to doing what she CRAVED! She wanted the feel of cum shooting forth inside her and since she could tell Luke was getting close,she gripped him TIGHTLY with her kegel muscles and almost prevented him from moving inside her. It did the trick.As Luke felt his cock gripped,he groaned and held his cock fully inserted in Linda’s pussy as his second orgasm shot deep inside her. Linda cried out ‘YES’ as she felt the first spurt. Then she cried out again as she felt the second one. She kept using her kegel muscles as she worked to milk ever drop out of Luke’s cock. He finally relaxed and allowed himself to collapse on top of her and they both took several minutes to cool off and recover from their orgasms. A few minutes later,they took stock of their surroundings and the time.

Linda-“You need to gather your clothes and hit my shower. While I don’t think Dakota will get mad I borrowed her lover,I don’t to take the chance just yet that she would be mad.”

Luke-“Thanks for the consideration(he gathers his clothes and looks back at her)and thanks for this,here.” Linda smiled her acknowledgement of his appreciation. As she heard the water running,she got herself dressed and checked the time. Once Luke finished his bathing,she would need to do her own. The last thing she needed presently was for Dakota to arrive and smell the fucking on her and realize Luke was the only man in town who wasn’t at the stock yards.






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