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There was nothing. I wasn’t sure where I was and wondered if I was dreaming, but if it was a dream it wasn’t very imaginative. Surrounded with nothingness, emptiness. It was like waking from a deep sleep, yet I don’t actually remember drifting off. As my brain started to wake, brief flashes came at me in waves, unrecognizable until they settled on one image. The image was of a young woman who looked about seventeen-nineteen, around my sort of age. She was perfect in every way, so much that I envied her even though I had no idea who she was. As I studied her stunningly beautiful, pale face, I was struck by a sense that I knew her somehow. Not closely, I had definitely spoken to this young woman before, but where? When? Suddenly I winced as the memories cursed through my mind in waves.

“Hey there, fancy a drink?” A pale faced, young woman had approached me. I was at some sort of pub, the Red Lion that was it. I remember this, this actually happened. It was a colleague’s birthday, Stacey from work. It was her twenty-first and a load of us from work had planned a surprise party for her here. We had started the night at the restaurant next to our workplace. As far as Stacey was concerned, a meal was all she had planned for celebrating her birthday but we had other intentions. We had rented out the pub for the evening and invited her family and friends. The night had been a success and everyone was having a great time, on top of that everyone had drunk a lot more alcohol than the limit suggested. Myself included. I was at the bar getting another drink and shot for myself and the girls when the woman approached me.

“Hi, fancy a drink?” Her voice, almost musical had shocked me and I froze as I took in her beautiful face. I blushed as I noticed she was waiting for me to reply whilst I was standing there staring at her like some kind of moron.

“Oh hey, I’ve already ordered thanks.” I politely declined. I wondered if she was part of Stacey’s family as I didn’t recognise her.

“Ah, well aren’t you going to ask me if I’d like one? The name’s Alissa by the way. What‘s your name?” Confidence rolled off of her in waves, so much so that I was left standing there stunned once again. I was sure she was coming on to me, but I’ve never found myself wanting to be with a girl before and that still hadn’t changed. My parents had raised me with the views that homosexuality was completely wrong and that had rubbed off on me.

“Oh my name is Melanie and it’s not my money” I lied, hoping she wouldn’t see through me. “It’s the birthday girl’s Mum who gave me the money to get the round in.” I studied the strained expression on her face and wondered whether she was in pain but as quickly as I had noticed it, her face was composed and once again focused. What happened next I couldn’t explain.

“Buy me a drink. Take the others their drinks then come meet me outside. Tell the others you’d had a bit too much to drink and you‘re going to go home.”

The words were spoken as an instruction and as much as I tried to disobey and argue I couldn’t. It was if someone had altered the course I was going to take and changed it to a different path, the one they wanted me to take. Then any memories I had of what I was doing before she had spoken them words had disappeared and all I could think about doing was to drop off the drinks, and meet Alissa outside. Clumsily, I staggered over to the table to say my goodbyes. I realised I was a little more intoxicated than I thought I was, even though I only had a few drinks. I told everyone how I felt and left to a joking chorus of lightweight. Stacey used the table to steady herself as she raised herself up. I may have been drunk but she was definitely in a worse state, and the funny thing was she still had a whole four hours of drinking ahead of her. She held her arms out and we shared a friendly embrace and she kissed me on the cheek before I left. Stacey really was a great friend and I found myself unconsciously questioning my sexuality again. Repulsed by my own thoughts I shook my head to somehow clear them.

Alissa was leaning against a tree a few yards from the pub as I made my way outside. Although it was a warm evening, I shivered as I made my way across the road towards her. Unsure what to do I looked down at the floor as she walked within touching distance of me. I could feel her presence as she walked around me, sizing me up. Feel her cold breath caress my neck.

“I’ve got a confession to make. I knew who you were before I asked.” Alissa stated. I was shocked though curious about how she knew. There was no way I had met her before. As if she was answering my unsaid questions she carried on.

“I’ve been following you for a while now. You caught my attention roughly a month ago and there’s no other way to see this but for the past month or so you’ve been my drug. There was a time, a while ago, when I would have tried to resist you but needless to say, I’ve changed.”

“What are you saying?” I asked, even more confused than I was before. However Alissa didn’t answer. For a moment, I heard noting but the gentle summer breeze disturbing the leaves. I looked behind me to check to see if she was still there but she

had disappeared. Confused, and a little scared I searched for her in the park behind me. There was no sign of her so I turned to make my way home and my heart skipped a beat as I nearly walked right into her. I stood there frozen with fear, trying to understand her intentions. There was no way I could have anticipated or defended myself from her next move as she made a move for my neck.

After the memory had passed there was darkness once again and I wondered where I was. I wondered if I had been killed but then surely if I was dead then I wouldn’t feel the fear and confusion I did now. I wouldn’t be able to remember what had happened, I would have ceased to exist. There was a part of me that had hoped to see some pearly gates with a wise old man standing, waiting for me, to welcome me with open arms. I was distracted from my thoughts as I saw Alissa’s face, more vividly than I had before. Upon seeing her face I felt an ache down in my private area. I had felt this once before and I had recognised it as a feeling of lust, a feeling of longing. I had experienced it last, over half a year ago. It was the work Christmas party and there was a guy I used to work with called Jason who, well he was insanely handsome. Every female worker used to have a thing for him but he never seemed to share those feelings. Anyway, we were in the Red Lion which our company had rented for the evening and the party was in full swing. Jason and a few other guys were feeling more adventurous due to the effects of the alcohol and had taken their shirts off and were dancing to Rednex’s Cotton Eyed Joe. Half way though the song they were still going at it. A few of us girls were at the bar watching, and I couldn’t take my eyes off of him. The way the sweat trickled down his toned and tanned body. I swear I even licked my lips at one point. Then it came, an ache in my loins that urged for attention.

The ache had started as a brief irritation but then grew to something I couldn’t ignore. I needed release and I found myself fantasizing about Alissa, Stacey and some other female friends I had. Instead of feeling repulsed, I welcomed the idea. The visions came in waves. First I was kissing Stacey passionately, frantically pulling off her shirt. Next I was with Alissa, we were both naked and rubbing our bodies together in the shower, eager to touch each others skin. I couldn’t say how long these visions carried on for but I became more aware of the ache. I needed release. The ache soon became unbearable and I longed to reach down and see to it but I was frozen in place, unable to get my arms to comply. It seemed like forever that I was stuck in this position, driven mad by the need to pleasure myself. Contrary to my earlier hope for being outside the pearly gates, I wondered if this was my hell.

Eventually, after what seemed like an eternity, I started to become aware of my surroundings. I could hear my own deep breathing and began to feel my body. I was even able to clench and unclench my fists although I still couldn’t move my arms. I opened my eyes then quickly shut them again as the light shocked me. Slowly I eased them open again and allowed my eyes to adjust to the light. I was laying in a very large and comfortable bed in a spacious room. This must have been somebody’s bedroom, though to whom it belonged to I had no idea. There were no photos to give away whose room I was though it was stylishly decorated.

“Well hello there. I didn’t hear you wake” I shivered involuntary with fear as I recognized Alissa as she walked into the room. Whatever her reasons she was completely naked. I had to say that she looked even better than she had in my dream. The ache that I had experienced whilst I was unconscious returned to me with a vengeance and I winced in a mixture of pain and lust.

“What did you do to me?” I asked and was shocked to find that my voice sounded different. It had the same musical sound to it as Alissa’s did.

“Well, I’ve turned you into something else. I’m sorry, I was meant to explain this to you before I attacked you but the need was too great. Now you must have heard the stories about Vampires? Of course you have. They’ve been the latest fad recently with all the attention they’ve received from authors and film writers.” The ache subsided as I listened to the bullshit Alissa was speaking.

“Vampires? They don’t exist” I murmured, terrified at the girl’s insanity.

“Well of course they don’t exist and I‘d appreciate if you didn‘t interrupt my story again” She snapped. ”However the whole idea came about from a man called Peter. Peter was the first of our kind and he was what we like to call nowadays the first Cumpire, although that‘s only a recent version of our name. Back then we were known as the pale ones.”

“What the hell is a Cumpire?” I asked incredulously and reeled back as Alissa slapped me across the face. The blow was more painful than anything I had felt before and I had tried to put my arms up to protect my face from the blow I realised they were cuffed to the bed. Panicking I tried to move my legs but to no avail.

“I told you not to interrupt me. If you do so again you will feel more pain. Now I can’t tell you how we came to exist but I can tell you what we are. Essentially we are very similar to the world’s perception of a vampire. We have lightning speed, we’re very strong and we live on an addiction. However the addiction is not blood. We do not crave the hunt. What we do crave is sex. No matter what form we require our fix of sexual interaction, the more extreme the better the fix. Now you can speak”

I was unable to think of what to ask first. Surely this was all a joke,

“This is ridiculous. You‘re playing a joke on me?”

“I’m sorry to say it, but I’m not. You’ll notice an aching sensation in your loins. This is the due to the fact that you now need release but that alone is not enough. We have the name Cumpires for a reason and that is because we need to intake ejaculation regularly.”

“Ejaculation?” This was too much. “Why did you turn me?” I asked wanting to understand.

“The reasons are selfish I’m afraid. I saw how beautiful you were and I wanted you. It was as simple as that. Now although the ache is an inconvenience you’ll come to see how this can be a better life.”

“Better in what way?” She thought I was beautiful? Weird, I always thought I was distinctly average in my looks.

“Once you open yourself up and embrace the opportunities you’ll see for yourself. However for now it’s better I show you.” Curiously I watched her as she opened her top drawer and pulled out a fluffy blindfold and a ball gag. Now a lot of people wouldn’t recognize these objects straight away, however a few months back after another alcohol fuelled evening a bunch of us girls had gone back to Stacey’s and were flicking through the channels when we came across a bondage themed film. Curious and more than a little drunk we sat through and watched it.

As Alissa approached I struggled against my bindings but in the end my efforts were useless and my sight was taken. Next I could feel my mouth being forced open and the gag being fitted in place. The ache now was greater than it had ever been and I actually longed for her touch. I was soon given what I wanted as I felt Alissa’s soft hand trace down the side of my neck, round the base of my breast. I bit into the gag as she pinched my nipples and twisted them slightly. Lust had taken over and I arched my body towards her touch. All my senses were heightened and every touch felt like a small electric shock on my skin. Slowly her hands reached my unshaven pussy and although it was a strange time to think this, I made a mental note to have a shave, or at least trim it down. Gently she parted my lips and the second her tongue made contact with my clitoris, the shockwave of pleasure flowed through my body with such force that I nearly blacked out. Now back in college I had a sexual encounter with a young stud called David. All the girls used to say that he had a talent for pleasing women and they were right. Normally I wouldn’t have gone for that type of guy but hey, I was a little drunk and I was more than a little tempted. That was the best I had ever experienced, though this beat that by a mile. With the heightened senses, my whole body experienced the sensation of every touch Alissa made. As my arousal grew my whole body felt on fire which burned stronger and stronger until I reached climax and then again there was darkness.

“What happened?” I asked confused as I came to my senses. The cuffs had been removed and it felt good to stretch my limbs again.

“You passed out” Alissa simply stated as if it wasn’t a surprise for her. “The first one is always the most intense. You’ll know what to expect this time. Now to explain. As I mentioned earlier the more intense the sexual interaction the better the fix we get and the reason I turned you was so that I could have you to play with every now and then. I know this sounds like you’ve just been dealt a shit card in life but, I promise you that this life is so much better, you can still live a normal life so to speak if you let me show you what you need to do.”

I wasn’t sure what to say to that. My life as I knew it had been taken away from me if this addiction was anywhere near as bad as she said it was. On the other hand that orgasm was fucking fantastic. It was more than enough to leave me wanting more. The decision was simple and I agreed to let Alissa show me. She told me to get showered and dressed, she had kept my clothes from the night before and meet her in the back garden.

It was only when I was outside when I realised just how big Alissa’s house was. It was built recently and it seemed to have been built in the middle of some woods. The surrounding trees were beautiful, swaying a little in the moonlight to the gentle summer breeze.

“I can be myself here” Alissa confessed. “This place is very private, no one ever comes this way.”

“What do you mean you can be yourself here?” I asked curiously.

“Well because of what I am. Most of what you see on the TV about vampires, well except the whole blood thing and that we‘re not actually dead, is true. We’re quick, we’re strong and we have some other talents as well. Do you remember the night that I turned you? Tell me, before that night had you ever seen me before and do you know why you went to meet me outside?”

“Err no, I’d never seen you before and well I saw you at the bar and you told me to meet you outside”

“But why did you go? You didn’t know me, you were enjoying yourself with your friends. What made you come outside?”

“I err I don’t know.”

“Well I suggested it to you in a way that you couldn’t refuse. It’s like a kind of mind control where you can get someone to do whatever you wish. It only works on humans though, not another Cumpire.”

“How do I know if the other person is a Cumpire?”

“Well they’ll be pale like I am, and you yourself are now. You’re going to have to check yourself out by the way, you’re so hot. Hotter than I thought you’d be. Also their skin would be indifferent to touch, a Human would feel slightly warmer. You‘ll come to tell soon enough.”

“Lastly before we get started. How did you change me? I know you went for my neck that night, was that it?”

“No. I just knocked you unconscious. I did bite you though, just not there. We have to inject our venom into the clitoris and it is from there where the venom spreads.”

Her answer surprised me though I laughed it off. Alissa spent the next three hours teaching me the basics of my new skills. The first half hour was the toughest as I was not used to my new speed and I nearly went crashing through her pristine fence. The next attempt wasn’t much better and it wasn’t until half hour later that I was starting to get a grip on what I was capable of. After that I had to admit it was quite fun and I was excited by the new possibilities these strengths opened up. I was getting carried away, so much so that I hadn’t even realised that the sun had come up and a new day had arrived. It was a little odd but I didn’t feel tired, even after all that exercise. I wondered if, like in the movies I didn’t need to sleep. Alissa studied me for a second and confirmed my thoughts. So no more sleep for me. I wasn’t sure how I felt about that, I loved my bed.

“Right, I think you’ve learned enough for today. It’s time we went shopping. It’s not enough that your looks are to die for, you have to dress finely as well.”

Typically, just like in the movies, Alissa had a very sexy looking car. I couldn’t tell you the name of it, I never had been good with car names but I couldn’t help but think, I’ve got to get me one of those. In the speedy car, the five mile drive through the country lane cut through the woods went very quickly. Very soon we arrived into civilisation. The roads were full of parents taking their children to school and Alissa couldn’t hide her frustration as she was forced to slow down. Her relief showed as we neared the town centre and found a space to park. I couldn’t help but notice that every man, and the odd woman in the town centre couldn’t take their eyes off of the pair of us. It wasn’t until I passed a reflective shop window that I realised why. I thought Alissa was being generous when she said how beautiful I was but when I saw my refection I noticed the effects of the transition. My skin, pale like Alissa’s, everything seemed more defined, more well, sexy.

Alissa had chosen one of the more renowned places for Women’s clothes and we spent hours trying on elegant dresses and some of the more revealing sexier clothes. One of the assistants, a young girl called Lesley, who we discovered worked here on weekends whilst she was at college, couldn’t stay away from us. She first came over to see if we needed assistance and kept checking up on us, more often than a normal employee would have. Alissa led me out to the changing rooms to try on a matching lace bra and panties set and it surprised me to find out that I wasn’t uncomfortable undressing before her. Normally I’d have to do this privately and I wouldn’t reveal anything unless I was sure no one could see. I watched her as I removed my clothes, she wasn’t watching. Instead she had popped her head outside of the door. A few seconds later Annie walked into the cubicle, expecting to be asked her opinion of one of the dresses we expected and froze as she came across me in all of my glory.

“Annie, what do you think, honestly of my friend Melanie?” Alissa asked, a wicked smile crossed her face.

“Sh-She’s nice.” Annie stuttered nervously yet she was eating me up with her eyes.

“Well how about a little arrangement? If Melanie here was to say, be of service to you, would you do a little deal for us? After all we are spending quite a bit here” Alissa proposed.

I was about to interrupt, a little annoyed and embarrassed about how I was about to be offered out but Melanie froze me and whispered you need your fix quiet enough so only I could hear. Out of professionalism and the fact this was a highly respected store, I expected Annie to politely decline, perhaps being a little offended by the offer. Instead she closed the door, locked it and sat on the bench. I wondered if she was normally this confident or whether Alissa had convinced her to with that special talent of hers. Alissa winked at me to confirm my suspicion then pushed me to go through with what she had proposed. Now I definitely wasn’t an expert at this kind of thing but with my new found speed I was able to impress and very quickly, I couldn’t help but masturbate myself as Annie showed signs of her arousal. She was dripping wet and her breathing had become heavy. Her moans came out despite her feeble attempts to be quiet to echo mine and soon she let out a stifled scream of ecstasy which was better than I could manage. The second Annie’s ejaculate hit my tongue the constant ache that I had experienced since the transition had disappeared and I had begun to understand. The sexual activity eased the ache but the girls juices had made it disappear altogether.

“Good girl Annie. Now go and price the items up for us whilst we get ourselves sorted.” Alissa stated barely giving the young girl time to recover. Quietly and quickly Annie tidied herself before rushing out with the clothes we had picked.

“Now you may feel better now Mel but the ache will come back. It always does, more often so when you‘ve just been turned. You need to make sure you do this often. It won’t be long before you feel the ache before and although I don’t know how long we can go without the ejaculation it would be better to give in to your cravings before hand. If you let it get out of hand you will go crazy with lust and it may permanently damage your mentality. The longest I’ve gone without was a week, right near the beginning when I was against what I had become and that was hell. I don’t recommend going without any longer.” Alissa explained as I got myself dressed. I tried to process the information and how I felt about it. This was going to be difficult and I would have to be careful but seeing how much I enjoyed myself on both occasions I couldn’t see my commitment causing any problems.

“Alissa. Sorry to ask, I’m just curious. Why is it that I can only think about doing this with girls? I’ve never had any feelings like this before and I always saw myself as heterosexual.”

“That’s because when I turned you, my own sexual preferences passed onto you. As I said I do apologise but you’ll come to see why I couldn’t resist you. Besides most men are dicks.” Alissa smiled. “Oh another warning Melanie. Anyone who you felt particularly close to just before you were turned, you may find yourself wanting them as well.” I nodded, thinking back to my fantasies of Stacey earlier. That may be a problem, if I find myself wanting Stacey. That would definitely be a friendship ender.

Later that evening both Alissa and I were dressed to impress, eating in a local restaurant. Again we drew a lot of attention from the majority of the males in the building, which caused a few arguments from their partners I noticed. When Alissa had brought me here, I was partly confused, thinking if I didn’t need to sleep, I didn’t need to eat also. She just smiled and explained whilst we didn’t need to eat, we can still enjoy it. On top of that, our bodies processed the food much better, so gaining a few extra pounds wasn’t going to be an issue.

“This is going to be my last night here for a few months Melanie. I think I’ve left you prepared for you new life but, should you need help, I’ll leave my number. Just remember, you are mine, just not in the whole romantic aspect. I will come back to the house I own here often and when I am here, we will meet up, and I will have my way with you. I did tell you this was a shitty deal, however you are free to do what you want, and be with who you want whilst I am away.” Alissa spoke in-between eating her meal. I couldn’t think of any argument that would have changed her mind, to find someone else. Besides she was older and more experienced at this than I was. There was silence for a few minutes whilst we finished our meals until Alissa announced we were going to party for her last night in the area.

In the city’s leisure centre partygoers were out in force. The night’s air was filled with the excited voices of over a thousand people. I was beginning to get used to the people staring at me and found that it made me more confident. Matching Alissa’s stride we walked through the crowds without having to stop. Finally she settled on a large club that dominated the leisure centre. The queue was huge, but that’s not where Alissa was heading. Instead she approached the bouncer, said something quietly and we were allowed in.

“Works like a charm, every time. Now your turn. Get us free entry. All you have to do is look them in the eye and will them to do what you say. It‘s easy” Alissa smiled menacingly. Nervously I approached the young guy at the counter and I tried to do as Alissa said.

“Hey. That’ll be five pounds” The words sounded almost robotic. He must have repeated the phrase time after time every night he worked. I kept my gaze fixed on him until he met my eye, waiting for my payment.

“We don’t need to pay. We’re VIPs” I said, a little seductively unsure whether they were the right words. However I needn’t worry as it seemed to have worked.

“Oh, you don’t need to pay. You’re VIPs. Go ahead and take these tokens for a few free drinks.” He said pleasantly. Alissa nodded her approval and led the way up the stairs.

The club was in full swing, moving their bodies to the beat that the DJ provided. Well not all of them in beat. I looked over the crowd, watching the young people dance and realised I’d never been to a place like this sober before. Different scenes came to my attention, such as the men led by their dicks almost stalking a group of girls dancing. The lonely guy on the stage who couldn’t dance but was going for it anyway. I couldn’t help but laugh. Everything seemed different.

I had to admit that I was having a good time as I was dancing with Alissa on the stage. We had drawn a lot of attention from some of the guys who had made their way closer to us, like a predator closing in on it’s prey. There was something inside me that had definitely changed. Normally I would have found a few of them very attractive and would have perhaps made a move, under the influence of alcohol of course. Now they held no attraction to me at all. Instead I was drawn to a couple of girls dancing to our left. I recognised them a little, I think they went to the same school I did. Something else was different, the effect of the alcohol I had consumed. Normally by now, the amount of drink I had consumed would have made me unbalanced and unable to think straight. Now though, I was still able to think clearly and my balance was definitely intact. I did however still feel the normal confidence boost.

Under Alissa’s lead we made our way closer to the two young girls and danced with them briefly. The club was warm in the summer heat and the girls had a very attractive glaze of sweat glistening down their bodies. When the DJ had changed the track to something we all didn’t appreciate we wet to the bar, ordered a few more drinks then grabbed a table towards the back of the club in the light. I was able to see the girls more clearly here and I had to agree Alissa definitely appreciated true beauty. Both girls were slim, blonde and had the cutest, innocent faces I had seen in some time and surprisingly, for today’s culture, they were not dressed like a whore. It reminded me of times I had spent with my friends and even though we had never met the girls before, they were very easy to speak to. We found out their names were Lisa and Sarah, of course we gave out fake names. I was Amanda for the evening and Alissa was Jasmine. With all the fun, the early hours of the morning passed quickly and soon the club was due to close. As I pondered over Alissa’s next move I became aware that the ache had returned. I hoped that this was just because I was newly turned and that I wouldn’t be experiencing this soon after action every time.

“So Girls. The night is still young and I for one am having a great time. How would you girls feel about joining me back at ours? I have plenty of drink, oh and I have a twister board.” Alissa added with a smile. So that’s how she was going to play it. We grabbed a taxi to the closest shops to Alissa’s house. The risk of giving away her secluded place was too great. We walked the rest of the way through the woods, cutting out most of the five mile country lane.

Once we had arrived the surprise on the Girls’ faces were easy to read. They couldn’t comprehend how someone who looked so young had such a decent home. I realised I had to play my part as well and kept the girls talking whilst Alissa prepared the drinks. I wasn’t sure what she was planning but I was looking forward to it. After a few more minutes of chatting about random subjects, mainly hot male celebs, Alissa entered the room with the drinks and joined the conversation. I wasn’t sure if I was imagining it but the Girls started to become sluggish with their words and yawned often. In barely no time they were both out cold.

“What happened?” I asked.

“I just slipped them a little drug each. There was no way they would willingly put themselves in the situation I had planned for them.” Alissa joked. I helped her drag one of the bodies down the stairs in her kitchen. I marvelled at how light she felt, as if I could throw and catch her with ease if I wanted to. The dimly lit basement was new to me, she never did give me a tour of the house.

“Quickly bring them over here” Alissa urged. “They won’t be out for long” I laid Lisa’s body down next to where Alissa had left Sarah.

“Undress and put these on them” She said throwing me a pair of handcuffs. As quickly as I could I did, I undressed Lisa, careful not to damage her clothing and cuffed her hands behind her back as Alissa repeated my actions on Sarah.

It was a little under five minutes when Sarah first showed signs of waking. She was confused with her surroundings, trying to work out how she got here. Her head turned to Lisa and then to her front where Alissa and I stepped into the light.

“You drugged us?” Sarah said, her voice weak. The shock and betrayal was easy to read on her face. She started pleading for us to let her go, screaming for help.

“Be quiet for a minute” Alissa said simply and the effect was immediate. Sarah was quiet and looked confused, then Lisa started to recover. Alissa used the same method with her when she started whining. I was out of my element here and I found myself trying to remember parts of that porn programme to give me some sort of idea what to do. When that didn’t help I just followed Alissa’s lead as she sat down.

“Now entertain us.” Alissa teased. “Oh, I forgot. You can both speak again”

“Entertain you how?” Lisa was the one who had asked the question. I was wondering the same thing myself.

“Well you’re both naked already. I was thinking you could put on a bit of a show for the two of us.” I couldn’t help but laugh at Alissa’s thinking. I was fully aware of the ache now. It had returned with a vengeance and I was hoping for release, soon. The two friends looked at each other, horror struck, then returned their gazes to us, pleading.

“I said entertain us. You do not want to do this but you will.” Alissa’s musical laugh filled the silence of the basement, she was enjoying this and I was beginning to also. The Girls slowly began to turn to each other. Both of them were fighting the command but they were getting nowhere. I could see the tears streaming from their faces as the Girls kissed each other. Uneasy with the approach, they weren’t able to disobey the order and the kiss was very passionate. With Alissa masturbating beside me, I felt uneasy as I began to feel the arousal grow but that lasted briefly. With this new life I didn’t have to worry about things like tat and I gave in and slipped my hand down beneath my panties. The action was becoming more steamy now as the girls moved into the ‘sixty-nine’ position, with great difficulty though because of the hand cuffs. It wasn’t long before all four of us reached climax and the basement echoed with sounds of pleasure.

“Why did you make us do that?” Sarah asked through tears, her voice quivering. Lisa was also a wreck beside her.

“You’re nothing but entertainment for the two of us. Though, be honest. You can’t tell me that you didn’t enjoy that, not even the least bit?” Alissa teased. Sarah was shaking her head instantly and upon seeing Sarah’s reaction Lisa followed suit.

“Tell me the truth” I said. Alissa was right, this was easy.

“I, liked it, but I’ve never been into Girls” Sarah answered, then covered her face in shame.

“It was great” Lisa admitted. “I’ve always wondered what it would be like” I couldn’t help but laugh a little at the response. Hell, we’ve managed to help Lisa open up, I don’t think she would have ever plucked up the courage to go through that by herself. After we had finished laughing, we called for Lisa and Sarah to give us the same attention and Alissa and we got the girls to lay side by side as we positioned our all too willing pussy above them. Funnily enough, only Sarah needed to be convinced, Lisa was willing to give it a go herself. When I was in this kind of situation the ache eased but was still present so I followed Alissa’s action and leant over Lisa’s body and lapped away at her soaking pussy. Soon after and not for the first time today, I felt my body shake as another powerful orgasm rolled through, echoing Lisa‘s moans of pleasure though I doubted she experienced anything like the one I just did. I could get used to this. When I had recovered, I lifted myself off of Lisa and went to sit next to Alissa. I noticed that Sarah was not crying this time and she was looking at Lisa curiously.

“Thank you girls. Now then. You will forget this ever happened and that you’d even seen us. You will go upstairs and get dressed then walk back to the shops before calling a taxi” Alissa said satisfied.

“Lisa, you will be honest and open with your feelings for Sarah. You’ve found something new about yourself today and Sarah, give it a go” I added, curious to how things would end up and Alissa laughed.

A few hours later, Alissa had packer her stuff and was ready to leave. We exchanged numbers and she told me to call her if I had any other problems. She also said that she’ll be back in just over half a year and she wouldn’t be so easy on me next time. I was her property. That should have been a problem for me but after she’d introduced me to this new life I could live with being her plaything every half a year. As she put her stuff in her car she turned and we embraced.

“Thank you” Was all I could say after we had let go of each other. There was so much more I wanted to say; how she had brought some excitement into my life, how everything had seemed to have changed for the better, even with this addiction. I couldn’t help but imagine how much worse the situation would have been if I had been changed to the common conception of a vampire. I could live with being a sexual predator. It was much more enjoyable than having to live on blood. At least this way my prey would get a little pleasure out of my addiction and I wouldn’t have to kill anyone. As she revved the powerful engine of her sleek car she handed me the keys to her beautiful, secluded house, saying that this was now mine whilst she was away. Whilst I stood there shocked she handed me another set of keys saying I could take care of her 4×4. I only just began to imagine all the possibilities and I waved goodbye to Alissa as she drove off. So now I was on my own.

First thing in the morning I test drove the 4×4 as I went to pick up my belongings from my flat. Once packed I cancelled my stay at the flat. I definitely wasn’t going to miss this place. My stay here hadn’t been pleasant. From problems with the plumbing the neighbours and the fact it was cramped. The Car handled like a dream, it was so smooth and also much more powerful than I was used to. When I reached the private lane leading to my new home I put my foot down on the accelerator and laughed with glee as the four by four responded with a fearsome roar. Once I had arrived back at my new home I dropped off my belongings in the bedroom before having a proper look around my new accommodation. Alissa had done a great job decorating the place giving it a minimal yet modern design. I noticed that I was smiling goofily to myself and that I had been for most of the day, I don’t think I had ever been so happy. Curiously I went to look down in the basement where we spent the night with Lisa and Sarah last night. Last night I was too engrossed in the situation to notice much around me but what I saw now amazed me. To be truthful it also made me feel a little hot. Alissa’s collection of bondage equipment was extensive to say the least. There was a rack of whips, canes and paddles. A wooden cross dominating the back wall and there were many more implements in the cupboard at the back. Blindfolds, gags etc. I could start up my own Dominatrix style business here if I wanted to and wouldn’t need to buy any equipment at all.

Once I had settled into the house I made myself a cocktail and went to lay outside in the sun. Damn this was the life. A nice cold alcoholic beverage, the privacy, the sun and the ache. Oh shit the ache was back already. I panicked briefly, realising that I would have to go out on my own tonight but after thinking up some possibilities I began to feel very aroused. Alissa did say that the hunger would be worse through the beginning stages but it would gradually get better after a couple of weeks when I could go a lot longer without needing to satisfy my urges. I made my back inside and mixed another cocktail before I switched on Alissa’s Computer. It was time to research further into some of the more frowned upon sexual activities. Apparently the more intense or erotic the situation the greater the kick I would receive.

After spending a good part of two hours watching countless videos and reading some stories from members of the lifestyle, I realised how softcore that bondage video that I had seen previously was. A lot of it had shocked me at first but I couldn’t deny the excitement I felt as I watched. At one point I couldn’t contain myself much longer and pleasured myself until I climaxed. Once I had finished with my research, I took a warm shower and dried off. I was still naked as I went down to the basement and had another look around. Picking up the various implements, I imagined what I was going to do with them this evening and I had to stop myself from masturbating once again. The difference between before I was changed and now was clear, in my own words I would have called myself a slut, but then again this felt so damn good. Satisfied with my plan for the evening I chose one of Alissa’s many evening dresses and prepared myself for going out.

With the warm summers evening the partygoers were out in full. I decided to stick with familiar surroundings and chose the club that I went with Alissa the previous night. The queue was full of people waiting excitedly to get into the building and I ignored their stares and moans as I convinced the bouncer to let me in. This was too easy. Inside, the floors were packed of drunk young people as they partied away. I had never been inside a place like this on my own and was unsure of what to do so I just made my way to the bar and ordered a vodka and coke. Finding a seat at an empty table, I made myself comfortable and scouted my prey. To my left I spotted a couple of guys dancing and edging their way closer, hoping to grab a dance with me. I turned my gaze away from them, ignoring their attempts to meet my eye and as I looked around the dance floor a young girl caught my attention. She was dancing enticingly with some friends just a few yards from where I was sat. Ding ding ding! I think we found a winner. Her long blonde hair flowed as she moved to the music and I made my way to a table closer to where she was dancing to get a better look. She was petit, I’d guess at 5 foot though her breasts were ample. Her face had that innocent look to it even in her drunken haze. The same guys who had tried to catch my attention earlier had made their way over to her, obviously giving up on their chances with me. A wise choice. She looked uneasy with the looks she was receiving from the boys and moved closer to her friends. I was too engrossed with my prey and the possibilities that I never noticed the Girl approaching my table until she spoke.

“Hey Melanie. You never told me you’d be out tonight” A familiar voice distracted my attention away from the blonde girl.

“Stacey! Hey. Drinking two nights in a row? How was last night in the end? I’m sorry I had to leave, I was feeling a little under the weather.” I thrilled and as I embraced Stacey I was hit by a new urge, a change to my original plan. How inconvenient. I wasn’t even sure I could go through with it, she was after all, my best friend. However the lust I felt right there and then just imagining what I would do to her was just uncontrollable. I was amazed that although I was stuck in deep imagination and plans, I was still able to keep up with her conversation. It was like my brain was working at an incredibly higher rate and I guessed it was just another perk of this new life.

“You look different” Stacey commented on my appearance. It was the first time I’d been around someone who had known me for a while and they would have been bound to have noticed a difference.

“Oh I had a makeover and went shopping for some new clothes.” I said with confidence and Stacey seemed to have accepted my explanation. As we continued to talk over a couple of drinks I couldn’t help but notice how Stacey kept looking me over, her gaze settling on certain areas of my body. I did have my suspicions at times over the past years, whether Stacey could have been bisexual. There was that all too convincing kiss she shared with Milly from Maths at her eighteenth Birthday, although she ended up blaming that on the drink. I pretended to ignore the way she was looking at me as I formed up a plan. The decision had been made. Yes she was my friend, yes I would have to wipe her memory of this, and would I feel the guilt of that in the future? Perhaps but the desire outweighed the consequences for me at the present.

“Shall we go up and dance?” I stood and made my way over to her chair, mockingly holding out my hand. Stacey laughed and took my hand and almost stumbled as she rose from the chair. I guess she’d had quite a few more drinks than just the ones she had at this club. All the better. We made our way through the busy dance floor until we found a space and started to dance. We were facing each other as we danced and I edged closer and closer until she could feel my breath on her neck. She wasn’t sure what to make of my approach and she didn’t look too comfortable but she didn’t back off either. Neither could she keep her eyes off of me. When I caught her looking she’d just look around the dance floor trying to make it look as if she wasn’t looking in the first place.

As the music passed from one song to the next the club grew busier and with that so did the amount of dancers. The temperature grew and our bodies began to glisten with the heat. The mixture of alcohol and the heat was weakening Stacey’s defences. She was looking me over more and more as the night went on and I could tell she was tempted. I just had to make her decide to go through with it. Conveniently the DJ changed the genre from modern rock to something electronic with bit more of a beat. We became more enthusiastic with our dancing and I gently traced my hand down her arm and the look on her face was a little amusing. She had lost the battle and couldn’t hold back anymore. Our eyes met, knowingly and I moved my face closer to hers. The embrace was like nothing I had felt before and I was desperate for her lips to touch mine. There was a cheer, which I ignored, from a few young men behind us but Stacey pulled away, conscious of the judgemental looks she was receiving. She was uneasy again and that wasn’t good. Stacey excused herself saying she’d had a good night but she had work early the next day.

Once Stacey left I briefly considered following her and making her come back with me but I stopped myself. Stacey cared a huge amount about what people thought of her and there would be a slim chance that someone we both knew could have seen us kiss earlier and leave together. So instead of following her I moved back to the Girl I had seen earlier. Her friends had left her but she was being chatted up by some guy in a pink shirt. When he went to the toilet I made my move. Feeling slightly annoyed by not getting my way with Stacey and with the ache growing in my loins I decided not to get to know her first.

“Follow me and hold my hand” I said sternly and the Girl didn’t know what hit her. She was confused for a second before she smiled at me and grabbed my hand. Together we left the club and caught a taxi back to the shops near the woods. Once I had paid the driver I instructed the girl to get out and follow me but I froze as I spotted Stacey sitting on a bench just outside the shops.

“Stay there and don’t say a word. Oh and what’s your name?” I whispered to the girl.

“Emma” She answered, dazed as she stood where she had been told.

Stacey looked over at Emma curiously as I approached her.

“Who’s that?” She asked with a hint of jealousy in her voice.

“Emma. She’s someone I met at the club.”

“I never knew you liked girls Melanie.” She muttered, almost offended that I hadn’t told her after all the time we knew each other. Though to my defence I’d only truly started to feel this way about Women from last night. I realised as I sat next to Stacey that I wanted it to be her this evening. For some reason I felt a much greater connection and something told me that the reward would be far better. I could tell she was still in no mood for continuing from earlier and that she still felt a little embarrassed. Still, I didn’t have to take no for an answer.

“Stacey. Get up follow me, don’t say a word” That’s it. The choice was made. Stacey looked stunned for a second then followed me silently with Emma. I could have ran the final distance towards my new House the need was that bad. Once we had finally made it I ordered the two down to the basement and followed them down.

“Both of you. Undressed. Now” I instructed and within a minute I stood facing two very beautiful bodies. Emma’s body looked incredibly sexy yet I rated Stacey’s higher with her toned and tanned body. She also had a very enticing tattoo, a small, female angel, naked on her lower back which I had never seen before. I instructed them to stay still as I cuffed them down to a bed in the basement. I sat down on the sofa and waited for them to regain their senses, I was in a much better mood now that I had Stacey here and it would be fun to play with my food. Emma was the first to recover.

“What do you want with me? Please let me go?” She pleaded. How predictable. I instructed her to be quiet again, it was Stacey I was more interested in.

“Mel, what are you doing?” Stacey asked, her voice quivering.

“What I originally had planned for us tonight, though I did hope I wouldn’t have to use the basement.”

“How did I get here? The last thing I remember is seeing you at the shops with another girl.”

“Maybe I’ll tell you later.” I said with a smile as I approached her, leant over her and kissed her. At first there was a little defence as she tried to escape the embrace but just like earlier she wanted it too. She pushed her face into mine and my hands explored her wonderful body. I pulled away from the kiss and made my way further down her body, kissing her neck, her nipples, her stomach and her shaven sex. As Stacey grew wet I could smell her arousal and I couldn’t resist no longer. She moaned in pleasure as I lapped away at her eager pussy and her moans grew louder. After a while her body arched as the orgasm flowed through her and she collapsed onto the bed with a sigh of pleasure. The thoughts I had earlier about my weird attraction to Stacey were almost confirmed when I first tasted her cum. It was by far better a taste than both Alissa’s and Lisa’s even though I enjoyed them also. I wondered if it was because Stacey was on my mind before I was changed by Alissa. I remembered seeing her face during my transformation and feeling a connection.

Once Stacey had recovered she was speechless and I noticed she was staring at me in lust once again.

“How did you like that Stacey? Answer honestly.” I asked curiously.

“It was good Mel. I would like to err return the favour” She said nervously and I smiled. First though I released Stacey from the bed and asked her to lay sideways across the bed. Next I released Emma and cuffed her arms to the corner post of the bed. Reaching into one of Stacey’s draws I pulled out a strap on that I had noticed earlier when I had a look around. The strap was smaller, designed to fit around someone’s head rather than their waist. On the other side of a dildo was an inflatable gag which I placed in Emma’s mouth and inflated it until she looked uncomfortable. Satisfied, I placed a chain with clamps on either end to her nipples and enjoyed her wince in pain as she felt them dig in. I instructed Emma to pleasure Stacey with the dildo and to do a good job otherwise she’d be in a lot more pain than she was now.

“How much do you trust me right now Stacey?” I asked with a smile.

“Well you sort of abducted me Mel. But what the hell go on I trust you.” She answered breathlessly as the dildo worked on her sex.

“Don’t be scared. These will just heighten your pleasure” I comforted her as I attached a couple of nipple clips to her nipples. She gasped a little but otherwise seemed okay. Next I positioned myself above her head and lowered my pussy down onto her face. I grinded my pussy on her face as her tongue lapped away getting up every now and then to let her breathe. As my arousal grew I began to pull on her clips causing her to moan into my pussy but I could tell it was working. I had read on the internet that a lot of couples in the BDSM lifestyle used pain to increase the pleasure of their orgasms and this is what Stacey was experiencing now. I could hear Stacey’s moans grow louder as she neared another orgasm and I was getting close as well. I told her she had to ask me if she was allowed to cum before she did and she asked a couple of times which I denied until I reached climax and then I allowed her. Stacey’s orgasm echoed mine though I imagine mine was a lot better. My whole body shook and I felt the pleasure all over before I collapsed onto the bed and kissed her.

With the ache satisfied I instructed Emma to get dressed and leave and to forget what happened here tonight. Stacey was lying down on the bed still and I guessed she was coming to terms with what she felt about what happened tonight. I kissed her once more.

“Stay with me tonight” I instructed, not that I needed to,” and led her up to my bed where we fell asleep in each others arms.

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