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Cuckolding Surprise

I’ve just remembered a little story that happened not too long ago, but long enough ago to have faded just a little bit into the recesses of my memory. It’s on of those stories that ‘touch’ your heart almost literally, when on one side your heart is touched emotionally, almost squeezed by deceit and jealousy, to the level of pain. And on the other side your heart feels the incredible love and closeness only true love can produce.

I, Aidan, have been out with two very good friends about 6 or 7 years ago. They were a beautiful M/F couple and they just had a baby together not too long ago. We have met clubbing a couple of years earlier and really hit it off on a friendship level. We tried to see as much of each other as possible, you know, dinners, movies, clubbing of course, or just drinks.

That particular night they were able to ‘drop off’ their daughter at one of their parents allowing them to enjoy a free weekend. We’ve been out for dinner and then crawled a few pubs and finally ended up in a bar in Soho. After another Vodka Martini we were all rather tired than drunk and we decided that I should come home with them to spend the night on the sofa instead of trecking all the way back home in the middle of the night. That happened from time to time – so, nothing special, I agreed.

When we got to their house, we decided on just one more quick good-night drink, put on some chilled out Nina Simone and curled up on the sofa together.

It didn’t take long before he dropped off to sleep on the sofa right next to her and me. She was a beautiful, intelligent almost cocky woman and we’ve always looked at each other in ‘that way’ – very flirty. He knew that his girlfriend and I fancied each other but either he didn’t mind or he just didn’t say anything.

We started kissing, caressing, touching, smiling. Tongues, hands, fingers, toes, legs arms, hair, breasts. We continued towards heavy petting. Our clothes came off and landed on the floor in front of the sofa where all three of us were sitting. He was still sleeping, apparent
ly unaware that his girlfriend was now sucking my big black hard cock, stroking my balls. By now we were completely naked.

She was soaking wet, and I mean dripping! She was gagging, panting to get my cock into her pussy. She must have thought about fucking me for quite some time – I know I have masturbated many times thinking of her sexy white body.

I couldn’t wait any longer and jumped up, turned her around so that she was now kneeling on the sofa beside her sleeping boyfriend, and thrust my big hard cock deep into her open, dripping, hot pussy. She screamed when I entered her from behind, doggie-style. I fucked her hard, the sofa started to move in time with my thrusts. She tried to keep her voice down at first but seemed to just don’t care after about 2-3 minutes.

She screamed again and I fucked her harder – at that time her boyfriend woke up, puzzled, looking at the two naked copulating bodies next to him on the sofa.

His girlfriend was getting fucked very hard by this guy who he thought was his friend – and real friends don’t do that to each other, right? But instead of going ballistic he just looked at her face without any expression. She looked at him too while I still pumped her hard from behind. She was about to lose her balance even while on her knees on that sofa, so she suddenly lifted her left hand, which had been resting next to her knee as she was on all fours, and placed it firmly onto her boyfriend’s throat. For support, but also to throttle him it appeared.

He didn’t respond – he simply let her do it. Anything she wanted. His arms just stayed on his knees. His hands useless, without power or strength. Then she turned her head to me and smiled, winked her gorgeous blue eyes.

Then she turned to her boyfriend again and said: ‘Aidan is fucking me bareback! I’m sure you don’t mind cleaning up his black cum out of my pussy when he’s finished, sissy boy’!

I did not expect that – but it sure made me even harder…

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