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Crete Holiday Day 2

I had just found my wife being fucked by a group of Germans, they fucked her ass, throat, came in her ass, the German wife licked cum out of her ass and they had her tied to the tabletop.

I walked out, I pushed Helga off me, my head was spinning, did I know that woman on the table with that huge German cock rutting her ass. I could hear the squelching noises made by the load of cum that had already been dumped in her ass. I was in turmoil, I walked and walked. Eventually ending up in a bar in town I drowned my sorrows before convincing myself that I must have imagined it all. So wearily I trudged back to my apartment.

When I got there, my apartment is in darkness but unlocked, exactly as I must have left it earlier. I don’t remember walking out, I guess I must have left it open. Next doors patio door was open and I stuck my head in. What I saw confirmed I hadn’t imagined earlier, there was my darling wife Mandy who until today had never had cock in her ass, never been with a woman, never tried bondage and never sucked my cock.

There she was with 6 Germans around her now, all naked and all hung like horses. One was laid on his back, his cock buried deep in her ass, another one between her legs balls deep in her pussy and fucking her for all he was worth, she had one cock in each hand and her head was buried in Helga’s pussy eating her out. All were oblivious to my arrival except Michael who was there with a video camera filming it, he turned saw me and invited me in, it I walked away and went into my own apartment. As I reached my door, I heard Mandy scream that she was cumming, and she moaned like a banshee a noise that started and got louder and louder, clearly she was cumming like I had never been able to make her cum, and she had been a virgin when we met so she had probably never cum like that before.

I pushed the door up but not latched and I could hear her moaning on and on. I was lost for words, my head was thumping and I just crawled into bed wanting the world to swallow me up.

I could hear the regular thud of fucking going on next door, I pulled my pillow over my head and tried to hide away.

At some point I must have fallen asleep as I heard a noise and it was dark now. I felt the bed move and realized someone had got on the bed. Slightly panicked I flicked the light switch and there was Mandy laying on top of the bed, cum in her hair, dried on her face, her lips, on her belly and dribbling out of her ass and pussy. She seemed out of it, not moving so I covered her over and went into the lounge. I laid on the sofa in my dressing gown and drifted to sleep again.

I awoke in the morning thinking that Mandy was giving me a blow job, I could feel her soft lips sliding up and down my cock, felt the flick of her tongue on the head of my cock and felt it push gently into her throat. I laid there, enjoying the moment, the previous days activities slipping out of mind as she sucked harder and pushed her head down my cock more urgently, harder she sucked again and there I was pumping her mouth full of my cum. “Aaaahhhh”, I groaned as I shot load after load, eventually I stopped and still without opening my eyes I said, god I love you that was amazing.

Then she kissed me, hard and deep, I could taste my cum on her tongue, our tongues fought, she kissed harder then she bit my lip quite hard. “Ow”, I thought and opened my eyes to realize that it wasn’t Mandy but Helga, she had slipped into my apartment and given me the most amazing blowjob.

“Morning lover!” she said in her sexy German accent. “I love the taste of your cum.”

I pushed her off, feeling guilty, where’s Mandy I said what are you people doing. She said Mandy was outside ons dumbed by the pool and why was I being such a prude?

Up I jumped and ran to the patio door, certain that this was a bad dream. Sure enough there was Mandy outside laid ons subbed, it what she hadn’t said was there was a line of about 15 blokes, all naked and mostly hung like horses. Under her sunbed was a huge puddle of cum, one Greek looking bloke was fucking her pussy like a train and there she was legs wrapped around him scratching his back and urging him to fuck her harder and screaming with every orgasm. As soon as he pumped her pussy full of his cum, he pulled out and was swiftly replaced by the next bloke, a younger guy, didn’t look more than 18, young enough to be her son, but she didn’t seem to care, she was fucking like her life depended on it, with wild abandon.

I stood mesmerized, this whore was my wife, my wife of 18 years, innocent Mandy, fucking all and sundry like a banshee. While I stared in disbelief Helga walked up beside me and said see, told you she was on the sunbed. She cupped my balls and stroked my cock which despite my horror started to respond.

Again Mandy came, then the young guy filled her with his seed grunting as he slammed into her. His cum, with hers squirted out of her pussy, soaking his legs and the sunbed and dribbling through to increase the size of the puddle below her.

Michael was sat smiling to himself, cock in one hand and video camera in the other filming it as Helga kneeled before me and once again took my cock into her warm and welcoming mouth

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