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Christophers Adolescence: Scott

My name is Christopher. As a gay boy I had a very active adolescents with a lot of the kids in my junior high and high school. these are some stories of my experiences … And this is the story of Scott.

Scott was another guy that was in the junior high school band with my older brother. I don’t really recall how I became friends with Scott, but one night Scott invited me to a sleepover at his house. Scott’s parents lived in a townhouse house in a nicer neighborhood than mine. When I first got there, Scott asked me if I ever master-bated.
Scott proposed that we beat off. To maintain privacy, we would do this in separate parts of his bedroom. I would go in the bathroom, Scott would take the closet. He handed me some lotion to use for lube. Scott disappeared into the closet, and I went into the bathroom. I took off my clothes and started stroking my dick. I finished quickly as I did not want to get caught and be seen naked. Several minutes later I heard the closet door open. Scott walked proudly out of the closet, holding the tip of one of the most enormous dicks I have ever seen especially on a 14-year-old eighth-grade boy. Must have been 9 inches long, maybe as big around as my 7th grade wrist. I was speechless. Scott climbed into the shower, making certain I saw his special gift.

By the time we finished and Scott got dressed, It was only about 7:30 at night. Scott decided he wanted to go out and do some mischief. We went into a model home in his neighborhood and Scott proceeded to steal an antique map out of a frame on the wall. I have never done anything like this before and it was exciting.

It wasn’t long before I decided I wanted another look at Scott’s amazing penis. I suggested that we go back to his house and beat off again. Scott agreed and we went back to his bedroom. This time, Scott suggested I take the closet. He handed me the lotion and motioned toward the closet door. After about two minutes I was fully naked with my back against the door. Suddenly, Scott was trying to push his way to the closet so that he could see what was happening. I didn’t finish; I quickly pulled my underwear back on and exited the closet: Scott was laughing. I was embarrassed and left Scott’s house.

I didn’t realize until later that Scott was coming on to me the entire time. He wanted me to see him, and he wanted to see me. Unfortunately, Scott moved away and went to another school. I certainly am glad I went over to his house that night.

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