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Christophers Adolescence: Quinton

My name is Christopher. As a gay boy I had a very active adolescents with a lot of the kids in my junior high and high school. these are some stories of my experiences.
… This is the story of Quinton

When I was in the seventh grade Quinton was in the eighth grade. He was on the tennis team and played the drums in the Jr high band with my older brother. My brother was having a swimming party for his band friends and my parents forced him to let me hang out. After we had had some pizza and we were ready to swim, Quinton decided to change into his bathing suit in my bedroom where I was also changing.

Up until this time, Quinton didn’t even really know my name and I hadn’t really noticed or paid that much attention to him; until he took off his jeans and underwear. What I know to be the case today, is that Quinton was almost erect. It was very much full of blood. This perfect shaft arcing downward from his thick tuft of pubic hair to the perfect, swollen head of his penis. It was amazing. He must’ve seen me staring at it with my mouth gaping open in disbelief. I was changing behind a towel; I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t realize at the time that he was coming on to me. Quinton slowly pulled on his bathing suit; I quickly pulled on mine almost tripping over myself in the process.

Hindsight being 2020, it is very obvious what he was doing. He even commented later in the pool about the size of his own penis.

I followed Quinton around like a puppy The entire next year. He never paid much attention to me after that.

I can’t tell you how many times I have beat off to this memory.

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