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Christopher’s Adolescence: Mark

My name is Christopher. As a gay boy I had a very active adolescents with a lot of the kids in my junior high and high school. these are some stories of my experiences.

His name was Mark. He would eventually be one of my best friends in the neighborhood. From the six grade when we first met I was scared of him. He was a bully around the neighborhood. One day when we were 13, mark was over at my parents house and decided he wanted to swim. However, mark didn’t have his bathing suit. Mark had no bathing suit but he said it was no problem. It was the middle of the afternoon after school my parents wouldn’t be home for hours. So Mark strip down with his back to me and stepped down the stairs and into the water.
I became embarrassed because I was excited. I said I was going inside to get him a towel. I stared at him through the window and watched him jumping up-and-down on the diving board. I was amazed by the thick amount of pubic hair he had, and from a distance it appeared as though he had a very thick, soft penis. I had to restrain myself from masturbating. I walked outside holding a towel for Mark. At this point Mark was in my parents hot tub. As Mark exited the hot tub, He was obviously very well endowed for such an early teenager. I complimented him as he dried himself “wow you’re hung like a horse”. Mark thanked me as he got dressed. Nothing else happened that day.

Next time Mark and I got together when no one else was around, we decided to compare dick’s and see who had the biggest one. So as not to really see one another, we decided to get erect with our backs turned and measure using a stick. Mark measured first and then handed me the stick. When it was my turn to measure, Mark found a way to see what I was doing. He got a glance at my 6 inch curved dick arcing sideways in my whitey tighties. Nothing further happened that day, but it was fine to get a Boner in front of another guy.

Mark and I got together later that week. It didn’t take much excuse to get our hard dicks out. This time we were just going to lay them next to one another and see who had the biggest one. It was very exciting. it was my first real look at Marks erection. We weren’t touching each other yet however I could tell that his dick was fatter than mine and he and much more pubic hair; it was also uncut, the first one I’ve ever seen. Nothing else happened that day.

An interesting game developed from that point on with Mark. Mark would always say, “we know whose dick is bigger hard. Now at sea whose dick is bigger soft.” Unfortunately every time we get our dicks out, they would be fully hard. Looking back it was very humorous the games we kids came up with to see what we wanted to see.

It didn’t take long before we decided to watch a porno together. My dad had a drawer full of them. While watching the first one, on the first day, we decided to give each other blow jobs. It was a bit of a negotiation at first to ensure no one would come in the other person’s mouth. It was wonderful; it also didn’t take more than two minutes for both of us to spray cum out of our teenage dicks.

Mark and I got together a lot during junior high school. He was one of my best friends.

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