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Celebrating Our Anniversary Part 1

“So how do I look?” asked Claire. I stared at my wife in awe. Even though we had been together for ten years, and married for five of those, I still thought she was as gorgeous as when I first set eyes on her. She was only short at a little over five feet tall, pretty rather than stunning with bright blue eyes and a cute rosebud mouth and her shoulder-length hair was blonde and naturally wavy. What made her even more appealing was her curvy figure. Her waist was small but her breasts were big for such a small frame, a 36D, and were still pert and firm for a 30-year old. Her hips and bottom were curvy too, not quite plump but very sexily curvy and female. All in all, she was the complete package for me. My ideal woman. I was a lucky guy, in fact on the day of our wedding, I even sent a prayer of thanks to God. And I’m not a religious person at all.

“You look absolutely gorgeous,” I said honestly, as she did a twirl, showing off her new ‘little black dress’ that I had bought her earlier that day. Claire grinned at me in delight, then sat back down and proceeded to do her make up. We were going out for our fifth anniversary, a slap-up meal at a posh restaurant and then meeting up with some friends for drinks. We might even head on over to a club for a bit of dancing. Something we did very rarely these days, as we had two young children. They were stopping at their grandparents’ tonight, so I was looking forward to a good night out, and then maybe some no-holds barred loving when we got home.

The restaurant was romantic and the food was fabulous, so the night was shaping up to be everything I wanted it to be for Claire, and after leaving we headed off into the busy area of town to catch up with our friends who had been out since earlier on their normal Saturday night pub crawl. She was really excited about the prospect of going clubbing, as with the kids we didn’t get to go out as often as we did back in the old days. It was a while since we had been out for a drink, and by the time we found our friends, already dancing away in a groovy 80s bar, Claire was already on her way to being drunk. We had only had a bottle of wine in the restaurant but coupled with the good mood and the excitement, she was quite merry and happy and immediately joined the guys and girls on the dance floor.

Our group of friends was a close-knit one. Out tonight were my best friends, Nick and Bryan, both of whom I had known since school. Both guys were married, although neither had brought their better halves with them tonight. Also dancing with Claire on the dance floor were her closest girlie friends, Steph and Katey and their partners Warren and Mark. Mark was my cousin, and I had come to know Warren pretty well over the years, having spent a fair bit of time with him because Steph was often at our house week nights. She and Claire were pretty close. Too close I sometimes thought, as Steph seemed to know an awful lot about me and our love life. She would often tease me, especially about the size of my penis. I wasn’t that small at five inches, but apparently her husband Warren was hung like a donkey. She never let on that Claire had told her about me, but she would often drop hints and make vague jokes, calling me ‘little Paul’ or ‘titch’ and similar things that could only mean one thing seeing as I was over six feet tall. The comments would usually be followed by a cheeky wink and a giggle from Claire. I never said anything. The fact that the exceptionally pretty Steph knew about and maybe even thought about my dick was an arousing one, so I usually just laughed along.

We ended up in a nightclub and the girls had another dance, Steph even pulling me, allergic usually to dance floors, over for a drunken boogie. A slower song came on just afterwards, and I was sure I felt her hands on my bottom at one point, but I just put it down to her being a little tipsy. My Claire was dancing just as lewdly with Mark, my cousin, but I didn’t mind too much. Mark was a shy guy, and Claire liked to tease him sometimes, just to see him get all embarrassed. Right then she was dancing right in front of him, either wiggling her ample cleavage in front of him or turning around and rubbing her backside against my reluctantly dancing cousin. I chuckled to myself and turned my attention back to the dark, pretty freckles of Steph who was laughing along with me at Claire’s naughty behaviour.

“She’s really teasing him,” she shouted into my ear over the loud music.

“I know, poor guy,” I shouted back.

Steph winked at me, “He loves it really. You know he has a thing for Claire? A bit of a crush?”

I raised my eyebrows in surprise, and Steph laughed again. These two girls were so awful to us guys. They knew just how to tease us and wind us up.

“What about Katey?” I asked. Katey was Mark’s partner, and a close friend of Claire and Steph’s.

“You know what she’s like,” Steph replied, “She’s away with the fairies most of the time.”

Katey was a good looking girl, not too dissimilar to Claire in that she was blonde and curvy, but her hair was much longer and wavier, and she carried a little bit more weight than my wife. She wasn’t fat, or even overweight, just prettily plump would be a way of putting it. I finally managed to locate her, sat at the bar, looking quite drunk with her arm around some random stranger, chatting away merrily. I glanced at Mark again but he was too preoccupied with Claire’s sexy dancing to notice his girlfriend flirting.

After the club closed, we all decided what to do. Claire had been enjoying herself so much that she didn’t want the night to end. “Why don’t we all go back to ours or yours?” she asked Steph, who said that was a great idea. Everybody was up for a few more drinks, so we headed to Steph and Warren’s house, which was more centrally located and once there the drinks were handed out. Bottles of beer for the guys, and wine for the girls. I was slightly worried about how much Claire was drinking, she was already drunk but I told myself to leave her to it. It was our anniversary after all, so she deserved to let her hair down and have a good time.

I was pretty drunk myself, and when Steph moved in for a slow dance, our bodies pressed together and I felt my cock stiffen. Knowing she would feel it, I pulled away slightly, but she giggled and pulled me closer again.

“Sorry,” I mumbled into her ear.

“It’s okay,” she chuckled back, “It’s the beer making ‘the little one’ excited… I know, I know…”

She was teasing me but I didn’t mind. Instead, I looked around for Claire, finally spotting her dancing close with Mark, just the same as me and Steph, bodies close together and swaying to the music. I wondered if Mark had a hard on too, especially with the little black dress which Claire was wearing. It showed off a healthy amount of her ample cleavage, and as Mark was much taller than her, he would be able to look straight down the front of it from where his head was positioned. Mark’s girlfriend, Katey was nowhere to be seen.

Then I felt something rub against my groin, and I looked down to see Steph rubbing her hand against the hard cock in my trousers.

“Hey!” I hissed at her, “If Claire or Warren sees you…”

“I don’t even know where Warren is,” Steph soothed, “And Claire looks too busy with Mark to notice. I could probably suck your cock and she wouldn’t notice.”

I looked again at my wife, and Steph was right. Her and Mark were swaying softly to the music, bodies pressed closely together and now her hands were on his backside. I was sure that Katey wouldn’t be too happy if she saw that, but I thought I would let Claire have some fun, and pay the consequences for her actions if Katey reappeared from wherever she might be.

“He’s not as small as what Claire makes out,” Steph smiled at me. She was still rubbing my dick, and I could feel myself getting even harder. “She says you know how to use it though.”

“Well that’s okay then,” I chuckled, “Stop it now, because I’ll end up making a mess in my shorts.”

Steph laughed out loud. “Okay, I’m sorry,” we kept on dancing though, and in my slightly aroused state I let my hands drop to her bottom. Her arse was pert and tight, and I gave it a subtle squeeze. Not subtle enough, because Steph looked at me. “Having a nice feel?” I hesitated, about to move my hands, but she grinned at me, “It’s okay, I don’t mind.”

I let my hands wander around her backside, enjoying the feeling of her tight ass, but then Warren reappeared and Steph broke away from my embrace and joined her husband in the kitchen, where they helped themselves to more drinks.

I sat down, beginning to feel a bit tired, certainly not helped by the copious amount of booze I’d enjoyed through the night. I was going to ask Claire if she ready to go home, but I noticed that she was still dancing. She wasn’t with Mark though, she was dancing with my friend Bryan and someone I didn’t know, although I knew he was a friend of Bryan’s. Again, she was pressed up against Bryan, dancing as she had been doing with Mark, but I the other guy was dancing right up behind her too, so that Claire was almost sandwiched between them. She seemed to be having a great time, giggling with the two men, and I didn’t want to spoil her fun so I decided to stay a little while longer until she was ready to go.

Something about how the three of them were dancing looked a bit strange though. Sort of uncomfortable although I couldn’t put my finger on it. Mark was dancing nearby, with his girlfriend Katey who had also reappeared and I noticed Katey point at Claire and Mark laughed as she whispered something in his ear.

I decided to have another beer to pass the time, but walked the long way around, through the room to the kitchen, so that I could look at Claire and the two guys and see what was going on. As I passed them, I looked discretely downwards and to the side and was shocked to see that the guy behind Claire had his hand up her skirt. Claire was only wearing a tiny thong, and from how his arm was moving, he wasn’t just feeling her arse. Was he fingering her? It wouldn’t be hard to pull the thin strip of fabric to the side.

I should have grabbed her, and pulled her away, maybe even punched the guy in the face, but Claire was just giggling and talking to him over her shoulder, so for some reason I just walked on and into the kitchen. As I opened the fridge and grabbed a beer, I decided I must have seen wrong. He couldn’t have been fingering her. Surely, someone would have stopped it – either my friend Bryan, or Katey, one of Claire’s best friends. I walked back through the room to sit down and enjoy the drink and the guy had moved away now. Claire was just dancing with Katey, and chatting to her normally. I must have imagined it. I sat on the settee, drank my beer, closed my eyes for a moment, and listened to the music. I would just rest my eyes for a minute. I was so tired.

I woke up, bursting for a pee. What time was it? How long had I been asleep? My friend Nick was asleep on the settee opposite, but apart from him and I the room was empty. Where was everybody? I opened the curtain behind my head. It was still pitch-dark outside, so at least I hadn’t been here all night.

My neck hurt as I got up and looked around for the bathroom. Steph and Warren’s house was huge. I had been here a few times before, but never needed to use the toilet so I wandered around looking for it, still not seeing anybody as I headed upstairs.

The house was a five bedroom affair, and I walked down a long corridor past several doors until I found one ajar, through which I could see the toilet. Rushing in, I got my cock out and let out a sigh as I finally relieved myself into the toilet basin. While I was peeing for what seemed like forever, I was wondering where everyone was, especially Claire, when a noise behind me made me jump.

“Oh! Paul!” said Steph as she walked into the bathroom behind me, “I’m sorry. I didn’t know you were in here…”

In my haste to urinate and because the house had seemed strangely deserted, I hadn’t bothered to lock the door behind me. I looked over my shoulder, as was startled further to see Steph was almost naked. All she was wearing was a pair of black French knickers. Her tits were small, but pert and shapely, and I noticed that her upper chest was covered in freckles, just like her face. So cute. Her hips were slim, and her legs were as long and as slender as would have pictured them to be. My dick went that bit harder, and then I noticed I was peeing on the floor.

“Shit!” I cursed, “I’m sorry, I…”

Steph had covered her breasts with her hands, and was giggling as I tried to mop my piss up with some tissue paper. “Your dick is still out…”

It was hanging out of my trousers, and feeling myself turning red, I stuffed it back into my shorts. I was so drunk, and felt such a fool in front of the gorgeous Steph. Then the question occurred to me of why Steph was naked. Had she been in bed, and if so where was Claire?

“Your half-naked,” I pointed out stupidly, as though Steph didn’t know about her state of undress. Still covering her tits with her hands she looked down at herself.

“So I am,” she giggled again, “Oopsies!”

I fastened up my trouser zipper as Steph watched, and then went to walk past her out of the bathroom, but she grabbed hold of my hand as I did so.

“I… er…” she said, hesitantly.

“Yeah?” I said, looking into her pretty, dark eyes. Steph didn’t answer, so I decided to ask her where Claire was. Presumably she was sleeping in one of the rooms.

Steph still didn’t answer. She had moved towards me. Our faces were close.

“I think…” I began to say, but Steph silenced me by moving closer still.

We kissed. Her lips were warm. I knew it was wrong, but I kissed her back. Her tongue snaked into my mouth, and I pressed my mouth against hers hard as she pressed her naked body against me. I didn’t feel in control of myself as my hand slid down her back, feeling her soft, smooth skin and after what felt like an eternity of passionate kissing, I finally managed to exert enough self-discipline to push her away.

“Steph, I…” She silenced me again, this time by pressing a slender finger against my lips. She didn’t say anything, she just trailed the finger down my chest until it landed on my belt buckle. Then she knelt down, and undid my belt. “Steph!” I hissed, but she ignored me. I didn’t do anything to stop her. I couldn’t. My brief resistance wilted as she undid my zipper and pulled my trousers and shorts down far enough to reveal my rapidly-stiffening cock.

“Shush,” was all she said before she took me into her mouth.

The exquisite feeling made my knees buckle and I had to put my hands on the wall behind me to steady myself, as Steph began to greedily suck on my cock. One hand gripped my shaft, twisting around it, while her other hand cupped and massaged my balls. It was all I could do not to fill her mouth with cum as I watched her give me the best blow job of my life.

Finally, I knew I was going to cum. I didn’t know quite what to do; stopping her would seem rude, so I thought I might be able to stall her by talking.

“This isn’t right,” I gasped, hoping she would stop sucking me for a moment to talk, before I shot my load in her mouth, “What about Claire, and Warren?”

Steph did stop, but only to shush me again, and then she took my rock-hard dick in her mouth again.

“Where is Claire?” I had to ask, “If she catches us, I’m a dead man…”

Steph stopped again, letting my cock drop out of her mouth for a moment. She looked like she wanted to say something, but didn’t. Finally, after deliberating over whatever it was she wanted to say, she stood up and took me by the hand, then led me out of the bathroom.

“What are you doing?” I asked her, alarmed someone might see me with my pants down. I tried to tug them back up as she pulled me across the upstairs landing, just managing to get my dick at least back in my shorts as we stopped in front of one of the bedroom doors. “What’s the matter with you?” I asked her.

“Shush,” whispered Steph, “Be quiet. Listen.”

“To what?” I asked, exasperated, then I did hear something. Noises, coming from inside the bedroom door. Someone moaning. Someone having sex. Someone who sounded like… It couldn’t be…

I pushed the door open gently, not right open, but enough to see through into the bedroom beyond. The bed was at the far side of the room, and even in the dim light of the darkened bedroom and landing, I could clearly see that the woman being fucked was my wife.

I stepped back in shock, bumping into Steph. I looked at her for a moment, not knowing what to say. I was so embarrassed. My wife was having with sex, not just with one guy but with two. I wasn’t married to a slut, what was going on here? Was I dreaming?

Steph’s dark eyes stared at me appraisingly. I took a deep breath, and looked through the doorway again to make sure my eyes weren’t playing tricks on me. They weren’t. Claire was on her back, her legs spread and up in the air, with somebody in between them, fucking her. Another man, stood on the far side of the bed, was feeding his cock into her willing mouth. Was this really my Claire? It was her blonde hair I was looking at, her curvy body completely exposed to me, Steph, and the two guys enjoying her, and her voice moaning softly around the fat cock that was in her mouth. It was my Claire.

“What’s she doing?” I whispered dumbly.

“She’s having fun,” Steph answered the rhetorical question, under her breath.

“So I can see,” I mumbled. Then anger seethed through me suddenly, and I moved to go in there and drag the two guys off her, but Steph was still holding my hand, and she dragged me back sharply.

“What are you doing?” she hissed at me.

“She’s… Those guys…” I stammered in fury.

“Yeah, your pal Bryan and his mate Tom…” she said calmly, “…are fucking her. So what?”

“She’s cheating on me!” I whispered. I wanted to shout. I don’t know why I didn’t, it might help things, but I kept my voice low for now, as did Steph.

“And you’ve just been cheating with me in the bathroom,” Steph reminded me.

“Yeah,” I conceded, “But it’s hardly the same is it? I mean, a blowjob? I haven’t fucked you, have I?”

“Do you want to?” Steph said, sincerity in those gorgeous, dark eyes. Her hand slid inside my shorts when I didn’t answer, curling around my still-hard dick…

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