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Campfire Contest

I should have known it was a bad idea. Going camping when you’re 18 years old with your girlfriend would be awesome, or likewise going camping when you’re 18 with 5 of your best buds would be awesome – but going with your girlfriend AND 5 guy friends none of whom had girls with them would be bad. I should have known this. I’m smart. Why don’t I listen to my brain? I could have left Deanna at home and came home to her after the weekend. But no, I thought with my dick and instead Deanna came with us so I could get laid over the weekend.

The first day we arrived, the jokes started. Friday morning as me and Deanna put our tent up, Aaron and Jason (2 brothers) both started joking that if she wasn’t satisfied with what she was getting in our tent that she could come to theirs. She rolled her eyes playfully and made a sarcastic comeback. It made me feel confident that she wasn’t flirting back.

One of the other guys, Jeff, was busy building a fire. He didn’t have a tent and didn’t plan on using one. He was very outdoorsman-ish and decided that he’d just sleep on top of the picnic table on the campsite. So while the rest of us worked our hard labor of setting up tents, he just sat over by the fire that he finally got going.

The other two guys were more subtle than the overly sexual Jason and Aaron and the wild outdoorsman Jeff. Brad was a computer geek who was somehow very popular with women. I was surprised he hadn’t brought a woman with him. However, he was busy putting up his tent and trying to do so in a way that the small antenna at the top (for his CB radio) was in the best possible position. Mike, on the other hand, was complex in that he could be set off at any moment and turn very violent. He was a bit of a psychopath. Everyone at school knew him as the guy who set a mentally-handicapped girl’s hair on fire one day because she had spilled milk on his notebook. He got suspended for a month after that and had failed a grade because of the suspension. He was swearing as his tent was not going up as quickly as he thought it should.

By Friday afternoon our tent was up, the brothers had their tent up and Brad was content inside his tent reading comic books and talking on his CB radio. Mike still had not quite gotten his tent up, but had stopped bothering and was drinking a beer with Jeff. Deanna and I joined them after loading our stuff into our newly erected tent.

Deanna was a beautiful girl. Short, at about 5’2, brownish hair with gold highlights, a freckled face with a gorgeously cute smile, a nice D-cup rack, and an awesome round booty that would make any guy go wild. She was maybe 10-15lbs overweight, but that didn’t bother me at all. I was, at the time, about 6’2, with black hair, and an average looking guy. My cock was about 5 inches long, and pretty thin, but Deanna always told me that size didn’t matter and that I satisfied her amazingly.

As we sat around the fire on that windy afternoon, Jeff took the initiative to be the first to take his shirt off… since we all know guys in the woods HAVE to be topless. Mike laughed at him when he took his shirt off, Jeff was pretty thin and not muscular, but looked good without a shirt on. Mike scolded him, saying “Dude, if you don’t have muscles, leave your shirt on. Nobody wants to see your flab.”

Jeff took offense and said “Dude, there’s no flab on this body.”

Deanna, much to my surprise, made the next comment saying “I actually think he has a nice chest.” And with that she smiled at Jeff.

Mike was thoroughly insulted by this point and pulled his shirt over his head, and tossed it towards his half-falling-over-tent. He flexed his muscular chest, showing off his pretty-well-defined abs and pecs. Deanna smirked and rolled her eyes, “Yeah yeah yeah… yours is nice too…”

I laughed it off, but Mike took great pride in it and asked her “Who’s do you like better, mine or Jeff’s?”

Deanna took a moment to think and checked out both Jeff and Mike’s chests again. She licked her lips, smiled, and said “I think they’re both nice and I can’t really choose…”

Mike got pissed and punched Jeff hard in the arm. Jeff grabbed his arm and made a sound of pain. Deanna shook her head in disapproval, “Well that shows me that Jeff wins.” With that she leaned over and kissed Jeff on the cheek. Deanna then stood up and walked towards our tent and said “Matt, come on… let’s have sex before dinner.”

I followed happily.

When we got in the tent our clothes were off before you could snap your fingers. She immediately laid down and spread her legs and then I was in between there pushing my cock into her. She gasped and moaned as I pushed into her inch by inch until all 5 were in. She moaned loudly saying “god you fuck sooo good…” so the guys outside could hear.

I started rocking back and forth, and much to my surprise the usually quiet Deanna got very vocal. “Oh my gosh… it’s in so deep… Oh I love it! You’re hung like a horse! OH FUCK ME!”

That put me over the edge and within a minute of entering her, I’d cum. She rubbed my back as I layed on top of her exhausted. I pulled out and she smiled and stroked my well-lubricated cock, whispering “You better give it to me longer than that tonight…” with a wicked smile on her face.

We both struggled to get dressed again and walked outside the tent. Jeff and Mike, who had been joined at the camp fire by Aaron and Jason, started clapping and laughing at us. Mike chirped up “Pretty quick there Matt.”

Aaron especially seemed to be enjoying this and chimed in with, “Deanna, babe, if you want more than 3 pumps come over to my tent tonight.”

Deanna winked at Aaron and asked, “What would I get from you? 4?” She laughed and sat down next to the fire. I took a seat next to her.

Jason was smoking a cigarette but asked between puffs, “So Deanna, are you just that tight that he can’t last?”

Deanna rolled her eyes and responded by saying, “Don’t I look tight?”

They all laughed and Jason said, “So where to I stand in the chest contest?” As he pulled his shirt off. Obviously the other guys had told Aaron and Jay about the earlier competition.

Jay’s chest was more muscular and defined than Mike’s chest, but only a 4 pac of abs was visible for some reason. Deanna hmm’d over it for a second, before Aaron chimed in saying “I want in on this too.”

Then the contest was over. Aaron pulled his shirt over his head and stood there with body-builder like definition. A perfect 6 or 8 pack under perfectly defined pecs. His arms large and strong looking. Deanna stared at his body with her mouth open.

Aaron, knowing she was speechless flexed some more and asked “So who wins?”

Deanna responded quickly “Oh my god, you…”

Aaron, wanting to embarass me a bit, asked “Who has the nicer chest between me and your three-thrust-wonder boyfriend?”

Deanna just kept her eyes locked on Aaron’s chest, “Oh my god, you,” she said again.

I got kinda pissed off at this point and Aaron went off to the cooler to get himself a victory-beer. Deanna seemed to be in another world as she stared off at the fire. Something was going on in her head. I only wish I knew what it was at that point, because then maybe I could have done something to stop it from happening.

The evening continued with more sexual jokes being shared among Jeff, Aaron, Jason and Mike. Brad meanwhile was still in his tent fooling around with his CB radio and his laptop computer. I meanwhile was the only guy with a shirt still on (as I lacked in the area of muscles) and Deanna was becoming more drunk as the day went on. The second she would finish a drink, one of the guys would be throwing her another one. Shots of tequila were being poured. Yet none of us had eaten yet.

As the sun went down, we moved closer to the fire as the heat of day had faded. Deanna was extremely tipsy and was slurring her words quite badly. Everytime she looked in Aaron’s general direction, he’d stop, pose and flex for her. She’d giggle and blush every time. And this happened every few minutes. It drove me nuts inside.

The guys decided it was time to go get some food, so Aaron and Jay hopped in their car and headed to go get some fast food since we didn’t bring any food with us (yes they drove drunk… don’t do that at home kids!). Once they left, Mike (who was extremely drunk) started to ask Deanna about sex. “How many guys have you been with Dee?” He asked her.

She smiled over at him and asked, “Um… Do you think I’m a good girl or a slut?”

He looked her up and down and said, “Well if you haven’t been tossed around by a good handful of guys, it’s humanity’s loss.”

She laughed and smiled wickedly and said, “I’ve been with 14 guys.”

I was shocked. How could she have been with that many guys? She was 18! What sort of nympho was I dating? My mind was spinning in circles and then she added, “this year.” Then my mind went blank. I was dating a slut. She was a total slut. It was August. We’d been dating since March. That means she fucked 14 guys in the few months before that!

Mike laughed and toasted with Jeff, completely ignoring me. “That’s a girl… all guys love sluts.”

She laughed it off, but Mike kept pushing it. “I mean, there’s nothing better than a slut because she knows what she’s doing and she appreciates good sex… You should be proud of it… Are you proud of your status as a slut?”

She laughed again and nodded her head yes. Mike reached into his duffle bag and pulled out a marker and said with authority “Lift up your top…” She lifted it up to her bra so her stomach was exposed and Mike wrote “SLUT” in big capital letters in black magic marker on her stomach. She laughed and showed it to me. “Like it honey?” She asked.

I mumbled something, but the guys kept pushing her, completely forgetting that I was there. “So were any of those guys really good in bed? I mean, we heard Matt’s performance so we understand that he’s not involved in this contest…”

Deanna snorted because she was laughing so hard. I felt like I’d been kicked in the balls. She then replied, saying “One was really…really big… I liked that.”

Jeff got his comment in before Mike had a chance and asked, “What do you consider big?”

Deanna replied, “Well he was only about 7 inches I’d guess… but he was thick. I’ve never found a really long one.”

Mike immediately started undoing his belt. “How about a contest? Whoever has the biggest one around the fire gets to take you into the tent for a while.”

Deanna swallowed nervously and replied quickly, “okay.” I started to voice my disagreement, saying “Wait a minute…”

Mike looked at me with a pissed off look on his face and said, “What’s the matter pussy-boy? Not packing anything worthwhile?”

While I knew I wasn’t, I still wasn’t going to let him talk to me like that and I agreed to the contest. One of them had to be average like me… That way they wouldn’t think I was under 5 inches at least. I stood up and undid my belt… Jeff did the same. We all dropped our pants and then our boxers. None of us were fully hard, so Deanna stood up and said “I’ll help you guys…” And she bent over and started shaking her gorgeous round ass in our direction. It didn’t take long before all 3 of our 18 year old cocks were hard like a rock. Jeff’s cock looked to be about the 7 inch range Deanna was talking about earlier, mine was at its full 5 and Mike had won the contest with 8 inches or so. It was clear just from looking at us that he was the winner. He laughed and smacked me on the back, saying “Small and quick, you’re awesome Matt…” He laughed as Jeff and I both pulled back up our pants. He did the same and then grabbed Deanna. He picked her up over his shoulder and carried her off towards the tent.

Once they were in the tent, Jeff turned to me, shrugged his shoulders and said “Sorry dude, this has gone kinda far…”

I didn’t say anything, I was completely silent. I wanted to hear what was going on. I heard giggling and then a low moan from inside the tent. I couldn’t tell if it was Mike moaning or Deanna. Either way, something was going on with my girlfriend in there and I hated it. I walked away from the campfire and headed down towards the lake. I couldn’t listen to another second.

Meanwhile, while my mind wandered a million miles a second by the lake, Deanna had laid Mike down on his back in the tent and was sucking on his cock. She ran her tongue up and down his hard shaft, getting all of his surface area wet. Mike leaned back and closed his eyes, moaning. Deanna wrapped her lips around his head and began bobbing her head up and down on him. He grabbed her hair and moaned. She wrapped one hand around the base of his cock and stroked it while she sucked. Roughly he pulled her head off of his cock using her hair and asked, “how’s it feel to have a real man in your mouth?”

Continuing to stroke him as she looked up at him, she smiled at him evilly and replied, “I don’t let little boys like Matt in my mouth… only MEN…” and with that she dove down and began gagging herself on his cock. He groaned and squirmed, before gasping and announcing “I’m going to cum…”

She stroked him hard and kept her mouth wrapped tightly around him as his cock errupted in her mouth. Streams of cum shot down Deanna’s throat and she happily swallowed shot after shot, moaning onto his 8 incher. With that he leaned back, breathing heavy and closed his eyes. She kept right on sucking though, making sure to get every drop. Once she had sucked him dry, she leaned down and licked at his balls as his cock started to get soft. She watched it until it settled down to a nice 4.5 inch soft cock. Then she laughed and confided in him, saying “Matt’s dick is like the same size hard as yours is soft…”

She smiled at him, and he smiled back. The contest had not only begun, it was in full swing as they heard the car pull back out. Dinner had arrived.

I heard the car door close from the lake, and walked back towards camp. I saw Deanna and Mike were out of the tent and Jason and Aaron were handing out cheeseburgers. They handed me one and we sat around the fire again to eat. Deanna didn’t sit next to me this time. She sat in between Mike and Jeff. Aaron enquired, “What’s going on? Why isn’t Deanna with Matt? Has he finally admitted he’s a fag?” They all laughed.

Deanna smiled at Aaron and winked, saying “I just decided to hang with the men, before I go back to my boyfriend.”

Aaron asked, “okay, okay, what did we miss?” Everyone laughed. Well, everyone who mattered. I sat there stone-faced.

Jeff explained, “We had a cock size competition… I blew Matt out of the water, but Mike beat me… so Mike took Deanna into the tent as his prize.”

Aaron laughed, and enquired, “So what’d you get in the tent?”

Mike replied, “She got a throat-full.”

They laughed and I felt sick. But Aaron wasn’t done. You knew he wouldn’t be done. “Dude, I want into this contest,” Aaron complained, “You know I woulda won if I was here. Just like I won the earlier one once I was allowed in. We should have another one. Winner takes all.”

Jeff shrugged, “It’s no use with me being in it… I know I lose to Mike. So it’d just be between you three.” Jeff nodded towards Aaron, Mike and Jason.

Jason kicked in a comment, saying “Well, hold on… Mike’s already used her mouth tonight. I don’t want that.”

Deanna chirped in after finishing another shot of taquila, offering “Hey, the next guy gets my pussy… deal?”

Everyone looked around kinda uncomfortably for a second before Aaron laughed and said “Fuck I love this chick. I always took it you were a good girl.”

Deanna smirked and lifted up her shirt, showing Aaron the SLUT brand on her stomach. Mike stood up and pulled down his pants, his 8 incher stood straight up, rock hard. Jason stood up next, pulling down his pants and he amazingly beat out Mike. At 10 inches, Jason had won the contest.

Well, not quite. Aaron stood up and whipped out his cock. Deanna gasped. It literally sounded like she had just looked at a winning lottery ticket she found in her purse. But no, she was looking at about 12 inches of manhood. Thick like crazy. “Oh my god,” she said, “you never told me you were part horse… Fuck, you are PACKING.”

She laughed and shook her head. “I’m going to go lube myself up,” she said. “Um… well… finish dinner then come in.” And with that she headed for the tent, closing the flap behind her.

Mike and Jason both cursed as they pulled up their pants. I stood up and said, “This is fucking gay guys… Seriously. She’s mine. She’s my girlfriend. Leave her the fuck alone.”

Mike laughed and stood up. “What’s the cockless guy gonna do about it?” He asked.

And then suddenly it hit me out of nowhere. Aaron’s forearm smacked against the back of my head and I fell down to the ground on my stomach. I turned to my side and was just in time to see his foot slam into my stomach with a hard kick. I felt like I was going to throw up. Instead, for some reason, I rolled onto my back and Aaron put his foot on my chest. His cock was half-hard and swinging around above me. “Listen, you little boy… if you weren’t hung like a 6 year old boy, this wouldn’t be happening to you. But it is. Sorry. Your girl wants better. So tonight I’m going to RUIN her PUSSY.”

With that he stepped over me and headed towards the tent.

As I picked myself up from the ground and brushed off my clothes, none of the other guys made eye contact with me. Aaron was in the tent now with my presumably naked girlfriend. I walked over and sat by the fire and stared at it, hoping I wouldn’t hear much.

Inside the tent, Aaron gazed over my girlfriend’s body naked. Deanna was laying on the ground, completely undressed. Her huge d-cup rack was moving as she breathed and she was playing with herself, a bottle of lube lying next to her. “I’ve been making myself ready for that monster…” she said.

Aaron, pulling down his pants asked, “What you mean this?” She nodded as he stroked his 12 inches of thick meat. She smiled, watching him as he kneeled between her legs… he rubbed his dick against her clit and then pressed it against her pussy. He pushed… but it didn’t go in. She groaned and pushed back against him. “Fuck,” he said frustratedly as he tried to push… He pulled away and grabbed the tube of lube and poured it on his cock head. He pushed his cock against her again, and tried to penetrate her. But again he couldn’t get his monstrous cock head into her. Frustrated, he got up and pulled up his pants. Quickly he pushed his way out of the tent.

Outside I saw him leave the tent and my heart was relieved. Deanna had backed out and Aaron wasn’t going to get to fuck her, I thought. Aaron, however, just walked up to Jay and handed him a condom. “Go loosen her up, she can’t take mine yet,” he told him. Jay laughed, grabbed the condom and walked into the tent. Aaron walked up to where I was standing and said, “Move you’re in my seat.” I wasn’t in his seat at all. He had been sitting on the other side before hand. But I stood up to move because the back of my head still hurt from where he hit me before. When I stood up, Aaron slammed his fist into my stomach, and I leaned over in pain. “Fucker, that’s for having not been able to loosen her to the point she could take me.” I started to walk, still leaning over in pain, and Aaron kicked me in the back of my knee and I fell forward next to the fire. He laughed and sat down where I had been sitting… I crawled around the fire and took a seat.

Meanwhile in the tent, Deanna had applied more lube to her pussy and was smiling as she watched Jay slide the condom down his 10 inch pole. “Come give it to me, big boy…” She said.

Jay didn’t take his time at all. He slid right between her legs and thrusted his dick up to her pussy… It took a second, but he managed to slide the head of his cock into her. She groaned with pleasure as he moved in… 3 inches in she started to struggle under him saying “god… you’re so much thicker than Matt…” At 5 inches in she started to thrash about under him, panting and saying “holy shit, you’re tearing me up…” At 7 inches she was starting to grasp onto his shoulders and in a deep voice said “you’re going to kill me… it’s sooooo big…” As Jay pushed in more, he got to the 9 inch point and at that point he stopped and held his cock there… she freaked out under him, struggling… “It’s too big… oh god… I’m so full… I can feel it in my stomach… I can feel it up to my throat… I feel like my whole body is full… I can’t breathe…” Jay looked down at her and smiled, then thrust the last inch in and she screamed in pain “FUCK! I’m s-sooo fu-full…”

Jay laughed and began to fuck her hard and fast, not taking any mercy. She groaned and writhed under him, struggling against his muscular chest. Jay didn’t take long and within 3 minutes he grunted and shot his load into the condom he wore. Deanna laid there breathing hard as Jay pulled out. She grabbed his condom-covered cock and stroked it twice, smiling goofily she said “Thanks for fucking me.” He winked at her and took the condom off, tossing it onto the floor for me to see later. Pulling on his pants, he left her there… Her pussy gaping wide. Her body sweating. Her face smiling. And her legs still spread.

When Jason stepped out of the tent a few minutes later, I felt a pain in my stomach. His face was red and there was sweat in his hair. He had fucked my girlfriend. He walked right up to me as I sat by the campfire and got up in my face, pulling me to my feet by my jacket “I fucked her little cunt and ruined it, you loser!”

I couldn’t believe it. Wasn’t it enough that he had done it? Why did he have to humiliate me now? I just looked to the side and then he punched me right in the left eye. I fell over and landed on the log I was using as a seat, and then back onto the back of my neck. He jumped over the log and landed on top of me and slammed his fist into my face three more times. I felt blood pouring out of my nose and knew he had also made me bleed above my left eye. Jeff and Mike quickly stepped in and pulled him off of me, but he nailed a hard kick to my balls as they pulled him away… I rolled over, covering my nuts and bleeding onto the cold wet ground.

Then I could hear laughter. Aaron, the biggest and meanest of the alpha males that used to be my friends, found this hilarious. “If you were a man you’d stand up and fight for your girlfriend’s honor,” he said. I swallowed and tasted blood in my mouth, but knew he was right. I stood up and then fell over again because of the pain from Jason’s kick. I bit my lip and managed to pull myself up another time.

I walked towards Jay while Mike and Jeff let go of him. I swung at him first, but he easily avoided my pathetic punch and nailed me with a kick to the stomach. I bent over in tremendous pain and then he slammed his knee into my face. I don’t remember what happened next, but I must have fallen backwards onto the cold ground again, and been laying on my back, leaving me completely unprotected. Because the next thing I knew he must have taken a running start field-goal style kick at my nuts and I felt like I died. Jason was on the football team and was the field-goal kicker. He knew what he was doing, and if I had any nuts left after that kick I’d have been lucky, but at that point all I knew was pain. Pain because he fucked my girlfriend, and the physical pain that was shooting through my body. I passed out.

Jason, it turns out, was restrained again after the kick, though everyone was laughing as I passed out.

I woke up probably 20 minutes later with Deanna hovering over me. “Are you okay?” She asked. “Why’d you do it?” I asked her. “I didn’t kick you,” she told me, “Why’d you pick a fight with a guy you knew would kick your ass? Jason is a man. You’re a wimp.” The guys around the campfire burst into laughter. “Is it over now? Can we leave yet?” I asked. She looked reserved, then shook her head, “I haven’t fulfilled my deal with Aaron yet… I came to check on you first. I’ve got to go be with him now. Sorry baby.” She said looking down at me as she stood up. “No more punching or kicking him, okay guys?” She said to them as she walked into the tent… Aaron stood up and followed her. As he got to the entrance to the tent he looked back at me and smiled before entering.

I laid there on the ground. I didn’t want to stand up and go sit with the guy who just kicked my ass and the other guys that have been laughing and humiliating me all night long. Then I could hear Deanna moaning. She wasn’t having sex. The sound was clearly her moaning while she had a dick in her mouth. A really big dick. I scanned my memory for the last time she gave me a blowjob and came up pretty much empty. Probably not since we had sex for the first time. Now she had this bastard’s cock in her mouth and was moaning she was enjoying it so much. I heard her say “your balls are so fucking huge” in a clear voice and then I had enough. I stood up to move, but completely lost my balance and fell down again. The guys around the fire laughed at my attempt. I was too weak and my legs buckled because of the damage done to my genitals. I was going to have to lay there.

I listened as she continued to suck his dick. She must have needed breaks for her sore jaw because she’d break it up often with compliments for him like “your sooo long baby,” “oh my god it’s thick,” “I seriously didn’t know cocks could be this beautiful,” “are you sure you’re not the Incredible Hulk turned white?,” and “your balls are seriously bigger than Matt’s entire package.” I was so humiliated. Then I could hear the guys at the campfire talking. Jeff asked, “Do you think he’s really going to do it? Or is he just going to be nice and fuck her?” Mike replied, “Nah dude, Aaron’s an asshole… He’ll do it. That bitch ain’t leaving here whole.” Jason laughed “serves her right… She deserves some pain after what she did to Matt.” I started to get a bad feeling in my stomach. What was Aaron going to do to the girl I love?

Inside the tent Deanna was busy licking Aaron’s balls and stroking his twelve inch pole with two hands. He adjusted himself and said “I’m bored bitch… time for you to ride.” She smiled and poured some of her lube over his dick and stroked it down to cover the whole shaft. “I hope it works better this time than last,” she smiled. She climbed on top of him and pushed his cockhead into her wet pussy. She moaned as her pussy stretched around the huge dick. She lowered herself slowly… After about 3 inches she was in pain and trying to lift herself up, but Aaron held onto her and started trying to push her down. “uh… ugh… no… baby… give me some time…,” she begged, but he pushed down on her ass and she moved down further. At about the 5 inch part his cock started to get much thicker and she was really struggling now against him “baby stop please…” she said.

He kissed her to make her stop talking and then pushed her down onto the ground of the tent, and climbed on top (his dick still inside her). He started working in deeper, and she started to moan “oh my god baby… you’re destroying me.” Aaron started thrusting in and out once he had worked about 7 inches into her. She was moaning loud and he began trying to get more into her. He got in as deep as he could, making it painful and pleasureful for her as he hit her cervix with every thrust. He held her down again the ground and she made noises of pain and pleasure. Her body shook several times as she came. She didn’t know whether she loved it or hated it, all she knew was that she had cum more than she ever had in her life. She laid there under his strong body as he fucked her for at least an hour. His muscular chest slammed against her tiny frame. Her moans were barely audible because he was muffling her so much…

Until he decided it was enough of that and flipped her over. He pulled her ass into the air because she was barely conscious at this point and stuffed his cock back into her pussy. He began to fuck her and got kinda pissed off because when he looked down he realized how much of his cock was not getting into her pussy. She was now moaning loud and Matt could hear her loud and clear outside the tent. “It’s too much cock…” “It’s too big…” “Oh my god it’s thiiiick…” Aaron continued pounding her from behind for at least 15 minutes before he grunted loudly and dumped his load right into her pussy. He pulled his dick out and her pussy erupted like a volcano spilling his load down her thighs. She fell to the ground and couldn’t stop breathing hard. Aaron stood up in the tent and pressed his foot into her back and flexed, looking down at her he asked, “Who’s the man?” “You are!” She replied loudly. He pushed his foot harder into her back, his shoes leaving a mark and asked “Who’s a wimp?” She replied with “Matt!” The laughter from the guys outside the tent could be heard inside.

Then Aaron aimed his limp hanging dick at the back of Deanna’s head and started to piss. She screamed, but he held her down with his foot and pissed all over the back of her hair. He gave her a kick in the side and she turned over only to get pissed on her face and her chest as his foot held down her stomach. She struggled, but couldn’t move under his weight. Once he was done relieving himself he spread her legs. “Fuck, you’re damaged goods now, bitch.” Her pussy was noticibly loose. He picked her up by her hair and dragged her out of the tent.

I watched as my girlfriend was dragged towards me and thrown on top of me. I groaned in terrible pain as her knee accidentally found the right place and nailed me in the balls again. I smelled piss and cock all over her. Aaron grabbed her and pulled her up so I could see her stretched out, used, and cum covered pussy. “Do you like the looks of that?” He asked me. I shook my head and then he shoved her pussy down against my mouth. I could feel how spread her lips were now… The tight pussy that I knew and loved was no more and would never be the same again. He picked her up and tossed her down hard onto the ground near the hose that was provided for fresh water on the campsite. He turned the hose on and began to hose her down. She screamed in horror as the freezing cold water hit her in the cold night. She began to shiver and run away, but Mike grabbed her and tossed her back down onto the ground. Aaron continued to hose her down and Mike held her legs apart so he could hose down her loose pussy. They laughed when they turned off the hose and my girlfriend was lying on the ground shivering she was so cold. Jeff stood up. “My turn now.”

Aaron laughed. “Dude, you’re bigger than pussy boy Matt, but you’re not gonna feel her now that I finished.” Jeff stood up and said “Shut up, I’m going to feel her just fine.” He said. He grabbed Deanna and picked her up over his shoulder and carried her into the tent again. He laid her down on the ground and held her close to warm her up. She reacted positively to that and once she stopped shivering she stopped crying also. He pushed her over onto her stomach and lifted her ass into the air. He spit on her asshole and then started to shove his 7 inch dick into her ass… “Noooo…” she moaned in protest, but it was no use. Jeff shoved it into her ass and fucked her. It took less than a minute and he came in her ass. He left her laying like that, pulled up his pants and just walked away.

Outside the tent, Aaron was walking around, looking like he was pissed off. “Pick Matt up, hold him for me.” He said to Mike. Mike looked kinda bored so he shrugged and went over and grabbed me by the arms and hoisted me up. Aaron walked up to me and slapped me across the face. “I fucked your broad.” He slapped me again. “I’m better than you, aren’t I?” He asked me. “No.” I said defiantely. “He smiled and then he kicked me in the stomach. I Went to lean forward in pain, but Mike held me straight and Aaron kicked me again. And again. I could feel everything inside of me hurting. Jason went and pushed Aaron out of the way, I thought to uncharacteristically save me, but instead it was just so he could kick me in the stomach once himself. Aaron then helped himself to one more kick to my stomach. About 15-20 in total from him and Jay. I felt like I was going to get sick or pass out. “I’m better than you, in every fucking way, aren’t I?” He asked. I nodded. “Say it, bitch.” He ordered.

I shook my head, knowing that punishment was coming, but knowing also that I loved the girl inside the tent and didn’t want to disgrace myself any more in her presence this night. Aaron made a fist with his big manly hand and punched me right above my eye, openning the cut from before. I felt blood stream down my face and he punched me there again. The blood warmed me as it poured over my face covering me with a crimson mask. At that moment Jay screamed in anger and picked up one of the metal poles used to hold up the tents and ran towards me swinging at my knee. He nailed me in the knee and I screamed in pain. Then he nailed me in the stomach. Aaron grabbed it from him and slammed me over the head with it. They were like animals, just completely obsessed with showing their dominance.

Mike let me fall and I went down hard. Aaron and Jay got on each side of me and began kicking me, Aaron kicking my chest/stomach and Jay kicking me in the back and kidneys. At one point one of them hit me in the bladder so hard I had no choice but to let go and pissed myself. They laughed and made jokes, “Look babydick doesn’t have control.” After this Jay held my legs spread while Aaron began kicking me in my balls at least 20 times and just making me go numb all over. It was at this point that I finally said it and admitted, “You’re better than me in every way!” They made me repeat it several times to add to the humiliation.

They eventually got tired, but Mike was still standing there. I always thought he was the most violent of them all, but he had control. He grabbed the tent pole they used on me earlier and stood above me. He slammed it against my cock and I screamed and rolled over. Then he grabbed my pants and pulled them down. I was in so much pain I didn’t even notice. However, when he rammed the tent pole up my ass I noticed and screamed. I got away almost immediately, but I was in pain all over, I was covered in blood, dirty, and just wanted to cry.

I wasn’t a man. They were the alpha males. They had dominated me. They took my girlfriend. They made her theirs.

Nine months later Deanna had a baby boy. We got married two months after that. We named the boy Brad after the one guy on the trip who hadn’t fucked Deanna. Her pussy still doesn’t feel right. She swears she hasn’t been fucking any of them, but I doubt that’s true. She couldn’t still be loose from what one night, could she be? All I knew was the first time I saw Brad I knew he wasn’t mine. He almost already had his old man beat.

“Yes, Mr. Pattenaud,” I said as I ran off to get my boss his cup of coffee. Upon returning I set the coffee upon his desk and went back outside of his large office with beautiful skyline views to my desk in his lobby. As I sat in my chair I could hear him talking on the phone in his office: “Yeah baby, I’ll be over tonight. You know you’re going to love every second of it, don’t you?”

I could barely stand it, wondering who he was talking to on the phone. I had to keep listening, but then at that exact moment the phone rang. I answered, “Office of Aaron Pattenaud, attorney, may I help you?” The client began asking questions about whether or not their work visa was ready. I answered them, but was distracted as I wished I was listening into Aaron’s phone call. I hated that I had to sit outside his office like some sort of stupid secretary, but after Deanna had his baby I had no choice but to immediately get a job and start working to support her and the child. As the child grew up, he began to look exactly like Aaron, so we knew it was his even though we always pretended he was mine.

For the first 9 years after I began working I made about 20,000 a year. Then one day out of the blue I got a call from Aaron. I almost hung up, but I decided to listen. He made me a deal: I’d be his secretary and do his every will, and he’d give me $60,000 a year. It was over double what I was making. Deanna made me take it. Now I have to sit here and do his will. So I can pay for his son. My wife and I fuck maybe once every two months. At 26 I never get laid, I work for a guy who has fucked my wife and might still be fucking her, and I feel humiliated and destroyed inside.

Fifteen years later…

I came home from work on the day of my 31st birthday. Aaron had let me go home early and given me a gift card for Applebee’s so I could take my wife and son out. My son told me he was going out with his girlfriend Ashley (who I have to admit is gorgeous and way better than I could have ever done). I told him that no, he was coming with us to Applebee’s. That was when he made a stand and said no. My son was already about 6 inches taller than me at 18. I stood up to him though and told him he would or he’d be grounded and wouldn’t see his girlfriend for a month. At that point he punched me in the stomach and then slammed his knee into my face. As I layed on the ground, filled with pain, he said “my real Dad told me to do that… He’s taking me, mom, and Ashley to dinner tonight at L’Antibles. He also said if you don’t go to Applebees and show him pictures tomorrow that you’re fired.” I stayed on the ground for at least an hour after that, getting over the physical and emotional blow. My son, Brad, knew I wasn’t his father. He knew Aaron. My wife was out with him. And then I stood up, with my black eye from the knee to the face, I went to Applebee’s and ate alone on my birthday.

Twenty years after Part IV

My wife and son lived with Aaron now. The divorce is final. I work at Aaron’s as his secretary still, just so I can afford to pay her the money that I had to after the divorce was final. I can’t even afford to rent a room for myself. I bought a conversion van and live in the back of it. I saw my son Brad the other day, he had come in to see Aaron at the office. He acted like he didn’t even know me. On my 36th birthday I had a date. We went to Applebee’s.

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