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Callie Grows Bolder-An Original Story by David Flint

Callie Grows Bolder Copyright by David Flint

it is another day.Once shy Callie is looking forward to this day. She has been interested in this day for a long time. But she’s always been nervous about actually experiencing it. So now she gets to experience the act along with her man. Callie has not known this man long but she has grown to care for him. Her life lacks something.Exactly what,she is unsure of. But somehow the vacuum in her life is gets to some extent through her passion for her man and the event that is going to take place. Callie has long been curious about bondage,torture,about submitting. She doesn’t really know what she desires,only that has something to do with the lifestyle. This is why she looks SO forward to this time. She will satisfy some part of her curiosity through her man. He has long enjoyed the ecstasy of erotic pain. He has experienced that which interests Callie. Today,the birds seem to be singing more cheerily. The sun seems to be shining brighter. There is a most pleasant breeze that sends Callie’s dark hair blowing behind her. Callie feels ALIVE! She has been looking forward to this day for 2 weeks. She was always nervous about experiencing the BDSM lifestyle but with the sessions she has participated in with her man,she grows more relaxed yet more driven to increase the ecstasy. With each encounter Callie has with the two mistresses,she wishes to do more. Today she will not simply feel the sensations of her man’s experience through his cock in her hand,no, today Callie takes a front row position and gets directly involved. When she arrives at the play area,Callie stops in a room adjacent to the one where her man is bound. This day,she is going to be right beside the mistresses taking an active role in fucking her man. Callie is usually fucked to her greatest by her man giving her the most intense orgasms she’s ever felt. She has never squirted before her man thrust his cock deep into her pussy but now he considers it his mission to give her not just one orgasm but several.And her squirting is to be done in multiple positions. One in his mouth,one in their bed ,one while she is riding her new lover,and at least one while she is fucked to her hardest orgasm like an animal in heat. In the smaller room,Callie finds a present left for her by the mistresses. An 8 inch long strapon that she will be using to fill her man’s ass. She and her man have been talking about this for weeks. And since the words first left her man’s mouth,Callie has felt herself get wet with the thought. And today this fantasy is to come to fruition. Callie can feel the wet sensation in her pussy as she slips the strapon and adjusts it to make sure she’ll have proper control. She wants to have no loss of control as she thrusts deep into her man’s ass. Callie wants to make sure she can see her man’s ass juices glisten on the rubber as she pulls out to start another thrust.This time,her man is not standing shackled to the ceiling. He is bound to the floor. The familiar mistresses are laughing and enjoying their usual pinching,slapping,smacking with the paddle. Her man’s ass is already red. Callie can see red tracks on his back from the whipping the mistresses are dishing out. He is wearing a blindfold over his eyes but his mouth is available for inserting something. Who is to say if he knows what the mistress is going to put in his mouth. As Callie walks up to the three,Mistress Monica and Ruby stop what they are doing. Mistress Ruby eyes Callie as she offers her ass to Monica. The man is blindfolded so all he knows presently is that the mistresses have stopped their torturing of him. Mistress Monica locates a tube of lube and places some on the tip of the strapon she’s wearing. She motions for Callie to come closer as she spreads Mistress Ruby’s ass cheeks and puts the tip into Ruby’s ass. As about an inch disappears inside Ruby’s ass,Monica thrusts in gently to bury the length in the tight hole. As Monica starts thrusting more deliberately ,Ruby starts moaning and Callie stands close.Monica turns to her and covers Callie’s lips with her own. Callie moans at least as loud as Ruby as she enjoys the soft texture of Monica’s lips. Their two tongues dance inside each others mouth while Monica keeps the thrusting going into Ruby. After a moment of the sweet exchange of flesh and fluids,Callie is released by Monica and takes her place behind her man. Callie has grown since their first encounter with the two mistresses.She is bolder now. More confident of herself and she has her man to thank for that. His interest in the sessions and his encouragement of Callie has moved her from shy introvert to novice enthusiast.Callie takes a position behind her man and puts some spit on her hand then applies it to the end of the strap-on she wears. She feels the spit lube the strap-on slightly and then places the head against her mans asshole. She pushes gently. She loves her man,while she wants to fuck him,she doesn’t wish to be sadistically cruel. Being sadistic is for Mistress Monica and Mistress Ruby. Her man moans and makes harmony with the moaning coming from Mistress Ruby as she is ass fucked by Mistress Monica. Callie pulls out,then pushes in a little further. Out some more,then in with determined fashion to place the strap-on completely in the ass of her man. Then Mistress Monica pulls her strap-on out of Mistress Ruby’s ass and while the man has his mouth open wide from one of Callie’s thrusts,inserts the rubber coated in ass juices deep in the man’s mouth. He is surprised and let’s out a yelp to the best of his ability since his mouth is full of strap-on. Monica starts fucking him in earnest as Callie starts getting into the action and does her own determined thrusting in and out. The man can do nothing but accept the fake cocks and the bodily juices from Ruby that came with the surprise fucking. Monica starts feeling her pussy getting wet and with Ruby facing her,kisses Ruby with a deep tongue sucking. For her part ,Ruby starts whipping the man with a short cat of nine tails and Callie is SERIOUSLY fucking her man’s ass while she reaches under him to play with his balls. As she did when she kissed Monica in the last session,Callie squeezes his balls with no regard as to pressure applied. She knows her man can take it and she squeezes with an iron grip as she fucks with a tempo that surprises even her. Monica breaks her kiss with Ruby to smile approvingly at Callie. And the man can do nothing but accept all the sensations from being spit-roasted. The ass juices collecting in a stream of white spittle on the corners of his mouth. His eyes are glazed and his breathing turns laboured as his orgasm nears. In fact the quartet is about to achieve something rarely seen. Each person is enjoying their own personal kink which puts each into their own personal euphoria and suddenly they all experience intense orgasms. Callie’s soaks the front of her shorts.Monica and Ruby surprise themselves by squirting on the floor below them. And the man’s orgasm shoots forward and lands on the boots of the mistresses.Spent ,the mistresses laugh and remove themselves to clean themselves in an adjoining room,eventually falling into sweet lesbian fucking for additional intense orgasms ,each. Callie eventually pulls out of her man’s ass and removing the strap-on lays down beside him to listen to his shallow-ing breathing. She kisses him gently on his cheek,working her way to his mouth. She kisses the drying stream of white spittle in the corner of his mouth. She removes his blindfold and holding him close cuddles with her man as he strokes her dark hair. She feels so close to her man and is grateful for having met him. Callie’s life is complicated but this man who owns a piece of her heart is gentle and loving and SO supporting of her confused feelings. Callie is determined to both allow his rest and then she will have her pussy filled with the cock she wants deeply now.

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