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Brothers Forever

Me and my one year younger brother Sven grew up in a small city in the northern part of Sweden. Our parents divorced when we were 12 years old and we mostly stayed at our father’s place from then on. Our father bought a new apartment in the city centre after the divorce. The apartment was spacious, with a nice rooftop terrace, a sauna, but only 2 bedrooms, hence Sven and I had shared bedroom since then.

Sven and I was active in most sports that was offered in the city where we lived. We did swimming, soccer, cross-country skiing and track and field. So basically all weekends where busy with travelling to tournaments, competitions or matches throughout the year. From all the sports, me and my brother had become very fit. We both had broad shoulders, well toned pecs and nice six packs. All the hours with sports made and equal number of hours in locker rooms and public showers around Sweden. It had made us very used to being lightly dressed or nude both between the two of us and in more public settings. And to be honest, we didn’t have anything to be shy for. Besides the bodies that we could thank ourselves and our interest in sports for, our genes had blessed us with nicely shaped 6″ flaccid dicks, growing to about 9″ of rock hard, irresistible and constantly hungry rods. Because of this, you would seldom have to ask us twice to take off our t-shirts or our underpants.

When I turned 19 I was starting to be tired of my hometown. I had already had sex with most of the girls that was interesting for me and even some of the boys in more desperate settings. I will tell you more about some of the best adventures I had later.

I moved to Stockholm, started studying civil engineering. Life was still good, and I continued doing sports although I focused more and more on shaping the right parts of my body, and less of the team sports. My brother also moved to Stockholm a year after me. We worked out together and we hanged out together occasionally on parties. We decided not to live together, but we slept at each others place every now and then. It could be just to jerk off together and talk about good old days, or maybe we picked up one or more girls and decided to share.

After finishing my third year in Stockholm and decided to move to the US to take my master’s degree. I was more than ready to see something more of the world! I found a university in California, applied and was accepted. I moved over in the end of August, find myself a room in a shared apartment with walking distance to the beach. It was expensive, but it was also a dream coming true! I shared the apartment with two other guys studying at the university; John, a 23 year old black guy doing a master in law and Mark, a 22 year old white guy whose parents owned the apartment.

I enjoyed a couple of weeks of holiday before the semester started for real. I spent most of the days on the beach during the day and trying to get to know the city during the evenings and nights. I found a good local gym where I signed up to work out, and life was great. My hair had already bleached a bit, looking like I had white stripes in my otherwise scandinavian blond hair. My body tanned quite ok, and I felt hotter than ever when semester started. There was plenty of parties in the beginning of the semester, and I got to make a good amount of friends, both boys from the faculty and girls from other parts of the university.

In the middle of the semester my brother was coming over. He had chosen some easy subjects this semester, so he would be able to stay with me for about a month while studying for his exams at home. I picked up a zipcar and was very excited as I drove over to the airport to pick him up. I was expecting a month loaded with parties, fun and lots of sex. I myself was constantly horny and looking for girls, but my brother was even worse. He wouldn’t let any chances of sex go away, and if he was in the right mood he could have sex with several girls during a long night at a party, before leaving home with the best at the end of the party.

I parked the car, Sven grabbed his bag, and we walked the last couple of hundred meters to the apartment buildings, took the lift up to the sixth floor went into the apartment and my room. My room was of decent size; with a study desk, closet for my clothes and a queen sized bed. We were going to share bed for the next month, but it felt very natural so I had never spent any thoughts on it. Sven threw is bag on the floor and sat down on the bed. I went back to the kitchen and living room to pick up a couple of beers in the fridge and got back to my room. I gave Sven one of the beers, and we both had a sip.

Sven told me he needed to take a shower and asked where the showers were. I told him I would join him, as the day had been hot and I was pretty sweaty. I usually undressed in my room, took the towel in one hand and walked through the living room and kitchen area to the bathroom, enjoying the feeling of my dick swinging from one thigh to the other as I was walking and my balls getting some fresh air. I undressed fast to show my brother how my customs were, and I was sure he would enjoy and follow me.

“Wow, brother, you look amazing” was the immediate comment from Sven when all my clothes had fallen to the floor. I could see myself in the full height mirror on the back of the door, and I was pretty happy with myself at the moment. After I came to California I had gotten the nice tan from several hours on the beach, I had worked specifically on developing my pecs which were even bigger and rounder than last time Sven saw me naked.

With a beer in one hand, a towel in the other and a 6″ flaccid dick swinging forth and back in the middle we walked over to the showers. The three of us in the apartment shared one bathroom, but it had two shower heads, and as long as neither me, nor Mark and John needed a lot of privacy, the door was never locked and it never became a que in the morning. While two of us could take a shower the third could shave, brush his teeth or just chat to the two in the showers while waiting for a free shower. All the time with the dick hanging out like the most natural thing in the world, and I guess that is what it is!

It felt great to be with my brother again. We showered for about 20 minutes till we had emptied the beers before we turned off, dried and got back to my room, picking up another beer on the way.

We dressed again, and went out to a nearby bar. Sven was asking about girls all the time, but we decided that it was time to catch up and talk only the two of us. Sven told me about life in Stockholm, of course that included stories of some of his latest adventures. He had recently been to a party in a house in the archipelago, and during the. 24 hours he stayed there, he had sex with 6 different girls. But three of them were at the same time. After all the others had gone to bed and Sven and the three girls decided to skinny dip.

They all became crazy after he dropped is swimming pants, and semi hard cock of more than 7″ hanging straight down. The girls did a strip tease for him, and when the last little bikini bottom was off, he was rock hard and couldn’t wait another second. He described the whole scene with so much passion that it all felt like I was watching a POV porn movie. I imagined my brother looking down, passing his well trained pecs that were so big they was almost hiding his six pack. But there were no chance they could hide is rock hard 9″ dick that was pointing straight out and dripping of precum, even though he had already cum 3 times during the last 5 hours. And the three girls – one brunette and two blonde girls, that were licking and sucking his cock, and enjoying every inch of it like it was the most noble piece of white chocolate they could ever taste. I had to ask him to stop his story, as my dick was hard and my new Aussie bum briefs was giving me way too little space down there.

We had a couple of more rounds of beer, talked about our parents, old times, our home city and a couple of other things, before we decided to go back home. I showed Sven the way to the beach on the way back, so he would be able to go to the beach while I had to attend a couple of lectures at the university.

John was mixing a protein shake in the kitchen when we got back to the apartment, so I got the chance to introduce Sven to him. We talked for a bit and continued to my room.

“I hope you haven’t become picky about sharing bed and sleeping naked with another guy, because I’m not able to wear a single thread when I sleep in this heat” I told my brother while I removed my briefs and finally let my cock free. It was still semi hard from the stories that Sven told me in the pub, and the head was still wet after the leaking of precum.

“Haha that will never happen, and I hope you haven’t become picky about seeing me jerk off because I’m not going to sleep with this hardon, and specially not since I have already been building up pressure for 30 hours since I good bye fucked a friend of mine before I left Stockholm. My balls are exploding.”, replied Sven while he removed his boxers and jumped into the bed with me.

We didn’t need any porn movies or pics to get hard and jerk off. We were both hard already and I started talking about when we went to Ibizia in the Mediterranean sea two years ago. The Island is filled with drunk and horny Europeans partying for a week each. We had sex more or less continuously through the whole week, and more and more girls approached us as the rumors of the size of our cocks – and even better how we knew to use them. The highlights was when we went on a trip with one of the crazy party boats with free alcohol, and they announced a cock size contest.

We weren’t hard to ask, specially after a number of vodka shots, so we entered the stage together with a number of other guys ready to show the audience what was hiding in our pants. Most of us were already shirtless, and it didn’t take much time to remove the shorts we were wearing.

Three girls was hired by the company to tease us to help us get hard dicks ready for being measured by the same girls. A couple of guys couldn’t even get it up, and was thrown of the stage after having tried for about 5 minutes. The rest of us – 8 guys – was standing on a line with the hard dicks in our hands waiting to be measured. Competition was hard, but since there were no black guys taking part in the contest, so we both felt pretty secure it would go our way. After measuring all of us they started reading up the results, starting with the guy with the shortest dick. One by one the losers had to get down from the stage with an embarrassing buuh from the audience.

At the end there were three of us left; me, Sven and a Norwegian guy. The three girls came back to the stage, and started teasing us again to make sure our dicks where performing maximum. They even started licking and sucking us and my dick was rock hard. I will never forget the feeling of getting such a great blowjob from a hot girl, while a huge crowd was watching us. At the end the girls measured all of us and the speaker came around to get the results.

The measurements where announced one by one. Sven and me was actually measured to be 9″. I think that’s personal record for both of us. The atmosphere in the room was and seeing the audience shouting for us was almost too much for me. The third guy was measured to be 8″, and came 3rd place. He took is shorts in one hand and walked down from the stage, still with his huge tool hard as a pole. I think he was hoping to get some sympathetic attention from the girls. I’m pretty sure he did, the girls in the audience were all super horny, and he was a good looking guy with a big dick, so what more could they be looking for.

While me and Sven was standing with our hands high on the stage receiving the applause from the audience, the guards started letting girls up on the stage. It was totally crazy and all the girls wanted to taste an inch of our cocks. It was an awesome orgy, and we both came several times before our dicks where sore and our balls didn’t have any single droplet of cum left. The thoughts of this happening a couple of years ago and how our adventure that was just started would end, made both of us come in record time. Sven had always had these huge cumshots, and it seems he was still going strong in that sense. We wiped, gave a high five for our brotherhood and the month to come and went to sleep.

The next day I had to go to the university to attend some compulsory lectures and classes, so I woke up a before Sven, took a shower and went to campus. I had advised Sven to go to the nearby beach to get some tan.

I returned from campus at around 3 pm. As I opened the door to my room, all I could see was Sven standing in my bed, with is softening dick in the mouth of a girl sitting on her knees below him. He obviously finished having sex with this girl I had never seen before. She had thick lips wrapping around my brother’s big dick, and I guess even more important, she had huge, very huge, fake tits. Oh my god those tits made me horny. I usually were horny when I got back from the university, having fantasized about sex during a couple of boring lectures, my dick was screaming to get out of my briefs.

I gave a friendly fist bump to Sven and greeted the girl. She was too busy sucking the last droplets out of Sven’s dick, so she wasn’t able to say her name. Sven explained they had met at the beach, and she had explained her that she had just been accepted for her first porn movie, after been going to a few auditions the last months. Sven had offered her some training in porn style sex and she had gladly accepted as she was very eager to perform maximum in her first movie.

“I need a break now, but I’m sure she is up for another round if you are, brother” Sven said as he slowly pulled out his long soft dick from her mouth. They had already been through a couple of rounds and Sven needed some time before I would be able to get his dick up standing again. The girl was craving for more cock and she started unbuttoning my shorts as soon as I jumped up in the bed. Sven sat down in front of his Macbook while we started having sex behind his back. He didn’t care, I didn’t care and the girl was too busy swallowing my dick so she didn’t care either.

She was a good cock sucker. I could easily have cum after just a minute or two, but throughout the years I have learned to control my orgasm so I never cum before the girl cums. But some girls come very quick. I don’t know if it’s the sight of me and my dick, if it’s the fact that they have never had a dick bigger than 5″ before, or if it’s any of my special tricks that makes them come so fast.

She sucked my dick for quite a while. I tried to get her to swallow every centimeter of my dick, but she could only get like 4″ in her mouth. A good pornstar should be able to deepthroat it all, so I told her we had to practice on this. Of course, no one expects someone to be able to deep throat the first – or I guess second – big dick they have. Deep throating is something you have to exercise and learn over time, so after she tried for a bit, it was time to continue. I was looking forward to taste her pussy. She was totally shaved. I used my fingers together with my tongue. It was easy to tell she liked it. She was moaning and she was wet as a river.

I fucked her doggystyle, she was riding me and a couple of other positions before I put my dick between her huge fake tits, squeezed them and fucked her tits until I couldn’t help it anymore. I came on her tits and she smiled and massaged my cum into her tits. I put my dick in her mouth so she could suck of the last bit of cum that was coming from my dick.

Sven turned around for the first time, and smiled. “She’s good isn’t she?”. She is awesome was my direct and true response. The girl had to leave very soon afterwards, but we already agreed on meeting again the next day after me returning from the university. I couldn’t wait to have a threesome with her and Sven tomorrow.

After a quick snack and an hour of relaxing on the bed, we packed our bags, dressed and went to the gym for a workout. The gym is not far away from the apartment, so we just walked down there. We did about an hour of training and got back into the locker room for some sauna and a shower. In Sweden I’m used to see dicks swinging as people walk around in the locker room, open showers where the men can stand face to face talking while the water is running, and saunas where men sit with there dicks hanging down resting on the tower they are sitting on. Here it is totally different. People are doing funny – or silly – moves trying to balance while they are hiding behind a big towel and trying to pull up a couple of boxers without letting a single square centimeter of skin show, the showers are single cabins with fixed walls on the sides and a curtain in the front. People undo their towels inside the shower cabins, and dry themselves and puts on the towel skirt before they open the curtain again. They even wear their training gear (shorts) while they are taking sauna.

Me and Sven insisted in doing things the Swedish way. We undressed, sat down on the benches to finish our protein shakes, walked our to the showers, didn’t bother closing the curtain, chatted and laughed while we were soaping our bodies and washing our dicks, and probably enjoying the sight of each other and again looking forward to everything that was going to happen during this month. We dried and dressed and left the gym.

When I returned from the university I found Sven and the girl from yesterday already in the bed. They hadn’t gotten far yet though, Sven was still teasing her and hadn’t given her full access to his cock yet. He was wearing his boxers, although the fabric was stretched to its maximum from his rock hard manhood. The girl was desperate and trying to get his boxers off. Sven saw me, and said it was time to start. Less than a second later his boxers was off and his dick disappeared into the girl’s mouth. I undid my clothes, jumped into the bed, gave a fist bump to Sven and tried to convince the girl to taste my dick as well, and me and Sven was just lying there while she was licking and sucking our dicks equally. She still wasn’t able to swallow our whole dicks, but I think she had been practising, because she could take quite a few centimeters more than yesterday. She could have gone on forever sucking our cocks and we could recevie her blowjow with big pleasure for forever, but there are so many other things to do. She continued sucking Sven’s dick while I move over to lick her pussy. She was already wet, and the taste of her pussy kept my dick hard.

Then Sven moved down, asked the girl to sit on his dick, with her back towards him and lean backward a bit. This meant I could continue to lick her pussy and clit while Sven was fucking her. It was one of our special tricks, and 90 % of the girls we had done this with, would climax after a short time. Licking her clit at the same time as Sven was fucking her pussy, ment my tongue and his dick could occasionally meet. It did a couple of times, but I didn’t care. It had also happened before that his cock would slip out of her pussy during some readjustments, and more or less into my mouth. I hadn’t been tempted to start sucking his dick up until now. Or I had been tempted, but never actually done it. In fact, we had never had sex with each other. It had been close a couple of times, but just the fact that we were brothers made it a bit awkward. As you understand, we had been nude together, jerking off together, and sharing many girls together the last 5-6 years.

She came just as quickly as I had expected. Noone until now have been able to stand the pleasure of having a 9″ cock pounding her pussy while being licked by another big dicked guy for more than a couple of minutes

It was time to rearrange a little bit. Sven kept lying where he already was and was ready to fuck the girl anal. I didn’t like to do anal sex, although I had tried it a couple of times. Sven loved it, and always begged the girls to get to take them from behind. He was wearing a condom, and had to work a little bit to get in about two thirds of his available capacity, that should be around 6″. She couldn’t take any more, but her feelings was fast changing from pain to pleasure as she started to ride his cock. I had worked to get my cock hard again, it had softened during the last minutes and was ready to attack her pussy. After a short time almost my whole cock was disappearing into the girl, together with an increasing bit of my brothers dick. It was easy to tell she was in heaven. I told her she had a great talent of being a great porn queen as she was able to handle all these centimeters of dick.

I was eager to try a double vaginal penetration, I mean fucking her with both dicks at the same time in her vagina, but I think it’s too early still, her pussy is too tight, and she needs some more stretching before we can try.

Instead, we changed position to me taking her doggystyle while she was sucking my brother’s dick. Her huge tits were hanging very low almost all the way down to the bed. Sven did like they always do in porn movies – smashing his dick into her face, before fucking her mouth. She swallowed his cock, and was very close to touching his six pack with her nose. Next time I’m sure she will swallow all 9″ of dick, and just the thought of that made explode and I had to cum. I had never seen anyone able to take so much dick as this girl!

The girl sat down on the bed, while me and Sven was standing up. I came straight away, while Sven was stroking his cock a couple of times before cumming one of his huge loads again. The cum was dripping down to her huge tits. We stood very close, and she took one dick in each and and opened her mouth. Our dicks was still pretty hard, but she was able to get them into her mouth, side by side, at the same time. I gave her a towel to wipe and we sat down on the bed. She explained that the taking for the porn movie she was going to take part in would start next week. She didn’t now so much about the movie, but she had met the rest of the crew.

It was 3 other girls, and 5 or 6 black guys. She hadn’t seen any of the guys nude yet, but a couple of them had been bragging about the size of his dick and trying to show her how their soft dicks was continuing endlessly down the inner side of their thigh. It could easily be seen through the thin fabric of their trousers. We dressed, and the girl said she would love to meet us again. She also said that if we had any friends that wanted to join in, she could bring some a couple of her friends as well. I teased her and asked if she couldn’t have more cocks than our two 9 inchers?

It was Friday morning and I didn’t have any lectures to attend, so we wake up late and went to take a shower. John was already in the shower and Mark was shaving. Sven hadn’t met Mark yet so they said hello. Sven told us his parents was away for the weekend, and he was going home to watch the house. He said is parents had a big house outside the city, with a jacuzzi, pool and a big garden. “Maybe you guys want to join me?” he asked, when he saw how we started dreaming about the place. John instantly answered yes, and me and Sven also agreed that it sounded like the perfect place for this weekend. We decided to meet at 1 pm to go there. Mark would drive in his convertible and we would stop on the way to stock up with beer and drink.

It was a hot day. Sun was shining, and the weekend was going to be perfect. We got into the car, threw away our t-shirts, turned on some music and was ready to go. Mark said we would probably we there in about an hour, including the a stop for shopping alcohol

I think I forgot to tell about Mark and John. Mark is a skinny guy, but he has started to work out in the gym and starting to gain some muscle. Is dick looks average, a bit shorter shorter than me and Sven, but I haven’t seen him hard yet, so I don’t know if he’s a grower. Mark parents is rich, and it seems to be raining some drops on him as well. He spends money on the girls he meets on parties, and he usually picks up some nice girls when he wants. John is shy, at least when it comes to girls. I’ve not really seen him taking home girls as long as I have been staying here, but that’s only two months now.

John’s dick seems to be in the range of me and Sven, but I think it’s a bit thicker. We got to the house, got the beer in the fridge, left our small bags in the living room, and went outside to the backyard to look around and chill with a beer. The backyard started with a big patio with a bbq, dining table, some other chairs and sunbeds next to the swimming pool. In one of the corners, there was a jacuzzi. We sat down on the sunbeds and we all looked at each other and smiled.

I called the girls with the huge tits that me and Sven had fucked a couple of times earlier this week, and asked her if she would like to bring a couple of friends and come to our small party. She was very happy and said she would bring a couple of friends and get over at around 8 tonight. I decided not to tell the others anything more about the girl, so only me and Sven knew we where getting visited by a super horny coming pornstar and her friends, and that we were going to fuck them till our dicks would be begging for rest like they never have before.

We had some beers and relaxed in the sun. I thought it was about time to break the ice so I got up. “I know you all enjoy being naked as much as I do, so let these stupid shorts go and jump in the pool.” I said, already standing there we my cock hanging 6″ straight down. I jumped in the pool, and the others were not hard to ask at all and soon followed me just as soon as I expected.

We played around in the pool for a bit and simply enjoyed the feeling of being naked in water – one of the best feelings I know. We had ordered some chinese food that was delivered and ate and had some more beers, before the doorbell finally rang, fashionably late as girls should be. The girl me and Sven had met before came first, then two friends of her. They all looked like slutty strippers. But I guess that was ok, none of us were going to find the love of our life tonight, we where just going to get our cocks swallowed and have a funny night. We served the girls a couple of cosmos and some other drinks, to get them to calm down. It was easy to see that the only thing in the mind of the girls was dicks, big dicks. We where all showing some good bulges in our shorts when they came into the building. In the same way, the only thing we boys kept thinking on was their fake, huge tits. They all had fake tits, and their bras were working hard to hold it all together.

The girls suggested that the guys should have a striptease competition. The three girls would be judges and the winner would get a nice price, and they promised the losers wouldn’t go home empty handed either. We were starting to be drunk, and we all wanted to get rid of our shorts as soon as possible, so we were easy to convince.

“Oh my god, where did you find these girls? They look like they came directly from a porn set.” was John and Mark’s comment as soon as the four guys of us were alone inside the house to prepare for the striptease. No question they were very excited. I explained that it was actually Sven that had met one of them, and that she was actually going to act in her first porn movie starting next week. I could see the bulge growing in their pants.

We took a couple of vodka shots inside, and were suddenly ready to do a stripshow for the girls. We did the show one by one. I was supposed to be the first. I turned the music load, walked out and did started my show. My semi hard dick was now only covered by my boxers, and a pretty big bulge was showing. I walked over to one of the new girls, and let her get a close up of my bulge, she tried to open my boxers to get a better look inside, but I turned away and went over to the other new girl to tease her as well. She touched my bulge and her hand continued upwards over my abs and made a circle around my right pec. She could easily see that the bulge was growing. she started playing back to me, showing off her big breasts. Oh my god, I wanted to throw away my boxers and let my hard dick be squeezed between her round, firm breasts. I finished off my show throwing away my boxers, but only letting them get a very short view of my dick, but long enough so they knew what I was packing. I let my clothes lay on the patio, and went inside with my still hard dick. It was the first time John and Mark had seen my hard dick, and they were so drunk they didn’t feel embarrassed looking it and commenting it. John said very cocky “That must be a huge cock for a white guy”.

Mark was the next to do his show, followed by Sven. As always, Sven was doing his magic and we could hear the girls screaming like never before from the inside. Just me thinking of what Sven did, and hearing the reaction from the girls, made my dick start growing again. It had softened while I had been waiting inside with the other guys. Sven was smiling the widest smile every. In his hand he had is boxers in three pieces. In their ecstasy the girls and teared the boxers in pieces to get to see his cock. He told that as a part of his show, he had not shown them his dick at all, only the bulges in his pants, and as he pretended that he was finished, and started walking back inside, with his boxers still on, they had run after him and teared it off.

The last guy was John. John was a good dancer, and did a great dancing show removing his clothes one by one until completely nude. His dick had grown to semi hard and he continue dancing and playing letting his dick jump around. He kind of lost control in the end, went over to the girls to let them play with his dick, which ended with them stroking him rock hard and then the girls we knew from before took his dick in her mouth and swallow more than half of his huge tool. Against his inner will, he then stopped is show, returned back inside while he was still stroking his huge, rock hard dick. We all gasped on the sight of his huge cock. He is about my and Sven’s size when soft, but obviously he more of a grower than us. I asked him how long his dick were, and he answered that he had previously measured it to be just slightly longer than 9″, but no he was so horny and aroused that he was sure it was at least one centimeter longer than he had ever seen before. We high fived, grabbed a beer, and walk out to hear what the judges had to say. They were all smiling as we came out and standing on a line with our soft and semi hard dicks pointing straight down.

The girls starting telling how good all of us had been, and that they looked forward to giving us the prize. Even though they had enjoyed every second of our shows and we all deserved to win this, they had decided to give the first price to … Sven! Sven put his hands in the air and went forward to the girls and turned towards us. With his hands still up in the air, the two new girl went down on their knees and started to lick is soft dick! We could see the blood flowing towards his dick and making it grow millimeter by millimeter.

The coming pornstar and girl we knew before was the only one not having a dick in her mouth, so she explained that the winner was going to get to have sex with the two girls, just like they already had started. While the losers – the rest of us – had to share on girl, i.e. herself. It wasn’t a bad prize for the losers either, even though I had been hoping to taste some fresh flesh, but I was too drunk and horny to really care, and was looking forward to get going. I’m pretty sure the girl had chosen this herself, and considered herself to get the first prize getting to have two huge dicks and one decent dick at the same time.

She kneeled and started sucking our dicks one by one. We became hard pretty easily. Mark laid down to eat her pussy, while she was trying to swallow mine and John’s dick as good as possible. I hold the back of her head gentle showing her the way down to the root of my dick. She had improved a good bit since last time we tried and my dick almost disappeared down her throat. John’s black dick was slightly thicker than mine, as well as a centimeter or two longer, so she still couldn’t get all the way down his dick. She hold one dick in each hand, and sucked and licked the head one by one, and sometimes together. Again, the feeling of having my dick squeezed next to another dick in her mouth was so good I was nearly cumming already.

I looked over to Sven. He looked like a king, sitting in a sun lounge chair, with a cocktail in one hand and the other behind his head, while to girls where fighting to get most time with his dick. The one that was not busy sucking his dick was touching his abs or pecs, or any other muscles that was bulging out of his skin. Sven was more than happy to flex his pecs and you could almost instantly see their pussies were so juicy they were literally dripping.

The three us changed positions from time to time so everybody got their bit of her pussy and mouth. She was one of the best cocksuckers, so I let her play with my dick with her tongue as much as possible. The climax came when we triple penetrated her. She was served about 25″ of monster dick and in the end she was almost able to get all of those inches into her firm body. John’s almost 9″ black dick down her throat, my 9″ wood bottomed her still tights pussy and Mark’s 7″ dick in all the way into her ass.

I couldn’t hold it anymore, and pulled out my dick to cum. Obviously Mark and John had been struggling not to cum for a bit, and was more than happy to join me. The three of us came simultaneously in her face, while she was licking her tongue around her mouth to catch as much of the cum as possible.

Mark disappeared to sleep after a while, but the rest of us continued our gangbang, making it one on one. Several loads of cum later, we started to move inside and to the bedrooms. I was tired and felt asleep pretty fast, but I woke up about 2 hours later. My brother was definitely not sleepy and was still letting his 9″ hard dick disappear into one of the girls wet pussies. I woke up by the screams of the girls reaching her climax. My brother must have done a great job as usual, as her screams were so high and made me immediately wake up and my dick to raise. When my brother pulled his dick out and moved up to her face to let her suck his dick into climax, I got up and started pushing my dick inch by inch into her pussy. With my brothers dick filling her mouth, the girl tried to say her pussy was to sore to take our huge dicks again, but her super wet pussy told be her inner lust was something else so and I continued and she was still smiling. My brother was screaming so high when reaching his climax that I was afraid he would wake up the whole neighbourhood. His load was small for him, but after having shot an uncountable number of loads during the evening and night, it was still impressive. The girls continued to lick his now very sensitive penis head, making it look like electrical shots went through his body and making his muscles contract in his whole body and making his abs look like the most perfect six pack in the world.

My brother laid down on the bed to relax with his hands behind his head, and his legs hanging outside the bed. His dick had started softening, but was already hanging down between his legs due to the massive weight. I continued fucking the girl in the bed next to my brother. We did various position, but I was all the time making sure my dick was hidden inside her pussy as much as possible. She came when I was fucking her doggystyle, while massaging her sensitive clitoris with two fingers, and I came shortly after inside her pussy. She told me she desperately needed a break now and all three of us fall asleep in the bed.

I was still sleepy when the girls left early the next morning, after kissing my mouth and by penis head good bye. I fell asleep again, and was later awakened by my brother. We talked about the night before, laughed, and agreed that it had been one of the most awesome and most sex-filled nights we had ever had. We got up, couldn’t find any of our clothes in the bedroom, but didn’t care and walked up the stairs to look for the others. Mark and John were already outside, chilling in the sun by the pool in their swimming shorts. We walked over to them, still with our dicks swung freely from one side to the other as we walked. We tried to make an excuse that we couldn’t find our swimming wear, but I’m pretty sure John and Mark understood that we hadn’t made any effort in finding it either.

We fist bumped, and I sat down on a nearby sunbed, making sure to sit on the very edge of the bed, so my dick could hang long and freely towards the ground. Sven remained standing and made no attempt to hide his dick. We laughed and joked about last night, and Sven walked over to the outdoor shower to take a shower. I took a shower after him and we laid down to dry on the sunbeds.

Mark and John soon realized that the swimming shorts was there for now purpose so they threw them away. We played around in the pool, sunbathed and talked. Mark and John was truly shocked how the innocent beginning of the evening could lead to such a big orgy.

The four of us found a shorts and a t-shirt and went out to eat some sushi and have a couple of beers. As soon as we got back home, we brought some beer, got rid of the clothes and jumped into the outdoor jacuzzi. A perfect place for a pre party before going out later that night. We joked and drank a good amount of beer, and the conversation easily led to dick size. Mark told us how he his whole life had thought he was average or even slightly more than average, but now felt like a dwarf. We tried to convince him that his dick is decently sized and would make most girls more than happy. At the same time, he could easily see on both me and Sven, and John, that we were very proud of the size of our dicks, and wouldn’t miss any chance to show it off. We got out off the jacuzzi every now and them, either to pick up more beer or to cool off for a bit. Our flaccid dicks enjoyed the warm water in the tub, and was even more massive than usual when we got out. As we were in the jacuzzi talking about dick size, sex and the pleasure of being nude, Sven started telling one of our stories from home.

We were both stilling living at home, and our father was out travelling so it was only the two of us at home for the weekend. On the Friday night we had invited two girls over to watch a movie with us. We had some wine and watch the movie which was fairly ok. When the movie was finished, both of us found ourselves sitting with the shirt unbuttoned, our pants opened and our semi hard dicks enjoying to be out in the free. We brought one girls each to our bedroom, and shortly after one could hear the sound of enjoyment in the apartment. We kept it going for a while and fell asleep. The girls woke us up in the morning again for a goodbye fuck before they had to leave for their part time, Weekend jobs at the shopping mall. We both fell asleep again in our beds. When Sven woke up he walked straight into my room to chat, and he caught me with my dick between my hands and my favorite porn on my tv.

Despite having had sex the night before and in the morning, I woke up with a rock hard morning wood, and I was super horny. I made place for him in my bed me and he joined me watching the porn. It’s a scene where Ava Devine is enjoying Byron Long’s huge dick in addition to 5 other big black dicks. Ava is swallowing dicks down her throat, being double penetrated in her vagina and fucked hard in her ass. She is almost crying of desperation every time one of her holes is no filled with black dick for a couple of seconds because the guys are swapping positions. I love her rough style when she is being fucked, and I’m always dreaming that I could be one of the guys getting that are enjoying this girl together. At the same time as the guys where cumming in Ava Devines face, me and Sven came. Despite we where only 18 and 19 at that time, we had already learned to control our orgasms so we didn’t cum too early. We both came on our chests, wiped it off and we both fell asleep in my bed again.

I woke up to the sound of mouning from the porn movie that was still running on the tv. It was about one hour later, so the scenes had changes a couple of times since we jerked off, but it was still hung black men that were pounding one lucky white chick. I let it run, but didn’t give much attention to it. Sven was still sleeping. He was laying uncovered, with his soft dick wrapped upwards towards his belly button. I admired him for a bit, but got bored of being alone and woke him up. We kept the bed and chatted about different things. It was almost 1 pm and about time to get some food. Neither of us wanted to go to the kitchen to cook, and going to a cafe ment we had to get dressed, and that didn’t sound very tempting either. We usually had our day of on Saturdays – meaning we ate what we wanted and did not work out. Therefore we decided to call and get a pizza delivered on the door. We continued chatting in the bed and the porn movie ended on the tv. The doorbell rang and Sven went to get the pizza. He spent a couple of seconds to look for a towel to throw around his waste but couldn’t find one so he continued towards the door.

To be polite he tried to hide his cock with his right hand while opening the door, which worked well. The pizza was delivered by a girl that went to our school. We didn’t know her very well, that is, we hadn’t fucked her. When the girl handed him the pizza, he forgot while his right hand was covering his dick, so he used both hands to hold the pizza box. The pizza delivery girl’s jaw dropped when she saw his cock and she got this sensual look over her eyes that girls do when they want to taste a big dick but don’t dare asking directly. Sven got rid of the pizza box and gave her what she wanted. First she sucked him hard, and then Sven fucked her doggystyle while she was holding the railing in the stairs just outside the door. She wasn’t too experienced and could only take a bit more than half of Sven’s dick in her tight pussy. She didn’t have too much time before she had to deliver the next pizza, so Sven sprayed his load inside her pussy after about 5 minutes, paid for the pizza and let her go. I wondered why it took so long to get the pizza, but understood when I saw him coming back with a smile in his face and his semi hard dick, still wet from pussy juice between his legs.

We ate the pizza in the bed, and watched a regular movie. I kept thinking about Sven fucking the pizza girl in the door, while I was sitting in the bedroom knowing nothing. It all made me play with my dick while we were watching the movie, and in the end we had to take a break to watch another porn scene and jerk off again. Later we called over some friends of us to a pre party in the sauna. We turned on the sauna and spent even more time in my bed chatting while waiting for them. At 7 pm, 3 of our friends showed up, we opened and they got in, and we grabbed beers from the fridge. The guests got rid of their clothes and we all walked into the sauna. We just to have sauna pre-parties with this guys and were therefore used to hanging out naked together. In addition we had been doing sports together and had been naked in the showers and locker room almost every day for years. They were all sporty and had nicely toned bodies. Specially one of the have been serious in the gym and has awesome pecs. None of them have dicks like me and Sven though, all 3 of them pretty average between 6 and 7 inches when hard.

We spent some hours in the sauna, but had breaks to cool down in the shower, or outside on the terrace and to grab more beers. At 11 pm we started showering and making ourselves ready to hit the town. As I started to pull on my underwear, I just realized I hadn’t been wearing any fabric besides by bed blanket for 24 hours, and that it would feel like prisoning myself to put on underwear now, so I threw them away and decided to go commando for the night.

As I finished dressing I went straight into Sven’s room, opened the zipper and helped my dick – that is too big to fall out himself – to pop out of the zipper. Sven immediately understood my point, and got rid of his briefs and finally we were all ready to hit the town.

We started queing for one of the few clubs in town. Probably around 15 min of waiting to get in. Sven was very active as usually, and within minutes or even seconds he was standing talking to a group of girls, and his dick had already found the way out through the open zipper. He was smart enough to hide is dick as he got forward in the que and was entering the club. He and the girl that had been most active in admiring his dick found the way straight to the Men’s room and into one of the free cubicles. He came out with the usual grin on his face showing that he just had had sex and thanked me for the idea of going commando tonight. It was just so easy to whip the dick out and have sex. When you have 9″ of dick, it doesn’t really make any difference that the last 3-4 cm will be hidden inside your pants, when you are just having a quick fuck and don’t have time to use all your proud centimeters.

Maybe too easy, I thought to myself, realizing that I was just jealous.

I went to the washrooms – unfortunately not to have sex – and when I came back I found Sven in the lounge area with a girl on his lap. The girl was wearing a skirt, and it didn’t take me long to realize that he had whipped out his dick again and the girls was riding him very careful, less than 30 minutes after he had pulled his manhood out of the first pussy for the night, but the thirds for the day.

It’s not easy to have a girl to ride you in a club without making people around you too suspicious, when you have 9″ of dick to fit in her. First of all, because it will be so damn good for the girl that she can not keep quiet but also because – if her pussy is not deep enough, and most girls aren’t – you will have to help the girl stop in the air. But his pants were probably helping them a bit, and they were doing pretty well. I went to the dance floor, and Sven joined me when he finished the girl in the lounge.

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