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Brea and Chris’ First Time Together Part 1

Hi there.

We are Brea and Chris a fun loving sexual couple who have decided to share our sexual adventures with you all here on AdultWork and possibly meet some of you for more sexy encounters!

We are writing a blog diary here where you can follow our most intimate moments with each other and with other men and women we encounter along the road to experiencing different sexual experiences.

What follows is a brief description of how we began to date and the circumstances that led us to discover our mutual desire for sex games and this diary will be updated with true real life accounts of our sexual adventures! We had known each other for about a year before deciding to date and this is the account of our first kiss and first time of sex with each other.
It is written by both of us and each will contribute to the telling of the event.

I had arranged to meet Brea at my house (she has a key) after I finished work. She had told me she wanted our first time sexually together to be special and that she would be waiting for me in my bed when I got home. Although we had been friends for some time I had never seen Brea naked or even shared a kiss let alone make love with her so I was excited all day at work at the thought of her lying on my bed waiting for me when I got home.
I raced home after work and seeing her car parked outside I knew Brea was really there! I went inside and saw a trail of her clothes leading upstairs and following them I saw the trail end at my closed bedroom door. Taking my own clothes off and sporting an erection I opened the bedroom door and saw…

Chris had been very candid when it came to telling me about his previous sex life. I had encouraged this as, although I had also shared with him some aspects of my own previous sexual encounters, I hadn’t told him that I used to have my own profile here on AdultWork and had not only shared pictures of myself here, but also used to webcam and escort too! I knew that Chris had been cuckolded in his past relationship and sensed that he enjoyed a lot of that lifestyle (he had mentioned a few times that the feeling of a ‘just fucked pussy’ was one he really liked), but also knew that it had gone too far with his previous partner abusing his trust on many occasions. I didn’t want a sissy cuckold, but I did like the idea that it might be ok with Chris if I enjoyed other men (and women) from time to time as sex toys. I knew Chris loved me and that I loved him too so I didn’t want anything to spoil our future together yet I also needed to know whether Chris would be ok with me having sexual fun with other men and women sometimes. If he wasn’t ok with it then that would be fine too as I really love him and know that anything else is just a bonus.
So for our first time together sexually I had arranged a special treat for the both of us. I had contacted my favorite sex toy, (I don’t use the term lover, Chris is my lover!) Mark, and told him my plan. Mark and I have shared a lot of sexual times together and I know him to be trustworthy and although I don’t have emotional feelings for him, he is a great shag 🙂 so when Chris came home from work to find me naked and waiting for him I hoped he would love the surprise I had in store for him.

… Brea naked on my bed, lying on her back with her legs spread high and wide her ass raised on my pillow with her head hanging over the edge of my bed and a naked man kneeling between her legs, his hands braced on the bed either side of Brea’s large breasts working his very large cock into her pussy with long hard deep thrusts!
Transfixed by the site of the woman I love, the woman I had not even kissed yet, the woman I thought was going to give herself to me to consummate our new relationship together being fucked by another man in my bed so wantonly and with such obvious enjoyment, I barely heard her welcome me, between her gasps of pleasure, by saying,

“Welcome home darling!…”ughhh”… I wanted our first time together to be…”fuck!”… special for you so Mark here…”Oh Yes baby”… is using his large cock to make sure my normally tight little pussy is…”fuck yes!”… wet, used and loose for you baby – just the way you said you liked a pussy to be!…”God that’s deep!”… I love you Chris…”Oh yes! Fuck me harder Mark!”… and know you like the feeling of used pussy so come here and let me suck your cock whilst Mark… *gasp*… stretches me out with his much thicker cock and fills my cunt with his cum ready… *groan*… for you to slide into when he has finished with me!”

I wouldn’t normally be as vocal with Mark when we have sex, but I wanted to see what effect it would have on Chris. After all, I was taking a huge gamble here and only hoped Chris was the man I thought him to be – strong, confident and turned on! I needn’t have worried. Judging by the look on Chris’ face and by the stiffness of his erection, although he was shocked, I knew it was going to be ok. Also it was a huge turn on for me knowing Chris enjoyed what he was seeing (and hearing) as really I only want him to be happy. That’s what it’s all about really – mutual pleasure. I am only turned on sexually if I know Chris is enjoying our adventures too.
That said I do enjoy sex with Mark. We have been each other’s sex toy for nearly 7 years now, meeting regularly on an irregular basis for sex. He is younger than me by some years and has a large thick cock that he uses on me well. Although I have enjoyed sex with a number of men (and one or two women) in the 8 years since my divorce Mark is my mainstay sex toy. Mark is the one who introduced me to threesomes and foursomes and also to swinging clubs which I love attending. Although I hadn’t seen Mark in over a year due to my wanting a friendship and more with Chris, he was the natural choice of man for this special occasion.
And he didn’t disappoint! I may not normally express so vocally my pleasure of Mark’s sexing me, but that doesn’t mean to say I wasn’t enjoying the feeling of his large tool stretching and filling my pussy once again. It had been over a year since I last had sex and that time was with Mark too! So my cries of pleasure and words of encouragement to Mark were very real and only really spoken out loud for Chris’ benefit. In fact Mark had been fucking me for nearly an hour before Chris came home from work and I had already experiences two orgasms from his cock! And Mark had already shot one load of his copious creamy cum over my tits (which Chris was about to see… ) from my giving him combined oral sex and a tit wank only 5 minutes before Chris walked through the bedroom door.

I was transfixed by the site in front of me and stood a moment taking in the words Brea was speaking to me between her gasps of pleasure and encouragement to Mark (I had heard about him from Brea before) as he looked up at me smiling whilst continuing to hammer at my girlfriend of just one day’s pussy. I was feeling both humiliated and aroused at the same time, a feeling that although I enjoy and had discussed with Brea numerous times, still confused me. But hearing Brea tell me she loved me and seeing in her eyes not only the obvious pleasure Mark was giving to her, but also concern as to how I would react to her effectively cuckolding me not only on our first day together as a couple, but also before I had even experienced making love with her myself I knew Brea had taken a huge risk based on what I had told her of my sexual likes.
But as Brea has already intimated, she needn’t have worried. I admit this wasn’t how I envisaged our first time sexually together however I knew Brea well enough by now to know that this was as much for my pleasure as it was for hers. And my own erection would certainly contradict me if I said I wasn’t extremely turned on! So seeing Brea, my new girlfriend, rocking on my bed from the hard deep fucking a guy nearly 20 years my junior was giving to her, her large heavy breasts quivering under the onslaught of Marks buff body pounding into her and hearing her obviously very wet pussy squelch each time he thrust his very thick cock (much thicker than my own!) into her, I did as she requested and moved towards them on the bed.
As I approached the bed Brea, smiling at me, crossed her legs around Mark’s back drawing him forward deeper into her pussy and, raising her head to meet his wrapped her arms around his neck and began to kiss him passionately. I stood there for a minute or two, my cock in hand not knowing what to do as I watched my new girlfriend give herself fully to this other man and saw her body stiffen and heard her groan into Marks mouth before finally breaking her kiss, uncrossing her legs once more from around his back and, reaching out her hands to mine, say to Mark,

“Now fuck me baby! Fuck me like it’s the last time you will ever fuck me! Stretch my pussy with that wonderful thick cock of yours and make me cum as you always do! I want you to make my cunt red, raw, loose and gaping and to fill it with your cum before I let my boyfriend Chris’ cock into it for the first time! Now bang me Mark. Fuck me like the slut you know I am!”

As Chris approached the bed I had intended to simply take his cock in my mouth and suck him whilst Mark fucked me before letting Chris fuck my now loose pussy. But the situation I had created was turning me on so much that I threw caution to the wind. I had forgotten how good Marks cock felt in my pussy. He had given me two orgasms earlier, the first orally when he first arrived and the second using a vibrating ‘bullet’ on my clit as I sucked the head of his magnificent cock whilst wanking his long shaft with my tits until he shot his first load all over them. I love giving tit wanks guys 😉 But once I felt him force his cock into my wet pussy moments before Chris arrived I knew I wouldn’t be satisfied unless he fucked me at least as good as he normally does. And if this was to be the last time I was to have him inside me I wanted it to be the best. And that means him treating me like a slut which Mark prefers and so do I.
So I changed my initial ‘plan’ and as Chris stood at the foot of the bed, his cock in his hand obviously thinking he was going to get my mouth around it for the first time, I drew Mark deeper into my pussy and kissed him hard. I allowed myself to get lost in this moment with Mark who had, after all, been my main ‘lover’ for nearly 8 years. Through slitted eyes I could see Chris standing above my head his cock in his hand and a look of surprise on his face as he saw me, his friend of over a year and girlfriend for only a few hours, passionately kissing another man; another man who’s cock was buried deep inside his girlfriends willing pussy and who’s back I had my legs wrapped around and who’s cum was glistening on my breasts.
It was then that I orgasmed for the third time that afternoon and the first time with Chris present. The speed in which I came was helped by seeing Chris watch me being so intimate with another man, but the orgasm itself was all down to feeling Mark’s huge cock stretching my pussy, the head hitting my cervix as his pubic bone ground against my clit whilst out tongues entwined in our kiss. I tried to subdue my body’s reaction to the intense pleasure Mark was giving me so as not to upset Chris, but a groan escaped my lips as my body stiffened and my pussy clamped down on Mark’s thrusting cock. It was then that I unlocked my legs from around Mark’s back and reaching out my hands to Chris I asked Mark to fuck me like it was his last time.

to be continued…

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