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Blood on the Jungle Floor

Taylor remembered the first time she met Duke. She had grimaced at how beaten his face had looked. His nose appeared to have been broken several times and his jaw seemed out of alignment with the rest of his face. The skin covering his face was a mottled collection of colors and scars that had to have come from fighting and war. The usual ebony coloring was laced with lines running up and down both cheeks in an array of scar tissue that hinted at stories she wasn’t sure she wanted to hear. The eyes, resting above that jagged nose, were large and downcast in such a way that gave a warning. There wasn’t a hair on his head anywhere. No shadow of being shaved or any other hint that hair had ever existed there. In short, Duke had the ugliest face she had ever laid eyes on, and she loved it.
Within seconds of seeing him, she had become excited. She had seen the face for what it really was. Duke had character. He had stories. He also had the most amazing physical build she had ever seen. He was a towering man at well over six feet. His arms were roped with muscle. He was lean and bulging in all the right places. Wide shoulders topped a chest that could only be described as thick. That chest fit perfectly on top of his chiseled torso and was a great compliment to the tree trunks he called arms. With his height, the length of his limbs made him an impressive male specimen. He didn’t look like a bodybuilder or a football player. He just looked strong. Every breath he took exuded strength. Her first thought, after her eyes had wandered down his body, was that he would be able to completely defile her in any way he wanted and there wasn’t a thing she could do about it if he tried. That thought instantly turned into a blooming arousal that made her want him all the more. Her eyes wandered below his belt and she saw a bulge that ran down his thigh nearly to his knee. The tight fatigues he wore did nothing to hide the size of his cock. She giggled inwardly as the thought occurred to her that he would look awfully comical with all that size and strength if he had been saddled with anything less than an enormous member.
Taylor Was introduced and saw that Duke had given her a nod and followed his eyes as they ran down her body. The whole exchange was only a matter of seconds but she knew, without any shadow of a doubt, that she would be fucking this man before the day was over. She didn’t know how it would happen yet, but she was absolutely certain that she would have an orgasm because of some direct input from him.
The group left base and headed out into the Ecuadorian jungle. The smell of gasoline and gunpowder was heavy in the air and the soaking humidity of mid-morning promised to make for a miserable day. The only redeeming factor was that she had a new target for her sexual appetite. The trucks took them to the zone where they were slotted to do recon work today and dropped them off in the jungle near a large river. Taylor had the lead and split everyone into groups of three. She placed herself with Duke and Tommy and sent everyone out to scout the area until sunset. With everyone synchronized and instructions given, it was time to go out in the jungle heat.
This day was one of the most unusual in her memory. Normally guys fell over themselves trying to start up a conversation with her. In fact, it had made it difficult for her to be taken seriously as a military asset at times. Taylor’s diminutive size and attractive looks made her a target for the typical macho jocks in her field. They usually learned the hard way that she was far from a delicate flower. This man, however, never spoke a word to her or to anyone else. His eyes seemed to stay focused on the terrain and doing his job, but the look on his face was pensive. She knew he had thoughts in his mind, but had no idea how to coax them out. After several hours, she decided an all-out attack would be best.
“You’re not a very chatty guy are you Duke?” she prodded.
“Keeps me out of trouble”
“Looks like it hasn’t worked very well then”
“Ha! You could say that I guess.” He laughed.
“Well, I like fucking trouble so you better just start talking to me.”
She expected more from this comment, but got only a nod in return. The silence was deafening. Taylor felt herself becoming frustrated. She wanted him to express an interest or to just take her down and grudge fuck her right here in the jungle. What would she have to do to make that happen? She thought about stripping in front of him, but somehow she didn’t think that would do it either. It appeared she was going to have to get inside his head and learn how to make him go.
“God damnit Duke, just fuck me already!” she practically yelled at him.
Again, he laughed, this time with a bit more enthusiasm, before saying, “you wouldn’t like that.”
This was all she could take. She had expected a lot of things to come from this man after that taunt, but she hadn’t imagined that response. “What the hell does that mean?” she prodded.
“I don’t fuck anymore.”
Taylor’s jaw dropped. Several thoughts went through her mind all at the same time. How could this beautiful man, with his obviously huge cock, not want to fuck? What the hell does “anymore” mean? Did he used to fuck? Why the fuck was she thinking all this shit? With all these thoughts in her head, the only thing to come from her mouth was, “What the fuck?”
“Before you say another word, let me tell you straight, I don’t date, I don’t fuck, and I don’t start a damn thing I can’t finish. I am out here in this fucking jungle because it is safer being shot at by these bastards than for me to be with a woman. I killed a girl. That’s all I will say. I get fucking crazy when I’m horny. That’s it, that’s all. Now leave it the fuck alone.”
Taylor’s mind went numb. She could believe what she had just heard. From any other man she had ever met, this would have been a joke, but from this pensive, resolved mountain of a man, she thought it was true. He had killed someone. She knew that before he said it. She could tell from the set of the face, the temperament he had. She could tell when anyone had killed before. What she couldn’t tell was how it had happened. There was no way she was going to “leave it the fuck alone” now. They walked along in silence for a few minutes before Taylor realized she had become so wet the legs of her pants were starting to chafe her thigh.
“How long has it been” she asked quietly
“Ten years.”
“Seriously?” she asked, “you haven’t had sex in a decade?” The question came out strangled and high pitched, not at all like Taylor’s usual low, husky inflection.
“Seriously?” he chuckled, “I tell you I killed a girl and the only thing that comes to your mind is that it’s been ten years since I had sex?”
“Oh!” Taylor’s embarrassment was completely faked. Then she thought that acting embarrassed wouldn’t get her anywhere with this man. Instead she told him exactly what was on her mind. “I’m not scared of you.”
“You should be”
“I should be scared of a lot of things. Being fucked to death is a turn on! Who the fuck do you think you are telling me to be scared of you? I want your fucking cock and that’s all there is to it!”
With that she swung her left arm at his face with a fury most men would not have been able to avoid. Her emotions had gotten to her for the first time in years and it was all because she was horny. Her shoulder strained in its socket as her hand was stopped mid swing. His grip was like a vice, grinding the bones in her arm.
Suddenly Tommy realized something was going on and spoke up from a row of trees to their left, “Hey what the hell are you guys up to over there?”
Duke was staring into her eyes and she could see the passion burning there and something else. Something sinister and deviant was waiting. Something was there and she wanted to see it set free.
“Nothing Tommy, tell you what, we are going down to the river. Take two clicks west and watch our backs. We should be back in a half hour or so.”
“OK, you sure nothing’s wrong over there”
“2 clicks west Tommy! Half hour!”
She heard Tommy lope off as Duke let some of the pressure off her arm. She reached behind Duke’s head with the other and tried to pull him in for a kiss. His head didn’t move an inch. His eyes still burned. “I am telling you, you don’t want this shit girl.”
Despite the pain still burning in her wrist, Taylor pushed herself against him and forced her lips on his. He gripped her wrist tighter and lifter her up to her toes and away from his face. “You are beautiful Taylor. For the love of God, stop this before something bad happens to you.”
“You don’t know me Duke. I am something bad. I won’t break.”
Her free hand snapped to his crotch where his cock was waiting. Through his pants she could feel that it was hard as stone. Apparently the thought of her attacking him had turned him on. Either that or seeing a young, beautiful woman wanting him after ten years without release had his motor running. She gripped it tight and whispered in his ear, “fuck me like a God damned animal and make it fucking hurt.”
Her hand was withdrawn with a force she had never felt in her life. That vice grip on her other wrist had moved down and in an eye blink she realized he had snatched both her wrists and pushed her down to her knees with her hands above her head. He held her arms in one hand and reached down to his zipper with the other. As if to give her one last chance to walk away, he said “Listen you fucking slut, I won’t carry your ass back to base after this. I will leave you out here for the snakes when I am done.” With that, the zipper came down and his hand snuck inside his trousers. As it started to reappear, Taylor was exposed to the thickest cock she had ever seen. Easily three inches across, it was raging with blood she could see pumping through an enormous vein running along its foot of length. As the head of it came past his zipper, it snapped to attention and slapped against her cheek. Her wrists were pulled tight above her head and lifted up as he said, “If you’re sure you want to do this, you’d better suck me off first. After ten years, I doubt this will take long. Once you are done, I’ll fuck your ass till you can’t walk. That’s a promise. But you’d better be prepared because my dick isn’t what you have to worry about.”
Taylor had enough of being teased like this. She loved the manhandling, but she didn’t want him thinking she was weak. She pushed out her tongue to take the tip of his cock into her waiting mouth believing this would make him relax. Her intention was simple, she was going to throw this man over on the ground and fuck his brains out. Beyond that she hadn’t given much thought. She hadn’t believed she would need to. She was about to learn that she shouldn’t have thought that far.
As her mouth opened, Duke snapped her arms down behind her back with a speed she didn’t believe. The head of his cock rammed past her lips and into her mouth with a jaw splitting force. It went into her throat in an instant and continued down her windpipe. She had been mid breath and her eyes opened wide when she couldn’t take the air in. As she felt his length disappearing into her throat, he stepped back enough to stretch her neck and shoved. Her throat opened wide and his cock easily slid all the way to the base. When his balls bumped into her chin, she realized he had no hair here as well. The thought of not being able to breathe forgotten momentarily, she moaned around his shaft with a perverse sense of satisfaction. It had happened after all. She was going to get a piece of this beautiful bull. He pulled back slightly and rammed his cock in and out of her throat never quite pulling out far enough for her to get a full breath. She wanted to flail, but her hands were pulled so tight behind her that she couldn’t move at all. Her legs bucked slightly in protests as tears formed in her eyes.
She heard Duke’s voice say, “That’s right you little slut. You can’t breathe can you? You think I care? I don’t. I haven’t had a tight little puckered lip bitch around my cock in forever and I’m gonna cum right down your fucking throat before I let you take one single fucking breath.”
He let go of her arms and grabbed her by the hair shoving his meat completely into her mouth. Grinding his hips into her face as the full length of his cock disappeared into her throat. Taylor thought she might pass out, but as the tears were forced out of her eyes and down her cheeks, she reached around and pulled at his ass trying to force even more of him into her.
“Hot God damn girl! You really do like it rough don’t you? Well hold the fuck on, I’m gonna cum!”
With that exclamation, she felt his body stiffen. He pulled back so that the head of his cock was barely past her lips. A giant breath began to rush past his member and into her mouth just as she felt it jerk and a spray of cum hit the back of her throat. She nearly gagged as the huge load hit her windpipe at the same time as the needed air. Swallowing frantically, the semen ran down her throat like a huge river. She smiled around his cock and turned to look up at him as his last spasms slowed in her mouth. Cum ran from her chin along the length of his cock and dribbled to the ground. She swallowed hard to clear her windpipe and took in a great gasp of air.
Now Taylor was going to have her way with him. She was so wet, she thought her cunt would explode and flood the river below. Her hands moved with the speed of a ninja to his cock and balls as she stood up to his chest. She looked up into his eyes and said, “fuck me” in a quiet, yet undeniable voice. His cock was still as stiff as the gun slung over his shoulder.
“Strip bitch” was his reply as he stepped back from her. His glorious prick stood out from his pants like some sort of perverted flagpole. She could see the blood still pumping through the outstanding veins and the pulsing of his heart as the head bounced up and down in front of her. She didn’t bother with anything but her trousers. The belt and fly were undone in only a second and she started to pull them down slowly. Her mind was still reeling from the sudden force with which this entire episode had occurred. She was shocked to find herself slammed against his body again. This man’s movements were so quick and smooth as to remind her of some wild jungle cat. As her belt had cleared the cleft between her legs, exposing her shaved pussy along the way, he had trapped her hands in a grip of iron and her back had been turned to him. Her trousers were barely below her ass cheeks. His next sentence helped her understand his thoughts and she was instantly infatuated with him.
“You think your pussy’s getting some action today? Forget it slut.” The words came out in a low, guttural voice that was intended to make her afraid. The problem was, Taylor wasn’t wired that way. Her mind thought of things she knew were wrong. She thought of him choking her again, maybe breaking her neck, or possibly keeping his promise and breaking her pelvis with his cock and leaving her for the animals to eat afterward. The thought of her own blood being spilled in this jungle made her so wet that she felt her own fluids running down her inner thighs. She didn’t care what he did to her, or how he did it. She just knew that she wanted him to do something violent.
His hand wrapped around her body and grasped her breasts, both fitting easily into one meaty paw. She felt the hardness of his shaft pressing into the flesh of her ass as he moved his other arm. Her arms were again released and she reached back to pull on him. Her hands felt small on his cock, her fingers only barely reaching half the distance around it. As she daydreamed of fucking this monster a cold, steel hard barrel pushed its way up under her chin.
“What if I blew off your fucking head bitch? What if I made a hole in your neck and fucked your dead throat with this cock huh? What if I did that? Does that turn you on? Do you like that shit?” He pulled the hammer back with a thumb.
Taylor thought he might really do it. The thought made her pussy twitch and a squirt of pleasure erupted onto the jungle floor. The gun moved around to her temple.
“Maybe I should just blow your brains out and fuck your dead body. You want that don’t you? You want to die out here in the jungle don’t you?”
Again, Taylor couldn’t control her body. It wasn’t like an orgasm, but her pussy could not hold the fire building inside her. She realized she might actually die out here today and she let out a pouring of fluids that lasted several seconds. She also let out a moan of ecstasy. The low pitched purr reminded Duke of a cat with a bowl of milk. He slid the gun down to her breast and pressed the sight into her flesh. She could feel the tenseness of his arm and now she could see his finger in the trigger hole, his knuckle white with the pressure. The thought of him pulling it tighter and blowing a hole straight through her chest excited her. The flow of juices between her legs had become nearly constant now. It leaked out onto her thigh and began to puddle into her trousers. She had never worn panties and today was no exception. She might never be able to clean this set of fatigues. She didn’t care. She might not live to care anyway and that was the best part of all.
Duke slid the gun down her waist and across the bottom of her shirt onto her tingling skin. The sight dug into her flesh slightly as he pointed the gun at her waiting cunt. He knew where it was and raked the gun sight right across her clitoris. “How about I make a new hole here? Let’s just pull this trigger and see if your pussy will swallow this bullet like your mouth just took my load. How about that bitch? You want me to fucking kill you?”
Taylor felt his arm tighten against her side and, for the first time, she thought she might actually lose her life. Although she had known this feeling many times before, she hadn’t expected to react to it this way. Her mind’s eye saw him pulling the trigger. As if seeing it on a movie screen, she dreamed of the blood spraying onto her legs. She could feel the pain of her body being split open with a bullet. She squirmed lightly in his grasp and moaned through clenched teeth. His arm shook as she could feel him trying not to do just that. The effort it took to keep himself from killing her and destroying her in an instant was tremendous. It gave off a physical heat that she could feel through her clothes even above the heat of the jungle. She quivered inside as her instincts took over. Her legs bent so that the tip of the gun barrel actually penetrated past the lips of her pussy and sprang upward so quickly that Duke was surprised. His finger pulled as she cleared the end of the barrel firing a single shot between her legs and into the ground between his own feet. Her hand seized the gun and tossed it to the ground. Her mind raced eternally as she saw herself turning and facing him, throwing him down and jumping onto his now rock solid cock. Her mind saw lots of things happen, but none of them materialized.
Her dream turned to a violent reality as the springing motion of her jump stopped as suddenly as it had started. She had never been stopped when attacking another human being in as long as she remembered! No one had ever been faster or stronger or better than her at this. No one!
Duke was all three. His trembling arm had wrapped around her chest tightly and the free hand now held a long survival knife against her throat. His cock was pressed against her ass so tightly it felt like a third leg trying to force its way through her body. Her surprise at being stopped completely interrupted her thoughts and she had the clearest of minds as he spoke to her.
“I said I was going to fuck your ass bitch and I mean to do just that. Now bend the fuck down and take this dick like the whore that you are.”
Taylor surrendered. She had beaten men to death in her journeys. She had seduced men who meant to kill her and she had killed ones who meant to seduce her, but she had never allowed any man to do as he wished out of fear. She wasn’t afraid of Duke though. She simply knew that he might kill her and she was just fine with that. She bent at the waist and into his arm. His legs flexed as he pulled his cock from the cleavage of her ass. The knife at her throat slid back across her cheek leaving a thin line of blood as she bent forward. The blade slid gently across her neck and on to her back. She didn’t care where the knife went. She didn’t care what he did with her at this point. She was delirious with lust and wanted only to feel his powerful cock buried in her. Anywhere.
Duke didn’t hesitate now. He had been worried about what he might do to this woman. He had been worried that he might lose control and break her like he had the last woman he had fucked. That woman had been a flowery, feminine girl who had trusted too much. She had been afraid of his size and when he had gotten into her he had lost his mind. He had broken her neck while squeezing her throat trying to stop her cries of pain. He now saw this beautiful, hard bodied woman in front of him and thought about that night. His cock became even more erect as the memory of the girls bones crunching in his hands came flooding into his mind. His grip around her chest loosened and he reached down to his cock, placing it at the opening to her ass. The curve of her ass was exquisite. The muscles rippled along each cheek in anticipation. He knew she would bleed. He could envision the blood running in lines along his cock as it plowed into her ass. He wasn’t about to try to lubricate it. He wanted to hurt her. He wanted to make her scream and in his mind he knew, he wanted to kill her.
Taylor leaned back, feeling the head of his cock press against her waiting sphincter. She pushed back more and let the opening blossom, knowing he was looking down at it and knowing he was going to tear her apart back there. He was so huge! She pressed back and moaned and got exactly what she wanted from Duke at that moment. His cock pressed against the ring of her ass tightly and she felt as though he were pressing it against a wall. It was just too large to penetrate her. She knew it would go. They had all gone in, one way or another. She didn’t know pain from this. She knew only the pleasure of being drilled. She honestly thought her body was misaligned and that her G-spot was located inside her ass. What other girls had complained about for years only made her crazy with pleasure. She had not seen anything she could not fit into her ass. Her habitual horniness had led to experiments with toys, tools, bottles, and even her bedpost as a little girl. She pushed back harder and felt his inner animal taking over. The head of his dick rammed past the opening and deep into the soft tissue inside. Her breath caught as she realized that his cock was the largest thing she had ever had inside her.
Duke heard the gasp of breath and waited for the screaming to begin. He didn’t move his cock for a moment. The pause was stifling, but he wanted to hear her start. He wanted to watch the blood come from her ass. He wanted to see her life start to extinguish. But none of these things happened! Her ass opened up once his cock had gone past the ring of her opening. It was swallowing his cock right before his eyes. She slid down inch by inch and he felt the warmth of her body as she became a popsicle extending from his fatigues. He pulled back and hammered himself into her again, stopping long enough to press his weight into her. The moaning became louder and he could feel the sound through her body as it vibrated his shaft and entered him as if a wind blowing across an open plain. He stared down in disbelief as she rocked back and forth taking his entire length into her ass without any difficulty. There was no lube other than the juices that had leaked from her pussy and across her thighs. There was no blood and perhaps most surprisingly, there was no screaming. The only noise she made was a constant humming of pleasure almost like a delicate song.
Duke was nearly infuriated! He had never “made love” to a woman. He believed that love was something reserved for the mind so when he was naked with a woman, it had always been about pleasure. The problem for Duke was that pleasure in his mind equaled pain. He felt pleasure when he hurt people. He knew it was a dangerous thing. It was why he had joined the corps. He had been in a foreign land with a woman who had told him she liked to be choked when he killed her. She had slapped and kicked at him while he throttled her neck until his giant hands closed around the small bones. Today, he couldn’t hurt the woman he was with. Today, he could only “try” and that wasn’t going to cut it. He thrust into her ass with all he had. Increasing his pace and slamming into her with such force he thought he would tear her apart, he grunted and groaned as his cock slid into and out of her. She moaned louder and began to squirt her orgasms onto the jungle floor and across the front of his fatigues. She was beginning to pant and had turned her head to see his face as he fucked her. His cock grew harder and harder.
Just as Taylor felt his cock grow inside her ass, stretching her beyond what even she thought might be her limit, a sharp pain hit her right leg. Duke had stabbed his knife deep into her thigh! She reached down to his hand, still holding the hilt of the knife, as he put one hand under her left leg and lifted her using the knife for leverage. She felt it grate against the bone in her leg and began to scream in earnest. The blood flowed from the wound in her leg quickly and ran up her thigh towards her pussy as he lifted her up. The pain went straight into her pussy and she squirted out her orgasm with the force of a fire hose. Duke’s cock swelled inside her as he let out a yell and came.
His voice was now gravelly and low as he breathed into her ear, “Bleed you fucking slut. Bleed.”
Taylor heard this and looked at her leg as the blood flowed around the knife and across her legs. She was coming so hard that her vision was blurred. She felt each pump of his cock as he dumped his seed into her now molten ass. She could feel it escaping around his cock and sliding down her ass and across her pussy. She felt her legs try to open to take more, but the pain in her leg stopped the movement and she screamed again. His cock jerked as she screamed and with each breath, a fresh shot of sperm exploded into her.
Duke finally relaxed and settled on his heels as he lowered Taylor to the ground. Her leg collapsed as she placed her weight on it. He pulled the knife free and rolled onto his back panting. Now that it was over, his senses began to return to normal. He saw the blood now gushing from her leg and started for his medical kit to put a tourniquet around the wound.
Taylor hit the ground panting and still reeling in delight. She felt almost disappointed to still be alive. She reached down and began pulling her pants up and saw the blood soaking into her fatigues. The pain in her leg was intense. Just as she began to button her pants Tommy appeared at a dead run screaming for them and scared they were being attacked.
That had been five years ago. Taylor and Duke had been steadfast friends every day since and either one would kill, or die, for the other to this day.

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