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Best Friends Chapter 2-7

Chapter 2

Conversation with Sarah

A few days later, Randy wondered if he had ruined things with Sarah, because they hadn’t spoken since he had fucked her in the hot tub. Randy sat on his bed in his very clean, but poorly furnished room. In his hand, he held the family’s portable phone, and he twirled it in his hand repeatedly as he debating calling Sarah, but couldn’t even begin to imagine what mood she would strike with him after what he had kind of forced onto her.

The worst part was that Randy didn’t really regret what he had done, and had spent more time thinking of how to get back into her pants than seeking ways to be forgiven. Her pussy had been so sweet, tight and had become so, so wet when he had pushed himself into her, he didn’t want to think about never being able to get up inside her again. He had fantasized about her constantly, masturbating several times a day, and even a few times the night after their first coupling.

As he sat there on the bed, Sarah’s image rose in his mind, and he pictured her wet lips parting as his big cock stretched her pussy lips further apart than she had ever experienced. He saw beads of water dripping continuously off of her fat nipples, her big tits jiggling in time with the pounding of Randy’s cock. Her ass, tight and small, jiggled firmly against his thighs as his hips slammed against her, and his cock was enveloped to its base, and her pussy sucked tantalizingly on its full length, sucking down to his balls. Over and over he played it in his mind, trying to remember every last detail so as to never forget it.

Randy shook his head briefly as he tried to pull himself together and stop fantasizing long enough to call her. He would just tell her what he wanted. He knew she was with Peter, but they were friends first, and that’s all it was. He wanted to fuck her again, that he wanted to use her pussy, and use it often. That she was the best lay he had ever had. That her pussy was amazing, and her body was incredible, and tight, and hot, and…

The telephone rang in his hand, causing him to jump, and his heart lept up in his throat. It was almost as if someone had invaded upon his private fantasy, but Randy snapped out of it and realized that the person couldn’t hear his thoughts, that the phone was still ringing, and that he probably should answer it.

“Hello.” Randy spoke thickly, his mouth dry.

“Randy?” It was Sarah.


“Ok, so I’ve been thinking. I don’t want to talk about before. I made a mistake letting you do that to me, but, I. I. Nevermind. Anyway, what I called to say was that I still want you to come over, tomorrow if you can. But I invited Miya over to join us. That way, um, you know. That way things won’t get out of hand again, but we can still hang out.”

Randy’s brain moved faster than he could ever remember. He knew his plans of confessing her as the best lay of all time were shot. He also knew fucking her was becoming more and more of a remote possibility with each word spoke out of Sarah’s mouth. But she didn’t scold him, he noted with incredulity. She should have been tearing into him, if she had really not wanted him to…

“Ok, um, I was trying to think of something like that. Something that could work. It’s just a rough spot, let’s just try to move past it. In fact, I was thinking of inviting one of my brothers just to make things easier. I’ll bring Henry, that way they’ll be four of us and it won’t seem quite so strange the first time.”

“Um, ok! Great. I was really worried, but this should be great. Ok. Great. Alright. I’ll see you tomorrow.” Sarah hung up.

Randy could tell she was relieved, and began to wonder what she really felt about the situation. Had she really not wanted to get fucked that day, she would stay pissed with him forever. He knew her well enough to tell that much. Maybe he had screwed up by not calling sooner. She obviously felt bad about her boyfriend, and about potentially screwing up her relationship with Randy, but he had fucked her a few days ago and she was already having him over again, although with peer supervision.

Randy smiled at his quick thinking. He had chosen Henry with good reason. Miya was a sweet little Asian girl with a really nice rack for an Asian and a tiny, petite body and the firmest, nicest little ass. Randy would have been glad to get into her himself, even though he knew he would never fit inside such a small girl, but his brother Henry would not only be excited by the prospect of hot tubbing with a hot girl, he would be doubly excited by the prospect of the girl being Asian. He had always had a fetish for them, and Randy had quickly surmised that Henry would be glad to join him hot tubbing tomorrow, regardless of his plans.

Randy walked straight downstairs to his brother’s room. “Henry, what are you doing tomorrow?”

Henry was laying back on his bed, flipping through a magazine. His floppy hair fell over his eyes, but he didn’t seem to mind. He had a skinny body and dressed like a punk, but was the most popular of the boys in the family. With the girls, anyhow.

“Going to the mall to check out chicks or skate, depending on how the first thing goes.”

“Haven’t you already gone through all the girls at the mall by now? Anyway, just thought I’d ask.”

“Who’s to say I can’t go through them again? Why, what you got going on?” Henry asked, looking up from his magazine and brushing his hair aside.

“Hot tubbing at Sarah’s. Miya is climaxing this time I guess.”

Henry scrambled across the bed frantically, and for a moment, Randy thought he was going to attack him. Instead, Henry grabbed his arm and said, “Please, you have to let me go with you…Miya…my god, I can never even get near her. Please, I’ll do anything!”

“Hmm, well I guess I could ask for you. It might be kinda obvious though. Well, if I do it though, I need you to do something. I need you to take Miya off somewhere and distract her for awhile, think you can do that?”

Henry just broke into a wild smile and hugged his brother around the waist. Randy backed away, trying to get free of his brother’s arms. “Hey, cut it out, I’m not into guys like you are.” Henry threatened to punch him at that, but remembering that Randy could still stand in the way of him nailing the little Asian girl, he pulled his punch at the last second.

Randy smiled as he walked up the stairs, knowing that he would have to beat off several unbelievable loads in anticipation of the next day.

The next day, Randy was disappointed when they arrived at Sarah’s house and realized that she had invited not just Miya, but also her friend Noel who was a skinny, athletic girl with small A-cup breasts, and a tiny little ass that Randy has always fantasized would break on his giant cock. As good as Noel looked in her string bikini, Randy was disappointed because his game plan had been to have his brother lure just one girl away from Sarah, giving him his opening. Now, he could see, that wasn’t going to happen.

Miya and Henry hit it off instantly, and in under 15 minutes, Miya had offered to go get snacks in the kitchen, and Henry had followed her. Randy watched Henry’s back unhappily, knowing with certainty that within a few hours, he would have to hear Henry brag about his conquest while Randy got none. Randy knew, however, that they wouldn’t be seeing either of them for some time, but that still left Noel with them, and though her presence apparently made Sarah feel more at ease, as she was laughing and joking comfortable as she leaned back against the tub, with her big tits jiggled with each giggle, Randy scarcely had any idea of how he was going to get her alone.

Then it occurred to him, that perhaps he wouldn’t need to. His cock had been reduced to a normal-sized lump when he believed he wasn’t going to be able to seduce Sarah, but as his plan came into focus, his cock stiffened slightly, creating a sizable lump in his shorts, though his waist remained underwater, and therefore went unnoticed by the two girls. Randy scooted himself closer to Noel surreptitiously, pretending he wanted to be closer to one of the hot tubs jets.

They talked a bit more, and Randy just waited for Sarah to inevitably wonder where his brother had gone with Miya. Sure enough, ten minutes passed before Sarah climbed out of the tub, “Where are those two at?”

“Maybe they had to go down to the store to get snacks?” Randy suggested. By this time his cock was very swollen, though not hard, inside his shorts. The fat lump bulged obscenely under water, and Randy kept swapping looks between Noels tight little body and Sarah’s busty, hot frame to keep his cock half-hard.

Sarah climbed out of the tub anyway and began searching inside.

“Man this water’s hot,” Randy said, moving around a bit. “I’m gonna have to sit out for a minute I think.” Noel didn’t seem to have an issue with this until she realized two things; that Randy’s crotch was just a few inches away from her face when he sat up, and he was incredibly well-hung. The color drained from her face and her mouth just hung open as she watched Randy’s obscenely large cock roll back and forth in his shorts as he moved. The material was transparent enough that she could see clearly the flesh colored tube pressed tightly against the nylon material. Randy ignored her, pretending to get himself comfortable outside of the tub.

“Oh my god Randy, wow.” Noel just gasped.

“What?” Randy asked, looking around, “Oh god, I’m sorry,” Randy said, preparing to slide back into the water to cover himself. Noel’s hand immediately swiped out to stop him, accidentally brushing his cock slightly.

“No, no, I umm, I didn’t mean to embarrass you, just…wow. It’s like looking at a completely different thing, almost like it is more than a cock.” Noel stuttered.

Noel had succeeded in stopping Randy from hiding himself underwater, and he now sat on the edge of the tub, with Noel’s face just inches from his cock as she stared at it as hard as she could through his shorts. She desperately tried to make it out, it’s texture and dimensions, but found the nylon far too concealing and she groaned with frustration.

Randy raised his hips off the edge of the tub suggestively, and quickly Noel pushed his shorts down his hips, staring at it greedily. His cock flopped loose, hanging down fatly between Randy’s legs. Noel squeezed her thin legs together, her tiny ass squirming on the seat of the hot tub. She quivered and shook as though cold, even though Randy could see sweat beaded up on her face.

She reached out slowly, looking up at Randy for approval as she began to take his cock in her hand. When she touched it and Randy didn’t protest, she began to roll it in her hand, and feel it gently with her fingers. His cock bulged up bigger and fatter as she fondled it, though even if she hadn’t touched it, Randy would have become hard just from the intensely lustful expression on her face. Quickly his cock grew and stiffened, making Noel’s eyes widen largely as his cock continued to grow far beyond her expectations.

Noel’s little body was very hot, and Randy would have been very pleased to fuck her, however he still wanted Sarah desperately and was concerned about ruining any chances with her. He let her stroke him softly for a time, getting entirely consumed with the intensity of pleasure pouring into his body from his giant cock.

He looked down and saw precum bubbling out the tip of his cock as her hand, and then both of her hands worked his fat sausage heartily. She pulled up on his cock before slamming her hands down at the base, causing the entire shaft to jiggle with the force of her jerking. Come began to well up and seep out the tip of Randy’s cock and before long it was coating the entire shaft, causing Noel to moan and stare lustfully at the sticky substance that now coated her hands.

Randy’s eyes rolled back in his head in pleasure at the sight of this tiny teenager stroking his cock masterfully. She rocked it hard between her slim fingers, causing more precum to boil out until he twitched and precum mixed with jism as his load boiled over and began shooting all over the hands and face of the tall, athletic girl, coating her arms with hot, giant gobs of jism.

With her hand wrapped around Randy’s shaft, Noel took her other hand and coaxed cum out of his balls, forcing billowing loads of cum to spill down his shaft, over his balls and into the water. As she began to slow her stroking and made as if to stop, Randy put his hand onto her arm.

“Keep going, there’s still more.” He said, looking her directly in the eyes. Randy still felt horny and excited by the thin girl’s eager fingers, and as more of his cum oozed out his cock slit, he thought lustfully about taking Noel’s thin body and fucking her thin thighs apart on his huge cock. Within moments, his cock had softened slightly from his release, and hardened again with renewed vigor. Noel’s eyes widened and she pumped hard on the thick shaft, marveling at his size and staying power.

Noel longed to lean forward and lick some of the thick cum that now lubricated the handjob she gave her classmate, but could not bear to actually do it. Randy would think she was a slut, she thought. He would not want her to touch him again, to stroke his big cock off like this in the future if he knew she was the kind of girl that sucked jism off her own hands and swallowed it.

Noel wasn’t that kind of girl. She had never done it, and had never wanted to with the guys she had dated and jerked off as they drove her home from dates. She had always let them get their satisfaction in her hand, and been glad that they had been too tired to pursue her any further after blowing their loads into the palm of her hand. Not that Randy’s would have cum even close to fitting in her hand, she thought.

Randy eased himself back into the water now, keeping Noel’s hand firmly attached to his hefty cock. The cum provided a slick lubricant for a time in the water before washing away into the tub. Randy looked at Noel’s slim body sitting next to his, with her eyes glossy from her lust, and her thighs parted slightly as if in anticipation of being fucked. And Randy wanted to fuck her. He wanted to fuck her badly, and looking at her too-small body next to his did nothing to dissuade him from fucking his massive tool into her tight pussy. Instead, the thought of Sarah finding them and her reaction, and the lingering feelings of his recent release kept him, momentarily, in check.

Sarah wandered from room to room in the house, trying to find Miya and Henry, but could not seem to locate them anywhere. Frustrated, and figuring that perhaps Randy was correct, and that they had headed to a store to buy snacks, she headed into the garage to grab pop until they returned. As she walked past the laundry room, she did a double-take.

Spread-eagle on a pile of clothes on the laundry room floor lay Miya, her pussy absolutely dripping with juices. The Asian girl rocked two fingered back and forth in the sweet channel of her pussy, and Sarah could see a completely dazed look in her eye. Sarah could see that her mouth was wet, coated with what must have been drool and jism, for all Sarah could tell. Miya was too out of it to notice her, so she quickly ducked her head off to the side of the door so as to not be noticed. It was light in the laundry room, and dark in the hallway, so Sarah was not terribly concerned about being seen by Miya, but was worried about Henry walking in and seeing Miya in such a state.

Then it dawned on Sarah. Cum on Miya’s mouth. It meant that Henry had used the poor Asian girl, and fucked her mouth just like Randy had fucked her senseless a few days before. Sarah fumed. Both of those brothers were just used to taking whatever they wanted, and using women however they liked. As Sarah’s anger began to rise, she caught movement in the room before her. But instead of seeing what she expected to see, Henry eased himself onto his back against the pile of clothes and lay there stroking his fully hard cock.

But that was impossible, thought Sarah. He couldn’t have cum in Miya’s mouth and then still be completely hard now. After all, they had only been away a few minutes. What happened next surprised her utterly, as she watched the tiny Asian girl anxiously sit up and practically attack the much larger boy. She climbed over him, perching her tiny ass directly over his crotch.

Sarah gasped quietly as she realized that Henry’s cock was every bit as big at Randy’s, but the pussy he was about to fuck looked to be very small, and very tight. She winced in sympathy, as the surprisingly well-stacked Asian girl slipped her pussy up onto the tip of the large cock now wedged between her lips. She grabbed his cock so hard, Sarah could see the veins in it bulge up in response, but Henry did not resist or speak, except to sigh out loudly as the small girl sunk her unbelievably tight pussy down onto the maddening length of Henry’s cock.

Her pussy sucked and throbbed on just the first few inches, as the teenage girl whined and cried out in agonized pleasure. Her small ass jiggled as she bounced up and down on the thick shaft, trying to bounce more and more of his thick dick into her pussy. With each bounce, she uttered shrill cries of pleasure as the head pushed deeper inside the incredibly aroused girl.

“Uhh Uhh UHhh AHH AHH EEEEE EEE EEE EEE EEEEE” She squeaked out, getting louder and more wildly out of control as the thick fucker sunk deeper into her very wet pussy.

Henry grabbed at her small hips, and guided that Asian ass down onto his cock repeatedly, forcing her to take his horny cock, and trying to prevent her from slipping off his cock in her heat. Sarah watched in amazement as cum began oozing out of Miya’s hole, and she wondered briefly if it were Miya’s or Henry’s. Thick, mostly clear and gooey, Miya’s juices slipped down that incredibly fat shaft and lubricated the enormous balls, which were now threatening to slap up against her asshole.

Soon, another color of juices oozed out of her hole, as Henry’s precum slid down the enormous shaft, being squished out of the girl’s tight little hole as he began bottoming out inside of her. She looked like she wanted to cry, and run away from the massive cock impaling her pussy and filling her stomach, the whole time, she grabbed onto the back of Henry’s head, and rocked her hips harder and faster against his crotch.

Sarah stared in disbelief at the sheer quantity of cum being dumped up inside the pussy of her friend, as she watched helplessly as it was fucked up into Miya, only to slide out onto the enormous shaft, and down onto Henry’s very large balls.

Henry grunted at last and Sarah was amazed to hear him say, “GGGGGGGGAAAAWWWW, CUMMMIIINGGG”

Where had all the jism before come from if wasn’t cumming? Sarah flashed back to the aftermath of her sex session with Randy, thinking on how much jism had flooded out of her pussy when she had showered off right afterwards, and realized that Miya must have been getting the same full treatment of precum and jism she had received a few days before.

Miya’s ass was already completely coated in cum, not to mention an almost constant stream of cum drooling out of her sopping wet, horny cuntslit. But after Henry cried out, the real meaning of his words could not be denied. Sarah stood aghast as Henry began to truly cum within the tight Asian girl.

Cum began to splatter out of her too-tight hole, shooting wetly all over the both of then, as the horny Asian rocked more furiously on the spurting cock. She wailed out, riding through what had to be several orgasms, Sarah realized, for as soon as one set of wails stopped, another seem to begin.

She could even see the girl’s tight stomach muscles flexing over and over again, and she noticed for the first time that she could see Henry’s giant cock ripped up into the small girl, pushing up and spreading her out on the inside. It was twisted, and insanely hot, and Sarah’s head swam in confusion.

As the Asian girl pulsed her pussy and stomach muscles in massive contractions around the enormous invader inside her small body, she gripped and sucked at the cock spewing its fat load inside of her, causing Henry to experience incredible sensations, making him cum harder and stronger inside her than he ever recalled experiencing. As his balls finished unleashing their load, he felt the back of her pussy grip tight as Miya was thrown into another orgasm, which caused him to ripple with pleasure, and his balls to spasm unexpectedly, and before he knew it, he was spraying her with a fresh load of spurts, jacking an amount of cum into her that any man would be proud of.

As Miya ended her orgasms, she fell across Henry’s chest, exhausted and pleased. She lay there for a moment before Henry realized she was done. He gripped her in his arms, flipping her over into the pile of clothing. He pushed her down onto the clothes, face down. She cried out briefly, but appeared too tired to struggle.

Sarah again was shocked to realize that Henry was still completely hard, and a brief second later, that giant cock was sinking back into Miya’s unprotected pussy from behind. She wailed and struggled, trying to get up onto her knees weakly, before Henry had slid the entire thing back up inside her. The second he bottomed out inside of her, she slumped back onto the pile of clothes and moaned.

“Ohhhh, umm, ok. Do whatever you want, I guess.”

The Asian girl tried to make it sound like she were doing him a favor, but as soon as he touched bottom inside of her small pussy, her hips hunched up and her fingers dug into the pile of clothes beneath her. Had he tried to talk her into fucking again, she would have never agreed, but with so much thick cock buried inside of her pussy, she was a helpless slave to the little slit between her legs.

“Ohhh Gawwd Henry! It’s so fucking big, it’s so big! Oh God! Like that, you are just too fucking big!”

And Henry began pounding her from behind, easing his too-large cock into the tight pussy, making it squish and suck as cum oozed out of her pussy anew.

Sarah shook her head wildly, trying to free herself from her daze. She quickly stepped away from the lude sight before her, embarrassed that she had watched for so long. She had literally sat there and just watched as her friend got fucked and used on a cock easily three times too big for her. And Sarah had just sat by and let it happen! What had she done?

Chapter 3

Sarah decided that it was time for everyone to go home, and she rushed out to the hot tub to send Noel and Randy home. Randy would just have to tell his brother to go with him, Sarah thought. He would just have to? What? To pull his brother off her over-sexed friend in the middle of climaxing on his brother’s overly large dick? Sarah’s head swam as she walked back out onto the porch.

Noel might have noticed something being wrong with her friend had her hand not been wrapped around the biggest cock she had ever seen, much less felt, in her entire life. She had never even seen pictures of cocks so big, and she still swooned at the feel of the meat in her hand, and at it’s thick veinyness. She reluctantly pulled her hand away from his cock before Sarah noticed it.

“Noel, um. Could we talk for a sec? I um, I need to talk.” Sarah said uneasily.

“Um, yeah, sure.” Noel responded, glad that she was already wet from the hot tub, for she knew her entire crotch would have been soaked with her pussy juices if she had been on dry land. As it was, her nipples were very hard, and large, but coming out of the hot water and moving into the cold air could easily explain that. She just took care that her back was to Sarah as she prepared to climb out.

Randy tried to listen as they moved just into the house, as Sarah tried to be both somewhere Randy couldn’t hear and somewhere she wouldn’t disturb Henry and Miya.

The girls spoke for awhile before Randy moved around the tub so he could make out what they were saying. He found a place where he was closer, and quieter. He turned off the jets in the hot tub finally, making their voices drift clearly over to him.

“Honestly, have you ever looked at the thing? Randy’s packing something pretty huge too, you should see how his shorts bulged in the hot tub! It’s no wonder his brother is so big either, and if Miya doesn’t mind it, why should you? If you are jealous, why don’t you get Randy to sack you, isn’t he just as big?” Noel said, as if she hadn’t just jerked Randy’s big cock off in the hot tub.

So, Sarah must have caught Henry and Miya fucking, Randy thought. But then why is she talking to Noel about it? Did she stop them?

“It’s not like that between Randy and me, and you’re missing the point.”

“Oh, it’s not? Then what if I went for it with him? A guy that big, and that nice. Might make a girl feel real good.”

Sarah just fumed in response, sputtering and gibbering incoherently. Noel cut her off before she could argue further.

“Hey listen, I’m gonna go. All this is just making you uncomfortable, so I’m just gonna take off.” Noel said, acting like Sarah were being unreasonable.

“But Noel, you’re supposed to help me here!” Sarah pleaded.

“Hey, I don’t care if Miya is getting some from a guy she likes, and I can’t help you if you don’t want a totally sweet guy like Randy to fuck you with his big cock. All I can do is help Randy with his problems, and maybe you should think about doing the same.”

“What? WHAT? What problems? What are you talking about Noel?” Sarah said, more confused than ever.

Randy began to wonder if Noel had told Sarah about their grope session in the tub, but Sarah did not seem nearly upset enough for Noel to have told her.

“Randy can’t take care of himself, you know. You’re like best friends, don’t you know that?”

Randy sat there stunned. What was Noel up to?

“What do you mean can’t take care of himself?”

“I mean he can’t jerk off, his parents caught him and won’t let him relieve himself. God, I can’t believe you are being so ignorant and selfish here. If he was my best friend, I’d take care of him anyway he needed. Especially a guy like Randy. I mean, hell. It would even be fun, with a piece as big as he appears to have.”

Randy was confused why Noel had told Sarah that, when it clearly wasn’t true, but thanked her silently.

“Have a heart,” Noel said, as she walked out the door.

Randy took this as his cue, and rather than sitting in a hot tub with no jets and cooling water, slipped out of the tub and began to slowly dress. Having just got off, his cock remained half-hard and very visible through his shorts. Sarah looked at it almost instantly and almost imperceptibility as she walked back into the room.

“Randy, we need to talk. I. I haven’t been very fair. I didn’t understand you.”

Randy just looked at her.

“I’m going into my room to change, but I need you to send your brother home. He’s downstairs, and then I’ll come down and we can talk.” Sarah repeated herself, a little dazed, speaking quickly and not wanting to explain that Randy’s brother was fucking her friend, and she wanted him to deal with it. She quickly fled upstairs.

“Ok Sarah, anything you say.” Randy said, heading straight down to the garage.

He made sure Sarah’s footsteps continued up the stairs before he walked over towards the sounds of his brother and Miya getting it on.

His brother’s form almost completely dwarfed the small Asian girl. He was pushing his fat cock up between her busty chest, sliding the thick head into her mouth, getting double serviced. Her heard Miya start to cry out suddenly and Randy realized that he had walked in on them right as Henry was firing a huge load of cum into the little slut’s gullet. Almost as soon as Henry began cumming, she stopped struggled and Randy watched as her throat flexed and pulsed, swallowing the thick load of cum as it fired down her throat.

Randy admired the tiny Asian’s well-fucked body for a few moments, trying to time his approach to Sarah’s room.

As Sarah tried to change her clothes, she realized her pussy was still unbelievably wet from watching Randy’s brother drill her friend senseless. As she bent over, her fingers eased her panties down, and she slipped a finger into her pussy to see just how wet she was, and if she needed to do something about it before she talked with Randy. She didn’t want to lose control of her senses, after all, even if what Noel said was true. As her finger rasped against her pussy lips, it slid in deeper than she expected and stroked against her engorged clit, making her buck and thrust unexpectedly against her own hand. Without realizing it, she began seriously fingering herself. After a couple of minutes, she realized what she was doing and fought to regain control of her self, but not before Randy had observed her. He waited for her to get mostly clothed, before walking into her room.

“Hey, I was starting to worry.” Randy said.

Sarah blushed furiously, and ducked her head. “”Oh, I just wanted to get into some fresh clothes and get dry.”

Randy smiled at her lack of explanation, knowing full well that if she hadn’t taken a few sweet moments to pleasure herself, she would have already been downstairs. Still, this worked out better for Randy, as his brother was still downstairs drilling the Asian girl and he didn’t want Sarah to discover the two of them and be angry with him.

“You were saying something about not being understanding to me?” Randy asked.

“Yes. I. I. I’m not sure I really understood you before, but. Well, I just want you to know that I’m here for you if you need um. Anything.”

Randy’s eyes widened in true surprised, for although Noel’s speech had been impressively manipulative, he hadn’t expected Sarah to give in so easily.

“Well, I wasn’t so sure you were comfortable with, um. What I needed. The other day you were afterwards, but then you weren’t.”

“Look Randy, I know you need to,” Sarah started, but had a pleading look in her eyes. Randy didn’t understand. “Tell me what you need me to do for you, I’ll take care of you.”

Then Randy understood. Sarah wanted to fuck him, not just because she felt he needed to, but she wanted to with her whole body. She longed for the pleasure they shared, but had felt guilty or unsure of what they had. He could see it in her face. She needed a reason. She had cum for the first time on his cock just a few days before, and had struggled to repeat the sensations with her fingers, with Peter, with anything that could bring the feeling of pleasure back. And this gave her the reason she needed for him to fuck her and to make her come all over the wonderful cock she had been forced to take just a few days before.

“Lay on the bed.” Randy ordered. He knew he was right about her when she responded to his order almost before it was out of his mouth. “Spread your legs.”

She complied and Randy could tell she thought he was going to just climb right on top of her and fuck her. Her legs were positioned wrong, and as he eased himself down between her legs, he spread them further apart with his hands as his lips targeted her slit, and he began sliding his tongue quickly and accurately up between her pussy lips to score on her clit. She spasmed as he struck home, licking her clit with his hot tongue, firmly grinding against her pubis. Her hips thrashed and she spasmed against the bed, not expecting him to lick her already soaking wet pussy hole.

“Ohhhhh no, Randy, you don’t have to do that, ohhh don’t touch me so intimately Randy.” She cried out, thrashing on the bed covers above him.

“But this is what I need, Sarah. I want this.”

“Ohhhh gaawwwd, you do?” She cried out, pushing her pussy up against his lips as he drove his tongue over and over into her wet sweetness. Her shoulders rocked back and forth against the bed, rolling in time to her hips thrusting up into Randy’s mouth. Her pussy leaked heavily, her juices flowing from Randy’s very first touch.

“Big dick, I want your big dick!! Sarah cried out in desperate lust, “Please give me your huge cock!”

Randy fisted his cock while sucking her pussy. His cock was completely hard at the mere sight of her spread legs, and it pulsed in time with her thrusts, as he imagined sinking himself into her once again. Her pussy had been the tightest he ever had wrapped around his dick, and he longed to plunge deeply within his sexy school friend again.

Randy grabbed her clit between his lips and sucked extremely hard on it, causing Sarah to thrash back on the bed, flailing wildly. When he stopped, the look in her eyes was one of complete lust and wildly uncontrollable passion. He stood up, removed his shorts all the way, and let his cock spring up against his stomach. He reached down onto the bed, and put a hand behind Sarah’s neck. He drew her up to a sitting position and pushed his huge cock up against “ohhhhhmmmmm” Sarah moaned as she took his tool into her mouth lustily. His cock head and about two inches made it into her mouth before she stopped, not able to take anymore. She rocked back and forth on his cock wildly, fucking her own face onto his giant dick, drooling profusely all over his shaft until it dripped onto his balls. A bead of drool splashed down onto her legs, and she quickly wiped it up with her hand, taking her wet hand and massaging her saliva around on his ballsack. Randy groaned at the hot feel of her hand rubbing his cum-laden balls, and pushed his cock deeper into her mouth.

“Urrrlllpp!!” Sarah struggled to take him deeper, and Randy was amazed to see that she did not refuse his urgings. Most girls would have hit him for trying to cram more of his big cock into their mouths, but Sarah looked lustfully at him, almost apologetic that she could not take more of his massive shaft inside of her sucking mouth. Truth be told, Sarah was already taking more than any other girl had.

Randy fondled Sarah’s big tits, pinching the nipples hard and groping her big juggs roughly. Again, Sarah surprised him by groaning deeply in her throat around his cock. The harder he pinched her nipples, the more she moaned, and looked up at him helplessly. She was staring up at him submissively, sucking his cum-leaking cock down her throat as far as it would go, and her body seemed to beg him to touch it, and bang it as hard as he pleased. Her tits grew fuller, swelling in lust from his fondling. Her nipples erected, growing long and, Randy thought, very sexy. He wanted to suck them, but he couldn’t bear to dislodge his cock from Sarah’s throat. It just felt too damn good.

“Grrrllll uuuurrrrrlll urrrrlppp” Sarah slurped on his cock as she fucked her face onto his dick, grabbing Randy’s firm ass as she pounded her face onto his dick. Randy felt precum shoot out his dick, and knew he should get Sarah onto her knees before he blew another fat load down another girl’s throat.

He grabbed Sarah’s hair, pulling her forcefully off his cock, which was hard because she struggled to shove her face back onto it. Her pussy was soaking, her tits firm and hard with lust, and her mouth dripping with precum and drool. She couldn’t believe how wanton she was acting, but she could not get enough of Randy’s large cock. She loved sucking it. She loved feeling it down her throat, and in her mouth. She loved how she had to breath through her nose, and how the sweet smell of his cock penetrated her to the very core.

Randy grabbed both of her hands, and then picked her body up by her hips, and shoved her forward into the bed. She caught herself on her hands and knees, shocked. Randy grabbed her hips and pulled them back to the edge of the bed until her pussy lips kissed the tip of his dick.

“Ohhhhhhhh!!!” Sarah cried out as his hot cocktip pressed against her tight pussy.

Randy needed no lubrication, because Sarah was incredible wet. Her pussy was soaked from watching Randy’s big-dicked brother fuck Miya, and from fingering herself, and from sucking Randy, and now because he was dominating her stacked body by forcing her down like an animal, to fuck her from behind. Her pussy pulsed and juiced anew at the thought of him using her little pussy to cum in, to get his rocks off because he couldn’t get himself off.

Randy eased his cock head into the well-oiled fuck channel, sliding in deep on the first thrust.

“Oooowww wow, OHHH RANDY, IT’S SO BIG!!!” Sarah squealed.

“You said that before,” Randy grunted as he slid more of his huge fuckmeat into her cunt.

“OHHHHWWWWW WWWWOOOWWWW OHHH GOOOOOOODDDDD GAWD, IT’S SOOOOO HOT! YOUR COCK IS REALLY HOT UP INSIDE ME, OH GOD!!!!!” Sally cried out as more and more cockshaft crammed its way up inside her belly.

“OHHHH gawwwwddd. Randyyyy,” Sarah whined in protest. Randy slowed down, easing what little of his cock he had inside her back and forth, allowing her tight pussy to adjust to his massive tool.

“I know you had me just a few days ago, but it’s still really big,” Sarah pouted, still panting, “I’m not used to having anything nearly that big up inside me.”

Randy looked at her pouting face, watching her eyes widen and her mouth drop open as he slid deeply into her wet, tight pussy. It felt soooo good to him, and he couldn’t resist fucking it up inside her. If she had told him to stop, he was sure he wouldn’t be able to. Her pussy was so hot, so tight, and sucked onto his cock so good, he knew he could never give her pussy up.

Sarah felt her pussy clamping onto Randy’s cock tighter and tighter, and yet the more her pussy clasped onto him, the harder and deeper he fucked her. She tried to stop herself, but she couldn’t stop her involuntary reaction from his deep penetration and she continued tightening up on him defensively. Her pussy may have been trying to prevent his thick invader from getting deeper inside of her, but instead her grippy pussy just made Randy’s cock harder and hornier, making him wild to fuck himself deeper inside her wonderfully tight slit.

Sarah felt her nipples drag across the bed, causing electricity to fire through her tits and down to her pussy. She felt fingers spreading her pussy lips apart, and was surprised to realize that it was her own fingers, playing expertly between her labia. She groaned as new feelings washed through her pussy as Randy’s giant cock continued to stretch out her poor pussy, and her fingers eased its way by spreading her pussy lips, and tantalizing her hard, and excited clit. She moved her other hand up to her tits, and began toying with the nipples lustfully, but gently. She rolled a nipple between her fingers, loving the shocks it send down to her drippy pussy.

Randy placed one hand on her hip, gripping it roughly and using her hips as leverage to pound his cock deeper into her vagina. His other hand knocked hers aside, and he began fingering her clit with great vigor, loving the feel of her juices pouring down his cockshaft and down his balls. Now that her other hand was free, Sarah began to fondle both of her breasts, causing her to whimper out passionately.

“OHHHH RANDYYYY!!! OHHH GODDDDD, I I. OHHHH GODDDDD.” Sarah began cumming all over Randy’s hand and down her thighs. Randy felt her orgasm tightening her pussy and pounded her deeply, using both hands as leverage to really slam his big cock into her spasming pussy. Sarah jerked wildly as his hand on her clit mashed it back against her own body, sending incredibly intense bolts of pleasure into her body as he abused her small clit. Her pussy opened to him and squeezed tightly alternately, growing wetter by the second.

As Sarah’s juices slid over his cock, Randy felt a couple spurts of precum shoot out of his cock, hitting Sarah’s cervix, and splashing around inside the teen’s tight cunt. The sight of the sexy big-chested teenager swaying beneath him, squealing in orgasm was just too much. Randy ground himself deeply within her, feeling his own orgasm approaching rapidly. Randy’s cock began to buck out of control, and though he wanted to hold off awhile longer to extend the intense pleasure he was taking from Sarah’s firm body, ropey threads of cum began shooting out of his cock and plastering the squealing schoolgirl with jism.

“OHHHH HOOOTT HOOOTTTT!!!!! OHHH FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK!!!!!” Sarah squealed, her butt cheeks clenching together tightly, causing her pussy to clasp firmly onto the root of Randy’s big cock. Sarah twitched and came again at the feel of the scalding hot cum pouring up into her belly. She shuddered and quaked, causing her big tits to jiggle enticingly. Randy watched them quiver, and began rocking her ass harder against his bulging cock, forcing massive amounts of jism to squirt out of her already dripping wet hole.

“OHH RANDYYYY SOOOO GOOOODDDD OHHNNNNOOOOO OHHH FUCK IT!!!!” Sarah thrashed, and could no longer distinguish between cums. She simply bucked submissively against the massive intruder filling her poor, stretched pussy, climaxing on it repeatedly.

At last, Randy’s load began to diminish and he slumped down on top of Sarah, pushing her big tits out to the sides as she collapsed face-down on the bed. Randy’s cock was still very stiff up inside of her cunt, penetrating her deeply in that position. Sarah could not even speak, but lay with her mouth open, her pussy pulsing in orgasm from this new constant penetration. She lay there almost completely still, her pussy climaxing intensely hard, but she was unable to move beneath Randy’s weight. She tried to will herself to move, but her pussy did not want the pleasure to stop, even though it was driving her mind crazy, the pleasure was too intense, too deep.

Randy was feeling very good, having blown a huge load up inside the sweet, submissive girl’s pussy. His cock was still very stiff, because he was still extremely excited, and his desire to fuck Sarah all day long kept him firm as he lay atop her. He did not realize that Sarah fought for her own sanity beneath him, still orgasming over and over again on his giant prong as he rest happily above her.

Sarah felt her pussy dripping constantly, like a faucet on the huge cock buried in her belly and slowly, her mind began submitting to her pussy. She lay with her arms tucked up underneath her breasts, smiling as her pussy came again and again on Randy’s thick cock. She could feel his muscular body, and manly chest pressed into her back with his cock still occasionally leaking a large dollop of cum into her pussy-well, causing her to spasm enticingly around his thick cock head.

Sarah’s pussy gripped tighter and tighter around Randy’s unmoving cock, and she began to whimper hotly beneath him. The heat built up in her stomach, and the pumping and pulsing of Randy’s cock in her pussy fueled the flames of her passion. Girl cream leaked continuously out of her pussy, soaking the bed beneath her.

“I wanna fuck you again, ok?” Randy asked, moving his cock in and out of her pussy slowly, as if trying to tempt her. He needn’t have bothered, though he didn’t realize that Sarah was coming helplessly beneath him, her pussy soaking his cock as endless waves of orgasm ripped through her body. Sarah felt very, very slutty, with Randy’s too-large cock stuffing her pussy beyond its limits and she longed to have him rutting into her again from behind. She longed for him to grab onto the back of her hair, and drag her face up to his as he mauled her tits, all the while fucking his absolutely enormous cock into her quivering pussy.

“Y-y-yeeah.” Was all Sarah could manage to get out before the next wave of orgasm overtook her completely. The sexual high was so intense, she barely recognized that Randy was beginning to fuck her again until he pulled out almost all the way. It had taken a long time, she thought hazily. His cock was so long. As he plunged back into her, she again became very aware of him, and his fullness caused her to boil over with male and female juices. Sarah hunched her hips up against him, trying to plant his big tool deeper within her pussy, all the while trying to convince herself she was not a slut.

But she couldn’t help but want more and more of him, she whined to herself silently. She wanted to feel his fat cock stretching her pussy lips completely, and for his callused finger to stroke her ass, and maybe just a finger or two penetrate her in that most sensitive and forbidden place. Her clit throbbed at the thought of Randy fingering her tiny butthole, and she drooled onto the pillow her face was now buried in. Her chest heaved with every thrust of Randy’s cock as he fucked her up the bed, and she fought to catch her breath, if only to feed more oxygen to her brain so that she could feel every electrical pulse of her orgasms more clearly.

Sarah dropped her shoulders completely to the bed, her upper body suspended only by her breasts above the bed. She allowed him to dominate her from behind, forcing her face into the covers like a whore. This also allowed Sarah to shove her ass back at Randy, enticing him with the small tight hole in her behind. Sarah felt incredible exposed this way, and realized just how deeply Randy could get inside her in that position. Her pussy could not refuse the huge, turgid invader and he took full advantage of the opportunity, penetrating her quim as deeply as possible, slapping his giant balls against her pussylips excitedly.

Randy, already wanting to play with her nether regions, took their new position as an unintended opportunity, and began to toy with her ass with his thumb. He slowly slipped his thumb into her butt, making her thrash and squeal, as if she were trying to get away.

The intensity of feelings cumming from her ass and pussy now, caused Sarah to overreact, and she thought Randy might be frightened by her extreme response to his exploring, but she couldn’t stop herself from bucking all over the bed in convulsions. Instead, Randy grew even more rigid in her pussy and he began fucking her harder than ever before.

Using his finger in her asshole for leverage, and grabbing her tits hard with one hand, he began slam-fucking her pussy as deeply as possible while sending bolts of lightning-white pleasure into her back hole. With each thrust, it slid his finger deeper into Sarah’s small chamber, making the girl squeal and thrash with pleasure.

“OHHHHHH RANDDYYYY OHHHHH AGGGAIIINNN CUMMMMMMIIINNGGGGG” Sarah screamed until her chest hurt, but she couldn’t stop because her pussy had taken over her mind, and her body completely, and she never wanted it to stop. She gave herself over to it, letting herself give in to the slutty feelings she felt. She pushed up her asshole into Randy’s thumb, forcing herself to cum again as he bottomed out inside of her.

Randy was spurred on to a new intensity by the added sensations of getting to finger her asshole, her orgasm, and her submissive posture beneath him as he fucked her face into the covers from behind. Her squeezing pussy slurping around his entire cock became too much, and another fat load of cum began to fire out of his cock, quickly overfilling the desperate teen girl beneath him.

He watched jism squirt out of her and all over both of their bodies, but he couldn’t stop himself from spraying his massive load inside of her. Her tits looks incredible big and hot, pressed out to the sides of her body now that she was sandwiched between the bed and his body. Her tiny frame quivered and shook as she moaned like a whore beneath him, cumming in rasping breaths.

Randy slowed down, but could still feel his cock pulsing out the last few spurts into Sarah’s very vulnerable, very sensitive pussy. She felt each spurt and her head jerked up with each twitch of the massive tool in her belly.

Sarah’s hair was completely tussled, and her body was sweaty and red from exertion.

“Ohhhh gawwwwd.” Sarah groaned.

“So, can we make this a daily thing?” Randy asked, pulsing his cock hard within her still quivering cunt.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh gawwwwd, I hope so.” Sarah replied, as her pussy contracted in another small orgasm.

Chapter 4

The next day at school, Sarah had shed her unease with the idea of Randy fucking her, and had actually become quite flirty between classes. Randy had also learned, though not from Sarah, that she had actually dumped Peter before the second time they had fucked. Randy was a little surprised, and more than a little overjoyed at the news. He didn’t want to break up a happy relationship, but he also wouldn’t give Sarah to any other man. In a lot of ways, he had Noel to thank, though he couldn’t think of how to make her happy. At least, he couldn’t think of a way to do it without pissing off Sarah and ruining their delicately forming relationship.

Noel was brought to the forefront of his mind again during their track session that evening after school. Randy watched Noel’s tall, thin form as she jogged around the track. Even though her tits were small, they still rocked pertly on her chest with each bounce. Thinking of her thin hand wrapped around his cock meat was making Randy feel horny, and he quickly turned his mind away from their encounter together. He leaned over his leg, stretching his tight leg muscles, trying to limber up before running. As he loosened up and began running, he found Noel running beside him almost immediately, and she began keeping pace with him.

“Hey.” She said somewhat breathlessly, smiling.

“Hey!” Randy said, wanting to be friendly, but not too friendly. But also not wanting to seem un-normal at all.
“Sarah has been talking about you, and she seems happy, so I’m glad. I just want to say that I really honestly want things to work out between you to. I also want to say that I’m a bit envious, and have been sort of um, well totally fantasizing about your cock ever since the hot tub. That thing is just giant! But I want Sarah to have you for as long as she’ll have you, but if it doesn’t end up working out like that, then I’d be really interested to fool around with…well, with that some more.” She said it all in a burst of nervous and excited speech, but she was obviously being very sincere while still trying to be a good friend to Sarah.

“You gave me my chance with Sarah, so if things don’t work out, I’ll let you do whatever you want to me, or my cock.” Randy smiled at her. She blushed, but smiled back. Randy was almost sad he couldn’t pursue her, but quickly thought otherwise at the memory of Sarah’s huge tits rocking beneath his body while her tight pussy sucked onto the entire length of his big, cumming cock.

Then it struck Randy. He knew how he could return the favor to Noel. He jogged the rest of his laps with a slight smile on his face.

Noel was mostly a quite girl at school, who had lots of friends and not too many boyfriends due to her tall, but slight frame and having small tits. Or at least, that’s what she attributed her lack of love-life to. In the real fact of the matter were known, Noel was quite a stunning girl who intimidated quite a few men, and was just a bit too tall for some.

Noel actually was a very energetic girl, who often expressed her excessive spirit by attacking her friends with surprise hugs, or sudden bursts of energy on the track field. No one ever knew when these unexpected outbursts of energy would come. No one, that is, except for Noel.

Noel descended into her room in the basement of the house, sparsely lit by the small window in the upper corner of her room. Only a small sliver of light poured into the room from the curtained window, leaving Noel in nearly complete privacy that afternoon. Noel plopped herself down on her bed, throwing her school books carelessly to the ground. She scooted back on the covers until her back was pressed firmly against the wall. Small slivers of sunlight poured through a crack in the curtains and splashed warmly on the bare surface of her legs that her short track shorts failed to cover.

With greatly practiced skill, she slid her fingers beneath the waistband of her track shorts, and plunged her middle finger deep between the folds of her vaginal lips. Her body instantly jerked up, her spine arching up as if she were being electrocuted. Her pussy lips parted readily and juices flooded down her single digit, covering it with female juices, nearly the consistency of runny Vaseline. For most girls at her school, coming home and immediately throwing herself on the bed to masturbate would have been the result of a particularly hot guy hitting on them, or some other erotic event exciting them to the extreme, but for Noel, this was a daily, or multi-daily event.

Every day upon coming home, she would finger-fuck herself to several orgasms before her parents would come home and ruin her hot session. Noel knew it was for the best, for once she got started, it was almost impossible to stop herself of her own free will. On the other hand, she just started up again as soon as she went to bed, often heading to her room very early in the evening to “do homework” or “sleep early.”

Her finger pumped her tiny hole like a small dick, sliding back and forth in her frothy slit as girl juices oozed freely from her pussy. Her creamy girl cum dripped down her middle finger and between the cheeks of her ass until she could feel the hot stuff creaming her little butt hole, creating a wet spot on her shorts.

Noel was extremely excited now, and began pumping her digit into her hole quickly and greedily. It all just felt too good. She had difficulty in holding herself back, but she wanted desperately to shove another finger up inside her tight hole. She knew she could barely take both fingers inside of her, and she always waited until at least the second orgasm of the day before treating herself to more penetration. Some days she even just rocked her pussy against a pillow until creaming all over it.

As the idea came to her again, she was reminded of how sexy it felt to rub herself off on something, as if she were riding a guy beneath her. She suddenly flipped herself over and climbed on top of one of her pillows, stuffing it eagerly between her slightly parted legs. Her thighs instantly gripped it with iron-like strength, forcing it up against her dripping gash. Her hips rocked against it rapidly, while her other hand pressed the pillow up against her, shoving the edge of the silk-covered pillow to mash against her clit.

“OHHHHH!!” Noel cried out as the silken fabric struck her most sensitive nub, the smooth material caressing erotically between her wet pussy lips. She rode up and down on the pillow as if it were a man, and she thought that it must be like the flicking tongue of a lover, stroking her clitty to ecstasy over and over again. She imagined what a lover would be like, one who would lick her just to see her own pleasure twist her face in agony and cum on his face. A lover that would lick her clit until she begged him to stop, but would continue on regardless of her pleas. It was so real to her, and her pussy had made the pillow so wet already that it felt like a real mans tongue rasping up between her labia, only to strike endlessly against her engorged clit.

Noel’s eyes were closed and her face scrunched up tightly as incredible waves of pleasure spasmed like fired electricity through her frame. Each time it rocked her body, she squealed and whined in helpless pleasure. She thought of Randy’s giant cock, pulsing wildly in her hand as it spewed its massive load of jism in the hot tub yesterday. She knew it was wrong to think of him, but what other guy could possibly have such a massive cock to pleasure her with? Even in her fantasies, she knew that no other cock was as truly incredible as Randy’s, so she masturbated herself furiously against the pillows with images of his huge fuck tool stuffing her pussy.

Noel began to orgasm to the mental image of her jerking off Randy’s thick fuck stick in her hand, and having his jism cover her hand and arm, even covering her lips and face so she could taste it. She had never liked cum on her body before that day, but now as her pussy pulsed and throbbed on the corner of her silk pillow, she wanted huge dicks pulsing over her body as they unleashed their pleasure in giant gobs upon her body. Her entire body. She came a single, very intense climax, but was left wanting even more, almost as if her body had not just been wracked in ecstasy.

Her pussy muscles clenched desperately around nothing, her entire body wishing there was a big, fat cock slicing its way aggressively up between her pussy lips. She wanted a schoolboy to fuck her pussy without regard for her feelings or pleasure, to virtually force her to be a recipient of his cum, as he unleashed lots of cum up inside her cunt, until he was satisfied, and she lay panting on the bed, full of his cum. Imagining herself laying on the bed, stuffed full of cum with it pouring out of her incredibly wet gash, turned her into a panting, drooling slut, and she began rock her hips again in a desperate attempt to simulate fucking a cock.

Her mouth hung open slackly as she drooled down onto her own tits in lust. Tears almost came to her eyes from the frustration at not being able to fulfill her pussy’s desires, but she rocked her pussy harder and harder on her pillow-lover.

When the light coming from her curtained window was interrupted the first time, she thought it was only a passing animal. Unfazed, she continued to fuck herself in growing passion on the bed. Then when it happened again, she realized that the shape of the shadow looked like a persons head, and it appeared to be pressed up against the small opening in the curtains. As back lit as the person was, she could not distinguish anything, except that she was fairly certain someone had been watching her masturbate her little pussy for quite awhile.

Noel was far too horny to stop, even if she had been inclined to. But the appearance of a stranger watching her finger-fucking her little pussy made her hornier than ever, and she renewed her attack on her pussy lips, shoving a hand down into her crotch to compliment the pillow slipping away between her pussy lips. She rolled to face the window more directly, knowing that the stranger would not be frightened off if she continued masturbating.

He would think that she was unaware of his presence, because surely if she knew he was there, she would cover herself, scream out, and be mortified. Instead, she her lust was wildly enraged and her hips rocked up off the bed, rubbing her pussy hard against the palm of her hand as it fluttered incredibly fast between her pussy lips. Her clit thrummed and vibrated crazily between her legs, and her pussy oozed with lubrication.

Noel was surprised to hear a noise coming from the window, and she heard the sound a few times before realizing what it was. It was a wet noise, and then it was accompanied by a visual. Something was now oozing down the window, and Noel could make out the light being refracted through it. The guy watching her had come on her window! And it appeared to be a truly sizable amount of jism! Noel’s mind took in this information, and the moment she comprehended that a guy was jerking off watching her fuck herself silly, her body slammed her almost unwillingly into another powerful orgasm. Noel’s orgasm was raw and unchecked, and she completely lost control of herself.

Her own hands and hips went out of control, and continued rubbing her clit far beyond the point which she normally would have stopped, causing her pussy to spurt slightly with her feminine juices. She whimpered out submissively, wanting to at least slow down the lightning pulses of sexual energy that poured through her body, but she couldn’t remove her hand because her thighs had clasped too tightly on it, and her hips kept rocking convulsively up against her hand, making her too-sensitive pussy continue to cum unabated. She simply moaned and whined in the inferno of her own pleasure, her mind felt too weak to stop the deluge of pleasure she force upon herself.

Finally her legs gave out, and she slumped to the bed, quivering. Her fingers delicately played with her pussy, and she realized that from the position she lay in, her observer would easily be able to see that she was still not quite satisfied. She moaned hornily, unable to put a stop to the lewd show she was giving the guy, now that he had seen everything and she realized for the first time she was a closet voyeur.

Then she realized that the shadow in front of her window was gone, and all that remained were the streaks of cum running down her window from his earlier ejaculation. Noel moaned in disappointment, fingering herself slowly while watching the window in the hope that he might return and jack off some more while watching her finger tight snatch and play with her slim body.

Noel leisurely stroked her pussy, no longer as excited as she had been while being watched. She pouted while looking down at her dripping pussy, wishing that the voyeur hadn’t run away. She had never cum so good! She fantasized about him breaking her window and forcing himself upon her with uncontrollable lust from the sight of her wanton masturbation. A few minutes passed while she continued to play with herself, but just as she began to get excited again and felt convinced that she could climax again, the doorbell rung.

“Who the fuck is that?” She whispered angrily. She knew her parents weren’t due home for hours still, and no one else ever came by the house at that hour. She had almost never been interrupted from her daily masturbation sessions. She hoped it was just someone dropping something off, so she could get back to frigging herself off. As she walked to the front door, she kept her fingers buried in her crotch, thinking that she might sneak a sex toy out of her sister’s room for her next session.

With her fingers buried in her crotch, Noel looked out the window at the front door, expecting a package, but quickly jerked her hand out from between her thighs when she saw a young man standing on her porch! She tried to compose herself quickly, wiping her still-wet hand onto her shorts. She opened the door cautiously, standing behind it, and with some embarrassment at being so completely surprised by the stranger.

“Hello!” The young man said cheerily. “I’m Randy’s brother. He wanted me to give you this.” The young man said, handing her a note.

She took the note perplexedly, opening it and reading the two lines quickly.
‘Noel, thanks for your help with Sarah. I thought of a way to thank you, so enjoy yourself.’

“Um, excuse me,” Noel called to Randy’s brother who was already walking away. He turned back around, and Noel took her first real look at him. He was a little younger than Randy, but not by much, and he had the same overall build. And what Noel really noticed now, was that she could see a wet spot on the front of his jeans, which appeared to be growing continuously.


“What’s your name?”

“Oh, I’m Tim! Hi!” The young man said nervously, though his eyes darted all over her scantily clad body. All she had bothered to throw on was a mid-rift shirt which exposed her completely flat belly enticingly (and exposed her very hard nipples which were still excited from her fingering) and some very skimpy shorts which were really only meant for wearing around the house. Tim wavered on his feet, as if unsure if he wanted to stay and stare at Noel, or if he wanted to flee.

“Tim, could I get you to give a reply to Randy for me?”

“Sure, what do you want me to tell him?” Tim said agreeably. Noel couldn’t help but look at his lower half, even if the wet spot hadn’t been there. She was curious to know if Tim was every bit as hung as his older brother. And now that Tim was walking closer to her, she could see that the wet spot on his pants was much farther down his pant line than it would have been on an ordinary young man. She also realized that although his cock bulge did appear to be quite big, it was the round fullness of it, the girth that really stood out. The lump in his pants was enormous!

“Why don’t you come in and I’ll write a quick reply?” Noel said, opening the door to him and gesturing inside. Noel’s pussy throbbed and leaked into her shorts. The knowledge that she would be alone with the young man in her house for hours caused all her frustration from the interruption turn into delight.

Although Noel had been shocked at first, she quickly put a few important things together. The guy she was leading to her bedroom was Randy’s brother, and if what appeared to be stuffed in his pants was any indication, he was every bit as horse-hung as his brother. Noel also figured Tim must either leak precum like a horse, or have just cum and still be leaking in his pants.

“Wow, I uh. I like your room.” Tim said, looking around at a mostly neat room, though clearly not for the first time. He didn’t even mention the musky female smell that permeated the room.

The other thing she realized is that Tim had been watching her finger her pussy madly and had sprayed his load of cum all over her window, yet, he was still hard.

“Sit on the bed.” Noel said, waiting for him to comply. She sat down right next to him, placing her hand on his knee. “I know you watched me bang myself.”

“No, I didn’t.”

“I know you did,” Noel said, “And I came my brains out knowing you were up there. I wanted you to enjoy looking at my body and imagine yourself cumming inside of it.” Noel’s hand slid up from his kneecap, sliding up to the wet spot in his pants and over an incredibly large lump at the end of it. “Did you think of fucking it?” She stroked very hard down on his shaft, and she was surprised to find it completely solid. His girth was incredible, and she rubbed her hand all over it, trying to visualize how big it would look outside of his pants. “Did you like looking at my pussy while you were coming?”

She climbed down onto her knees beside him and unbuttoned his pants. “Help me,” Noel pleaded, “Help me get your pants off. Help me cum like I did when you watched me. Help me take your big fat cock inside me.”

Tim frankly couldn’t see how such a skinny girl was going to fit his massive girth inside her, but with her begging him down on her knees like that, he wasn’t going to say no. At the very least, he figured, he could cum all over her tight, flat belly or her tits, or face like he did with other girls. Not that he didn’t want to fuck her brains out. He wanted to more than anything, but most of the girls he had been with had refused to try to take his enormous girth within their tiny teenage bodies.

Tim pushed his pants down, which apparently was far too slow for Noel, who grabbed them and greedily forced them down his hips. She ripped his shoes off quickly, forcing his jeans off his ankles, shimmying her body up between his knees. She stared at his cock for a moment, but then decided she would rather experience it than look at it, and quickly took to forcing it into her mouth. At first Tim thought she wasn’t going to be able to fit any of it inside of her. But she pressed him against her mouth tightly and popped her jaw open wider.

Most girls would have hit him with their teeth by now, but Noel kept her lips over her teeth and pushed him hard inside her mouth. The technique worked, and soon the lubrication her spit provided allowed him to fuck his cock head and some of the shaft into her small mouth. The sensation of truly being sucked by a girl so lustfully was incredible, and Tim’s head fell back and he gurgled with the intensity of the sensations coursing through his fat dick. She was sucking on only his cock tip, but it felt incredibly good. No girl had so masterfully sucked his cock without scraping it with her teeth or complaining about it stretching her jaw out, telling him to finish himself off over her body (if he was lucky).

Tim wanted to see her tits, but couldn’t manage to find the will to stop her greedy sucking of his cock to pull off her tiny shirt. Besides, he could see her nipples better than ever as they poked firmly through the thin material of her shirt. They were quite long and large, though he couldn’t quite make out the full shape and size of them. He could, however, reach them with his hands. With his dick pulsing and twitching in the young girl’s mouth, he grasped both of her nipples with his hands, causing her to fiercely renew her efforts on his cock. He slipped into her throat an inch or so before she pulled back, only to fire back down again hard when he pressed down on her nipples, pinching them hard between his thumb and forefinger.

Noel sucked hard on his cock head, rubbing her lips against his glans and the ridge of his cock head fast as she jerked it in and out in her mouth, trying to rub the sensitive parts of his cock as much as possible to make him squirt precum or jism into her mouth. She could taste his cum quite easily as there was a considerable amount still backed up in his shaft when she crammed his cock into her mouth. The taste of it stayed on her tongue and made her swoon with lust. Her hand stroked the lower half of his cock and grasped at his balls gently. She rocked Tim’s fat ball sack in her hand, stroking them firmly with her free hand. As soon as she began to stimulate his balls, more precum oozed up his shaft and into her mouth, making her cream. Her pussy was doubly soaked from the sucking of such a large, manly cock and the insistent pressure he placed on her very sensitive nipples.

Although Noel’s senses were on overload from the rough fondling of her tits, she couldn’t stop sucking long enough to tell him to ease off. Nor, she found, did she want to. The almost painful intensity coming from both her tits, and now her pussy was more and more welcome as she fucked her face onto Tim’s enormously fat shaft. His thickness was unbelievable, Noel thought. It wouldn’t possibly fit inside a girl.

The thought of such a huge girth sliding up inside her cunt, and knowing that she could take Tim’s cock inside of her and not have to use a stupid plastic dildo tonight made her more than willing to give him a try. Noel’s head was spinning with lust and panting out of breath as she kneel between Tim’s thighs. “H. Haaa. Haavee, Have you ever fucked a girl with it?” Noel asked intently, hoping beyond hope that some other lucky girl might have actually fit him all the way up inside her. Because if another girl could take his awesome meat, so could she!

“Yes.” Tim replied and Noel’s eyes lit up. She quickly stripped herself out of her clothes, which took almost no time at all being half dressed as she was. Tim removed his shirt and felt momentarily guilty about lying to Noel. Still, Tim needed to fuck a chick. And no chick was ever going to fuck him with a cock the size of his, not without proof that he wouldn’t wreck them in the process. On top of that, Noel clearly wanted it badly, and Tim justified himself as being right to have lied to her because he told her what she wanted to hear.

“Climb into my lap, but put your pussy just over my cock tip.” Tim said, having experienced many attempts at shoving his large cock into a girl from many difference positions. He knew that he had the best chance at fucking Noel’s pussy if she had control and could stop herself if she started taking in too much. He also knew she needed to feel like they could successfully couple, which telling her he had fucked a girl before may have helped with.

Noel’s nimble ass was up over his cock in seconds, and she pressed her small tits into Tim’s face, which he readily took as an invitation to suck them. Her nipples were long, and very firm, Tim thought as he stared at them, making his cock twitch. They looked incredible on her tight, tall body. Her stomach muscles flexed as her pussy hit his cock, and she tightened involuntarily.

“Relax, we haven’t even started yet.” Tim said, rubbing his cock softly between the fur of her pussy lips. She gasped as his fat cock head speared between her labia, and he began to rub his wet cock head between them. Big dribbles of precum oozed out of Tim’s shaft and greased the way for his shaft. Her pussy actually began to suck on his cock head, and slowly swallowed part of his big cock inside of her.

“OMPH!!” Noel grunted at the sensation of being so filled.

“I want you to climb off me and suck my cock some more, just to get it lubed up.”

“But. b.b.but” Noel protested as she eagerly pushed down on his cock, bouncing her pert ass up and down against his cock tip without actually taking the head inside of her dripping pussy.

“Trust me, and this will be good for both of us.” He almost hadn’t finished speaking before she climbed off him and had his big fat cock stuffed in her gullet. She swallowed and forced more of his cock into her mouth this time, determined to do as he asked so that she would be one of the girl’s lucky enough to fuck him.

“Ok,” Tim said, “Now grab my balls and pump my shaft from low down. Oh that’s good. Don’t swallow any cum that makes it up the shaft, ok? We’ll need that.”

She did this for several minutes, and Tim tried to keep his cum down the tube of his shaft, storing it up for her pussy.

“Now get up here and sink down on my cock,” Tim ordered, “Good, now slowly ease down on it, UHHHH. OH Fuck.”

“Oh Tim!!!”

They both cried out as a big wad of precum shot up inside the thin girl’s pussy, lubricated it while simultaneously exciting Noel, causing her to slip down an inch onto his cum-heavy cock.

“Ok, now fuck my cock with you sweet, hot piece of pussy.” Tim said, putting his hands back and letting her rock on his lap. Her nimble ass worked with fast, sharp thrusts, jabbing down on his cock hard, only to quickly rise up before too much of his painfully big cock worked it’s way up inside of her.

Tim was amazed how much cock she had inside of her, and he loved the look of this thin, sexy girl. She was tall, but not taller than him. Her breasts were very firm and sexy, and they bounced in a very alluring way in front of him as she rode his huge tool. Her pussy felt so, so, so good on his cock. It squeezed lustfully on him, and even though she fought not to be torn in two by him, her pussy still sucked greedily at the very shaft which threatened to destroy it.

“Oh God Tim!!” Noel cried out as her footing slipped a little and another inch or two slipped into the girl’s incredibly wet gash. Her body locked up completely, and Tim thought for a moment that their tryst was over. Then, amazingly, she began to vibrate all over as her orgasm ripped through her frame and Tim’s cock punished her pussy from within.

“Oh Shit! Oh My NNNNNNNNNGGGG!!!” Noel screamed with her eyes completely wide open in a look of utter shock and almost fear. She had never felt anything close to this level of intensity. Her body betrayed her and went on climaxing again and again, never letting up on her, never allowing her a second to rest or let her mind think. She couldn’t even begin to think clearly enough to tell if she was still sane before a pulsing throbbing heat would sweep through her pussy again and Tim’s big cock would fuck up into her belly again, fucking her senseless.

“Oh Tim!!!! So Good, Oh Please.” She cried out, rocking her hips hard against his, rising up and down so hard now that her delicate, petite ass cheeks slapped against his thighs. With almost his whole shaft inside her quim, Noel grabbed Tim’s face and kissed him, howling out into his mouth as she came again around his thick shaft. Her girl juices slathered his shaft completely and their sticky wetness could be felt around Tim’s giant ball sack, sliding out of her constantly climaxing pussy hole.

Whatever Noel was begging Tim for, he would never know. He barely had the presence of mind to not fuck this sweet girl with the entire length of his cock, plundering the depths of her pussy completely. He held himself back, but was overwhelmed by the sensation of fucking his first pussy and having it spasm with continuous orgasms around him. His shaft twitched and bucked, and many times a fat dollop of precum shot out of his tip, spraying Noel’s womb with jism, sending her into another bout of ecstasy.

Tim wrapped his arms around her body, grasping her shoulders and back, and began sliding himself up into her, forcing her down onto his cock. She felt him taking control of her, and submitted herself completely to his lustful needs. She grasped the back of his head affectionately, and allowed him to take control of her body. Tim used her shoulders as leverage, shoving her tight pussy down on his hot, horny cock. Noel’s pussy was already completely stuffed with cock, and cum bubbled out of her as Tim’s cock began to spurt, and giant gobs of jism squirted out from around her pussy lips and down Tim’s ball sack. More and more juices flowed out of the teenager’s sweet, hot hole while Tim just whimpered and spasmed with electric jolts within his new girlfriend.

Noel felt his unbelievable load and just panted while being impaled over and over again on his cock, being forced to take his entire load. After the first several spurts, her amazement just continued to grow, as the first endless stream of cum turned into spurts which seemed to go on forever. The hot scalding sperm splashed against her tight pussy walls, and she felt it almost up inside her stomach.

She squirmed and whined against him, holding her breath without realizing it. Unconsciously, she fought against the waves that built up from between her legs, and crashed over her body in the form of pleasure. Orgasm wracked her, and she could not and would not stop it this time, because the idea of so much of a guy’s sperm spurting up inside her pussy had her wild and inflamed with lust. She clenched her legs together, wrapping her pussy even more tightly on his spewing shaft, making Tim moan out beneath her and begin to fire more rapidly up inside of her.

Noel’s mouth dropped open in shock as Tim begun to cum inside her a second time, like he had never started in the first place. It was almost a complete replay, with his grunting and groaning quickening before his hips bucked and quickened their pace, sliding his fat cock shaft deeply within her cleft. She squeezed tight, trying to trap all his male goodness up inside of her pussy, feeling the warmth spread through her again, and shockingly it splashed out and scalded her clit, causing her to have an orgasm within an orgasm.

She crashed through both orgasms simultaneously and when at last they ended, they ended together and she slumped down onto Tim’s chest. Noel lay atop him for awhile, with his thick cock still completely stiff inside of her, pulsing very softly, with a never ending stream of come leaking out of her well-fucked pussy.

“Oh my god, you are amazing.” Noel panted from atop his chest.

“Can I do you from behind next?” Tim asked eagerly.

“Uggghhhhhh” Noel moaned, squeezing her legs tightly together as her pussy quivered in response to Tim’s request. “I think so. Yes, definitely.” Noel rolled over onto her stomach, holding her head down submissively on the bed, with cum still pouring out of her pussy. “Ok stud, if that’s what you want, let me know when you are ready to use me again.”

Chapter 5

Miya was in her room, in her own private, special place where she liked to go and be alone. It was a quiet place for her, and she always felt like she could go there and escape anyone or anything. This time, however, Miya was in her special place with someone, on her knees sucking on a huge dick. Henry’s hands were wrapped into her thick black hair, and his hips pummeled her face as he grunted and shot off huge dollops of cum into the absolutely tiny Asian’s mouth. Her well-formed rack bobbed forward as she thrust her head onto his cock, greedy to gulp as much of his thick load as possible before it came gushing and spilling out of her mouth and onto her ample chest.

“Guuuuhhh, gawd baby, you suck dick so good.” Henry panted out, his balls still erupting into the Asian’s small mouth.

She looked up at him with tears in her eyes, and seemingly mad about his crude language, but he just kept pounding her face with his enormous tool, pumping more and more jism out of her mouth and onto her tiny Asian body.

“Do all you Asian girls suck this good? Fuck, you really go at it, like you want all that cum in my balls.” Henry said rudely, slowing his thrusting in her mouth, but still keeping her gullet too full of big fat penis to talk. She glared at him, but he just worked his cock hornily back and forth in her mouth, softly petting her hair as he stroked. She took it, letting him continue to fuck her little mouth until he was done. She rocked her head up against his petting hand, knowing it was somewhat degrading, but loving the feel of his hands on her head.

He slid his wet prick out of her mouth and it slapped down onto her rising and falling chest. Her tits jiggled from the impact of his large member slapping them, and her nipples hardened from the heat of being splashed with his thick cum and the excitement of feeling his massive meat so close by. Miya was almost angry at her body at its submissive betrayal.

She didn’t want to let Henry use her body so crudely and have nothing to say about it. But how could she? Her little pussy just juiced itself silly every time he touched her or whipped out his enormous fuckrod for her to suck. She stared at it even now, her pussy drenched with its need to be stuffed completely by his angry red cock.

It had just cum, how could it still be so stiff? He had cum in her that morning when they walked to school too, he forced her into the bushes, taking her from behind. Again at lunch in a closet, and AGAIN after school, bent over Mr. Johnson, the science teacher’s desk. He had left a lake of cum on the desk after he had overfilled her little cunt. He really seemed to like fucking he from behind to, she thought. But it made her look so slutty, and feel so horny.

Now, on her knees in her own room, he had fucked even more cum into her willing, and she admitted, slutty body.

Henry eased her down onto the bed, sliding a thick hand up between her legs.

“Nooooo, Henry! My mom.” She complained.

“Yeah, yeah, your mom. You said that yesterday too.”

“She was late yesterday, but she’ll be home today on time for sure!” Miya cried out. Her mother was very possessive, and Miya was sure she would never seen Henry again if her mother caught him in the house, much less stuffing her daughter full of the biggest, horniest cock imaginable.

Henry would not be dissuaded, and he parted her unresisting thighs easily, rolling her skirt up her thighs and sinking his cock into her unpantied, unprotected quim. She moaned loudly as he slid in, her moans coming constantly until her filled her entire pussy. The girl lay on her back, panting, her eyes glazed and dizzy with the intensity of having so much big cock slid inside her small Asian pussy in mere seconds. Henry felt her pussy pulse around him, and again, feeling her pussy spasm in little orgasms at the feeling of being stuffed with an overlarge cock.

He knew the horny girl was totally his, she had become entirely infatuated with the feeling of his large tool being plunged into her dripping wet fuckhole. She would never be able to get satisfaction out of another cock, Henry laughed, unless it was one of his brothers. Of course, he too knew he couldn’t get the same kind of relief with another girl. Perhaps another Asian girl in his school might be as tight, but he had rarely run into a girl as willing to fuck in general, to say nothing of her willingness to take his size. Most girls wouldn’t even try.

Henry began sliding his thick prick into the lust-made helpless girl, enjoying her constant crying out as he re-penetrated her, feeling her pussy walls suck and pulse around his burgeoning prick over and over again. Her juices lubricated the way easily, and his own added to hers, making fucking her as smooth as silk.

Her eyes widened and she spasmed into an orgasm, this time much more powerful, but he was used to that. Her orgasms came almost constantly when he fucked her, and when he smacked the thick base of his cock up against her clit, she went absolutely insane, thrashing and biting, crying and climaxing like a hellcat.

He loved stretching her pussy out like that, and often made her come this way several times before he would toss her down onto the bed, face down and finish her off from behind, creaming his thick load into her helpless twat. When he fucked her like that, she tightened her pussy, almost involuntarily in an attempt to keep him from pressing too deep. Of course, the grasping of her pussy made him fuck all the harder, as he sought to penetrate those grasping pussy muscles with hard, pounding thrusts that sunk into her easily, making her scream wildly around his girth.


Now Henry eased his fat cock back and forth in his teen girlfriend, letting her feel each ridge of his meat as he grasped her little ass in each hand, pulling her roughly onto his shaft. She cried out and bit her lip as his pubic bone crashed into her clit, causing tears to leak out of her eyes momentarily before she started thrashing and cumming all over his fat tool.


Henry slid out as Miya finally slumped to the bed, deciding to try something both old and new. He slid into her completely again, mashing his pubis against her clit once again. She bolted up from the bed, her fine, firm tits jiggling wildly from her flailing. Her body spasmed as she came, and came. Henry felt around her ass, slipping a digit into her butthole for good measure, sending the girl absolutely screaming through her orgasm.

She yelled and cursed in her passion, pressing her firm tits up against Henry’s chest and rubbing them back and forth from side to side against him. He realized this wasn’t just involuntary, she was rubbing her nipples on him to get her off even better.


She ground her ass back against his invading digit, trying to get him to fuck her butt with his finger, while squeezing her pussy muscles hard onto his dick. Her pussy slurped and sucked so good that Henry felt like cumming right then, but held himself off just a little, wanting to really drill his bitch hard from behind before spurting so hard it shot out of her pretty mouth.

Henry kept finger-fucking her ass long after her orgasm had finished, but Miya just took it, laying there panting on the bed, occasionally squeezing her tight ass around his finger and rolling her hips while moaning passionately. She couldn’t’ get enough. Even having come twice in a row, the sexy little slut was getting off again from her ass being fingered.


Henry flipped her onto her belly with his finger still slid up into her butthole, getting ready to blow his load. He sank most of his cock deep into the twitching girl beneath him, but still fingered her butt firmly. She pressed back against both invading members, proving once and for all that she was a horny slut, ready for anything her big-dicked boyfriend could give her.

She felt his fat digits penetrating both holes, and realized she was wrong to have been mad at him for being crude. He was just trying to please her little body, knowing full well what would get her slutty pussy off the best. The thought made her very horny, even in the post climax of several orgasms.

“Soooo good, Henry, ohhhh its making me soooo horny!”

Henry could feel her cuntal passage tighten with the presence of his finger in her butt, and he fucked it deeper, trying to make the horny Asian girl beneath him tighten up even further on his dong. It worked. As she tightened, he got ready to plunge his thick cock deep into the girl and spray his fuckload all over her insides. He even thought, at the last moment, that it would be awesome to fuck some of his creamy jizz onto her ass and back, and maybe into her hair. The girl moaned as she felt him grow extremely rigid inside her sopping wet pussy, and thrust herself back onto him, impaling her tight pussy onto his mean, thick cock.

Just as Henry was about to come, Miya’s sister knocked and opened the door simultaneously.

“Miya, are you… oh my God.” Kayo gasped, putting her hand up to her mouth in surprise. “What are you doing???”

Henry groaned as he slowly unimpaled the thin girl stuffed with his cock. His cock sprung up with a thwack against his belly, and thick droplets of come splattered her ass and his stomach. Henry remained rock hard, and his desire to come was killing him. Kayo just stared at his rock hard erection, her mouth opening and closing in shock. Henry recognized the look in her eyes, but said nothing.

Kayo was relatively sheltered being the oldest and her mother being the overly protective Japanese woman that she was. Therefore, Kayo actually had a great deal less experience with boys than Miya. Her younger sister was able to get away with more both because she was the youngest and her mother had already wasted all her energy trying to keep Kayo from becoming corrupted, and because Miya was much sneakier, less well behaved, and just better at not getting caught then Kayo.

Therefore, when Kayo saw Henry’s enormous cock bobbing in front of her sisters ass, pulsing and dripping with semen as if begging to be slid into the small girl’s posterior, she could do little more than stare. She had never seen a cock even half the size of the one that had just been stuffed up her sisters vagina, and she was sure that Miya should be screaming out with pain, instead of still slightly hunching her hips back against the air, wanting Henry to re-impale her on his juicy, fat sex organ.

Miya was delirious, however, and not even aware her sister had entered the room, her head buried into the pillows on the bed due to Henry’s rough pounding of her pussy.

Henry rubbed his cock slowly for the young girl, letting her watch the cum bead up on his cocktip and run down his hand onto the supple form of her sister beneath his towering form. Cum splashed hotly on Miya’s ass and exposed pussy lips, causing her to moan out and push up to receive more of Henry’s delicious fuckrod. His delicious subjugation of her body had made her extremely randy, and she was ready for many more cums before he was through with her. Her perky butt wiggled up into the air, trying to recapture his thrilling cock.

As Henry stroked his cock, he admired Kayo’s form, noting that she was taller, and less busty than Miya, but had the same incredibly tight ass, and her legs were long, and more enticing in a way. More womanly, Henry thought as his meat slipped rapidly through his fingers. The shocked and jealous expression Kayo wore on her face told Henry everything he needed to know about her.

As Miya turned her head, pulling it up off the bed, she spotted her older sister standing by the door.

“Oh no!” Miya gasped, “Oh God, I thought you were Mom for a second.”

“Mom will be home any second,” Kayo said, snapping out of her trance, “You’d better get him the hell out of here.” And she stormed out of the room, pretending to be aloof and bitchy as she always acted around her younger sister.

Henry took his cue to get up, and quickly get dressed, though his hardon was far from soft.

“Come back to my place Miya, you gotta finish me off or I’ll explode.” Henry told her.

“I already made you cum once, plus about fifty times earlier today, and my mom won’t let me just leave.” Miya snapped, frustrating at having her pussy go unfulfilled. Her pussy was unsatisfied, and being deprived of Henry’s generous fuckload being fired inside of her pussy was irritating her, and she bit back tears of frustration. She wanted his seed in her belly, she just knew it would cost them both a lot more if her mother ever caught them. And now she had to try to bribe her sister to not tell. She turned her face away from Henry so he wouldn’t see her tears, pulled her clothes on and went off to find her sister.

Chapter 6

“Uhhhggg, ohhh God, ohno ohnoo ohhhnooo!” Noel screamed out in uncontrolled passion so loudly that her voice echoed throughout her small basement bedroom.

It was the next day after Ned had fucked Noel for the first time, and he was sliding his incredibly fat meat into her pussy from behind with the girl prone on the bed. Noel’s stomach bulged with the incredible size of her new boyfriend’s fuckstick, and she held her hand on her belly, feeling the shaft slide up into her stomach each time he thrust into her, stretching her pussy out and plowing so incredibly deep inside her, she thought she would faint. Instead, she had just cum all over his turgid cock, juicing it up so well that he now slid smoothly within her, like her pussy was silk-lined.

Noel’s other hand was rubbing furiously at her cunt, which in effect ground her poor little between Ned’s insistently fucking member and her own hand. Back and forth the tiny nub was battered, rubbing Noel into raw, uncontrollable orgasms, but Noel just couldn’t stop herself.


Ned just kept panting and drooling behind the tall girl, letting her take all of his dick while he sought to drown her quim in his jizz for the second time that afternoon. “So tight, god, you’re so tight Noel, keep taking it, take it hard!” Ned gasped out, feeling his cum upon him.

“Ohhh Neddy, I can feel you getting bigger in meeeee, oh God, can I suck it out of you this time? OHH PLEASE?” Noel squirmed in lust beneath him, pleading in a small voice.

Ned’s mouth dropped open and he whipped his fast-flying cock out of the girl beneath him, quickly thrusting his body up the bed, grasping the back of Noel’s head and slamming his cock into her mouth. Although surprised at his suddenness, Noel instantly opened her mouth at the sight of Ned’s thick cock coming towards it, eager to feed on his lovely, goopey sperm. As his thick head passed into her mouth, she could feel how swollen and large it was, larger than normal and she knew he was mere seconds from cumming.

His ballsack was tight, and had pulled up against his body. Unlike other boys though, Ned’s cock was so extremely large, that his jism seemed to pile up for a long time in the shaft before firing out, so that she could watch his dick pulsating with pre-cumming spasms before anything actually fired out of his shaft. But when it did, it came out like a gushing firehose. Noel had wondered how far Ned could shoot, but had been unwilling to waste his cum by let him shoot his cum outside of her body in their forays together.

Noel’s mouth sucked hard on Ned’s thrusting shaft, and she felt her throat being assaulted, and choked a bit, but this didn’t stop her from sucking madly on his fat dick. Noel’s throat was flooded with scalding hot jism as her hand reached up to touch his balls, setting him off into thrashing spasms in her mouth, both his cock and his body wracked with orgasmic overload, causing him to twitch and buck into her mouth like a man possessed. His big prick spewed just unbelievable amounts of cum into her welcoming throat and mouth, and Noel’s senses were overwhelmed by the powerful scent of his juice, letting him empty it all out into her willing, incredibly hard-sucking mouth.

Noel milked his balls, making every spurt of cum empty itself from his balls and into her horny mouth, letting her lips pound back and forth on the ridge of his cockhead, making him jump each time they stroked past it, sending massive waves of sexual electricity through his horny body.

“Ohhh yeah, drain it, drain it baby.”

Ned looked down at the girl still sucking his meat, watching her lips suck greedily in order to get every last drop of his fuckload into her mouth so that she could swallow it. With come leaking out around her lips from where she couldn’t swallow fast enough, and her hair tussled from their fucking, he decided that she looked very slutty. And he loved it.

Noel noticed that Ned’s cock was still completely hard, and that he was still moaning from her sucking the rest of his come out of his cock, even though he had finished orgasming. Most guys were too sensitive at this stage, but Noel realized that this wasn’t the case with Ned, and she knew it was because he still wanted to fuck her again!

“My God, are you still horny Neddy?”

Ned nodded, grabbing her tits and rubbing the nipples of each one, causing the girl to jerk and twist to try to get away from his rough grasp.

“Does your cock need to come a lot before you are satisfied? Do you masturbate alot of times every day to get yourself off if you don’t get to fuck a horny girl like me??” Noel said, running her hand up and down his hard cock, rubbing it on her face and into her hair sexily.

“Yeah. Sometimes its alot I guess”

“Masturbating must be frustrating when you can’t fuck a girl. But you have me as your girlfriend now. Do you expect your girlfriend to take care of you anytime you need it, so you don’t have to masturbate?”

“Yeah.” Ned said, grinning insolently at the naked girl on her back.

“No matter how many times you have to shoot your nasty come in me, you want me to just lay here and take your cum? You want me to let you use my small pussy just so you can come in a girl instead of jerking your big, nasty cock off into your hands?”

“That’s right.”

“I guess I wouldn’t be a good girlfriend if I let my boyfriend masturbate. I’m not a mean girl like that, so I guess you should do whatever you want, just so your big dick can fit back into your pants. Well, go ahead Neddy, use my pussy again if that’s what you need. Go ahead, it’s wet enough already for you. Just go ahead and put your nasty, huge cock inside of me.” Noel panted out, grinding her pussy up against the ass of the boy still sitting on her body from above with his giant cock dangling over her.

Ned slowly slid himself into her while she lay on her back, her legs spreading wider eagerly to take him inside again. His giant shaft slipped easily into her at first, becoming more difficult as he reached the halfway point of his cock. This time Noel just watched as her hung boyfriend sunk himself into her pussy and as her belly bulged with the girth of his thick, wondrous fucktoy.

“Ohhh Neddy, you didn’t have to agree with me so quickly, ohh fuck that’s big. Do you really want to just use me all the time, just to get your big dick off?” Noel pouted, like what she was suggesting was a bad thing, but her hips flexed and pumped up against his dripping shaft, letting him in deeper to her willing, tight cunt shaft.

“Yeah baby, that’s exactly what I want. Ohhh damn, you are one tight girl.” Ned said, reaching down to grasp her hips in both hands, pulling them towards his pelvis in an attempt to further impale the taller girl with ample dickmeat.

“Ohhh but you want to treat me like a slut!!” Noel complained, her pussy wetting noticeably after she spoke the words and then she pushed her athletic bust up against him.

“Yeah, I suppose so. You like it though, and you do want to be a good girlfriend, don’t you?” Ned said, slamming his cock deep inside the writhing girl.

“OH YES, ohhh god, Neddy, I don’t know. Why would you want me to be like that, like some slutty tramp just for you to use.” Noel panted, her eyes rolling back into her head as Ned continued to sink himself fully into her, banging her cervix hard with each thrust. His girth stretched her slightly elastic walls beyond their capacity, causing the girl’s eyes to roll back in her head.

“I like slutty girls. Besides, if you keep giving me all this pussy, I won’t need to fuck some your girlfriends.” Ned said arrogantly, slapping his turgid prick up into Noel’s pussy harder this time, making it difficult for the girl to respond at all.

“OHHH GODDD,” Noel cried out, squinting her eyes shut hard, and Ned was pretty sure she had a mini-orgasm which she struggled to recover from long enough to reply.

“Ohhh Neddy, you like me being like this? Don’t you wish your girlfriend wasn’t a slut though? Don’t you want her to be a good girl?”

“No, be my little whore, fuck my big dick and love it, you slut, fuck it, GET YOUR PUSSY ON MY DICK YOU SLUT.” And when Ned told her what to do, Noel became extremely wet, excited, and began grasping his back with her hands, clasping onto him as her orgasm rocked her body harder than Ned had ever witness. Her felt her come spray around his shaft and balls, leaking out onto her bed, but her pussy just wouldn’t stop pulsing around him. It went on for nearly a full minute, the squealing girl lost in incredible ecstasy, the naughty talk having reached inside Noel’s mind to her deepest fantasies and deepest fears of a boy thinking she was a slut, but liking her for it nonetheless. She had worried, and rightly so, that a normal boy would be confronted with her endless bounty of lust and be frightened away. A normal boy would have been, but Ned fed upon her fucklust and pounded her small cunt, trying to suck out as much as possible from the horny girl, until he fucked every last bit of his cumload into her, only to start again the next day. He longed to fuck her over and over again, never tiring of her small pussy, or tall thin body. The slut loved his dick, and he loved that he could bang her to the very limits of consciousness and still long to fuck her again right afterwards.

Ned felt his jism creep out of his ballsack, readying itself to fire into the long-legged, sexy girl beneath him. His fat cock was rubbing her pussy on all sides, stretching the young girl out wonderfully, causing her clit to rub and vibrate easily with each thrust of their fucking.

“GAAHHHHH ohhhh Neddiiiii!! It’s soooo fat, your dick is so fat in my little pussy, ohhhhh gawwwwddd help me Neddiii” Noel quaked as her legs split apart, lifting into the air around Ned’s thrusting body. Ned was shocked at how white her skin was, becoming very excited at the sight of her white legs spreading for him, each leg wobbling out the his sides. He watched her legs as they spread slowly, like the wings of a butterfly until at last they locked into place and he saw the muscles in each one tense and the soft skin on each leg begin to wiggled as they shook in time to her screaming.

Over and over again, her legs jiggled as she waved them into the air, her pussy clasping intensely onto his cock as she orgasmed, causing her cuntal spasms to rock her long legs, sending wild vibrations and spasms up into her twitching legs. They shook around Ned’s body, the girl forcing her cunt up harder against the stalk of his cock, pounding the little pussy against him.


Ned could feel her wetness soak his giant girth while she flung her legs higher into the air, spasmodically waving them around like a cheerleader doing the splits, but she obviously had no control over her long, tapered legs, and the come was making her thrash so incredibly hard that Ned could barely stay on top of the fucking schoolgirl. His big girth felt so wet and juicy in the girl’s cummy quim, and the pressure on his dick was so intense that he didn’t even realize he was losing control until his huge river of jism began shooting into her madly rocking quim. He couldn’t help but watch her lovely ivory legs as they continued to spasm with her orgasm, the girl shaking the walls with her screams and madly thrusting hips as she sought to swallow all of his cock in her desperate desire to get off multiple times on his massive tool.

Their juices squished together loudly as he emptied his load into the still-screaming girl, and Ned lost control, grunting and almost screaming out as his load was pulled from his balls up into the tall girl who was wide-eyed and orgasming in an almost fear-like state beneath him. Already she had been coming for a full two minutes, and Ned had not felt her pussy loosen during that entire stretch. As his come hotly poured out and filled her teenage quim, the girl’s eyes grew wilder, and her legs shook fiercely around him until he grabbed both of them and spread her wider as he fucked himself completely into the girl and spilled every last drop of his steaming hot jism into her girlish body.

As Ned lay down on top of her, his dick still hard and even fatter from the inflation prior to his cum, Noel lay panting beneath him, tensing up with her entire body every so often as the pulsing cums simply would not end. Ned did little to help her, flexing his giant cock up in her cunt, just to get a little more out of the helplessly climaxing girl. When at last he stopped teasing her, the girl fell back onto the bed and passed out with come pouring steadily from her cunt.

Chapter 7

Henry left Miya’s house, feeling dejected and incredibly horny. He walked slowly back to his house, entering through the front door and finding only his brother Randy home. He sighed. If only Miya had come home with him, he could be fucking her up in his room right now. Randy, obviously, wouldn’t say anything. Hell, none of his brothers ever told on each other, because it always bit them in the ass when they did (they learned that lesson by tattling on Randy the first time they caught him throwing a rock through a window when he was six). They came together early on and decided to watch out for one another, and things were a hell of a lot better between them for it.

As Henry walked into the house, he could begin to make out the sounds from Randy’s room and he sighed again. Fuck, he thought, his brother was fucking Sarah again in his room, but he was out in the cold, getting nothing.

Henry couldn’t stop himself, and the sounds became increasingly louder as he approached Randy’s open door. Of course Henry had seen Sarah many times as their families were friends, but typical of boys, he was amazed to see her in an entirely new light as her enormous, bare tits jiggled on her chest as Randy thrust his gargantuan, veiny tool into her wet pussy. Sarah was on her back, with her legs spread high and wide into the air shaking with every pounding thrust of Randy’s cock. Sarah couldn’t stop squealing passionately as she allowed Randy to penetrate her most precious place over and over again with his come-coated tool, and she bit her lip sexily as if uncertain she really should be fucking such a well-hung guy in his bedroom, uncertain what kind of girl that made her.

Henry was impressed that Randy’s cock was every bit as thick and long as his own, and for the first time he really understood what it was like to watch a girl’s small pussy take such a ridiculously large thing inside of it. Sure, he had fucked girls before, but he never realized how amazing it looked from an outside perspective, how impossible it looked for a teenage girl to be taking every inch of a pussy-buster like Randy’s up inside of it.

The whole thing was turning Henry on enormously, because Sarah was very, very busty, and very attractive, and very noisy. Her screams of lust pounded off the walls, echoing easily throughout their small house. It was all so hot, and Miya hadn’t given him all of the sex he needed before shoving him out the door.

“Ohhh Randy, ohhh god, grab my tits baby, come on, grab em hard!” Sarah whined, her pussy sucking rapidly on the meaty, cum-covered shaft pounding the young girl. It was clear that Randy had already cum at least one huge load up inside of her, as was evidenced by the white goo continuously dripping out of the teen’s pussy hole, and yet the girl was begging for more.

Just as Henry reluctantly gave up spying on Randy and his girl and began to walk upstairs, convinced that he would have to jerk himself off several times to withdraw the ache from his loins, a knocking came from the door behind him.

As he opened the door, he was stunned to find Miya and her sister there. His heart jumped in his chest with longing and hope, but fell with the realization that her sister’s presence would forgo any sex acts.

“She insisted on coming along, I’ll explain upstairs. Is anyone else here?” Miya said tersely, obviously very upset.

“Uh, just Randy, but he’s in his room.”

“Fine, let’s go to your room.” Miya said, taking Henry’s hand and leading him. “Shut the door.” At this point, Kayo hadn’t said a word, but actually looked bashful, as if she were embarrassed by something Miya would say.

“She saw you with your thing up in me, and saw you take it out. She says its bigger than the ones she’s seen, and wants to look at it. Or she’ll tell our mother what we’ve been doing.” Miya said, looking angrily at her sister.

Henry was so horny, he didn’t care who looked at it or felt it. Hell, he was about to jerk it off anyway, if a couple of sexy Asian girls were going to watch him while he did it, that would be even better. As they entered Henry’s room, he kicked his shoes off, pulled his pants down and his half-hard cock came slamming out, laying long and thick along his thigh. It flopped and swung between his teenage legs, still moist with his previous precum drawn out of his cock by Miya’s greedy pussy, and it still looked every bit as big as Miya had ever seen it. Her anger disappeared from her face as she was entranced by it once again and her overwhelming lust for him took over her body. Her hand immediately went to it, as if to comfort it, her small fingers kneading the thick shaft thoroughly.

Pre-cum still clogged up Henry’s shaft and began to run out readily onto the girl’s brown fingers as they clasped firmly at his dick, the long shaft which bent easily in her small grip turned hard, forming up quickly into her manipulative fingers. A thick, easy lubrication coated his cock, and the girl used this readily to masturbate her boyfriend’s well-endowed organ. Henry just moaned and pumped his hips up into her aggressive fondling, feeling like he could come at any moment.

“I want to try that, or I’ll tell.” Kayo said bitchily. Miya did not like being woken from her hypnotic stroking of her man’s succulent and large cock shaft, and she did not like the idea of having her sister playing with her boyfriend like that. The huge shaft pulsed wildly in her hand at Kayo’s words, and she looked angrily at her sister, pulling her hand away from her boyfriend’s greedy shaft in a huff.

Kayo delicately placed her fingers on his cock, moving too gently up and down at first, until Henry directed her to be more firm. He instructed her in the essentials of giving hand jobs, and even Miya found herself listening to his words, learning exactly what her lover preferred when a woman touched his cock. He had never complained about her touching him in any way, and she felt proud that she had it right from the start, that she was a natural.

Still, there were a few tips she picked up, she stored away, realizing they were what separated a girl like her who was good at stroking a man’s fuck meat, and an expert slut, which she aspired to be for him. She wanted to always have that huge fuck stick at her beck and call to fill her tiny pussy or even, she thought, other dirtier things she had not yet tried with the hugely hung lad.

As Kayo stroked, Miya became quite jealous, having to watch her man get his jollies at the hand of another woman, especially her sister. She moved her face down to Henry’s cock, for there was still plenty of his cock which was left unattended. Kayo’s hands were just as small as Miya’s, and they barely covered his cock surface, and certainly did not wrap around his entire girth.

She also took shallow strokes from the base of his cock, and she watched Henry’s bubbling cock head waving around, getting none of the attentions she felt it so richly deserved. She placed her lips delicately around the head and slowly sucked him in, taking a sizable spurt of jism into her mouth in the process as Henry felt the hot wave of pleasure suck down his cock head and slurp down part of his shaft. He involuntarily spurted some leftover pre-jism into his girlfriend’s mouth, making her coo in pleasure.

“I want to do that too.” Kayo complained to Miya, as if Henry wasn’t even there. Henry was a bit annoyed by the selfishness the girl displayed, though he did enjoying having a set of hands and a mouth sharing his cock. He could see that Miya was getting really upset, and thought about what he could do to remedy the situation. He toyed with the idea of suggesting anal sex with Miya, just to see if Kayo jumped on that bandwagon as well.

“It’s ok Miya, we’d better let her do what she wants if we don’t want your mother finding out.”

“Of course you’d say that.” Miya snapped, “You’re getting just what you want, two girls.”

Henry pulled Miya up onto her feet and looked her in the eyes. Miya backed down, looking submissively at her feet.

Henry pointed to Kayo, and then pointed at his dick. “Suck.” He demanded. The girl’s eyes widened, but she went directly to him, and began sucking at the tip of his cock, as if afraid to take more into her mouth.

Henry pulled Miya’s head close, as if comforting her. He whispered into her ear. “We could tie her up.”

Miya’s face took on a vengeful grimace, and nodded fiercely.

Henry said quietly, “There’s some ropes over in my closet.”

Meanwhile, he grabbed the back of Kayo’s head and began fucking his cock deeper into her mouth, much faster than the inexperienced sister was able to handle. She gasped and choked on his thickness, choking as Henry meanly slammed against the back of her throat.

“Oh god, it’s too big. I would never want something like that inside me, it would kill me,” gasped Kayo as she pulled Henry’s turgid cock from her mouth, “How did you take that Miya? Ok, Miya, get your boyfriend to eat me out now, I wanna come.”

At that moment, however, Henry pushed his cock back into Kayo’s mouth, forcing her to put her hands up on his thighs, or be choked to death on his enormous cock. Henry took her hands in one of his, and held them behind her back as he slid his cock into her throat, making the bitch take a fraction of his staff into her gullet. The bitchy sister choked and teared up, crying at getting exactly what she had asked for. With her arms behind her back, and the thick cock stretching her mouth and throat out, Kayo didn’t really feel the ropes being coiled about her wrists. It helped that they were soft rope, and that Miya was doing an exceptional job in securing her older sister.

Kayo appeared to be experiencing multiple orgasms, or at least orgasms in fairly close succession, and her eyes never left the fat shaft stuffing her sister’s tiny hole. The whole time she just moaned, orgasmed, became glassy eyed, and stared longingly at the sex going on right in front of her face. Kayo’s pussy completely drenched the dildo and began leaking down her thighs as she lay helplessly with her face on the bed, getting off on a completely mechanical device, which she had no control over.

She struggled at her bonds, but not only was this useless, the thought of being bound simply made her orgasms arrive more quickly, and when they did, they rocked her body harder than ever before. She couldn’t control her drooling mouth as she slobbered in the panties stuffed into her mouth. Her pussy drooled at least as much, and Kayo blushed with embarrassment as she felt the hot juices flowing down her thighs and collecting in the depression of her kneecaps. The cooling pussy juices only served to demonstrate just how slutty she really was, she realized, and with so much juice as proof, she knew her sister and her sister’s boyfriend would soon know too.

Miya had a hard time stopping herself from coming under normal circumstances. She would fight the feeling of orgasm as long as she could, trying to last awhile before being overcome with the sexual sensations her body craved so deeply. She used to resist coming because she didn’t want the boys she was with to think she was a slut, or easy.

With Henry, she hardly had a choice of what she wanted. The guy just used her pussy until he was satisfied, and in the course of that came many, many orgasms for her. With Henry rubbing his huge prong up against her g-spot, she didn’t even last long enough to consider resisting. She didn’t even realize what was happening until she looked down at her body, realized it was spasming, and then her brain was power-slammed by an orgasm so strong she felt the intensity of three cums at the same time.

Fortunately, Miya didn’t have to do anything except lay there and take his huge shaft as her forced her pussy to juice all over it, because she was unable to even move after the intensity of her orgasm. As the orgasm began to die down, the horny nymphet reached up and grasped her own nipples tightly, pinching them hard, sending pulses of pleasure back down into her pussy so that it fired off into yet another rapturous orgasm.

“Ohh my, ohhh henry, Ohhh yess yes yes, ohhh yes.” the horny Asian teen cried out involuntarily and was surprised to hear her own voice crying out so slutily.

Henry was becoming extremely excited in the girl’s pulsating pussy, and as her orgasms hit, her pussy squeezed his already over-sensitized organ. The muscles rippling along the outside of his shaft forced his fuckwad up from his balls and into his shaft, and in moments he was screaming out as more come than he had ever felt before shot out of his giant organ and spewed up inside his hornily orgasming girlfriend.

“Ohhhh Miya, ohhh I’m gunna, Ohhh shit, here I come, ohhhhhh ohhhhhh fuuuuuuccckk.”

“HENRY!!!! Oh GOD, OHHH NO, OHHH PUHHLLEEEZEEE FILL ME BABY, FILL ME WITH YOUR CUM!!!” Miya yelped out, trying to let Henry have all the pussy he wanted, but struggling now to take him all since his cock had bulged up to almost twice the thickness inside her pussy just prior to his orgasm. His hot and heavy tool had enlarged to such a thick, rigid length, the small girl beneath him felt like she wouldn’t be able to fit it all into her tiny body. Just as she doubted herself, Henry bottomed out within her and dumped another incredible set of fuck wads into her twat.

The teen tossed her head from side to side as molten hot come billowed out of her boyfriend and filled her sensitive hole with sperm. She yelped and screamed out, experiencing pleasure, orgasm, pain and the most incredible fucking of her young life simultaneously. Her orgasms wouldn’t stop, and the molten heat of Henry’s come splashed so incredibly deep inside of her, she felt like his turgid tool was stretching her and his hot sperm was violating her to the very core.

She felt Henry’s massive ball sack rest against her ass cheeks as his cock slowed to a halt, deep within her fuck furrow. She could feel his ball sack pulling up rhythmically as he poured more sperm into her belly, though his cock remained still within her pussy. It didn’t matter. She could come just from having his big cock fully crammed up inside of her, she realized.

He was still so big in her, he stretched her every moment he lay inside of her, and she struggled to take him. She gasped as Henry moved slightly to his side, making his groin mash into her clit. He noticed, and he rolled his hips to the other side, causing her to gasp again.

“Do you like it?” Henry asked the gasping girl trapped beneath his weight.

“Uhhhhhhh” Miya replied, “Uh huhhhhhhh.”

Henry rolled his hips back and forth, grinding his pubic mound against her, feeling her hot gash open against his probing. Her clitorous was hot against him, and Miya felt it harden in anticipation of another come.

Kayo lay over the bed, her hips rocking back and forth against her imaginary lover while she pinched her eyes shut and orgasmed, opening her eyes every so often to watch the horny lovers and their coupling. Henry looked at her lips and started to make out the words “big dick” as she mouthed them over and over again. Henry almost chuckled. He’d apparently found another girl obsessed with his horsedick.

“Should I make you come again?” Henry asked, still rock hard in the girl’s belly.

“Uhhhhh, ohhh yeah, ohh puhhleeezzzee.” Miya begged. Henry pushed himself hard against his girl, and began rolling his hips rapidly against her. Miya screamed, frozen with the intensity of feelings showering forth from her cunt. Her body no longer recognizing how to respond simply locked up, and Henry continued his wicked work between the teenage nympho’s legs. As he caressed her clit with his pubis, the girl skyrocketed to orgasm after orgasm, wailing the roof off as she wrapped her legs and arms around Henry.

“OHHHH BIIIIGGG, OHHH GOD, SOOOO BIG, OHHH HENRY, PLUUUHLLLEEEEZEE OHHH PLEASE Ohh god, oh stop, oh god, oh don’t stop, oh don’t stop, OHHHHH YEAAHHH!!!” Miya babbled insanely, the look in the girl’s eyes almost frightened Henry, but lust rose up in his chest as he watched her go insane over his cock.

He continued fucking her hard, making her come over and over again. Her pussy became more sensitive with each orgasm, and as Henry ground against her, she came more and more easily, though the sensations became harder for Miya to handle as her cunt overpowered her brain with incredibly intense bursts of pleasure.

“OHHHHH NOT AGAIN, OH GOD, OHHHH NOOOOOOOOO, AYIEEEEEEE AYYEEEEEEE, OHHHH NO, NO AYEEEIIII OHH ohhh god, oh god, not again, not again, Ohh please, OHHH OHHH FUCK OH FUCK OH FUCK, HELP ME, OHHH AYYEIIIIIIII.” Henry pounded her struggling pussy as she raked his back with her fingers, leaving red marks, but not actually hurting the young man pleasuring her cunthole so completely.

Henry slowed his pace and began to let his girl come down from her orgasms, slowly pulsing his thick meat up between her thighs so she wasn’t denied of pleasure, but giving her a chance at retaining her sanity.

Henry began to ease the Asian girl over onto her belly, obviously preparing to fuck her again. He longed to spill his wholesome load up inside his tiny girlfriend’s pussy from behind, and make her sister watch as gobs of it poured out of her.

“No, no, Henry, No. I can’t, I can’t. It’s too much.” Miya said, still panting excessively from the working out her cunt had received.

“Why don’t you teach that bitch a lesson right there.” Miya said, looking her sister in the eyes.

Henry shrugged and moved around behind the girl. Hell, fucking one girl from behind must be close to the same as fucking her sister, he figured. He slipped his cock, sopping wet with pussy juices and come, up to Kayo’s hole, reaching forward to remove the still-vibrating toy from her pussy. Instead of just dropping it, he stuck the thing up against her butthole, and watched her squirm as she thought for a second that he planned to violate her rectally.

Instead, Henry didn’t plan on violating her at all. He placed his throbbing cock head at the entrance to her very, very wet pussy. Then he waited for the magic to work itself out, providing stiff pressure at her pussy entrance without actually pushing forward. This placed sole responsibility in her hands.

Of course, Kayo would have resisted the whole idea of taking such a large cock inside her cunt, but her cunt had other ideas. While she tried to deny the pleasures from her body that she was sure would destroy her, her long legs led all the way up to a very restrained pussy that had been waiting to be unleashed for years. Once her pussy lips had felt the head of Henry’s large cock laying stiffly between them, her body eased itself back against the monster, as if curious to know what it would be like. Tied up, Kayo could do little more than push herself back onto him, but she did this with greed, trying to suck in as much of the giant prick she had seen fucking her sister as quickly as possible.

Kayo was overwhelmed at feeling the large cock in her cunt channel, knowing exactly what the big thing looked like stuffing a small Asian cunt, knowing full well that her tiny cunt would have an equally hard time taking it, but her chest swelled and she almost swooned at the idea of it. She quivered at the memory of how hard her sister had come on the huge thing so many times, and how she had begged him to stop making her come.

She wanted to beg to stop being fucked, to be so overly pleasured for the first time in her life that she was actually unable to continue. Her pussy muscles rippled in a wave on his cock, thrilling at the idea of the huge horse-dong making her cum until she begged him to stop. She couldn’t stop anything right now, she realized, she was still completely bound and helpless on this boy’s bed.

Miya watched Kayo’s face as she took her own boyfriend’s big dick in her pussy and began trying to suck it deeper into her slutty cunt. Miya leaned forward, removing the panties from her mouth and dropped the soaking wet things on the slut’s back with a wet splut. Kayo knew what she had done, knew her sister was trying to make her feel like a fucking whore, and it was working. Kayo’s pussy sucked and pulsed around the huge organ inside of her, and her body felt good.

She felt good for submitting her slutty body to such a well-hung boy, and longed for him to use her in any way he chose. She knew the more he used her, the more he teased her slutty body, the harder she would come and the more submissive she would be to his demands.
She even loved the aching feeling springing up between her legs, as her pussy struggled to take in the enormous girth of her sister’s boyfriend’s cock.

“Do you like my boyfriend’s huge dick, you little slut?” Miya asked, almost politely as she sneered at her sister. “why don’t you ask him to take you up the butt?”

Kayo shook her head no, vigorously.

“Oh, come on, he’d really enjoy it. Isn’t that what’s important? Don’t you want to make him cum, to make him happy instead of yourself for a change?”

Tears welled up on her face as she nodded slowly. She looked pathetic with mascara running down her face, her lipstick smeared from her earlier cock sucking and pussy juices running clear from her pussy to he knees.

“See that Henry, she wants to make you happy! Didn’t you want to fuck me in the ass before? Well, now you can fuck her!” Miya said meanly.

Kayo’s head slumped to the bed in resignation. She really was just a little slut, to be whored out to any guy with a big, meaty cock. Henry pressed a thumb up her butt hole, using her own generous lubrication from her pussy to grease her little butt hole. The girl whimpered and moaned beneath him.

Being a guy, Henry didn’t really care which girl’s butt hole he got to fuck, but he always figured most girls were way too worried to let him. He was surprised how quickly Kayo agreed, but wasn’t about to stop on account of that. Little did he realize just how submissive in nature Kayo really was, or he might have come to realize that she really wasn’t ready for his huge tool in her bottom. Nevertheless, she lay there on the bed, ready to accept him.

Henry looked at his huge cock, and looked at her tiny puckered hole. He slid his thumb in and out of her butt, letting her enjoy the soft penetration of his finger. He put his cock back up against her pussy, getting it wet and the girl eagerly sucked him back inside. He began moving around in her, trying to penetrate her deeper with each thrust. Feeling her asshole with his thumb made him realize that she really was slutty, and that she seemed to get off on anal play, but in no way was her butt going to be big enough for his giant cock.

He eased more of himself into her, making her moan and he felt her pussy buck on his shaft. The preliminaries to coming, he realized. In moments, she would be helplessly thrashing beneath him if he continued fucking her pussy with his huge girth, playing with her tiny ass.

He began to pound deeply inside his girlfriend’s sister, trying to find her limits. While she had physical limits (he bottomed out in her shortly), she seemed to have no mental limit. She didn’t stop him or cry out when he banged more of his fat fuck shaft into her belly, and soon he was pounding her roughly on the bed, taking her from behind in as degrading a manner as possible. That was easy as she was tied up and helpless to resist him seeking pleasure in her tight body.

Henry ran his hands up her supple legs from behind, smearing her pussy juices all over her thighs, humiliating the girl by demonstrating the extent of her sluttiness. She pressed back against him as she tried to stop him from rubbing her juices all over her, and encouraged him to become distracted by her tight pussy instead. He did both.

He rubbed her legs with her juices, running a hand up between her sopping wet legs and running his fingers into her pussy fur while slamming his fat shaft into the bottom of her juicy cunt funnel. Her body responded, tensing up and jerking back against him wildly while he teased and taunted her endlessly.

Miya watched in fascination as her boyfriend toyed with her sister, making the slut pay for her earlier blackmail, using her like the bitchy slut she was with a total disrespect for her as a person and a woman. He diddled her clit, running his fingers through her juices before sticking them up to her mouth, and pushing her head down to suck them. She sucked his juice covered fingers reluctantly, but became animated when he began to finger-bang her butthole again.

“HMMMMMMMMM OHHHHMMMM MMMM MMMM” Kayo moaned, panting in between her rapturous cries.

“I’m gonna cum in this slut,” Henry said to Miya, “Where do you want me to shoot?” Henry knew that Miya would become jealous if she believed Henry was fucking her for his own sake, so he continued to let Miya believe that he was taking vengeance out on the slutty girl beneath him. In reality, Henry could already see that Kayo would be very easy to fuck again in the future, and he would be using her pussy and mouth again very soon.

“You could cum in her belly, but I’ll bet she’s protected.” Miya said, smiling naughtily.

Kayo shook her head no, and Miya brightened. “Oh goody, why don’t you shoot in her belly, and that way you can knock the slut up, and everyone will know she’s an easy whore.”

Henry felt Kayo’s pussy clasp onto his cock very tightly at Miya’s words, and he was surprised at how deeply perverse the little bitch taking his cock actually was.

Henry began to realize that Kayo was in a state of almost constant orgasm, from the moment he began fucking her. She had gone through so many orgasms watching him fuck his girlfriend that she had almost lost her mind in the ecstasy of powerful orgasms. Now, with a huge perverse dick slammed up inside her fertile belly, she couldn’t stop them. They just washed over her, wave after wave, and she tighten up harder at some moments than others from the maddeningly sexy talk of her sister, but more and more her pussy muscles ached, unable to sustain the tortuously good cums hammering her small body.

“Gee Henry, do you think a girl could get knocked up from one of your orgasms? I mean, how much do you think you come in a girl?” Miya taunted, knowing full well that Kayo had seen the gobs of jism pouring out of her cunt before Henry had even withdrawn his still-hard staff from her pussy.

Henry motioned for Miya, and the small Asian girl quickly dropped to her knees beside her bucking boyfriend, licking her lips quickly, her eyes big and hopeful as Henry pumped his last few jabs into the belly of Miya’s sister.

Come spiked up from his balls and fired into his shaft, preparing to launch deeply into the sluttish teen slurping on his cock with her pussy mouth. Henry yanked his huge pecker suddenly from the girl, who suddenly collapsed on the bed, gasping and twitching, in what could only be called a withdrawal orgasm. Meanwhile, Henry crammed his cock into the greedy mouth of his girlfriend who immediately sucked it into her mouth and began throat-fucking him into an orgasm of massive intensity.

Cum shot into her tight Asian throat before entering her belly or spraying out of her tightly sucking lips. There was just too much of it, and it spilled everywhere onto the tiny girl, onto her well-rounded breasts, her lips, her neck, and even down to her crotch. The come just kept spilling over and over again into and onto the teenage girl, and her eyes glazed with lust as it happened.

Henry looked down at her, sure for a moment that she wanted his fat cock spraying in her belly right then. Her eyes told him in no uncertain terms that she wanted to be fucked from behind and sprayed with ever last drop of his jism, to be used on his cock as he had used her sister. And then the look was gone, and she was shafting his enormous dong into her throat again, throat-pounding every last drop of come from his wildly thrashing cock.

From the doorway Sarah said, “Well, that was hot,” her huge tits hanging openly for everyone to see. “Who wants to watch us next?”

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