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Bayou Heatwave Pt 1 An Original Story By David Flint

Bayou Heatwave Copyright by David Flint

It was a typical hot day in Happiness, Louisiana. Happiness was a small town in King Cotton parish . Happiness had a few businesses and some farms surrounding the small hamlet. It was the kind of town where everyone indeed did know each other.The town was so small that many municipal services had to be provided by the state. The town so small, it didn’t even had a hospital, rather a small clinic. For serious illnesses, the closest place for medical care was in the next parish. Happiness was in the southern part of the state where the heat almost never abated. If you found heat overly uncomfortable, you didn’t want to be in Happiness. William Clarke was the sheriff of King Cotton parish. He was affectionately known to the citizens as Mr. Billy. Almost everyone called him Mr. Billy with pretty much the only exceptions being his wife who called him Bill and the employee’s in the sheriff’s office who called him sheriff. In Happiness, the only thing more dominant than the heat was the lack of quality work. There wee a few businesses that employed local residents and a little work on the area farms. The sheriff’s office was one of the VERY few government offices that the local townspeople had the ability to fund and despite that, Mr. Billy was likely the lowest paid sheriff in the state, even having to pay some of the cost of his sheriff’s cruiser himself. One thing he had going in his favor was a car dealership in the neighboring parish giving the parish the courtesy of selling the vehicle at cost. So Mr. Billy drove where he was dispatched to in his partially parish supplied sheriff’s truck. The other vehicles assigned to the sheriff’s office were old and barely running but the parish had no choice but to keep them running with chewing gum and rubber bands if need be. This particular hot evening, Mr.Billy was reclining in bed with his wife Gabrielle. Mr. Billy usually stayed so busy with all the duties and responsibilities as sheriff that he stayed slim. Gabrielle was as fit as her husband although she was blessed with VERY nice amply sized tits. She would be the very picture of heaven to a tit man. Also blessed with stunning beauty, dark hair and an ass that went on for days. They laid in bed together, feeling the breeze of a floor fan that stood at the end of the bed blowing a steady hot breeze over their naked bodies. Gabrielle and Bill kissed, their tongues entertwined. Bill kisses Gabrielle’s face over and over covering her skin with his lips as she moans her approval .His kisses move from her face to her neck, a dangerous place for most women. Billy knows how to fuck his wife but he’s a small town sheriff, unknowledgeable in the ways of more women. He was attracted to his wife and his wife to him but he’s only known the few local girls in his home town. But Bill knows Gabrielle likes her neck kissed, so he does it. Thus as he kisses her neck, Gabrielle moans her enjoyment. And since Gabrielle is so much more than just a neck, Bill continues his kissing down her shoulders, her upper chest, her big beautiful round tits. As Bill kissed Gabrielle’s tits, he kneaded them,gently so as not to cause discomfort, but rather to excite her erogenous zones. Bill gently holds Gabrielle’s tits in his hands as he enjoys the feel of her nipples, the taste of them. They tickle his tongue as he flicks across them. Bill nibbles and gently pulls on the tender soft flesh. With each pull of a nipple, Gabrielle lets out a little whimper. Yes, Bill knows how to get her juices flowing. After getting his fill of his beautiful wife’s tits, Bill works his way down her abdomen to one of his favorite parts of her body. Her beautiful tender pussy lips. Bill loved the taste of Gabrielle’s pussy. She might have been a small town girl but she had a world class tasting pussy and Bill loved to feast on it. As Bill settles in for his wondrous meal, Gabrielle parted her legs wide and rested a foot on his back. For his part,Bill wrapped his arms around Gabrielle’s hips and buried his face in her sweet tender lips. Gabrielle cried little sobs as she enjoyed the feel of Bill’s tongue exploring all of her inner area. Tasting every part of her that his tongue could reach,Bill thrust his tongue as deep as he could every where he could and Gabrielle was one part of the benefit from the act. It was hard to tell who enjoyed more, The eaten or the eater. Both seemed to be in their ‘happy spot’. Gabrielle was enjoying Bill’s tongue action so much, she involuntarily placed her hands at the back of his head and pushed his head deeper into her slit. As long as he could breathe, Bill didn’t care how much his face was shoved. It didn’t take much of Bill’s skilled licking for Gabrielle to gift him with his first reward, Gabrielle’s first orgasm being delivered down his waiting throat. With Gabrielle’s taste fresh in his mouth, Bill moved up to kneel on the bed and he pulled Gabrielle’s hips towards him, with her freshly orgasmed pussy glistening in the dim light of the room, Bill positioned his cock to insert into her slit. As he slid the full length of his cock in, Gabrielle moaned,closing her eyes. She allowed Bill to position her legs as he wished and he chose to have one leg embraced in his arms while her other leg reclined out to the side and Bill went to work. He moved his cock in and out, tenderly and deliberately until Gabrielle whimpered with each thrust of his flesh. He took hold of one of her beautiful tits seemingly to steady himself as he began thrusting more deliberately. Gabrielle moaned and moved her hips in rhythm with his tempo as he fucked her soundly. She was getting so into the act of their fucking that she opened her eyes and gazed into his as she accepted and embraced her fucking on this hot summer night. Her pussy was excessively slick as her cum coated Bill’s cock while he worked ever closer to his orgasm to join the several she had already enjoyed. Then Gabrielle felt the throbbing of Bill’s cock as it prepared to let go his seed. Gabrielle felt the first spurt of cum hit the interior of her pussy walls and her kegel muscles gripped his cock tightly as her pussy milked the cock for every drop of cum inside it. As they slowed down and rested from their regular fucking, Bill and Gabrielle laid together enjoying the precious time together. Being the parish sheriff, Bill’s time often was not his own. Very shortly, he would be making his rounds around the small town making sure there was nothing amiss.

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