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Basketball player in a thunderstorm

Horny high school students get excited by the slightest sexual provocation.

Miss Krippen … well, she exuded sexuality. The petite math teacher had only recently graduated from teacher’s college and wasn’t much older than the senior students in the school.

She was less than five feet tall and had pert little breasts. When she wore jeans and put her long blond hair in a ponytail she could pass for one of the students.

Whether the boys were geeky math students or athletic jocks they liked Miss Krippen. She was a good teacher and enjoyed working with the students. Miss Krippen had one weakness … she was a size queen.

She liked to tease the boys in math class and check out their packages. She wore intoxicating perfume and revealing blouses and short skirts. Her beautiful strawberry blond hair, like her personality, was always bouncy, bright and flowing.

When she bent over a student to help with a math problem she would let her thick shiny hair fall forward. It would often brush against the student’s cheek.

Miss Krippen always had beautifully manicured fingernails — long, hard, brightly painted nails and smooth soft hands. As she studied the math problem she would run her fingers across the page and point out the errors with her red fingernails.

The helpless male student would become intoxicated by her beautiful perfumed hair. Her silk blouse would be open enough that the horny teenager would see her lacy bra and firm tits. Her perfumed hair, short skirts, open blouse and painted nails gave most of these young men an instant hard-on.

When she was in a particularly devilish mood and liked the package she was seeing, she would put her manicured hand on the student’s shoulder as she explained the math problem. If the boy was big and muscular she would lean in and brush her tits on his shoulder pretending not to notice the effect she was having.

More than one horny teenager had jerked off in the school washroom thinking about Miss Krippen. Her sexy legs, friendly smile and teasing ways were the cause of many erections not only with the students but with most of the male teachers in the school.

There was a rumour that Miss Krippen had fucked Mr. Washington the school Principal in his office. Mr. Washington, a former Olympic athlete was himself the source of sexual fantasies for many of the students in the school — both the girls and the gay guys. He was rumoured to be packing at least ten inches. (see Principal and Math Teacher story elsewhere).

How petite little Miss Krippen could possibly handle the huge equipment of Mr. Washington added to her sexual mystique in the school.

At four foot ten inches tall, she came up to the chest level of most of the horny athletic boys on the school basketball team. Even in her sexy spiked heels she only stood slightly over five feet tall. All the guys on the senior team towered over her.

Miss Krippen was a fan of basketball and she attended all the home games. She found the young men sexy in their basketball uniforms. The thin shoulder straps of the tank tops drew attention to their powerful shoulders and thick muscular arms.

During the game she liked to watch the broad shoulders, thick chests and sweaty armpits of the young men as they ran up and down the court shooting baskets and passing the ball. But even better, she liked to watch them absentmindedly adjusting the crotch of their silky shorts as they stood in the shot circle or sat on the bench.

She liked to sit in the bleachers opposite the home team so she could see them sitting open legged on the bench adjusting their crotch. If she sat in the right spot she was at eye level with the players and would tease them in her short skirt and high heels. A short skirt wasn’t the best thing to wear sitting in the stands of the high school gym unless you were deliberately trying to give horny young men hard-ons.

Miss Krippen was definitely a cock tease. The guys on the bench would look up and sometimes, depending on how far up the bleachers she sat and how she crossed her legs, they could see right up her short skirt.

One basketball player in particular caught the eye of Miss Krippen. Leon Bishop — number 23 — was a square jawed handsome young man who stood over six and a half feet tall. When Leon stood up from the bench it was obvious he had more in his pants than the other young men on the team. He seemed to be constantly adjusting the obvious bulge in his shorts.

Miss Krippen had never had Leon as a student, but she was intrigued by his handsome face and lantern jaw. She liked his broad shoulders and powerful thighs. She was particularly intrigued by whatever it was he was hiding between his legs.

She watched his graceful moves on the court and thought that he was more mature than the rest of the guys on the basketball team. She wondered if he had any sexual experience. If he was a virgin she would be glad to teach him how to use his equipment; how to satisfy a woman.

Leon, like all the other guys on the team, kept an eye for Miss Krippen in the stands. He had watched her cross and uncross her legs many times in the stands. He had fantasized about picking her up and bouncing her on his huge horny adolescent cock.

Leon was a virgin — his shy, polite Midwestern religious upbringing didn’t allow him to act on his natural teenage urges. However, he did read pornographic stories on the internet and fantasized about sex all the time.

With more than eight and a half inches of cock and a pair of big hairy balls he knew, based on his reading, that he was bigger than average. He measured himself regularly and had become a little obsessed with the size of his dick.

The head of his dick, when fully engorged, was over six and a half inches around. Big and purple and round like a tennis ball. When he lay in bed to jerk off he would often shoot three or four ropes of cum straight up his chest and it would hit his big square jaw.

He would often masturbate thinking about how his thick circumcised cock would satisfy all the girls in the high school.

He was embarrassed by some of his fantasies. But he couldn’t help himself. He pounded his cock three or four times a day. He would measure his biceps, his thighs, his chest as well as his cock. He wanted the girls to worship his body.

He often thought about Miss Krippen coming down from the bleachers and giving him a blow job in front of the entire school. He dreamed that she would grab the microphone in the gym and announce to everyone that “Leon Bishop has the most beautiful cock in the school and nobody could satisfy her except him.’

He fantasized that all the girls would line up to get a taste of his big red horny cock. He would satisfy the entire school and Miss Krippen would be his slave; worshiping him for being the most sexually powerful male in the school.

Chapter two

Chapter Two: the thunder storm

It started to rain just as school ended and before the basketball game began. The weather was expected to turn nasty with heavy rain and thunder predicted. Heavy rain with lightning was not uncommon in this part of the country in the fall, but it was unusual to have this type of weather in the spring.

Miss Krippen found the power of thunder and lightning a sexual turn-on. She had her first sexual experience in a thunderstorm. In high school she made out with her first boyfriend in the back of his car while a thunderstorm pounded the roof of the car.

Ever since then, whenever there was a thunderstorm she would masturbate and try to achieve an earth shaking cum as a powerful role of thunder crossed the sky.

Even though this was an important game to qualify for the regional finals, the stands were not as full as usual. Most students decided to go home rather than stay for the game.

Miss Krippen thought about going home to masturbate, but decided she would stay and watch the young men on the court instead. She was in her usual spot opposite the home team bench.

As the second half of the game began, the pounding of rain on the roof of the gym got louder and louder. It was really coming down. The math teacher found she was getting wet listening to the rain and watching the muscular young men in the gym. The rain was making her wet; not from the outside, but from the inside. Her pussy was feeling warm and squishy. She crossed and uncrossed her legs as she sat on the bleachers.

Suddenly there was a loud crack of lightning followed almost immediately by a deep rumble of thunder. It sounded like God was bowling on the roof of the gym.

Then the power went out. The whole school was dark.

The red glow of the emergency exit signs was the only light in the gymnasium. The referee blew the whistle and called the game. Everyone started to file out of the gymnasium.

Miss Krippen came down from the bleachers and walked across the basketball court toward the red glow of the exit sign behind the home team’s bench.

Leon could see Miss Krippen’s beautiful blond hair reflecting the red light from the exit sign as they both walked toward the door. He stood a full foot and a half over her as they walked toward the door. Her perfume caught his nostrils and pulled him toward her. He brushed up against her as they exited the gym.

“You played a good game Leon, too bad the lights went out.”

“She knows my name’ thought Leon; his heart began to pound in his chest.

Her smile, even in the darkened hallway was melting him right on the spot. He felt a tugging in his loins and adolescent lust was creating butterflies in his stomach. He was speechless.

“Do you live far from the school Leon?” asked the math teacher.

“I … uh … yea … errr no … I mean I don’t live too far Miss Krippen … ten minutes or less if I drive.”

Shit. He was so nervous he couldn’t make any sense. His mouth was dry. He sounded like a fucking idiot.

Miss Krippen not only knew his name, she was putting her red finger nails gently on the small of his back. They had moved closer together to pass through the gym doors and into the darkened hallway. But now that they were in the hall Miss Krippen didn’t pull away.

There was another crack of thunder. Miss Krippen jumped slightly and grabbed Leon’s arm. Outside the rain continued to pound the roof of the school as the petite math teacher snuggled closer to the tall basketball player.

“Do you have a car today Leon?” Miss Krippen was thinking of her first sexual experience in a thunderstorm.

“No … I usually get the car on Tuesdays and Fridays.” Leon explained as they continued to walk the long hallway toward the glass doors facing the parking lot at the back of the school.

“Look at that rain; it’s really coming down now. I guess the lights won’t be back on for some time.” Miss Krippen continued to make casual conversation.

“No I guess not” replied Leon, “I guess the change rooms and showers will be too dark to see. I wonder if Coach will let us get our street clothes out of the lockers.”

“Why don’t you just leave them for now? I can run you home and you can get your stuff in the morning.”

“Fuck’ thought Leon. Miss Krippen is offering me a ride home. His heart was pounding really hard.

“Well, errr … uh, I guess. I’m okay to walk. If you’re leaving now … I could … or I could walk.”

Leon was making no sense. “Get a grip, asshole’ he thought to himself. She is offering to take you in her car. This is your fantasy come true!

He smelled Miss Krippen’s perfume. He felt a tugging in his loins. He wasn’t sure what the fuck was happening. They kept walking toward the door to the parking lot. She was staying close to him; her high heels clicking down the hall keeping pace with his strides.

Leon was desperately trying to think of small talk. “Are you parked out back?” he asked.

What a fucking stupid question he thought to himself. Where else would you park a fucking car except in the fucking parking lot?

Fuck, get a grip Leon he kept saying to himself. She wants to fuck you. Miss Krippen wants to fuck.

Leon reached down to adjust his crotch.

Miss Krippen noticed the gesture. This boy must be packing something good she thought.

They approached the glass doors leading to the parking lot. “I’m in the second row at the back. We can run for it.” Without another word she bent over and removed her high heel shoes and made a dash for her car. The pavement was soaking wet and the rain was pounding down. Leon followed as another flash lit up the sky.

There was a second flash of lightning and a double crack of thunder as they reached the car. Quickly jumping inside, they were both soaked.

“Here, I have a towel in the back seat.”

Reaching back for a towel in her gym bag, Leon could see Miss Krippen’s tits and lacey bra through the wet blouse. His basketball uniform was soaked and clinging to his skin.

“Let me dry you off.” Without waiting for a response Miss Krippen started rubbing Leon’s chest with the fluffy towel…

It smelled like the math teacher’s perfume.

Leon was getting an erection.

Chapter three

Leon was soaked. His dark hair was wet and matted down from the rain. The water rolled down his face and dripped from his square chin as he sat in the passenger seat of Miss Krippen’s car.

The math teacher used a towel from her gym bag to dry herself and the six foot six basketball player sitting in her car.

Actually, the towel was just an excuse. She wanted to run her dainty fingers over his thick chest, his six-pack abs and his big shoulders. She liked the look and feel of his pectoral muscles and his bowling ball size shoulders in her petite hands.

Looking up at his strong jaw she noticed the rainwater dripping from his chin. She took a corner of the terrycloth towel and caught the water rolling along the smooth tanned jaw of this handsome young athlete.

He looked like a classical statue with his strong angular features. She surprised herself at how forward she was with him; her fingers caressed his damp face and powerful chest.

Leon started to shift uncomfortably in the front passenger seat of the car. He wasn’t sure how to respond to the teacher’s advances.

Miss Krippen reached across Leon’s chest with the towel to rub his other powerful shoulder. The math teacher pretended to loose her balance. Her hand slipped down his chest and landed on Leon’s muscular thigh. Not entirely by accident, she regained her balance by grabbing his wet basketball shorts with her red painted fingernails.

The head of Leon’s hard cock popped out the bottom of the rain soaked pants.

“Oh dear” sighed the math teacher. “Did I do that?”

The rain was not coming down as hard now, and the sound of thunder was more distant. The windows of the car were fogging up. Leon hiked up the loose pant leg of the shorts and pulled on his cock so Miss Krippen could see the full size of his manhood.

He grabbed his dick with his fist and pointed the head toward the math teacher. The tight grip he made with his fist caused the cock head to swell to its full plump thickness.

“Oh my” said Miss Krippen as she watch the slit of his massive cock head ooze out the first drops of pre-cum.

Dropping all pretense of drying off the young man she reached down to kiss the giant one eyed snake in front of her.

“You’re beautiful… and you taste good too…” she purred as she started licking and kissing the hot purple head. “How big are you?”

Without even pausing to think Leon answered with pride in his voice “Almost nine inches.”


Flicking her tongue on the young virgin cock Miss Krippen smiled at the teenage pride and innocent sound of his voice.

“It must be the biggest one in the school.” She complimented him.

“Yesss!!’ thought Leon to himself. “Fucking right; the biggest one in the school … Fuck yea!’ Leon’s cock was responding to the expert attention of his math teacher and his ego was responding to her compliments.

The rain started to pick up again. Miss Krippen had to raise her voice over the noise of the rain on the roof of the car. “Take these pants off and let me see your beautiful balls.”

Leon pulled the pants down around his ankles. His balls were a little cold form the wet rain so they were not as big as he would like her to see. He wanted her to continue to praise his equipment. He wanted to impress the teacher.

“They are a little cold right now. Normally they are bigger than this.”

“Maybe I could warm them up” smiled Miss Krippen.

Leon tilted the seat back and thrust his hips forward to allow Miss Krippen full access to his family jewels.

She licked and kissed the balls and sucked on his shaft like a woman possessed. The soft skin of her face felt warm on Leon’s cool thighs. Her tongue flicked at his ball sack and she massaged her hands up and down his strong thighs to warm them from the rain.

Leon was definitely getting warmer. When she buried herself in his manhood, her hot breath felt amazing on his virgin ball sack. As she licked from bellow Leon used his right hand to stroke the upper portion of his big hammer.

“Ohhhh … Fuck” Leon said for the first time out loud. He was getting comfortable with this situation. It wasn’t a dream. This beautiful little vixen was giving him his first blow job.

After a few minutes of playing with his balls, Miss Krippen came up for air. She kissed Leon full on the face; probing deep with her tongue.

Her little hand pumped up and down the magnificent shaft of the young man. She once again bent down and flicked her tongue up and down and all around Leon’s beautiful sex pole. She dug her nails into the big pectoral muscles of Leon’s chest while her head bobbed up and down his thick purple shaft.

Now Leon was getting really horny. He pulled Miss Krippen’s thick wet blond hair back from her face and watched as her lips stretched to engulf the purple head of his impressive cock. She looked so petite and fair skinned beside his big angry red fuck pole.

Leon continued to stroke her beautiful shapely body with his left hand. His hand and forearm looked massive beside this tiny sexy woman. He reached down past her tiny waist to a beautiful tight ass. She moaned and purred in response to the caressing of his powerful basketball hands.

“Oh yes Leon. Squeeze my ass. I love your powerful hands all over my body” encouraged Miss Krippen.

Pre-cum oozed out and covered the head of his massive dick. Miss Krippen knew her student was getting close.

She wanted to make him cum. Flicking her tongue on the cum soaked cock head she continued to beat up and down the saliva covered shaft with her dainty little hands.

“Ohhh … fuuuck” sighed Leon as he leaned back on the seat and his eyes rolled to the ceiling of the car.

“Oh shit this feels good. Don’t stop. Suck it harder.” Leon’s words were making Miss Krippen even more excited. His massive hand and long strong fingers were finding her wet pussy. He was holding his math teacher’s butt while she feverishly worked his dick.

Leon’s stomach muscles began to tighten. Miss Krippen could feel the ridged bumps of his six-pack abs.

The rain was now pounding as hard as ever on the roof of the car.

As Leon started to hiss “I’m going to cum… I’m cumming. I’m… ohhh fuuuck!” there was a flash of lightning.

His first spurt of cum shot up and landed in the middle of his chest. Miss Krippen wanted to catch the rest of his cum.

As she engulfed his cock to suck up the rest of his powerful orgasm sound of thunder rumbled across the parking lot.

Leon was no longer a virgin and he would never be able to listen to a thunderstorm again for the rest of his life without thinking about that afternoon in the car with his math teacher.

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