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Ass Tease

I Love showing off my big black Goddess ass to you weak pathetic jerking losers… lol It turns me on to know how much you wank your cock thinking of my booty. I get an high from the thought of you sneaking around behind your girlfriends and wives back to get a quick wank to this ebony ass… mmmmmm
You know you can not help but jerk that cock whenever you think about my ass or see my ass… You can not help it! The minute my ass enters your mind there you go again wanking it fast and hard to nut all over yourself.. What a Loser you are! hahaha

I know this perfect big black booty makes you fall to your knees to worship it. You do anything to have a piece of this ass! And I mean any and everything too! I have you just where I want you. In a trance from watching my ass. You are so intrigued and mesmerized by it that you can not control yourself. You jerk your cock wherever you are once you think of me. You just have to get that nut out, don’t you? hahaha

Some of you come to me 3, 4, 5 times a day just to jerk that cock to my ass! You are a complete slave to my booty. There is no way around it. Your addicted to how big brown and round that ass it. You love my big booty and pretty face, and smooth chocolate skin so much that you can not control yourself at all!

I even have you begging to smell my asshole.. mmmmm You want the opportunity to smell that sweet ebony asshole. Put your nose deep inside that ass and inhale deeply taking in all the aroma of it… letting that black ass juice hit your nose… Then sliding out that tongue to taste that wonderful ebony asshole and butt hair.. mmmm You are so weak for this ass. You have no control over yourself just for my black ass. I know I have you wrapped around my finger.. lol

You spend all your hard earned money on my beautiful big black ass… And always ask me when I will be visiting your country just so you can have the chance to see it in person. I know you can not wait to have the chance to admire this ass face to face. There is no denying it. I have got you totally hooked on this piece of sweet black ass. You will have to pay to worship this ass and you LOVE it too. You get so hard thinking of sneaking to see me and pay just to smell, kiss, and lick my asshole and ass… I know. It makes your weak cock so strong to do it… so hard … Just stroking it to me and thinking of me and my ass… You have love it so much and can not help yourself!

Oh and when I oil this big black ass up and spread it and shake it… OMG it just drives you wild… I love to watch how fast you stroke it and then nut all over yourself just starring at my ass and thinking of you here kissing it… lol Wank Loser! Wank to my perfect sweet black ass! Stroke to that big perfect black ass!

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