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As we lost virginity

Proud Of course there is nothing there, but that was it. And so in the 11th grade, we had a class teacher Tatyana Sergeevna, aunt 47 years with big tits probably the size of 7 and she does not lean so much, and it is still suitable woman. And here I am and 6 guys from our class dreamed to fuck her, always trying to touch her breasts accidentally before or legs. Well, that’s how it has matured plan. I had a birthday and decided to celebrate by permission of relatives in the country of the student. Well, in general, a little alcohol, and so on. The whole of our company already longed to continue the evening and knocked on the door. Yes I forgot to warn you that this celebration we invited Tatiana Sergeyevna, saying that parents will be and what will be glad to see her … well, do not deceived, we see her excited.
– Hello boys, and why you are alone? And fear you all drunk …
– Right now are relatives – skaazl I immediately locked the door.
The teacher prosekla that there something wrong, and asked to immediately call the parents and open the door. But that was our plan. She was frightened, her huge milking of blouses just brought us crazy. With the move who shouted at her flattering words, this is the type of the udder in our the teacher in the same moment we grabbed her by the arms and dragged him to the bed. Well itself in our party went to the threats and screams, but we are only the start. In an instant, with heifers tore her blouse and her bra was in front of his eyes. Given that this was our first woman risers were wild but what specifically did not know. Tanya has behaved absolutely nothing and just begged her to let go, closed legs and boobs. And then it started, two guys took off her bra and then right before th eyes began to masturbate Dicks. The teacher calling her an old whore, Coy, and she was in fact, we all took off her pants and began to touch her body 47 summer was just stunning, her breasts with large nipples were different. I first went to her and taking her by the hair drove dick in your mouth, I was just happy that now I fuck her in the mouth the teacher, his class teacher, I moved her hips and just fucked her mouth proebannny. At this time the guys have already spread her thighs and began to knead her pizdischu. Older teen sucking my dick and knowing that not just will break silence has made itself a circle. She said that we regret and that will put us all, but it did not matter.
Little fuck her in the mouth, we tied her to the bed stomach down. Her fat ass was just fucking, immediately it began to climb one by one all and sundry, and to fuck her in the pussy then anal. At the time I sat down right in front of her face and began to speak in his ear that lifelong dream to see her that way. That when she went to class, I wanted to approach her directly in the classroom to fuck her old pussy and slapped in sperm protrahanny her husband’s mouth. From these words, I was so excited that Tatiana pressed his head to the penis and began to lower sperm on her face, giving her little mouth already obkanchanny member. Then I sat down on a chair and watched the show. Tatiana Sergeyevna fucked 6 people in the ass on the line than when someone is constantly coming to her lips and kissed her passionately. Licking her lips guys said that now she squander slut and that the teacher in this super sperm.
At the end when already in her ass merged sea sperm aunt unleashed and forced to squat. From her pussy and ass began to merge the sperm, the eyes were tired and sad, but the sight of this old teacher was just provocatively exciting … Her huge milking hung like a cow, unable to stand, I went and just failing to get aroused began to drive soft member on the lips of our slut she clamped her mouth and did not want to suck, but a member and so got up and nenmogo podrachit I again began to violently put an end to the face Tatiana Alekseeva. I jerked off dick and watched as our teacher sits with holes and squander all her face bathed in young Concha.
In total, it fucked 4hours, 6 boys finished a pair of times and now this obkonchalsya bitch who has a husband and three children became our first female. At this celebration is over, but not over our fucking this old woman teacher tell you later … if anyone asks …

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