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Angel’s Education (Part 9)


The Epiphany, The Video, Her Emerging Fetish, And The Vice-Principal

-A Fetish Tale of Smoking, Masturbation, and Facials.

 By George Tyerbyter


Dear reader – Yes; smoking certainly does cause cancer, heart disease, and leads to death. There’s no question. These are facts. Nevertheless, for some straight men—while taking in the sight and scent of females as they indulge in this health-risking behavior—it also causes stiff, painful erections and forceful ejaculations. This fetish phenomenon is a product of psychological hard wiring—a mind-set built upon through past decades. While being provocative and sexually suggestive by nature, like it or not; its smoky seductive presence permeates pop culture. Read on at your own risk…



Part 9

The effect of the sudden understanding washed over Angel’s body like a wave, causing her to gasp in response to a powerful rush of stimuli to her erogenous zones. She paused the video player and brought her hands up to hold her head, burying the fingers of both hands into her blonde hair. With her mouth agape and her eyes as big as saucers, she stared intensely at the paused image on the screen.

There was the actor playing a vice-principle, a close up image of his face frozen on the player. Angel studied his expression closely. His face, momentarily contorted with passion and sexual abandon, very much resembled the look her own school vice-principal displayed the day she had secretly observed him watching the hot student Joan smoking her cigarette right below his office window.

Her own Mr. Hogarth, the proper stuffy disciplinarian whom everyone feared, had a smoking fetish.

“Of course,” Angel muttered in shock to herself under her breath.

*gasp!*…of course,” she repeated more excitedly.

If that epiphany wasn’t hot enough, another thought suddenly crystallized in her consciousness, an even more startling understanding. Her school’s stuffy VP, Mr. “what-do-you-have-to-say-for-yourself” bloody Hogarth, was probably jerking off while watching the sexy Joan smoke that day.

Yes! she thought.

Angel realized he had probably unzipped his proper Stafford dress slacks, pulled out his hard dick and was beating off! Right there in his office at the school, standing at the window, this “holier-than-thou” disciplinarian was fucking his own fist as he stared at the female student smoking her cigarette.

That pervert probably shot off all over the wall under the window, Angel’s mind raced. Yes, of course! That’s what his hands were doing below the sill…And that’s why his face looked the way it did at the end! That fucking bastard was shooting off, wishing he could plaster Joan’s face with his sperm while she exhaled!

 It also provided an explanation for Angel as to why no word of Joan being expelled, suspended, detained, or even reprimanded ever materialized through the school grapevine.

“Son-of-a-fucking-bitch!” Angel breathed, in her excitement.

In the back of her mind she wondered if Hogarth had dished out discipline to Joan in private. She wondered if he had reprimanded her…sexually! The image of Joan on her knees smoking a cigarette in front of Mr. Hogarth suddenly burned hot in her brain.

Regardless of their age, men are like fucking immature adolescents, Angel realized. They think with their dicks, and act out with their dicks! …And just think; all it takes for some of them to lose control is to watch a woman do a simple thing, like smoking a fucking cigarette.

Angel laughed out loud and shook her head in astonishment. But with this sudden realization came a feeling of personal strength and ability. She marveled at the sexual power women actually had over men. It excited her to consider the outcomes and gains that could be possible through application of this knowledge. Giddiness combined with a more urgent need to cum washed over her body. Angel filed this whole business away in her mind for future use, and turned once again to the player on her laptop screen. With an quavering expelled breath, she clicked the video play button once again…


“Oh!” Helen cried, after accidentally blowing the end of her smoky exhale into the flustered vice-principal’s face.

“Mr. Lowe! I-I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean t—”

“That’s quite alright, Ms. Kirby,” he said, his voice sounding a little shaken as he opened his eyes.

With a weak cough the vice-principle tried to regain his composure. He slowly let go of the girl’s arms. His hands brushed against her skin as if to sooth her reddened flesh after relinquishing his pressured grip.

Angel liked to imagine that the disciplining educator had almost shot off in his pants during the sexy student’s exhale. It sure look as if he was going to, judging from the way the camera caught his cock further soaking the fabric at the tip. In a way, Angel secretly hoped to see the vice-principle exploding right in his trousers as a result of the girl’s exhales. That, to her, would be incredibly hot.

Angel imagined this whole episode would be even steamier if the Helen character ended up humiliating the stuffy Mr. Lowe. She thought of how fantastic it would be if the girl had just jerked him off that way. Pumping his huge erection to a spurting climax right through those expensive Joseph A. Bank trousers, while she blew smoke into his smug face would be the height of justice. It would bring him down a notch, and in the bargain be a very hot way to end this.

But she knew better, though. She knew how this little passion play ended. With this dirty thought in mind, Angel stiffened her middle finger of the hand which had been rubbing her moist pussy. She began shoving it into her vaginal opening through the fabric of her panties, pushing the wet, pliable cloth inward as well, while she focused on the scene unfolding on the Acer screen.

Another pregnant moment of silence passed between the two characters in the video. Lowe took a settling breath, his facial expression becoming stern once again.

“Now, let me ask you that question once more. And I warn you Ms. Kirby. I expect a direct answer,” the vice-principal scorned, threateningly holding his finger up.

Helen’s eyes closed and her head lowered in a timid bow. He brought his hand forward, placed his finger under her chin, and lifted her head back up to be level with his. Her eyes fluttered opened and stared sheepishly back into Mr. Lowe’s eyes.

“Why? Why does it make you feel better? What do you get out of this?” he queried, his glance downward once again indicating the burning cigarette the girl held in the hand resting by her side.

“I-I donno, Mr. Lowe,” she stammered. “I guess it relaxes me…i-it makes me feel good…i-it makes me look and feel sophisticated…

“…i-i-it makes me feel sexy,” she added while averting her eyes, embarrassed at hearing herself say such a stupid-sounding thing aloud.

A shrewd smile creased the teacher’s face in a brief moment during her last sentence, before the student began to plead again.

“Look, Mr. Lowe!…PLEASE! I swear! I will never EVER do that ag—”

“Oh hell!…We’re not back to THIS again; are we?” the vice-principle chided, interrupting the student, while shaking his head.

“Listen, young woman; you can act sophisticated all you want. You can relax yourself through any method you’d prefer!…And make yourself feel as sexy as you please! But NOT in the school lavatory!…Not on school property!” he quipped.

The vice-principal’s sudden comical tone made Helen smile a little and feel a bit more at ease.

She raised her arm, and brought the burning cigarette up between them, intending to point out the irony of his last statement. She tilted her head, looked at the cigarette, and then looked back at him with a crooked smile while shrugging her shoulder, indicating the obvious contradiction that she was smoking in school right at the moment .

“Well,” he chortled, “I’m allowing this through special dispensation…just this once, because I want to understand.”

There was a pause.

“I also feel the need to make a lesson of this!”

He boomed the last sentence, curling his lips over gritted teeth, and emphasized his words by grabbing Helen’s cigarette-holding hand at the wrist. His eyes turned angry once again as he stood up erect, eventually towering over the now cowering Helen while he gripped her arm. His dominant frame wasn’t the only thing erect. Once more, like in the lavatory, the girl felt the head of his stiff penis prodding her lower tummy.

Angel observed the actress playing out her part in the video. She noticed that even through the girl’s fear, a smile slowly began to emerge on her face. Even though the vice-principal was hurting her arm, that knowing smile seemed to be communicating a growing understanding of his strange behavior.

The camera lowered to show the man’s hips slowly starting to pump. He was shoving the tip of his erection repetitively against the girl’s pelvis. It bent in an upward direction each time it came in contact with her. With that crooked smile still on her face, Helen began to bump back against his hard on, causing Mr. Lowe to breathe a little heavier. To be honest, it made both of them breathe heavier. With her increased breathing, her breasts heaved against his chest.

The camera panned back up their bodies showing that he was still gripping the girl’s wrist as the smoke from her cigarette curled into the air. The characters were standing so close now, that to Angel, it almost looked as though they might begin dancing.

“Ms. Kirby…ah, Helen,” he stammered. “Don’t you realize what this habit is doing to your lungs…what it’s  doing t-to your body?”

“Please, Mr. Lowe,” Helen said softly, her voice quavering due to the ever-mounting sexual tension, but with that naughty crooked smile still creasing her face.

“Please don’t suspend me. I-I’ll do anything. Anything!—”she repeated.

“Ms…ah…Helen,” the teacher choked, “Don’t you understand what you’re doing to your…I mean; wh-what you do to men as they watch you do this?”

His erection continued to bump against her. Some of the sticky fluid oozing through the material of his pants from the wet tip was now transferring to her skirt. It was creating a wet spot on the fabric just below her belt line.

“Why, what ever do you mean, Mr. Lowe?” she questioned in a faked quandary, looking down at the vice-principal’s massive boner with a cheeky expression, and then looking back into his flustered face.

“Well, for example; take what happened earlier,” he began, his breathing becoming a bit more even.”Do you remember?…It was when I barged in on you in the girls’ rest room. You know? …When I initially caught you sm-smoking?”

Hmm, yes?…Go on,” she urged, looking at her mostly finished cigarette.

He gulped and eased up on the grip he had on her wrist. He let go of her arm, but she kept her hand raised, femininely holding the cigarette close to her face as if she were about to take a puff.

“Well, it happened after I opened the door to the bathroom, and you…Hey, that looks about spent, Helen,” the vice-principal observed, pointing out the cigarette.

“Would you like another?”

“Mmmm-hmm,” she moaned in a slow and deliberate, almost musically-saucy tone. She let go of the cigarette without moving her arm, watching it fall to the floor as her pelvis continued to bump against the teacher’s boner.

This time, he moved to put it out for her. The cigarette had fallen to the floor, landing by her side, but rolled slightly back behind her. So, when he moved forward to extinguish it under his shoe, his body pressed harder against the student’s curvaceous form. She pushed back, crushing her breasts to his chest and trapping his swollen cock as it pointed upward between their bodies. They both heaved a lust-filled sigh from the sensation.

Lowe reached into the front pocket of her bag to get her cigarettes. He pulled out the pack of Salem 100s and then gingerly stuck his other hand into her sweater pocket for her lighter. Before grabbing it, he purposely squeezed her hip.

Oh,” Helen gasped feeling the sudden contact, and then smiled roguishly at the teacher, her mouth pushed to one side.

He shook out a fresh lengthy cigarette from the top of the pack and offered it to the girl. While staring mischievously into his eyes, Helen lowered her head and took the filter into her mouth. She raised her head afterward, looking up at him with wide eyes, and with the cigarette suspended between her delicate, full lips.

A bright flash suddenly illuminated their faces as Mr. Lowe’s trembling hand ignited the lighter. He held it away from her, lower to the side, so she had to lean forward and bow her head down again to accept the light. Her tits crushed harder against his chest as he breathed in the sweet, fruity scent of perfume from her hair.

A slight tremor rolled through the teacher’s body when the girl cupped his hand, maneuvering it toward her. The flame touched the tip of the cigarette, and Helen pulled it in. She felt the teacher’s rigid cock throb against her, just above her moist pussy, and for the moment, she pushed back against it.

Mmm,” she moaned, lifting her head, and framing the fresh cigarette with the index and middle fingers of her left hand, while coaxing the first drag into her mouth. She pulled away from him slightly, allowing his hard-on to point straight out between them. Once again, she began bumping up against the head of the stiff protrusion.

Meanwhile, he watched her take the drag, and gulped as she pulled the cigarette away from her painted lips.

“As I was saying, Ms. Kirby…” he began again, mesmerized by the sight of the suspended ball of smoke appearing in her open mouth, just before she inhaled.

Mmm-hmm?” she cooed again, closing her lips.

Helen’s hand daintily held the cigarette perched between her fingers close to her face. She pursed her lips in that sexy relaxed fashion once again, and blew a steady stream of smoke out into the air just past the side of the educator’s head. Another inch to the left would have had that stream rushing right into his face. But he could still smell it while feeling the smoky warm air brushing by his ear. Once again, he breathed in the student’s sweet intoxicating body essence blending with her exhaled cigarette smoke.

The VP was visibly frazzled by this, and he tried to collect his thoughts.

However, the game seemed to be changing, the rules deviating, as the “little Miss” in the plot line of this sordid affair gained some control within these proceedings. Angel knew that the dominating vice-principal character would have to work fast and think more clearly in order to bounce the proverbial ball back into his court. Time seemed to be running out on his endurance. He looked as if he would cum very soon.

Angel watched this scene playing out with extreme interest while she quickly approached her own orgasm. The spectacle of the teacher’s hard-on bouncing against the girl’s skirt made Angel feel woozy. Like the video vice-principal, Angel’s endurance was waning, as well. But instead of decreasing the movement of her hand, she accelerated her pleasure-filled masturbation, fucking her middle finger more insistently into the hole of her clothed pussy, ultimately shoving the material of the panties deeper and deeper into the wet tunnel with every stroke.

Back on screen; the vice-principal, now trying to regain control, hardened his expression as he looked into the face of the seductive girl. They were still standing very close, gazing into each others eyes.

“*ahem*…Yes. As I was saying—” he started. “It was when I burst in on you, catching you in the act of smoking in the bathroom… Do you remember what you did?”

“No, Mr. Lowe. What did I do?” she replied directly, turning her head slightly without breaking her gaze, while bringing the filter tip of her cigarette closer to her lips.

“Well, you did something—al-although inadvertently… purely by accident, I’m sure—which might cause trouble for you…I-I mean in a sexual sense; y-you know?”

He was nervously stammering now, and beginning to sound ridiculous even to himself, as perspiration started to break out along his forehead.

Ah-ah-ah… that is to say, you did something that may put you in an unsavory predicament, if-if-if you were ever to do it to a man again,”

D-d-do you know what I’m referring to? Do you remember?”

Helen was watching and listening to all of this with bemusement. His bumbling behavior almost made her want to laugh out loud. But, somehow she managed a feigned quizzical expression, and tilted her head more to the side as she brought the cigarette even closer to her exquisite mouth. Of course in reality, she had already guessed.

Oh!” she replied as if suddenly realizing his point.

“Do you mean when I did this?…”

As seen from a close-up shot of their profiled faces, the sexy student quickly lifted the cigarette to her mouth once more. Her full lips surrounded the reddened filter while her fingers parted slightly, leaving the cigarette suspended there as she began to take a drag. Again, the sound of crackling tobacco is heard as the young girl’s cheeks caved in during a long pull. She brought her fingers back inward, grasping the filter near the base again, and then pulled the cigarette out from her opening lips. Another beautifully-formed ball of smoke appeared, before Helen sucked it into her lungs with a gasp.

Her hand went back to the position of holding the cigarette near her face, and her lips pursed provocatively to begin to blow. This time Angel had no doubt where Helen would be blowing her smoke. She watched the girl lean in a little closer to the vice-principal’s perspiring face.

And with an exaggerated ‘whoosh’ sound, Helen began to expel her smoke through the slight opening between her lips.

The white expanding stream traversed the short space between them, eventually jetting directly against the vice-principal’s sweaty face. Its volume blew onto his nose and mouth, and then quickly spread across the rest of his face. Some of the smoke parted, billowing back around both sides of his head. Because of how close Helen’s lips were to Mr. Lowe’s face, the force of the stream also mushroomed some of the smoke back into her own face. She closed her eyes and smiled as she continued to blow.

In the midst of Helen’s exhale, the camera angle shifted to the profile shot of their lower bodies, where the principal’s stiff appendage still pointing straight out and prodded against the girl’s stomach. Suddenly without warning, resembling a cobra striking out at its prey, Mr. Lowe’s right arm swung forward. In a knee-jerk reaction to the aroma and feeling of her smoke jetting into his face, he grabbed Helen’s left arm by the wrist. He dropped his hold down to her hand, quickly pulling it to his erection, and started forcing her to wrap her fingers around its stiff length in a side-handed grip while she was still exhaling into his face. The scene shifts back up to their faces showing Helen finishing her hot exhale, and then gasping passionately into the teeth-gritting face of the disciplining teacher, as the situation abruptly turned violent.

Yessss,” he hissed through curled lips, his other hand coming up and grabbing her shoulder to pull her recoiling body closer.

“THAT is EXACTLY what I meant, my dear young woman!”

The scene shifted back down to their mid-sections. Angel could hear the aroused student gasping fearfully into the educator’s face, as the camera now showed the ongoing struggle happening at their waistlines. At this point, Mr. Lowe’s larger hand covered Helen’s, holding it in place and forcing her fingers to remain wrapped around the thick organ as she tried to pull her hand away. After a couple of seconds, she stopped resisting.

Not having the physical strength to pull her hand back, the hapless girl had no choice but to grip tightly. Lowe started using her hand to pump, forcing an in-and-out movement on the swollen, cloth-covered erection. Once he felt certain that the girl would not pull away, he released his grip and moved his hand back to her wrist. Sure enough, Helen’s hand remained, the fingers tightly clasped around his dick. The vice-principal could feel her grasping and squeezing. With spastic movement, he then began jerking her arm, causing her fist to pump the stiff shaft. The sound of Helen’s tortured gasps continued to fill the room, with her hand now jacking in and out.

The camera shifted back to their faces.

Oh, Mr. Lowe! What are you doing?” the girl panted, her voice trilling due to the erratic movement.

Oh god!… D-did I do this to you?”

Yes! Now, do you s-see what I mean, Ms Kirby, huh?” he growled, shaking her body violently—the movement forcing the girl’s hand to jerk him off faster over his trousers.

“Do you see the predicament?…Do you see what you might get yourself into by acting so brazen…huh…Do you?”

Now, fully caught up in sexual arousal, Helen’s closed fist gripped and squeezed his bloated erection harder—fucking it off, as he continued to force her arm to pump.

Yes-s-s-s, I think s-so, Mister Lowe,” Helen blurted breathlessly. Her head bobbed in agreement while the teacher continued shaking her by the shoulder and wrist. Her captive body was being tossed back and forth through the spastic movements, and her panting became increasingly more uneven through the obscene hand job.

Angel was certain the actress playing Helen wasn’t faking her excitement. It seemed genuine. She could imagine that the girl’s pussy was probably juicing through the fabric of her own underwear in response to feeling the sticky seminal fluid oozing into the palm of her hand through the fabric of the man’s trousers as she jerked his dick.

“B-but I-I’m not quite sure if I-I fully understand,” Helen whispered breathlessly into his face. “Sh-should I try it again?”

Oooh, Mist-Mister Lowe!” she cried out in aroused desperation. “Should I tr-try again?”

At that point, the Mr. Lowe character was almost out of control. With his mouth open and his own breathing ragged, he looked down between their rocking bodies. Even though he was still gripping Helen’s jacking arm, it became apparent to him that she was moving on her own, while she squeezed and pumped her hand on his cloth-covered erection. Helen had apparently given in to the passionate, lush-driven discipline. So, he relinquished his grip on her wrist a bit, easing just enough to reveal red welts left behind on her skin from the force of his fingers. He moved his hand farther up her arm.

“Yes, Ms. Kirby. I w-want you to full comprehend the consequences of your actions,” he croaked, looking back into her eyes with a pleading stare, as she continued jerking him off.

“B-by all means…try it again.”

Helen turned her head and quickly shoved the cigarette filter back between her lips. She pulled another drag into her mouth and popped the smoke into her lungs while moving her gripping fingers all the way up the length of the teacher’s hard shaft. For added emphasis, she squeezed and began to pump just the throbbing tip of the vice-principal’s dick as her mouth formed that perfect kiss shape again. The fabric of his pants was so fully saturated now that a wet swishing noise could be heard due to her squeezes.

And then once again Helen blew a noisy rushing stream of smoke through the open slit of her sensuous lips right into the educator’s face.

AHHHHHH!” he cried in earnest, bellowing into the face of the student, while her exhale jetted against his features.

The vice-principal’s hands completely let go of the girl during the course of her hot smoke-laced exhale, his arms falling freely to his sides. This left the student to operate on her own. From the profile angled shot—and by the way she was grasping his tented trouser bulge—it looked as though she was trying to prevent the teacher from falling backward. Helen continued to squeeze and jack just the head of his hard boner as Mr. Lowe groaned on in overwhelming pleasure, arching his back and thrusting his hips forward.

Watching the video, it was obvious to Angel that the vice-principal character was teetering on the very precipice, struggling at the end of his endurance. And he was probably just moments away from bursting the contents of his tortured nuts into Helen’s pumping fist, right through the material of his pants.

It was then, while watching the young girl’s hand throttling and jacking the head of the man’s hidden erection, Angel came. She came hard, her hand matching the rhythm of the student’s fist and the jerking action of the vice-principle’s hips, while she finger-banged her contracting vaginal sleeve through the thin panties.

“Ooh f-f-f-fuck-k-k-k,” Angel hissed, her thin voice choked with lust, her vagina oozing a squirt of secretion around the invading finger, further soaking the pink undergarment.

“Oh my god, Ma-Mister Lowe!” panted the disciplined teen in the video.

Helen’s hand continued to drub the pulsating head of the man’s concealed organ. A quick close-up of the action below showed how wet and sticky the fabric had become under the sexy student’s manipulations.

“I-I think I understand!” Helen said breathlessly, nodding her head.

“I’ve got to be more careful; don’t I?”

“I’ll try to be more mindful of my actions…Look, see? Watch me! I can do this.”

The female student continued her assault on his erection, pumping it vigorously, but quickly lifted the mostly spent cigarette back to her mouth for another drag. The teacher moaned watching her perfect, full lips grip the lipstick-smudged filter again and then pop open with another beautiful snap inhale after her drag. He brought his hands back up to their original positions, this time grasping at the girl as if to brace himself before experiencing the onslaught of another one of her devastating exhales. During this sexual-charged seizure, in his excitement, the clutching hand the VP had placed on her shoulder forced the sweater to fall down on that side. The material slipped down, bunching up into the crook of her bent arm.

Angel noticed that the director of this video chose to emphasis this moment with a tight profile angle. The camera, now in close, panned down starting from a view at the very top of the student’s bare arm coming out of her now visible sleeveless white blouse. Then it moved to show the exposed soft flesh of her upper arm. The shot finally stopped at the bend in her arm where the sweater hung. It showed the restraining grasp of vice-principal’s hand as it desperately clung to her arm for support. Beyond that, the shot revealed the student’s quivering, open hand, her burning cigarette perched between the fingers. The power exerted by the VP’s clutching hand, and the student’s arm straining against that force, shook her cigarette visibly. Angel watched more ashes break free and fall to the floor.

Even through her orgasm, Angel decided that this brief artistic video montage sequence was very well placed, and extremely hot. If fact, all of it—especially the very nature of the conflict itself being portrayed in this dirty video—had Angel out of her mind with lust. She clutched at her breasts with one hand while rubbing her sex all the harder with the other.

It was quite apparent to Angel that the Helen had this man’s number. She was totally embracing the idiosyncrasies of his fetish, and was using her knowledge to her advantage in this sexually-charged conflict. Besides being caught up in the passion herself, Helen was perfectly willing to do whatever it took in order to get out of a possible suspension, Angel surmised. She continued to watch this sex drama unfold, as a hot flame began to grow rapidly in her mind.

Then suddenly, the answer to the nagging familiarity of all of this struck her. It hit her hard, right in the middle of Helen’s inhale…


(to be continued)

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