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Angel’s Education (Part 8)


The Epiphany, The Video, Her Emerging Fetish, And The Vice-Principal -A Fetish Tale of Smoking, Masturbation, and Facials.

 By George Tyerbyter


Dear reader – Yes; smoking certainly does cause cancer, heart disease, and leads to death. There’s no question. These are facts. Nevertheless, for some straight men—while taking in the sight and scent of females as they indulge in this health-risking behavior—it also causes stiff, painful erections and forceful ejaculations. This fetish phenomenon is a product of psychological hard wiring—a mind-set built upon through past decades. While being provocative and sexually suggestive by nature, like it or not; its smoky seductive presence permeates pop culture. Read on at your own risk…




Part 8

The girl remained in this compromised position for a fleeting moment, her eyes turned upward to look at the educator’s face. She then moved her head backward, creating a slight space between her lips and the vice-principal’s cock head. A very noticeable smudge of her lipstick, set in the shape of a kiss, graced the light-grey material of his pants. The student’s eyes turned back down to look at the protrusion.

The next camera angle showed the girl’s point-of-view, giving Angel a mouth-watering glimpse of an obscene cloth-covered hard-on. Besides the lipstick stain, the weeping head was beginning to soil and darken the light colored material of its owner’s trousers with secreting fluid. It looked delicious to Angel, and she found herself hoping the girl would actually take it between her lips. However, the comedy of errors continued when the young student began to rise to a standing position, for she again managed to catch the jutting boner. This time she pushed it in the other direction, nestling its girth between her breasts on the way up. The vice-principle sucked in a frustrated breath and looked down at his hidden boner briefly resting in the straining blouse-shrouded cleavage of the young student’s tits. In the wake of her passing breasts, his stiff organ bounced up and down for an instant. Then both disciplining teacher and naughty student stood face to face once more. He took a deep labored breath to compose himself.

“Now get your bag and come with me,” he ordered slowly, letting the breath out as he spoke.

The girl backed away while turning, and then started walking tentatively toward one of the toilets, intending to discard the cigarette.

“NO!” he bellowed. His booming voice reverberated off the cold tile walls. The echoing words startled the girl into motionlessness.

“I said, get your bag and come with me…NOW!”

“B-but the cigarette…don’t y-you want me to throw—?” she stammered, turning to face the teacher.

“Young lady!” he interrupted angrily, again his voice thundering through the room.

“Get your bag from that sink, and come with me,” this time speaking in a slow, deliberate tone.

Angel was getting more aroused watching this scene play out. She gasped yet again looking at the two characters standing several feet apart from one another in that bathroom. The busty girl stood there frozen in her tracks, a frightened look on her face. She still nervously held the burning cigarette between her fingers, while staring at her vice-principal, who stood just across the room. The angry disciplinarian stood in profile to the camera, while he moved his hand onto the door handle—his massive boner pushing the fabric of his thin light-grey spring trousers almost straight out into a tent-shape.

Still glaring at the student with an ice-cold stare, the vice principal’s stretched arm pulled open the door, showing the student the way into the hall. The girl walked over to the sink and grabbed her bag, then walked past the angry educator out into the corridor ahead of him. He followed her out into the empty hall.

With cigarette in hand, she started down the corridor to the left, in the direction where she knew the VP’s office was located. She hadn’t taken more than a few steps when she heard him suddenly yell again.

“NO, young woman!” It stopped her cold again, and she turned, looking at him with a startled reaction.

“This way,” the educator indicated, pointing in the opposite direction.

That section of the long hallway was dark for the most part, only being illuminated by shafts of light coming from the alternately staggered open doors of empty classrooms on either side. Angel assumed that this was taking place after school hours when most of the building was vacant.

The camera angles changed quickly, first showing a shot down the long corridor. Then it switched to a close-up of the vice-principal pointing down the hall—his face turned toward the student—then to a close-up shot of the girl’s frightened face. With her eyes opened wide, she bit her bottom lip and walked toward him, moving off camera.

The next shot was a jump cut showing video taken from inside of one of the classrooms. The camera pointed toward the open doorway from the other side of the room, showing the darkened hall beyond. Angel immediately recognized the classroom as being the setting in the hot video capture she was looking at earlier. Her heart jumped and her pussy squirted into her panties as thoughts of what she was about to witness filtered into her mind.

From what the picture had shown, she knew how this video ended, and she couldn’t wait to see that stiff cock jetting semen all over the smoking girl’s face. Feeling close to an orgasm brought on by the suspense, Angle was half tempted to push the player’s timeline control, fast forwarding the video to the facial event itself. But she stopped herself and continued watching, running her fingers up and down over the clitoral hood of her pussy through the wet panties.

From inside the classroom, approaching footsteps could be heard echoing down the hall. Angel saw the girl walking pass the door first.

“No!” the teacher’s voice echoed in the hall as he appeared outside the open door.

“In here…number 14…”

He waited, and the girl finally appeared. She squeezed by him, walking into the room. He followed her in, closing and locking the classroom door, as the student stepped toward the teacher’s desk in foreground of the shot. She looked around the room somewhat in of a state of confusion and feeling awkward; not knowing what to do about the half-smoked cigarette she still clutched between her fingers. The camera pulled back while it followed the vice-principal’s movements as he strode past the girl and walked toward the windows on the other side of the room. He arrived at the first window sill and reached up, grabbing the string to the shade.

“Helen? That is your name, is it not? Helen Kirby, right? …Senior? …Mrs. Salvatore’s homeroom?” he questioned while pulling down the shade.

Helen nodded timidly, cigarette smoke wafting up around her face.

“Ms. Kirby,” he continued, having finished pulling the shade of the window and walking to the next, with his back turned toward her.

“Oh…you may resume smoking that thing if you wish. Feel free,” he said looking over his shoulder at her with a slight grin on his face, as he pulled the shade down on the next window.

He chuckled “After I’m through with you, you will have plenty of time to indulge in the habit to your heart’s content…well, at least for three days; anyway…I believe that’s the customary time allotment for a suspension?”

Angel could see distress wash across the pretty student’s face.

As Helen watched the educator move to the last window in the back of the room, a look of puzzlement blended with the distress expression on her face. She looked at him as he pulled down the last shade, and almost giggled while taking note of the protrusion still pressing outward in his dress pants. She did feel the seriousness of this predicament. She was fearful of what may happen to her, while becoming very much aroused by the sight of his erection. But she couldn’t help sensing the comedy. He just looked silly, standing there with his trousers distended that way. That feeling quickly passed as she tried to digest the meaning of his last words.

Helen looked at the almost fully spent cigarette between her fingers, very cognizant of just how peculiar this whole situation had become. Here she was, standing in a classroom in front of the school’s vice-principal, a much feared authoritarian. They were alone, he was obviously aroused, and she held a lit cigarette in her hand. If that wasn’t strange enough, the disciplinarian was actually encouraging her to smoke, while at the same time he hinted to a possible three-day suspension as being a fitting punishment for being caught smoking in the girl’s lavatory. The odd and disquieting combination of words her vice-principal had just spoken had a duel effect, both bewildering and frightening the poor girl. She turned her gaze back to the educator, and looked at him in shocked puzzlement.

“Oh, I’m in earnest Ms. Kirby. I meant it,” he said, turning around to face her from the back of the room, his hands now in his pockets.

“Go right ahead…smoke.”

Putting his hands in the pockets of his trousers only accentuated his condition. It stretched the material even more taut over his erection.

Helen turned her eyes away from the obscene sight of the teacher’s bulge and looked at the cigarette again. She then looked back at him, still puzzled as to what may happen next.

“Oh…*ahem*…I see. Your cigarette is finished, isn’t it?” the vice-principle observed as he shuffled forward, making his way toward the front of the room.

“Light another,” he suggested, moving around to the back of the teacher’s desk in front of which Helen stood.

“Go on,” he encouraged. “Drop the finished one on the floor and crush it out…Don’t worry about the mess. The custodian will take care of it”

Still baffled, Helen cocked her brunette head, her full lips pouting.

“B-but Mr. Lowe…I-I—” she began.

“I said it’s okay,” he shouted, suddenly irritated, his face turning cold and stern once again for that brief moment, and then softening.

“Put it out on the floor, and light another,” he returned in a more subdued tone. “You do have more, don’t you?…In your bag?”

“W-Well, yes…b-but—b,” she stammered.

“Then, by all means,” he interrupted. “Enjoy it while you can.”

Helen shrugged her shoulders ever so slightly and cautiously dropped the spent butt to the floor. Crushing it out under her shoe, she returned her bemused gaze back toward the vice-principle. At first she looked into his eyes, and then she dropped her glance down to the tent still poking stiffly out from the crotch of his straining trousers. With a deep sigh, her head shaking in disbelief, she maneuvered her oversized shoulder bag around in front of her and began rummaging nervously through the front pocket. She produced the pack of Salem, and looked back up at the vice-principal’s face for approval.

“Yes,” he smiled back at her, nodding his head, then leaning forward to grasp the chair in front of him.

“Please feel free, Ms. Kirby.”

A camera close-up of Helen’s face filled the video player screen, showing her looking sheepishly in his eyes for any sign of anger, while she tried to understand this odd, stressful situation. Concern over what the vice-principal might be planning reflected in her face. Her dark brown eyes shined softly as she sighed in resignation, shrugging her shoulders again. She then nervously shook out a fresh Salem 100 from the pack and placed the filter tip between her glossed lips. A quick glance back at the educator revealed to the beautiful student an unchanged expression on his face. He was still smiling. She continued to look straight into his eyes, cigarette dangling from her pouting lips, while she reached into the pocket of her sweater for the lighter. She blinked, sighed stressfully once more, and flicked the wheel of her lighter, apprehension and reluctance dogging her every move.

Angel watched in excitement as the video continued. At that moment, she wasn’t thinking of Mr. Hogarth, her real-life vice-principle. She wasn’t thinking about the peculiar behavior he displayed at his office window the day Angel secretly watched him observing Joan smoke her cigarette outside the school. She was much too occupied absorbing the sexual tension coming to a boil in the video.

But with a nagging suspicion building in the back of her mind, Angel began pressing her manicured fingers harder against her panties, while rubbing her hidden clitoris in a vigorous circular motion. Her breathing became more labored and choppy as she slowly approached an inevitable orgasmic explosion. She wished she could light a cigarette, but that wouldn’t be prudent, considering both her mother and her brother were down stairs. Still, she thought, smoking a cigarette at the same time would make her cum all the harder. She tried to put the thought of lighting up anyway out of her mind, and turned her attention back to the steamy video scenario playing out on her laptop.

The flame from the lighter bent into the tip of Helen’s Salem. Her cheeks hollowed as she pulled a long drag of smoke into her mouth. Her lovely eyes were once again focused on Mr. Lowe’s distended trousers. The camera angle switched to show his crotch again. The shot revealed a noticeable twitch as his hard, fabric-hidden dick jumped up within the confines of the tented pants. The angle switched again to show Helen’s face while she pulled the lipstick-stained cigarette out from between her lush lips. Her mouth, now opened, briefly showed a suspended ball of smoke behind those pretty lips, just before she breathed the cloud down into her lungs.

A quick jump cut back to the educator’s face showed his smile dwindling and his eyes closing into slits. A slight look of arousal moved across his features before the camera cut back to Helen’s face once more. She pursed her lips into a relaxed kiss-shape, and began to jet the stream of smoke through the narrow opening between them. Her eyes were still fixed on the teacher’s obscene looking boner.

The student’s exhale was natural, deliberate and very sexy to the on-looking Angel. The camera angle shifted back a bit to show both characters facing one another across the desk as Helen’s exhale continued. The smoke moved forward from her lips in a tight stream, and widened out in front of her. The expanding cloud traversed the space between the two, eventually reaching the vice-principle, who was still leaning forward, bracing the weight of his body against the chair behind the desk. As the cloud washed over his face, he took in an audible breath. Angel knew he was breathing in Helen’s smoke. She squeezed her clitoris as she watched the vice-principal’s embarrassing erection squirt another fabric-darkening gout of pre-cum into his pants.

“There now,” Mr. Lowe said breathing out a labored sigh while regaining his composure. “Feeling better?”

Helen nodded sheepishly, still trying to understand the meaning of what might be happening, while also trying to figure a way out of this puzzling, intimidating predicament.

“Good,” he responded.

The teacher folded his arms and moved around to the side of the desk closest to the smoking student. He rested his buttocks on the edge of the desk, positioning his body in a kind of half-sitting, half-leaning posture in front of the student. His boner now jutted upward, towering almost straight up from his lap behind the material of his loose dress pants. From his perch, he leaned in closer to Helen. The two video characters were now just inches apart. The female student was positioned right in front of him, practically standing between his legs. Helen’s natural reaction was to timidly back away slightly. But the vice-principle countered her movement during the motion by reaching out and hooking his index finger into the student’s opened blouse at the button just above her inviting cleavage. He then pulled her back toward him.

With his thumb on the outside of the blouse, he had also managed to unbutton the garment there, as he pulled her forward. The sheer size of her rather large breasts strained the fabric in the first place. So when the button came undone, the white cotton flaps retreated by force in opposite direction across her ample chest. Not only was the girl’s cleavage now exposed, but the inner halves of both soft orbs stood firm and succulent, visibly blistering out from behind the restraining smooth red cloth of her low-cut bra. She did not seem to take notice to this while she stared into the intimidating eyes of the vice-principal as he spoke.

“Now,” he said, dropping his hand away from her half-open blouse and into his lap right near the towering erection, “…suppose we start with you telling me why?”

“…Why do you ‘feel better?’…What do you get out of that?” he queried, indicating the cigarette held between her fingers.

P-Please, Mr. Lowe! Don’t suspend me! I-I promise never t—,” Helen rapidly blurted while flailing her cigarette holding hand through the air.

“Nah, ah, ah,” he sung in staccato tone, grabbing her flailing arm and cutting her off once again in mid sentence.

“We’re off subject, Ms. Kirby, are we not? Let’s take one thing at a time, please.”

Clearing his throat, he let go of her arm and began again.

“Now…calm yourself, relax… take another puff, collect your thoughts, and respond directly to the questions I am asking.”

Again, this video playlet was staying true to the main overarching theme from the category under which Angel found it on the dirty website. “Girls smoking,” with extra emphasis being placed on their nature-looking exhales was the key feature. Of course, Angel also knew that the specialized sub-category for this particular video—along with all the others like it found on that page—placed emphasis on girls blowing their smoke at stiff, cum-spurting penises. With that running through her mind, her vagina throbbed as she thought about the ending of this hot video.

Once more, the camera focused on the pretty student’s face. Angel could detect a slowly growing realization beginning to reflect in girl’s eyes during the silence passing between her and the disciplining educator. Angel also sensed what the actress, in her character, was finally coming to grips with, that being the vice-principal actually was aroused by her smoking. He apparently wanted her to satisfy his urge to see her drag on her cigarette and exhale while he was disciplining her.

Apprehensively, but with a sense of curiosity, the pretty female student brought the cigarette back up to her face and gripped the lipstick-coated filter between her exquisite lips. Her fingers parted away from the suspended cigarette in an expanding ‘v,’ and her eyes stared into his, while she took another cheek-hollowing drag. Angel could hear the tobacco and the paper crackle, the tip flaring and glowing red hot in ignition.

Pulling the cigarette away, the girl’s lips sprang open, once again momentarily revealing a tight ball of smoke suspended inside her mouth. She casually dropped her hand back down by her side. Just as quickly, the ball of smoke disappeared, as the girl inhaled it down into her lungs with a sexy, audible gasp. Her breasts heaved outward toward the educator’s chest during the inhale. A few jump cuts happened in rapid succession; first to a close-up of the observant vice-principal’s face—his eyes still stern, but his lips forming a silent “oh”—and then down to a profile close-up shot of his clothed Eiffel-Tower-of-an-erection swaying to and fro.

Angel also gasped with the young girl’s intake of smoke, and the camera angle shifted again, showing the two characters in profile, their faces only a couple of inches apart. Feeling the sexual tension becoming as thick as molasses in that video classroom, Angel ran her index finger along the camel toe split of her juicing, panty-clad vagina in response, waiting for the sexy student to exhale. She found herself wishing once again that she could light up and smoke in her bedroom. Angel didn’t realize it at the time, but she was quickly developing a strong smoking fetish of her own.

The wider angle showed both characters face to face as Helen Kirby pursed her full lips in preparation to blow. She wanted to be mindful of their close proximity and to be careful not to blow her smoke into Mr. Lowe’s face. To accomplish this she extended her relaxed bottom lip while firming her upper. The exhale was lovely. With a breathy, sensual and prolonged “whoosh” sound, she sent a fast-dispersing, streaming cone of smoke almost straight up at a seventy-five degree angle between their close-set faces. Unfortunately, she inadvertently retracted her bottom lip during the very end of her exhale, projecting the stream of the thinning smoke right down. The dwindling cone descended across his face from his forehead to his lips.

The vice-principal’s reaction was swift and knee-jerk. His eyes closed and his hands quickly moved up, grabbing both Helen’s forearms, gripping them hard through her sweater. He sucked in a gasp, partially in sexual response to feeling of her warm, smoke-laced breath flowing against his face, but mostly to breathe in her essence. The heady aroma of her lungs, of her body, inundated his senses, causing him to briefly loose control. But not before his painful erection secreted another dollop of pre-cum through the material of his trousers. The student gasped dramatically as well, her lips shaping a surprised ‘o’ as the she felt vice-principal suddenly seizing her. His hands throttled her arms, forcing them straight down close to her body, essentially holding Helen’s smaller frame captive within his heated grasp. The cigarette bobbed between the fingers of her restrained hand, and an ash broke free, falling to the floor at her feet…

It was at that precise moment Angel finally connected the dots.



(to be continued)


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