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Angel’s Education (part 7)


The Epiphany, The Video, Her Emerging Fetish, And The Vice-Principal -A Fetish Tale of Smoking, Masturbation, and Facials.

 By George Tyerbyter


Dear reader – Yes; smoking certainly does cause cancer, heart disease, and leads to death. There’s no question. These are facts. Nevertheless, for some straight men—while taking in the sight and scent of females as they indulge in this health-risking behavior—it also causes stiff, painful erections and forceful ejaculations. This fetish phenomenon is a product of psychological hard wiring—a mind-set built upon through past decades. While being provocative and sexually suggestive by nature, like it or not; its smoky seductive presence permeates pop culture. Read on at your own risk…


Part 7

The media player quickly loaded, and the video began by showing a blue screen emblazoned with a warning disclaimer. “Sexually explicit—all models over eighteen years of age.”

Angel shifted in her prostrate posture, getting more comfortable, and then propped herself up on her elbows in front of the Acer laptop.

The blue screen dissolved and the first scene opened showing the cute young girl from the video’s preview capture walking down an empty long corridor in a school building, her footsteps echoing off the walls as she made her way toward the camera’s position.

In Angel’s mind, there was no question about it. This young woman was striking. She was instantly taken by her smoldering sexual beauty. The girl stood at about five feet six inches tall. Her somewhat tangled and disheveled wavy brown, shoulder-length hair framed a face which could only be described as being ultra-smoldering in a way that suggests a passionate nature—sultry and sexy. Angel felt that the actress/model had the kind of face that would cause most men to just about swoon. She could easily imagine men falling victim to the raw sexuality this woman seemed to exude—experiencing the feeling of the blood rushing from their heads, their pants instantly tightening in response as they gazed upon her features.

And swooning wouldn’t be the only reaction men would have by looking upon this rare beauty. To Angel, in gritty terms, this girl had the kind of face that screamed to be covered in a man’s sperm. Full, reddish lips, set in an almost perpetual pout, were positioned below a delicately-shaped, up-turned nose. Her eyes were a piercing shade of brown, and sat gracefully back from the bridge of her nose. They were highlighted above by softly, upward-arching eyebrows which gave her expression a somewhat constant startled and passion-filled quality. Her skin, bordering on luminous, was of a slight pale complexion. A hint of freckling speckled across the curves of her soft cheeks and her nose. Her wavy brown tangles swept slightly back and away from her lovely face. The silver hoop earrings she wore, dandling from her tender earlobes, produced a devastatingly provocative effect, catching glimmers of light as they swayed against her tapered neck. All elements about her lovely visage combined to produce a singular cock-stiffening result. To say the least, the young girl’s face powerfully communicated sexual want and appetite.

Her body, as the phrase famed in song and story goes, was “made for sin.” The marginally tight school uniform she wore struggled to fit her delectable curves. A white blouse worn under her parted, over-sized blue-and-gold varsity sweater, stretched taut across her full, jutting breasts. Three buttons to the shirt located at the swell—from the top of her cleavage to just below her breasts—strained valiantly to stay clasped under the thrusting force. From around her thin waist, a green and black plaid-pleated skirt draped down over voluptuous, curved hips and full buttocks. The garment swished back and forth with her body’s cadence as she walked past the camera and continued farther down the hall. With the camera following her, the back tilt of her pelvic region becomes evident as she passes, and the camera pans down as if involuntarily. Albeit natural, her ass was provocatively thrusting out and back as if in invitation.

Overall, her persona was direct and captivating. The girl’s looks—her face, the make-up she wore, her hair and jewelry, her body and her demeanor, in perfect symphony—projected both an innocent quality, while at the same time putting out wanton sexuality.

Naughty, Angel thought. Yes, a horny-looking, man-teasing, boner-inspiring goddess.

Angel watched as the young woman stopped just outside of the girl’s rest room door, her back still to the camera.

She turned and peered cautiously up and down the length of the hallway. Once satisfied the hall was vacant, she pushed on the door and entered the bathroom. The door swung closed behind her as she listened closely while also looking around to see if she was indeed alone in the lavatory. She walked over to one of the many sinks lining the far wall and quickly checked her appearance in the mirror—gently turning her head to and fro. Placing her bag on the sink she began rummaging though the contents of the front pocket, eventually producing a tube of lipstick from its depths. She pulled off the top and turned the applicator to extend the red waxy stick. Shaping her mouth into an oval, she applied a fresh coat of cherry lipstick, running the glistening tip across both lips. She pressed her lips together to ensure an even distribution, placed the top back on the applicator and returned the lipstick to her bag. Her hand emerged from the pocket once more, but this time with her fingers gripping a small glass bottle of perfume. She removed the cap from the elegantly-shaped container, and placed her index finger on the pump. Looking in the mirror, she took aimed at her hair and sprayed a sweet, fragrant, atomized cloud into her soft tresses. She capped the bottle, returned it to her bag, glancing approvingly at her reflection in the mirror.

After tousling her hair a bit, her lovely brown eyes shifted from the mirror toward the direction of the door. She walked back over to the door and pulled on the handle to open it slightly. Peering out into the corridor, the girl once again looked up and down its length. Still no sign of life; the hallway was empty. A subtly crooked, wicked smile crossed her newly-painted lips.

Convinced she was safely alone; the girl closed the door and walked back over to her bag perched on the sink. Reaching into the front pocket again, she pulled out a pack of Salem 100s and a lighter. After shaking out an all-white cigarette and placing the filter tip between her freshly painted lips, she returned the pack to her bag. Red lipstick immediately stained the filter under her pursed lips, as she held the lighter, cupping it around the top with one hand to shield the flame from draft, and striking the flint wheel with the thumb of the other.

While lighting the cigarette, she sauntered back over to the door. The flame from the ignited lighter rose and bent to touch the tip of her cigarette as she walked. Standing there in front of the door, her cheeks hollowed deeply during the first full drag, and with the lighter no longer needed, she dropped it into the side pocket of her varsity sweater. The long puff concluded, and her lips sprung open in a snap inhale just after pulling the lipstick-stained cigarette away from her face.

Still facing the door of the bathroom, the student slowly blew the lung-full of smoke in a steady stream through a delicate opening of her seductive lips. Smoke continually rushed forward—the dense cloud mushrooming back toward her as it bounced off the surface of the door. The girl smiled while turning completely around, sighing in satisfaction with the rush of nicotine as she slouched against the door in a relaxed posture. Now facing into the cavernous bathroom, she brought the cigarette back to her lips for another cheek-hollowing drag. With an audible pop, once again she inhaled another thick ball of smoke down into her lungs. Her breasts heave outward with the motion, further parting her open sweater. This time, with her head tilted up, she blew the smoke into the air above her. Closing her eyes, and caught up in an even deeper euphoric feeling of satisfaction, another naughty smile played across her face.

The scene then jump cuts to a man sitting behind a desk. He’s working at a computer, obviously inside an office located in the same school. Angel recognized the man as the actor in the video capture who ends up beating off into the face of the girl. He’s a handsome man, somewhere around the age of 35, with a sturdy muscular build. The bangs from his longish blonde hair hung slightly over his eyebrows while he worked diligently at his desktop PC.

As he was typing on the keyboard, Angel noticed a name plate sitting on the desk in front of him. To her amazement, the character was the vice-principal of the school. His name was Mr. Robert Lowe. And because the girl in the video was suppose to be around Angel’s age, although she did appear to be a bit older, Angel briefly thought about her and Mr. Hogarth. Angel had not, however, begun to connect the apparent dots to the incident she witnessed at her school. But the familiarity associated with this arrangement nagged at her, just the same. Something else about the video itself nagged at her memory. She couldn’t shake the feeling that she had seen this before.

But, that’s impossible. Angel thought. How could I have watched this movie before? I only just found this web page tonight!

 Again baffled, she tried to shrug off the strange feeling once more, and refocus on the video.

The handsome vice-principal finished whatever he was doing on the computer, and got up from his office chair. He grabbed the suit jacket draped across the back of the chair, and put it on as he strolled out of the shot.

The scene cut once again to the hall outside of the bathroom. The school girl was still inside the rest room popping drags from her cigarette while casually leaning with her back against the door. Another quick cut back out to the corridor showing the other side of that door, and footsteps could then be heard echoing down the hall, their source off camera.

Angel’s heart raced while she watched the scenario unfold because she could guess what was going to happen next. The girl was about to be caught smoking in the lavatory, and disciplinary action would be dispensed. Knowing this was a porn video, and judging from the thumbnail capture she had been looking at earlier, she knew that the “discipline” would eventually end up being doled out from the tip of the vice-principal character’s stiff cock. Angel continued to watch with her excitement growing stronger as the source of the footsteps drew closer to the camera.

The vice-principal finally appeared in the shot, at first, walking by the girls’ rest room. No more than a few feet passed the entrance, his stride began to slow. Eventually he came to a halt; apparently stopped in his tracks by a very distinctive odor. With his face cringing as he sniffed the air while trying to locate the source, he turned and retraced his steps. His nose led him directly to the bathroom entrance. He stood in front of the door and listened quietly for a moment. The sound of the girl’s feet shuffling on the tiled floor could be heard.

The shot changed to the scene happening inside the rest room, showing the young student re-positioning herself against the door. She was in the middle of a long drag from her fresh cigarette when the vice-principal pushed against the door. The movement of the door pitched her body forward a bit as it opened. Startled and caught slightly off balance, the young girl quickly turned around, only to come face-to-face with the second-in-charge at the school.

Angel sucked in another excited gasp as the camera showed a tight profile close-up of their faces suddenly positioned a mere inch apart. They were so close, Angel thought they might begin to kiss. But because of the timing and their position, the girl started blowing the smoke from her last drag right against the vice-principal’s face.

His eyes closed in a defensive reflex.

The camera angle quickly switched down to show their close-set pelvises. The girl’s hand—the one holding the smoldering cigarette—momentarily lay rested by her side. The camera shot also revealed the condition of the male character’s pants.  A prominent bulge was visible in profile at the front of his loose trousers. Angel didn’t know how he managed to become so excited so quickly. Perhaps it was a mistake in continuity overlooked by the editor. Maybe it actually happened in real time; a genuine excited reaction to the girl blowing smoke in his face. Nevertheless, there it was in all its glory. His growing erection twitched noticeably behind the fabric of his trousers.

That shot panned back up their bodies, first showing the soft, jutting curves of the student’s blouse-covered breasts pushing firmly right up against the vice-principal’s chest. When the camera finally arrived at their faces again, the girl’s mouth was agape in shock, and her breathing was coming in short but soft gasps. His closed eyes began to open as he coughed slightly from the effects of having her smoke blown into his face. A moment passed in utter silence with the two of them just standing there like that—both looking into each others eyes, the expressions frozen on their faces. Apparently sensing something touching her skirt, the young girl looked down between their closely positioned bodies. The camera angle cuts again, showing the girl’s point of view as she looked down. This time the vice-principal’s trousers were grossly distended. A lengthy tent shape was now pushing out from his crotch, with the tip of the erection prodding and denting her skirt.

Angel gasped again, and began fingering her panty-clad vagina as she watched the girl’s cigarette holding hand move quickly toward the educator’s obvious boner. This move seemed to be involuntary on the girl’s part—a reflex action, more or less. A quick shot of her face showed her looking down at her moving hand, her facial expression taking on a disbelieving, quizzical appearance, as if to question, “What is it doing?” However, the girl did nothing to stop her own movements—and the shot switched again showing her hand reaching the teacher’s erection and then taking it into her grasp.

The scene cuts back to their faces. A momentary expression of mild shock appeared on the vice-principal’s face. But, that expression was quickly replaced by a growing cold, hard stare. He sucked in a deep breath while gritting his teeth as he brought his hands up to grip her shoulders.

“WHAT,” he blurted out loudly, followed by a pause saturated with anger, “is the MEANING of this, young woman?” His thick, deep voice boomed off the tiled walls and floor, surrounding the two of them in sustained reverberated notes. The force of the vice-principle’s demanding, anger-punctuated words cut deep into the very core of the student’s being. Angel could detect an uncontrollable shiver of fear sweeping through the girl’s body.

Coming to her senses, the student abruptly let go of his pants-covered dick as if her hand had just been seared by touching a hot pot handle. She then dropped the cigarette to the floor, and stood there staring deeply into his eyes, a look of horror painted on her face.

“Ah-mm…Care to, um, accompany me to my office?” he asked snidely, scowling menacingly at her—his large hands roughly gripping her deltoid muscles, squeezing and pushing her shoulders up into a shrug.

“Perhaps, once we’re there, you can attempt to explain why you chose to smoke in this bathroom, while I document this incident on your record?”

The girl nodded her head in frightened consent while he continued to gaze angrily into her eyes.

“Pick that up,” he growled in a suppressed, angered tone, his eyes indicating the burning cigarette on the floor below them.

“Pick that thing up off the floor, get your bag, and come with me.”

They were still standing close to one another with relatively little space between their bodies when the girl started to crouch down in order to retrieve the lit cigarette beside their feet. This began an unfortunate series of errors.

On the way down, her sizable breasts caught on his tented pants. That succeeded in bending his aroused organ downward only until her tits had passed. Then, like a tension-bent plank of wood from which a weight had just been removed, the pants-covered boner snapped back to its straight out position, not before banging against her chin and coming to rest in front of her inviting mouth. From that awkward, crouched position, and with her lips almost touching the thin wool-stretching tip of the teacher’s erect cock, the student looked straight ahead at his bulging crotch while her hand fumbled around on the floor in search of the lit cigarette.

*gasp*…Ouch!” she cried in pain, abruptly turning her head to look down at her searching, un-monitored fingers when they had accidentally come in contact with the red-hot tip of the cigarette. Her hand immediately recoiled, and she rushed the fingers to her mouth, where she surrounded the affected areas with her lips.

She didn’t know whether or not he was doing it on purpose—but while her head was turned, and as she sucked the stinging digits to provide relief, the hapless teen felt the fabric-covered tip of the teacher’s erect organ prodding against her freckled cheek. A tentative calm came over her as she removed the fingers from her mouth and moved her hand back down to retrieve the burning cigarette. Carefully grabbing it from the floor, she held it casually between her fingers as if she were going to take another drag. As she turned her head to face front; the throbbing head of the vice-principal’s penis scraped across her nubile face.

Angel watched this scandalous scene in horrified arousal as the cloth tip of the man’s dick came to rest directly upon the student’s lips.

“Oh,” Angel gasped, clutching her pussy. “Is she gonna take the thing into her mouth…pants and all?”


More to come.

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