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Angel’s Education (part 6)


The Epiphany, The Video, Her Emerging Fetish, And The Vice-Principal -A Fetish Tale of Smoking, Masturbation, and Facials.

[An addendum to a previously published erotic story, by the author “Luthor,” entitled “The Reverend’s Little Angel.”]

A Short Story (with a long title)
By George Tyerbyter—aka Mick Carlo.


Dear reader – Yes; smoking certainly does cause cancer and leads to death. There’s no question. It is a fact. Nevertheless, for some straight men—while taking in the sight and scent of females as they indulge in this health-risking behavior—it also causes stiff, painful erections and forceful ejaculations. This fetish phenomenon is a product of psychological hard wiring built upon through past decades. While being provocative and sexually suggestive by nature, like it or not; its smoky seductive presence permeates pop culture. Read on at your own risk…

?Extra note from author:

Now, something needs to be addressed before the story continues. Your humble author does not like using the word “slut” because of its modern, blatantly misogynistic connotations. You’ll notice the absence of that term in this story when describing Angel. Where the word’s etymology is diverse, the present-day usage and implication conveys an ugly, mean-spirited, sometimes violent attitude of male superiority. At the core exists an ego-driven, male-centric tenet which is embarrassingly archaic. This writer finds it laughable. It has no place in this supposedly enlightened post-sexual revolutionary period of human development. It is only used by misogynists in order to bolster their massive egos, and it conveys an insecurity they feel which concerns a perceived loss of male control. If those who so cavalierly use the word think that they are doing so to describe a woman of “low moral character” who easily gives in to “trashy” urges of “loose” sexual origin; they are sadly mistaken. They are not fooling anyone. In reality it represents put-down claptrap frequently uttered by certain men in order to demean free-spirited women, while they further inflate their bone-headed egos. The truth is, we all are slaves to our libidos from time to time…we are all “sluts” at times when it comes to our urges. When we use the Victorian stick some insecure men judgmentally utilize to measure a perceived lack of “virtue” they see in women whom they deem “sluts,” when you use that stupid criterion,  men are THE worse “sluts!”


↩️ (from the previous part)

Angel didn’t know how to interpret this event. It just didn’t make sense at the time. Through-out the course of that day, and through the next couple of days, she checked the school bulletin board for Joan’s name to appear on the detention list. But it never did. She waited that day and the next to hear of any suspensions or expulsions through the grapevine. But again, nothing. How did Joan get away with what would be considered as a major infraction? Also, what was up with Hogarth’s reactions at the window that day as he watched the sexy student smoke her cigarette?

No. None of this made any sense to Angel…




Then, several days later—which was the night before her encounter with Mr. Hogarth—the haze enveloping all of this bewilderment started to dissipate.

Angel and her closest friend Jill were sitting on the floor in Angel’s bedroom in front of her laptop. The girls were searching online for bargain cigarette sales. They were specifically looking for sites offering cartons at cheap prices through mail order. Jill had come up with the idea of trying this scheme a few weeks before, and Angel considered it genius. So that night, after various searches, and much debate over the best deals, they finally settled on a site which offered up to 30% discounts on cartons. Both of the girls made their purchase decisions and placed their orders using Jill’s older brother’s credit card. She had worked out an agreement with him whereby the two girls would pool their money and pay him a fee for the use of the card. It was worth it in the long run, considering the astronomical retail prices on cartons sold at the smoke shop downtown. The girls had the delivery angle figured out, as well. They knew they couldn’t have something like this delivered to their homes—their parents would stop this sort of thing cold, and then promptly punish them for smoking, in the first place. So they went in together on the cost of a PO box.

After ordering their cigarettes, the two best friends sat there for a while, gossiping and laughing, joking, and getting pissed about this, that or something else. They talked about their boyfriends and other boys they had their eyes on, while they playfully surfed the web for this, that or something else. Eventually, Angel and Jill started calling up some porn sites through random searches. At first, they viewed nothing hardcore; just beefcake web pages featuring well-developed guys posing partially nude. They realized those sites catered to gay men, but they didn’t care. Most of the photos showed men who, in the girls’ minds, were muscle-bound “Adonises.” As such, the horny girls found them quite exciting to view, notwithstanding. Gay or not, bulges were bulges.stock-photo-two-young-women-friends-chatting-at-home-and-using-laptop-to-look-at-new-photo-or-browsing-internet-91897121

With Angel at the helm, the girls gleefully sifted through digital imagery of handsome faces, bulging, glistening pects and enormous packages, all while getting more and more horny with every photo. After a time, and through Jill’s encouragement, the two moved on to searching out more explicit sex sites. Then, quite accidentally through a mere coincidental choice of keywords which Angel had typed into the search engine, the girls found themselves viewing links of a different nature on the engine’s results page. Some of the text results were links to community forums where discussions under posted topics seemed to be centered on the erotic aspects connected to the act of smoking, while others were links to web pages which featured photographs and movies. Regardless of the variety, all of the links on that first page of results had a common thread of eroticism running through them. Furthermore, the girls instantly noticed that every last one focused on women smoking as a fetish.

“What is all of this?” Jill queried, looking up from the page and shooting Angel a puzzled glance. Angel continued scanning the results, then looked up at Jill with an identical expression on her pretty face.

“I don’t know,” Angel replied, biting her bottom lip.

“Well, what did you type?” Jill shot back, still trying to figure out what she was viewing in the results.

“Um, ‘smoking sex,’” she said with an embarrassed laugh. Of course, Angel had mistakenly used the present participle “smoking” to imply “hot” as an adjective.

“Wow,” Jill gasped in an astonished voice. “Smoking and sex? What’s all the interest about, I wonder? What do you make of it?”

“You got me,” Angel replied, continuing to stare at the results.

“Let’s check it out”

“Okay…Hmm, let’s see here,” Angel mumbled, perusing the first five-or-so links on the page. “Let’s try this one.”

Angel clicked a link entitled “Hot Smoke Hub.”

It was a smoking fetish porn site—a website showing capture/image links to sample video clips of sexy women, and in some cases younger women their age, smoking cigarettes. Some of the videos were soft porn; just showing girls wearing lipstick, make-up and earrings lighting up, dragging, and blowing smoke in a suggestive fashion.

But there were other videos that were quite a bit harder—clips of girls smoking while getting fucked by men. There were movies of smoking girls sucking off their men, as well. There was also a clip of a girl with a cigarette held between her fingers, masturbating an impossibly rock-hard, towering cock. Both girls gasped in unison when their eyes fell upon the photo link. Angel clicked on the link and almost immediately the very short video started. There were no preliminaries…no foreplay depicted in this video. It was just down-right dirty–hot action-and-reaction.  A scene showing the naughty female’s cigarette-clutching fingers wrapped around the stiff cock went into motion before the girls’ wide eyes. She jacked the erection up and down through a few strokes, and then suddenly the cock started shooting semen straight up into the air. The rocketing sperm shot up high in white, thick ribbons before falling back down, only to splatter all over the girl’s jacking fist, and all over her cigarette. In the case of the latter, the final frames of this short video showed several massive volleys of cum shooting up in front of the actress’s startled face. The final spurts could then be seen landing on her cigarette—effectively extinguishing the red-hot tip with an audible sizzle—while more spent male seed dripped in elastic strands from her grasping fingers along with more cum-globs wetly hanging from the shaft of the cigarette.

Both Angel and Jill gasped repeatedly during the illicit action, giggled, ‘oo-ing’ and ‘ah-ing’ on occasion. They looked at one another with startled wide-eyed expressions of their own, while taking in this obscene spectacle.

Upon its end, they looked at each other again in astonishment—slack-jawed and even more wide-eyed.

Shit, girl!Wh-What the fuck?” Jill sputtered in shock, laughing nervously at one point during the last video. She didn’t know what to make of this male fixation. Certainly, the sex part was hot and arousing to her, but she puzzled over the smoking aspect.

Angel reacted in much the same way, feeling both puzzled and aroused. But then, something started to make sense to her. It wasn’t totally clear at first; just a nagging feeling somewhere in the back of her mind. A half-baked realization slowly started to formulate in her consciousness when she spied a section of the dirty website seemingly devoted to one aspect, one niche of this strange fetish.

There were thumbnail image links to pictures and videos depicting girls in the middle of blowing out a stream of smoke. The theme seemed to be specifically focused on exhales. But another important factor was also at play here, as well. In some of the thumbnails, big, stiff cocks were positioned dangerously close to the women’s faces, and especially close to their pursed smoke-blowing lips. It was also evident that the owners of the angry cocks were jacking off right in front of the girls’ faces, while the smoke from their pursed-lip exhales streamed at the men’s penises.

They continued looking through the site, both girls laughing slyly and nudging one another. Then at one point Jill excused herself to go to the bathroom. Angel took this opportunity to bookmark that particular section of the dirty website for future perusal. It meant something, but what exactly it meant, Angel did not know.

The significance of all of this continued to nag at Angel’s consciousness through the rest of Jill’s visit, even long after the girls had moved on to other matters. Angel couldn’t put her finger on it, but there was something vaguely reminiscent about the smoking fetish website, and especially about the section she had bookmarked. It rang a bell in her memory, but the peal was faint. She hadn’t connected the dots to the incident she had observed transpiring in front of the school that day, as of yet—one of those dots being her memory of the look she saw on Mr. Hogarth’s face, while he spied through the window at Joan that afternoon. But those connections were certainly made later in evening.

But, it all continue to bug Angel. She couldn’t stop thinking about all of this. Frankly, she couldn’t wait until Jill left so she would be free to explore the page she had saved.

Finally alone in her room after Jill went home, Angel quickly removed her jeans, throwing them onto the chair in the corner. She plopped tummy down on her bed, and positioned the laptop in front of her. She hurriedly called up the bookmarked video page, and began pursuing the many subdivisions. She came to a section entitled “Exhales From Heaven.” All of the sample captures were intriguing to Angel, but as her eyes glanced across that part of the page, one video thumbnail link image caught her attention. It had an equally attention-grabbing title.

“School girl smoking facial.”

The image showed a capture taken from the video of a pretty young uniformed school girl with shoulder-length brown hair and large hoop earrings. In the capture the girl was kneeling submissively on the floor at the feet of a well dressed older gentleman. They were in a classroom in front of a big desk which had a blackboard on the wall in the background. Obviously, the man was a teacher. Upon further inspection, Angel noticed the zipper to his pants was wide open. She stifled a gasp when she realized that his cock was fully exposed. It was a big one, as usual for porn, much like all the other penises she had seen at this page. Angel wondered where they found these handsome, well-endowed actors; there seemed to be an abundance of them. She envied the person in charge of casting.

At any rate, the way the man’s stiff shaft pushed out from the opening of his proper dress pants looked deliciously obscene to Angel. The exposed organ was positioned just inches from the hapless girl’s face—the bloated helmet of the shaft pointing directly at her mouth. The teacher’s head was thrown back and his mouth was wide open, seemingly in the grip of a passion-driven scream. Angel squinted, looking more closely at the photo. She glanced back down at the man’s huge erection which was being held firmly in the grasp of his hand. To Angel’s excitement, she could see that it was shooting sperm. The still caught the handsome actor apparently in the middle of an orgasm right there in front of the young woman’s face.

The girl had a cigarette in her left hand. It was being femininely held between the “v” of the index and middle fingers. Her hand was positioned close to her face, as if she had just taken a drag. And indeed that was the case, because her lips were pursed in the shape of a relaxed kiss, and a long stream of smoke was issuing forth from the small opening. The girl’s smoke was jetting against the teacher’s pants, but ultimately it was striking directly at his exploding cock head as a silvery stream of semen shot forth. One corner of the girl’s pursed, smoke-blowing lips had a strand of white sperm hanging down, obviously placed there by a previously shot squirt of flying semen.

Staring transfixed at the image, Angel’s pulse quickened. She felt dizzy, and her chest began heaving softly.

God, I need a cigarette! The heated thought ran through her head accompanied by a burst of adrenaline. The urge hit her hard. This present need was strong not only for the purpose of appeasing the nicotine habit. This time it also had a sexual pang attached.

Then suddenly, something else about the capture from this movie teased her memory. Again, she couldn’t put her finger on exactly what it was about this video which raised flags. But Angel knew that somehow she had seen this image somewhere before. Unable to pinpoint why it seemed familiar, she shrugged off the feeling for the moment, sucked in a heated breath and then clicked the mouse over the capture to access the video…

More to come.

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