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Angel’s Education (Part 12)


The Epiphany, The Video, Her Emerging Fetish, And The Vice-Principal

-A Fetish Tale of Smoking, Masturbation, and Facials.

 By George Tyerbyter


Dear reader – Yes; smoking certainly does cause cancer, heart disease, and leads to death. There’s no question. These are facts. Nevertheless, for some straight men—while taking in the sight and scent of females as they indulge in this health-risking behavior—it also causes stiff, painful erections and forceful ejaculations. This fetish phenomenon is a product of psychological hard wiring—a mind-set built upon through past decades. While being provocative and sexually suggestive by nature, like it or not; its smoky seductive presence permeates pop culture. Read on at your own risk…


Part 12

It was a leading question; one loaded with hurtful intent, filled with rage and motivated by reckless sexual arousal. And because either a negative or an affirmative response could potentially bring about bad consequences—considering the vice-principal’s volatile state—it was a question better left unanswered. So, in silent intimidation, Helen stepped back again, trying to create a safe distance between her and the angered Mr. Lowe.

“Look… I’m not just referring to the sight of a woman smoking; an act which might lead a man to think she’s a whore. Because, for some men, that may be enough,” he continued, stepping another foot forward again; countering the distance Helen had placed between them.

That time Helen did not back away from the advancing vice-principal. She remained silent, her arms still folded.

“No. It’s about her behavior while she’s smoking. It’s about what such behavior brings out in certain men,” Lowe continued.

“Aren’t you aware of the effect the type of behavior you have displayed here this afternoon has on a man?” he questioned, stepping even closer to the ever-cowering student.

“Don’t you know what it once meant when a woman blew smoke into the face of a man? Haven’t you even given a moment’s thought as to what you caused to happen here today by your actions?” he asked, practically shouting into the frightened student’s beautiful face.

“No, Mr. Lowe,” Helen lamented, feeling very intimidated and on the verge of tears. “Please explain it to me so I never make the same mistake again.”

“Well, for example…Look at what you have done to me,” he said, indicating the huge tent in his pants.

Helen looked down once again at his wet, lipstick-stained trousers.

“W-what?” she cried. “Your pants…th-they’re—“

“Alright, my dear young woman, I’ll show you first hand what you’ve done,” he said, not waiting for a full response, while bringing his hands up to grip her shoulders.

“Here…take a closer look!”

“Oh,” Helen mewed sheepishly in fear, as she suddenly felt herself being pushed down by the power of the man’s arms.

Much to her horror, before she could do anything to counter the maneuver, the sexy student found herself in free-fall. With her torso being forced down and pulled forward by the domineering vice-principal, Helen’s legs buckled. Her feet slipped back behind her, causing her body to drop rapidly. And with a thud, the girl’s knees eventually slam painfully against the cold tile of the classroom floor.

Helen sounded a helpless cry on her way down. Her arms shot forward at the end of the fall, and her hands extended out in an effort to stop herself from ending up face-down, flat on the floor.

The strap to the bag which had been slung over her left shoulder slipped down her arm during the forced decent. The bag crashed noisily to the floor, spilling and scattering the contents of the front pocket at the feet of the impetuous and forceful Mr. Lowe. Loose coins rolled edge-wise in all directions, and her lipstick tube rolled toward Mr. Lowe’s right foot, eventually bouncing off the sole of his shiny, black shoe. The pack of Salem 100s slipped out also, landing between the student and her disciplinarian. She ended up practically on all fours, her trunk upright but bent forward at a sixty degree angle, while she struggled to balance herself on her spread finger-tips.

Dazed from the fall, Helen lifted her head, and found herself suddenly facing the big bulge of the man’s erection once again. The vice-principal’s hands, still on her shoulders, held her in place as he shoved the tip of the obscene protrusion against her face.

“Oh no! Mr. Lowe, mmm, Pl-please, n-no!” she moaned in anguished arousal while she struggled to move her head back and out of the way.

Bent forward at the waist, the teacher began fucking his hips at her, guiding the head of his organ to scrape repeatedly across her smooth skin. More of her make-up and lipstick rubbed off, smearing even brighter shades of red, taupe and green onto the already soiled light-colored material of his pants as he pushed against her face, and rubbed his concealed erection around her features. She whimpered and moaned, trying to get her face out of range, while the vice-principal poked the throbbing tip into her eyes, and bumped it against her freckled cheeks.

“Now do you see Ms. Kirby?” he growled, pumping his pelvis at her. “Huh?… Now can you see the damage you have caused?”

“PLEASE! MISTER LO-ohmmmmm!” Helen’s words were abruptly cut off by the sudden intrusion of Lowe’s pants-covered knob being speared passed her open lips and right into her mouth. Almost immediately, and without any regard for Helen’s feelings, the crazed authoritarian began fucking more length of his stiffened flesh in and out; and with every successive shove, it forged deeper into her oral cavity.

“Mulgh–glug–flug–ulk!” she blathered incoherently and loudly during each thrust, her useless screams muffled by the pumping mass of the educator’s engorged cock.

His hands had come off her shoulders and were now trying to hold her head steady while he plunged as much of the clothed dick into the struggling girl’s mouth as he could. Helen’s hands had shot up during his entry and were now gripping the vice-principal’s legs for support while also pushing back against his thrusts in an effort to resist.

The girl snorted through her nose, trying desperately to take in air. Meanwhile, her saliva began to soak and soften the material of his proper dress pants. In between thrusts—as he pulled his cloth-covered dick out from the girl’s mouth—lipstick streaks could now be seen on the fabric, running about half way down the length of the protrusion.

Lowe was experiencing a significant spike in perverted arousal from all of this debauchery, and his cock began to discharge more pre-orgasm ejaculate. The slippery fluid mixed with the student’s saliva, further soaking his pants. The additional lubrication aided Lowe’s obscene efforts. His hips moved faster, increasing the tempo and force of the plunges back into the student’s mouth. The mouth fucking became so intense and so wet that white foam began to form; it’s volume quickly building up and bubbling out from between the tight seal of her lips around Lowe’s stiffened rapidly-stabbing organ with each manic thrust.

Then, during one of the more broader back strokes—where Lowe’s cock had become fully dislodged from her mouth—with a loud gasp, Helen finally managed to avert her head and speak.

“Oh no! Don’t Mr. Lowe!” she pleaded in breathless desperation.

But the educator’s complete disregard for Helen’s feelings was never more evident. He was thoroughly out of his mind now. Continuing to feed his mad, lust-driven passions, he began slapping his wet dick repeatedly against her cheeks. Helen looked up at his face in terror, gasping for breath and panting from all of the exertion.

“Please! I’ll do anything…anything you want!”

“Okay then Ms. Kirby,” he responded, relinquishing his grasp on the sides of her head.

Helen was still clutching at his legs, holding on for dear life as she watched his hands move to the front of his pants. At first he grabbed his cloth-covered erection and began viciously jacking it right in front of the student’s panting mouth.

“Oh no!” she mewed weakly, her eyes widening in apparent total disbelief of what she was seeing this teacher do.

Oh fuck! Angel thought while watching this latest development in the video unfold before her eyes… Yes! Jerk it off right through your fucking pants, you nasty bastard!


(to be continued)

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