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Angel’s Education (Part 11)


The Epiphany, The Video, Her Emerging Fetish, And The Vice-Principal

-A Fetish Tale of Smoking, Masturbation, and Facials.

 By George Tyerbyter


Dear reader – Yes; smoking certainly does cause cancer, heart disease, and leads to death. There’s no question. These are facts. Nevertheless, for some straight men—while taking in the sight and scent of females as they indulge in this health-risking behavior—it also causes stiff, painful erections and forceful ejaculations. This fetish phenomenon is a product of psychological hard wiring—a mind-set built upon through past decades. While being provocative and sexually suggestive by nature, like it or not; its smoky seductive presence permeates pop culture. Read on at your own risk…


Part 11

Of course, all of the previous action taking place in the video took longer to describe than it did to actually happen. For back in the video the student was still in the midst of that teasing inhale.

After the ball of smoke retreated into her lungs, Helen dropped the spent butt on the floor. This time, when she finally exhaled, she forcefully shot an ever-expanding cone of smoke from her pouting lips to rise straight up in front of her face. With her bottom lip extending a bit forward, she was able to direct the column of smoke almost vertically. It missed hitting the vice-principal’s face but created a moving wall between their close-set noses.

The sight nearly had him over the edge, and he still caught the aroma of her smoke-lace essence up his nose. He moaned a little louder breathing it in, while Helen continued to twist her fist on his cock, massaging the pulsing tip through his pants.

Angel watched the actor desperately fighting the urge to ejaculate as he moved his hand up her now bare shoulder.

Again, to Angel, the vice-principal looked as if he were dancing with the young student. His one hand still grasped her jacking arm by the wrist, while the other tightly gripped her opposite shoulder. And, if Angel squinted, the girl almost looked as though she were shaking his extended hand, with her arm pumping up and down, and occasionally in and out.

But watching this dance and this somewhat more-than-cordial ‘hand shake’ play out on screen made Angel pant as her first orgasm subsided to a low roar. At that moment, she wished she were Helen.

“There is something else you need to understand, young lady,” the educator managed to choke as he pushed her arm away, dislodging her hand from his tented pants.

He brought his free hand up to grasp her other shoulder and insistently pushed her body away from him, creating an arms-length distance between them. The camera showed that his trousers were in a sad state. Tented out at the crotch and darkened by his secretions; the wet sticky material clung to the shape of his cock head. It still bore the lipstick smudge put there by the student’s lips during the earlier episode in the girls’ rest room.

“Y-you still have a lot to learn about the consequence of your actions. You must be punished, and punished severely,” he panted, trying to catch his breath.

She was also panting from the exertion, her ample blouse-clad chest heaving through the opened part of her unbuttoned varsity sweater.

“Please, oh PLEASE don’t suspend me Mr. Lowe,” Helen pleaded again, continuing to play this hot game, but knowing full well that no matter what, this man still held her fate in his hands. She must play along and take this scenario to the end, where ever it may lead.

“My parents would kill me if you suspend me,” she added, hoping to soften the severity of the consequences.

Somewhat regaining his composure, the vice-principal looked upon the pleading student. A stern expression returned to his face as he brought his hand up to rub his chin in thoughtful consideration.

“Helen, Helen, Helen,” Lowe repeated, while shaking his head; his words bearing more than enough disdain and indignation. “You still don’t understand!”

But however serious he may have tried to appear, anyone watching the video could tell that the girl probably thought he looked kind of silly standing there with his pants all wet, disheveled and grossly distended in the front just below his belt.


Well, at least, to the video-watching Angel, the dynamics unfolding between the two characters within this trashy little movie seemed perfectly readable. And all of it was exciting her to no end!

Angel could see that although this girl was genuinely fearful of what might happen to her,  she still had to stifle a nervous giggle while looking upon the vice-principal’s condition. She saw the girl take a deep breath in an apparent attempt to regain her composure, and to fall back into her role within this game.

However, Angel surmised that the girl was very much aroused thinking about the events of the past half-hour. She guessed that it must excited Helen to know that she had caused this proper, stuffy authority figure to loose control in such a short amount of time. Furthermore, Angel could see that at the same time, it also puzzled the girl to think that through the simple act of smoking a cigarette, she had brought his cock to an erection, and made him stain his pants. Another puzzlement was that his organ remained erect after all that had happened! Judging from how he reacted to her last exhale, she thought she had finished him.

Angel could also sense that within the portrayal of Helen, the actress was trying to communicate a tense, apprehensive mood building within her character’s demeanor. Considering that she had not made her vice-principal cum in his pants—an event which would have brought this nerve-wracking situation to some kind of a conclusion—the character of Helen knew something else was about to happen. This wasn’t over by a long shot…and the possible outcomes both excited and frightened the girl at the same time.

But, having seen it before, Angel already knew what was about to take place in this video. With that thought in mind, she began to pick up the pace by rubbing her moist sex a little harder in anticipation of the wet finale to this kinky movie. She wanted to time her next building release to reach its climax just at the right moment; to coincide with the smoky fireworks at the end.

She also thought again about her own vice-principal. She tried to imagine what it might be like to incite him in the same manner, ultimately making him subject her to the same consequences which were about to befall the young sexy girl on the screen. She shivered at the thought while turning her attention back to the action transpiring on the laptop screen.


Back in the video, Helen was still trying to come to grips with the fact that she hadn’t brought her vice-principal’s cock off in his pants. She looked down at the teacher’s ever-bulging erection and then back up to his face. Then, with her eyes shut and her lips parted in disbelief, she shook her head in amazement, wondering what could be next.

“What haven’t I understood?” she questioned, a pang of fear washing over her body.

Lowe continued to look at the distraught Helen in silence, cupping his mouth now, as she continued.

“Listen, Mr. Lowe…Look, I know smoking is a bad thing. I-it’s naughty and, as you said, ‘brazen,’…And-and I know I shouldn’t have been doing it in the girl’s room,” she whined in a spate of mild hysteria while fidgeting nervously, straightening her sweater and smoothing her skirt.

“But, what more do you want me to learn?”

The vice-principal stared at the student, waiting in silence for her to fill in the blanks. He knew that, given enough time, she would eventually invite the punishment which was actually in store for her.

“Oh…I kept blowing smoke in your face…Is that it?…I-I’m so sorry I blew smoke in your face,” Helen added. “I know how that must’ve…um, angered you.”

“Well, ‘angered’ is probably the wrong word, Ms. Kirby,” finally speaking while he stepped closer to the girl.

“‘Disappointed’ could serve as a better description. Perhaps even ‘disgust’ may be a more appropriate word.”

She stepped back slightly, her arms folding over her chest.

“Disgust? Why?”

“Don’t you have any conception of what it means when a woman blows smoke in a man’s face?” the vice-principal asked in mounting anger.

She shrugged her shoulders while tilting her head to one side, as she began to feel more ill-at-ease with the tone of his voice.

“Don’t you know what types of women do such things, Ms. Kirby?”

She shrugged again, fearing his answer.

“Women with low moral values; that’s who! Women who do it to anger, or to tease, or to arouse a man!”

He took another step forward as he continued.

“Yes! Loose women who want to seduce…who want to inflame! Women who-who want one thing, and one thing only… to tease a man so his penis will grow big and stiff!”

He was ranting now. The student could sense the building anger tainting his words. She shivered, shaking her head as she moved another step backward.

Whores, Ms. Kirby,” he stated pointedly, moving toward her one more step. “Yes, that’s right! Prostitutes! …SLUTS, Ms. Kirby!…That’s who!

Angel was incensed by the character’s display of Victorian-age attitude and world-view, and was frankly taken aback by his apparent ugly sexism and misogyny. But still, she couldn’t help feeling aroused by the punch of his words and his dominant persona.

“Do you derive pleasure out of acting like a slut, Ms. Kirby?”


(to be continued)

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